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    Deutsche Polizei: Schutzpolizei (Schupo) - Protection Police

The Insignia of the Protection Police

Protection Police

The Protection Police (Schutzpolizei) was a branch of the Order Police (Ordnungspolizei-ORPO) that was responsible for regular police duties within municipal cities and townships with populations greater than 2,000 persons.  Prior to 1934, Protection Police were organized as separate authorities in each land or state within Weimar Germany.  In January 1934 the National Socialist government began to reorganize all police authorities in Germany by placing them under direct national (Reich) control.  Heinrich Himmler was appointed by Adolf Hitler to be the commander in chief of all police organizations in Germany.  Thus began the association and close working relationship of the German Order Police and the dreaded "Protections Squads" (Schutzstaffeln-SS).

As a distinct police group, the Protection Police were responsible for regular police duties as one might be accustomed to in modern society.  This included general criminal investigations, traffic control, fighting street crime, and the host of duties typical of most police officers.  Within the larger Order Police structure various police duties were typically broken down into special units that were responsible for carrying out these activities.  Police units were generally housed in barracks and trained as military personnel as well as in standard police protocol.

The type of helmet most often worn by the Protection Police included the standard black painted M1934 light weight helmet bearing two decals.  These helmets were worn for both ceremonial purposes as well as during hazardous duty.  However, earlier World War I model helmets were also used as were M1935, M1940, and M1942 helmets.  Although the heavier combat model helmets were generally reserved for field operations, a number of these helmets were apparently available for Protection Police to use as needed.  Likewise, some police units also wore the M1934 medium duty helmet when available.  As a result, a wide variety of helmets were actually used by the German Order Police.


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