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    Politische Gruppen: Werksschutzpolizie - Factory Protection Police

The Insignia of the German Police

Factory Protection Police

Privately hired Factory Protection Police (Werksschutzpolizei-WSP) employed by industrial factories served in the capacity as gate keepers, security guards, and watchmen.  These individuals were employed directly by factories or through agencies that provided services security services to area companies.  Factory Protection Police were required to follow the regulations issued by the German Air Ministry (Reichsluftfahrtministerium).  The Air Ministry was the governing body over civilians employed on a salaried basis by Air Force (Luftwaffe) administrative offices.  These also included employees serving as door-keepers and elevator operators. 

The connection between the Luftwaffe and Werksschutzpolizei regulations stems from the early Air Protection (Luftschutz) guidelines that governed the status of civilians employed in air raid protection related work.  Factory Protection Police worked closely with members of the German Labor Front (Deutsches Arbeitsfront-DAF), Order Police (Ordungspolizei), and Air Protection Police (Luftschutzpolitzei-LSP) that served or worked within their factories.

Factory Protection Police wore standard police uniforms or tunics fashioned like those of the German Labor Front.  Insignia varied to include police, company, or factory specific logos.  When helmets were worn, they often bore decals depicting the logo or firm to which the factory guard was assigned.


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