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Volkssturm Sauerland

The People's Army (Volkssturm) Sauerland has its historical roots in the formation of "Freikorps Sauerland" in the 1920's.  The "Free Corps" (Freikorps) was a military force of World War I veterans who served to quell uprisings in Germany following the Nation's defeat in 1918.  Units were formed throughout Germany in an effort keep order in a country deprived of international support and reeling from heavy unemployment.  The beginnings of the Freikorps eventually lead to the militarization of the National Socialist Party in the early 1920's leading to the creation of the Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilung-SA) or "brown shirts" as they were often called. 

Freikorps Sauerland was established by order of the National Socialist Area Leader (Gauleiter) of Gau Westphalia-South.  The unit maintained an elite status by only accepting volunteers.  Freikorps Sauerland continued to serve as a militia group for the Sauerland region through October 1944.  After official constitution of the Volkssturm on 25 September 1944, the Freikorps Sauerland was fully established and incorporated into the Volkssturm. 

Its strength consisted of several battalions including a regimental staff which was something of an exception within the Volkssturm structure.  For every district within Sauerland one battalion of Volkssturm was raised. These factors coupled with the desire to accept only volunteers was a way of maintaining elite status within the larger Volkssturm structure.  As a unit the Volkssturm Sauerland maintained its former title "Freikorps Sauerland" in keeping with its historical roots.

Members of Volkssturm Sauerland were issued field grey or brown uniforms from the Organization Todt or those from the National Labor Service (Reicharbeitdienst-RAD).  A special insignia was established for the Volkssturm Sauerland units which consisted of a white cuff title bearing the inscription "Freikorps Sauerland." 

A cloth sleeve insignia was also produced and worn in combination with the uniform.  This insignia was also reproduced as a helmet decal that was sometimes worn on the left side of steel helmets. Like all Volksstrum units, the leadership and recruitment of "Freikorps Sauerland" was directly under the control of local National Socialist Party leaders as well as members of the General-SS (Allgemeine-SS).


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