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Updated December 2004


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Look at photographs and read the list of custom restored helmets that are ready for direct sale.  Read about helmets that are undergoing restoration and which will soon be available for direct purchase.


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Get prices and information on having your own helmet custom restored.  Repaint and upgrade a helmet that you already own.


Order Precision Decals

Purchase Museum Quality replacement decals that you apply to your own helmet.  Download application instructions.


View Photographs of Finished Helmets

Examine photos of restored helmets that were done for previous customers.


Determine Helmet Sizing

Compare your head measurements to a chart that tells you what size helmet you will need for a proper fit.


Trade a Helmet Shell

Get information on the value of your helmet or other Axis military item as a means to "buy down" the cost of a new or restored helmet by trading for services.


Terms of Sale

Read the terms of sale agreement and get specifics about how to pay for your helmet restoration.


Learn More About Stahlhelm-Werke

Read answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and learn about the process used to restore WWII German helmets.


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Obtain updated information about current projects and related services.


"I have in my hands one of the most beautiful helmets that I've ever seen.  You truly are a master of your craft, and the love that you have for the work you do is quite evident!  Superb quality, a vast variety of available colors and textures and attention to even the slightest details make your restorations absolute time-warp museum quality pieces!  Thanks for everything."  

-- Chris G.  New York, NY


I received the helmet today. It is a brilliant piece of work!

-- Andreas M., Hamburg, Germany, M42 Heer Restoration






Please note that Stahlhelm-Werke does not seek to glorify war or the actions of the political leaders of the Third Reich.  War is a terrible loss for both friend and foe as many survivors will attest.  Helmets sold here are done so as collectable items used for the purpose of educational and recreational events depicting the historical events of WWII.  WWII German helmets will often display insignia that some people find objectionable.  If you do find these images offensive please be aware of the fact that such symbols are used solely for the purposes of depicting history as accurately as possible so that others can remember what many have already forgotten.

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