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The Insignia of the German Police

Barracks Police

In January 1934 independent police groups throughout Germany were reorganized into a single police organization under the direct control of the central government of the German Reich.  The new Order Police (Ordnungspolizei) encompassed many different police branches. 

One such branch was the Barracks Police (Kasernierte Polizei).  Barracks Police were paramilitary police formations managed by the urban police forces (Schutzpolizei).  Barracks Police were generally organized by individual company units and were housed in barracks (kaserne) in towns and cities with populations greater than 2,000 persons.  The Barracks Police worked cooperatively with the Schutzpolizei in maintaining order and responding to events that needed rapid, large scale police intervention.

Barracks Police were outfitted with a variety of military weapons which often included machine guns, armored cars, rifles, hand grenades, and similar weapons.  As a paramilitary formation, the Barracks Police were trained with military fashion in the areas of field combat tactics as well as urban warfare.  However the real aim behind the Barracks Police was to reinforce the regular police forces by maintaining armed police groups in such a way that they often mirrored that of the military. 

During wartime, the Barracks Police served as a mobile reserve in which members responded to maintain order following massively destructive Allied air attacks.  Armed with heavy weapons, the Barracks Police naturally served as an auxiliary military force.  Near the end of the Second World War, Barracks Police were often mobilized as shock troops that served to stem the advance of Allied and Soviet attacks within Greater Germany.  As such, Barracks Police often found themselves involved in front line combat operations during the last days of the Third Reich.

Little is known regarding the various helmets that were worn by Barracks Police personnel.  It is wisely assumed that the majority of members wore standard M1934 civic model light weight police helmets typical of those also worn by standard Schutzpolizei.  However further information is needed in order to clarify this assumption.


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