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    Collector Topics: Camouflage - M1940 Normandie Camouflage

Three color camouflage helmets bearing tan, green, and brown are often described by collectors as "Normandie" in nature.  This is standard collector nomenclature referring to a given helmet's origin.  In the summer of 1944 many German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht) helmets were painted in these colors as a means of camouflage in the thick hedgerows of the French countryside.  The colors can vary dramatically in overall tone from dark to very light.  In addition, the colors are often applied by hand or brush rather than spray gun.  The helmet below illustrates the typical "Normandie" pattern.  The colors were applied in a very thick fashion by paint brush as evidenced by the small strokes left behind in the paint.  The Army (Heer) insignia was left exposed during the painting process.

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