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Photo:  The Second Pattern Helmet Cover.

Waffen-SS Helmet Covers

The first helmet covers introduced to the German armed forces were those given in 1937 to the men of the Deutschland Regiment of the recently formed SS-Verfügungstruppe.  On 3 February 1937 a patent was issued to none other than Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler for the production of a reversible cloth cover with both spring and fall pattern camouflage. 

The first cloth covers were developed by SS Sturmbahnnführer W. Brandt who was also a Ph.D. in Engineering.  The design was later enhanced by Joahnn Georg Otto Schick of Munich who jointly applied with Himmler to patent the design.  Of interest is the fact that Himmler wanted to own the patent to insure that the German Army could not duplicate the design.  In addition he wanted to ensure that he would become wealthy from the mass production of helmet covers for his growing army of SS men.  The helmet cover was produced in both "oak" and "blurred edge" camouflage cloth of the type only produced for the Waffen-SS. 

The first helmet cover pattern included four "rocker clips" that ensured that the cloth cover would remain attached to the helmet shell.  These four clips were positioned on the front, back, and sides of the cloth cover.  This design was changed during actual production to include only three clips.  The forth clip was removed from the design and was replaced by a slip or pocket for the metal visor of the helmet to slide into.  The metal rocker clips were produced in both steel and aluminum1.

First pattern helmet covers did not include loops for attaching foliage. However in 1942 all helmet covers were manufactured to include these cloth attachments on the front, sides, and rear.  Of interest is the fact that many wartime photographs taken after 1942 depict the Waffen-SS with a larger proportion of "first pattern" cloth helmet covers as opposed to those with cloth loops described as "second pattern" covers.


1 Waffen-SS helmet covers are considered rare.  Almost all Waffen-SS helmet covers encountered today are reproductions both new and old.  The first reproduction Waffen-SS helmet covers began to enter the collector market in the 1970's.  High quality reproductions are today  produced from original Waffen-SS camouflage material that is cut from large sheets of damaged Waffen-SS zeltbahn cloth.  Once sewn into helmet covers, these are often passed on to collectors as authentic and at very high prices.  The construction of original helmet covers is of higher quality than most modern reproductions.  Of importance is the fact that modern fakes fail to reproduce the metal rocker clip in the proper way rendering the cover identifiable as a post-war fabrication.


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