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Regulations governing the wear of police insignia on helmets worn by the State Police Groups evolved over the course of several years.  Beginning in 1934 the Landespolizei underwent training similar to that of the Landespolizeigruppe "General Göring" which served as the overall predecessor organization for all State Police Groups.  Prior to 1934, many State Police Groups utilized standard provincial insignia which had been used for many years on traditional police headgear.  As the Landespolizei began to come under National Socialist control, the helmet insignia was changed to that of a large mobile swastika and the national colors of Germany.  These insignia appeared in combination on the left and right side of the helmet.  It is not clear whether or not all of the insignia used on Landespolizei helmets took the form of decal transfers or painted insignia.  Given the era, it would appear that some of the helmet insignia were hand painted using very fine stencils. 

During this time period insignia for the German Order Police (Deutsche Ordnungspolizei) was just becoming standardized.  The black, white, and red National colors insignia was modified and updated by an improved design that was also identical to that use on helmets of the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht).  By 28 July 1936 the Landespolizei was fully integrated into the Order Police and began to adopt helmet insignia of the type used on Schutzpolizei helmets.  After this time the insignia below became obsolete on most police helmets1.  The majority of Landespolizei helmets were repainted to reflect the new regulations adopted by the collective forces of the Order Police.


1 Collectors should be aware of the fact that many ordinary Landespolizei helmets bearing the National tricolored shield and the mobile swastika are often mislabeled "Hermann Göring Police" helmets.  This is due, in part, to the fact that the Prussian State Police Group "General Göring" utilized the same style helmet with identical decal configuration.

Date Right Side   Left Side
23 April 1934
10 July 1934

11 July 1934
28 July 1936


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