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    M1935 Double Decal SS-VT Helmet - 1939 Dated Example

The helmet shown below exhibits the slightly used characteristics of what is something just shy of an unissued ET M1935 helmet.  The helmet bears a 1938 dated liner band with 1939 dated dome stamp.  This helmet was captured in 1945 at an SS field hospital in Austria by Captain Clayton Brower of the 42nd Infantry "Rainbow" Division. 

The 42nd landed in France in December 1944 and as part of the 7th Army, advanced through France and entered Germany in March of 1945. It was during the 42nd Division's rapid advance through Germany in April 1945 that they, along with the Guard's 45th Infantry Division, liberated the infamous Dachau concentration camp.  By the end of the war, the 42nd Division had established an enviable record. It was first in its corps to enter Germany, first to penetrate the Seigfried line and first into Munich. Rainbow soldiers had seized over 6,000 square miles of Nazi held territory during their march across Europe. The Division ended the war serving as occupation forces in Austria and was inactivated in June 1946.

The decals are C.A. Pocher pattern applied with a factory applied lacquer top-coat that is sprayed over the decals.  This has caused a slight yellowing to both insignia which is common on decals of all types that have a lacquer finish.  The outline of the lacquer can be seen slightly extending beyond the borders of each decal.  Retired Captain Brower recalled that this helmet went back and forth in a card game during his long sea voyage from Europe to the US.  He almost lost the helmet in the card game but was able to "win" in back by playing a skilled game against his enthusiastic, souvenir hunting comrades.  The helmet is factory marked "O 4300" designating the production lot.

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