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    Volkssturm Sauerland Helmets

Helmet Description

Helmets worn by the People's Army (Volkssturm) combat forces in the Sauerland region were of many different types and styles.  Essentially surplus helmets were gathered from any available source and provided to Volkssturm members as the only protective headgear available to them at the time.  This included vintage World War I model helmets as well as civic model police and air defense helmets.  Helmets of this sort were worn during combat even though many of the styles were not intended for this purpose.  Of the known types observed, it has been established that authentic M1942 combat helmets exist with the unique Sauerland decal.  Some 1934 civic model police helmets (painted standard black) have also been observed with the Sauerland decal, as well as Luftschutz Gladiator helmets.  Helmets of this type are considered quite scarce due to the late date (1944-45) in which they were employed1.  It is assumed that only a handful of helmets actually received the Sauerland decal.  Therefore most helmets used by this unit were most probably standard helmets bearing no insignia whatsoever.  Of the few known originals that exist, some combat helmets have been observed where the Sauerland decal has been applied over the German Army (Heer) eagle decal.  However this was probably an uncommon practice as a whole and should not be considered standard regulation.  The West Point Military Museum at the United States Military Academy also has in its possession a very rare M1942 pattern camouflaged helmet bearing a first pattern Waffen-SS runic shield and the Sauerland decal.  This is the only Sauerland helmet known with this insignia configuration.


1 The majority of Sauerland helmets collected today are in fact elaborate and well made forgeries produced in Europe during the 1980's and 1990's.  Some continue to be made and sold as original.  Collectors should be aware that reproduction Sauerland decals are available and often times used to replicate an original.  However, due to the limited number of originals in existence, reproduction decals typically encountered are not printed in the correct size found in originals.

The M1934 Civic Model Police Helmet with Sauerland Decal

The M1942 Combat Helmet with Sauerland Decal (left side)

The Luftschutz Two-Piece Gladiator Helmet (left side)


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A Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet bearing
 the insignia of the Volkssturm Sauerland.


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