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    Werksschutzpolizie:  Factory Protection Police Helmets

Helmet Description

A variety of helmet styles were worn by men employed as Factory Protection Police (Werksschutzpolizei-WSP).  These generally included one, two, or three piece “gladiator” model helmets so named because of their resemblance to Roman era helmets.  In addition, some Factory Protection Police wore the “beaded” model M1935, M1940, and M1942 style helmets. The bead was an intended protrusion in the mid-line of the helmet that indicated the helmet was for civilian use only. Light-weight M1934 police helmets were also worn depending on the nature of the work involved.  This included a number of variant style, privately manufactured helmets purchased by the firm or security firm.  Most helmets were painted satin black, blue-gray, or light gray colors.  If insignia were used, they generally included the generic Air Protection (Luftschutz) winged decal, standard police decals, or factory decals depicting the trade name or product of the company.  Helmet liners were those typically encountered in each model without any noticeable variations.

The Duck Billed Variant Helmet with Unknown Logo (left side)

The One Piece Gladitor Helmet with I.G. Farben Logo (right side)

The Beaded M1935 Helmet with Luftschutz

and Junkers Insignia (left side)


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