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    Werksschutzpolizie:  Factory Protection Police Insignia

Decal Description

Helmets worn by men serving as Factory Protection Police (Werksschutzpolizei-WSP) included a combination of the standard Air Protection (Luftschutz) winged decal, police decals, and company trade logos.  In many cases helmets bore no insignia whatsoever.  Some of the more readily identifiable examples of Factory Protection Police helmets can be found on surviving helmets bearing the trade logos of the Junkers air craft firm (Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke A.G.), Hanomog armored vehicle company, I.G. Farben aint company (I.G. Farbenindustrie, A.G.), the C.P. Goerz Optical Company of Vienna, Austria, Schoberg Mechanical Winch Company, the Steyr Firearms Company, the Berlin Telephone Company (Telefunken), and many others not readily identifiable.  In some cases, the insignia of each company was stenciled on the helmet rather than applied by decal.

The Junkers Factory Logo


An Unknown "HL" Factory Logo Insignia


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