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    Sturmabteilungen:  SA-Feldjägerkorps

The Prussian Police Eagle


In October 1933 Hermann Göring established a supplementary police group for use within the State of Prussia.  This police group was also intended to have responsibilities in selected cities within Greater Germany.   The unit was comprised of former police members and volunteers gathered from existing Sturmabteilung (SA) and Shutzstaffel (SS) units. 

At this point in history, leaders of the National Socialist Party intended to use police brigades for protection as well as for gaining power over other political groups.  Much of the intent of organizing these police units was to band together groups of men who had military training and knowledge stemming from their First World War experience.

Designated the SA Field Police (SA-Feldjägerkorps), this police formation was organized into eight battalions of approximately 195 men each.  Each battalion was assigned to a specific city or district with its headquarters in Berlin.  Members of the SA-Feldjägerkorps were allowed to rejoin or transfer into the SS following completion of their service with the unit.  On 1 April 1935 the SA-Feldjägerkorps was incorporated into the larger Prussian “Schutzpolizei” and was no longer under the control of the SA or related authorities.  Over time, many smaller police units were organized or cluster together for the purpose of expanding control.

Like most police units of the time, members of the SA-Feldjägerkorps are known to have worn steel helmets.  These helmets were often of World War I vintage.  SA-Feldjägerkorps helmets bore a specific insignia denoting their place within Germany's vast police structure.


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