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    Deutsche Polizei:  Technische Nothilfe (Technical Emergency Corps)

The Insignia of the Technical Emergency Corps

Technical Emergency Corps

Founded in 1919 by the Weimar Government, the Technical Emergency Corps (Technische Nothilfe-TeNo) was initially created for security against striking labor unions that controlled critical public services and utilities.  Later the organization was utilized as a reserve group of technically trained specialists that responded to emergencies as a result of natural catastrophe.  The TeNo became a National organization in 1933 and after 1937 it was integrated into the overall Order Police (Ordnungspolizei).  In this role TeNo members were charged with the responsibility to respond to public dangers that might result from war or other threats.  Principle emphasis was placed on maintaining public services during attack.  This included responding to gas leaks in damaged buildings, controlling exposure to chemical warfare agents, air defense response, the maintenance of public water systems, repairing electrical power outages, and similar problems that might result from wartime disasters.

In addition to maintaining civilian utilities, special TeNo units known as TeNo Kommandos were assigned to the German Armed Forces (Deutsche Wehrmacht) for the purpose of construction and repair work on military installations, buildings, and fortifications.  In this role members of the TeNo Kommandos were charged with reestablishing or repairing damaged utilities in occupied areas where water and power services were crucially needed.  This often included repairing damaged facilities related to shipping, inland transportation, and air fields.  Many of the TeNo Kommando units were eventually incorporated directly into the German Army (Heer) and Air Force (Luftwaffe) because of their technical proficiency.

Members of the Technische Nothilfe were required to pass through a training school where the fundamentals of their jobs were taught.  As an organization, the TeNo was divided into four different branches which included the Air Raid Protection Service, the Technical Service, the Emergency Service, and General Service.  Oversight for all tasks and assignments in civilian controlled areas were directed at the highest level by members of the German Police.


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