A subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, the Bell Helmet Company such as the title suggests, is a Bell Motorcycle Helmets production firm. Bell has existed for more than 50 decades, and they’ve established a significant reputation for themselves. They fabricate what’s generally considered the best quality helmets for bike, motorbike and automobile racing. Essentially, if you have to take part in any action that would necessitate wearing a helmet — you’ll be hard-pressed to locate a more highly advocated helmet instead of Bell.

Bell helmets are famous for their sleekness, durability, and strength as well as also the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is not any different. In the following guide, we’ll be discussing a number of the essential criteria and features you want to understand concerning the Bell Qualifier Helmet.

Best 10 Bell Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Matte Black Large
Helmet shown with optional tinted shield. (Ships with clear shield only); Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust
Bestseller No. 2
Bell SRT Full-Face Helmet Matte Black Large
Lightweight fiberglass shell construction; Panovision shield with Class 1 optics; Recessed EPS speaker pockets
Bestseller No. 3
Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet (Blackout Matte Black - Large)
Communications port no longer built in to helmet. Picture incorrect; Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust
Bestseller No. 4
Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Helmet (Matte Black - Medium)
Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction; Helmet ships with clear shield; Photochromic Adaptive Clickrelease Shield Included
Bestseller No. 5
Bell Rogue Half Helmet (Matte Black - 2X-Large)
Flex Energy Management interior liner; Lightweight carbon composite shell construction; Integrated vented roost guard
Bestseller No. 6
Bell Bullitt Helmet (Gloss Black - Medium)
Sold with Clear Flat Shield installed; Front chin vents with metal mesh intake and exhaust vents
Bestseller No. 7
Bell RS-2 Helmet (Rally Matte/Gloss Black/Titanium - Large)
Same great RS-1 fit, 3 shell, 3 EPS sizes; Lightweight fiberglass shell (lighter than RS-1)
Bestseller No. 8
BELL Revolver Evo Full-Face Helmet (Matte Black - Large)
Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell with removable/washable interior; Chin curtain to prevent cold air from entering the helmet
Bestseller No. 9
Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet (Matte Black - Large)
Innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system; Industry-leading five-year warranty; Removable neck curtain for cold-weather riding
Bestseller No. 10
Bell Broozer Helmet (Matte Black - Large)
Removable chinbar; Adjustable vents on forehead and chin; Clear visor installed, smoke visor included

1. Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Fasthouse WRWF Helmet

Bell Motorcycle Helmets
The Bell Moto-9 Flex Helmet presents advanced protective technology to Bell’s flagship dirt helmet. With a first-of-its-kind three-layer influence lining, the Bell Moto 9 Flex Helmet provides impact protection via varying methods for certain influence rates. This”Progressive Layering Technology” has been created to control energy from three possible impact situations – low, mid, and large. The three coating system consists of (EPO) Expanded Polyolefin that functions hand-in-hand with the conventional (EPS) Expanded Polystyrene and (EPP) Expanded Polypropylene.

Along with the leap forward concerning protection, the three coating systems also provide a flexible fit because the segmented construction automatically adjusts into a rider’s mind at a better match and more predictable energy administration.


Lightweight composite carbon shell

Progressive Layering Technology consists of numerous layers to better handle the impacts of different forces.

Adaptive Match segmented construction conforms and adapts to get a better match.

Rotational Energy Management generates a”slide zone” inside the lining to Permit for subtle motion between the lining layers to decrease rotational energy transport.

Velocity Flow Ventilation system for maximum cooling

Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor with air intake vents

Removable/washable X-Static XT2 silver lining

Extended Spray inside

Exclusive Magnefusion Emergency Removal System (MERS) cheek pads

QuickFlip visor screws for Simple adjustment even with gloves

Fully ventilated EPS-lined chin pub

Integrated vented roost guard

Magnefusion magnetic strap keeper

Padded chin strap with D-ring closed.

Includes cushioned and lined helmet bag.

Five-year guarantee

Snell M2015 and DOT certified.

2. Bell SRT Helmet

Bell’s racing history shines through at the Bell SRT Helmet. Its lightweight fiberglass shell comes in 3 shell sizes with 3 EPS liners to tailor-fit for your noggin. The ambidextrous center lock Panovision faceguard lets you open and shut the shield with both sides. Remain in touch with adding in a communication platform to the SRT Helmet’s speaker pockets. The Bell SRT Helmet is purpose-built for performance and function because of Bell’s expertise designing helmets for athletes.


Lightweight fiberglass shell construction

Three shell sizes (XS-SM, MD-LG, and XL-3XL)

3 EPS sizes

Panovision shield with the course one optics

Recessed EPS speaker pockets

Eyewear harmonious

DOT and Snell M2015

Five-year guarantee

Dual D-ring closed

Contained chin curtain

3. Bell Rogue Helmet

If only riding a motorcycle isn’t intimidating, bust out your internal Bane by minding the Bell Rogue. The Rogue has the expression of a half-helmet yet provides you the extra protection and comfort of a 3/4, along with the removable and flexible Muzzle, not just sets the fear of God to cagers, but also protects your head from road weather and debris. The lightweight composite casing and speaker harmonious, comfortable liners provide exceptional riding comfort and ease. The Rogue gives riders each of the features of comparable touring helmets while keeping an edgy and fashionable appearance.


Lightweight composite shell

Durable and Advanced Muzzle for optimum rider comfort

Flexible Muzzle features a removable liner.

Flock magnetic link makes it Simple to place on/take off the Muzzle.

Three shell sizes

SM: XS and SM Helmets

MD: MD and LG Helmets

LG: XL and 2XL Helmets

Removable and washable interior

Convenient speaker pockets

Premium stainless steel D-rings and metal badges

Five-year guarantee

DOT approved

4. Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

The Bell Race Star Flex Helmet was upgraded for improved comfort. The Race Star Flex is 10% lighter than its Race Star cousin and features speaker pockets and new triple-density cheek pads for even more relaxation. Constructed with the hottest in carbon fiber technologies and developed through the extensive wind tunnel and track testing, the Race Star’s design features a superlight 3K Carbon Shell, Raceview ergonomics for unmatched visibility, and also the three-layer Flex effect Liner to handle slow, mid, and higher energy effects.

The DLX suggests a Panovision ProTint Photochromatic protector is contained in the box! ProTint Photochromatic protects automatically adapt to light states, darkening when subjected to sun and draining in reduced light. It removes the need to modify between clear and tinted shields when riding at the light of day, the shadow of the night, and whatever in between.

FIT: The Bell Race Star Flex includes a narrow neck roster opening and cozy cheek pads to occlude sound and mitigate motion at high rates. These cushioned components will conform to some exclusive features by a rest in the margin around 20 percent over time since the foam compresses.

FLEX effect LINER: Pro Star and Race Star helmets comprise the Flex impact lining, a first-of-its type, three-layer effect liner designed to control energy from three possible impact situations: low, mid, and high-speed. It does this using three distinct substances at three distinct densities. Since the effect gets higher, higher density layers are more engaged to control energy.

RACEVIEW: The Star features two exceptional profile contours for two different kinds of riding. The Raceview profile used on the Pro Star and Race Star employs an orientation especially optimized to get a tucked, more streamlined place. Conversely, the Streetview profile used for your Star is created for a more vertical, game, or vacationing position.

PANOVISION VIEWPORT: No matter how or what you ride, 1 factor remains constant: the requirement for greatest visibility. Whether racing or moving on a very simple ride in the hills, the capability to produce secure head checks and see barriers is critical. The Panovision viewport from the Star offers riders added lateral and vertical prominence over the prior Star and more customary viewpoints. This enables the rider to find out better at a tight or tucked place and earn safer lane adjustments and head-checks.

VIRUS Cool Jade Power Mesh Liner: The Pro Star and Race Star attribute the most technically innovative liner on the market. Made to withstand the rigors of tough use in extreme circumstances, the Virus lining makes it possible for athletes to remain cool, stay comfy, and conquer the funk. CoolJade cloth from Virus was infused with recycled jade to make a natural cooling effect. The ultra-wicking construction, together with CoolJade infused dye, reduces your skin temperature around 10° F – keeping you warm, dry, and cool.

3K CARBON SHELL: The proven 3K carbon fiber onto the Race Star provides this helmet the appearance, functionality, and texture of a legitimate race helmet.

MAGNEFUSION MAGNETIC CHEEKPADS: Enables simple removal of these pads for washing and also enables emergency responders to readily get rid of the cheek pads first before removing the helmet after an effect.


10% lighter weight compared to Race Star

Panovision Raceview Viewport

Panovision ProTint Photochromatic face protector comprised.

Flex Effect Liner

3K Carbon Shell

Triple-density cheek pads

Virus Cool Jade Mesh Liner

Magnefusion cheek pads

The area tested and developed by working together with professional riders around the track.

Optimized aerodynamics with Bell’s state-of-the-art end tunnel, the Bell Star’s aerodynamics are fine-tuned with innovative riding simulations.

6 EPS and five casing sizes allow a more proportional fit and improved functionality, particularly at high rates

Speaker pockets

Zippered helmet bag contained

Meets or exceeds Snell M2015 and DOT certificates

5. Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Bell Motorcycle Helmets
When you thought it could not get any better, Bell went back into the laboratory to create improvements to the mythical Custom 500. A brand new head form implies the Custom 500 currently fits better and appears smaller in your mind than ever. No longer bobbleheads. The thin-profile casing enables the Bell Custom 500 helmet to sit on the mind, and with five shells and EPS dimensions, it is even easier to obtain the look you desire with the ideal match.


Five casing and EPS lining sizes ensure a low profile appearance

Shell 1: XS and SM Helmet

Shell 2: MD Helmet

Shell 3: LG Helmet

Shell 4: XL Helmet

Shell 5: 2XL Helmet

Integrated five snap pattern for aftermarket shields and visors

Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper

Multi-Density EPS lining

Stainless Steel D-ring closed.

Leather D-ring pulls tab.

Five-year guarantee

6. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet comes jam-packed with all the same fantastic features of the conventional Qualifier for an impressive price point.


Lightweight polycarbonate shell

Three shell sizes

SM: XS and SM Helmets

MD: MD and LG Helmets

LG: XL, 2XL and 3XL Helmets

Adjustable ventilation system for cooling and comfort

Padded end collar radically reduces road and wind noise.

Moisture-wicking, removable/washable inside

Contoured cheek pads

Contains chin curtain and breath deflector

Aerodynamic profile resists buffeting and raise

Integrated speaker pockets

ClickRelease for the quickest, simplest, tool-free shield varies.

NutraFog II superior anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protected shield.

Contains both black and clear smoke face shield

Padded chin strap with D-ring closed.

Five-year guarantee

DOT and ECE accredited

7. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

Produced from Bell’s legendary and extensive adventure, the Bell MX-9 Helmet combines the best of the dirt and road knowledge to a feature-packed middleweight ADV helmet. Equally at home on the road, since it’s from the dirt, the MX-9 panders to all those riders that are out there pushing boundaries rather than quitting when the street ends, and the road begins.

The lightweight polycarbonate casing comes in three distinct sizes, mitigating mass and providing a much more comfortable fit. Bell’s velocity-flow venting system keeps air flowing, forcing fresh air in and warm moist air out. The removable and washable liner and cheek pads ensure you’re able to keep sweat and bacteria develop.

The MX-9 ADV helmet may also change into a streetable helmet by taking away the summit visor. Contained side pods change the visor that mounts into the helmet, providing you glossy top-gun styling. If you hit the dirt and want the extra protection of a set of goggles, just reverse the shield and then toss them. The MX-9 is intended to work at any dirt goggle on the market.

A go-anywhere, do-anything helmet, the Bell MX-9 Adventure game fills a much-needed gap in the sector and is ideal for pros and novices alike.


MIPS Multi-Directional Impact Protection System for radically improved rotational Effect energy displacement

Lightweight polycarbonate shell

Three shell sizes

SM: XS and SM Helmets

MD: MD and LG Helmets

LG: XL and 2XL Helmets

Integrated face shield

Velocity-flow ventilation system for cooling and comfort

Moisture-wicking, removable/washable air channeled comfort liner.

Speaker pockets

EPS-lined chin bar

Adjustable mouth vent

Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper

Five-year guarantee

DOT and ECE accredited

8. Bell SRT Modular Helmet

The Bell SRT Modular Helmet results from a high-performance helmet maker creating a helmet to those who might never find a monitor day but still want their helmet to do. Touring and commuting features such as a flip-up chin bar, speaker pockets, and eyewear compatibility wed to some fiberglass composite casing to push the modular helmet’s bounds. The Bell SRT Modular Helmet might not get one to the monitor. Still, Bell’s history outfitting world-class athletes shine through its layout, providing you a touring helmet flavored with first-rate functionality.


Modular, flip-up style helmet

Lightweight fiberglass composite shell construction

Removable/washable anti-bacterial interior

Two shell sizes (XS-LG and XL-3XL)

3 EPS sizes

Reduce sunlight shield

Panovision face guard with the course one optics

Recessed EPS speaker pockets

Eyewear harmonious


Five-year guarantee

9. Bell Eliminator Rally Helmet

The Bell Eliminator Helmet provides a nod to automobile racing helmets of yore. Nevertheless, it is infused with contemporary technology. The fiberglass composite casing has three dimensions: you won’t suffer in your bobblehead of a too-large helmet, so regardless of your size. The ProVision faceguard is dual-paned, and therefore you don’t need to mess with fit lenses. Speaker pockets for elective communicating apparatus and eyeglass favorable for people who should use their peepers. Take the face guard and soda your goggles to get extracurricular activities.


Fiberglass composite shell

3 shell dimensions: XS-MD, MD/LG-XL, 2XL-3XL

5 EPS dimensions: XS-SM, MD, MD/LG-LG, XL, 2XL-3XL

ProVision dual-pane, anti-fog face protector with Class 1 optics

Anti-bacterial lining

Contoured cheek pads

Recessed speaker pockets

Eyeglass compatible

Magnefusion strap keeper

Optional peak visor (sold individually )


10. Bell Bullitt Flow Helmet

Bell Motorcycle Helmets
From the late 1960s, Bell introduced the Star, the first full-face helmet, hammering the helmet and motorsport businesses and establishing a new benchmark for security. Since then, Motorcycle helmets have obtained all kinds of shapes and forms, but its nature has always been the easy and traditional Star. The inherent beauty in the Star’s simplicity has made it a powerful and visually attractive object of motorcycle equipment that’s survived the test of time.

To pay homage to motorsport’s glory days, the Bell Bullitt has inherited the timeless styling of this Star but continues to be infused with modern conveniences and crash protection. Constructed using a low-profile fiber composite casing and multi-density EPS lining, the Bullitt matches current DOT regulations nevertheless comes as near as possible to the appearance and texture of the first Star. Luxurious appointments such as a micro-suede liner with leather trim, alloy mesh round intake vents, back exhaust port, and 3D cut cheek pads with speaker pockets complement the classic styling and take the Bullitt to the 21st century.

Named after the brash detective, performed with iconic celebrity and motorsport enthusiast Steve McQueen from the cult classic Bullitt, the Bell Bullitt is as much an exercise in style because it’s in riders safety, breaking the mold and providing a superior decorative alternative to the marketplace. Place that classic helmet back to the shelf where it goes and pick a Bullitt to meet all of your retro riding fantasies.


Ultra low-profile fiber composite shell

Three shell sizes

SM: XS and SM Helmets

MD: MD and LG Helmets

LG: XL and 2XL Helmets

Multi-Density EPS lining

The Black helmet includes a brownish interior lining along with the face shield Has a brownish pull tab.

The Matte Black & White helmets have a black inside lining, and the faceguard is outfitted with a black pull tab.

Removable, washable and anti-bacterial interior

Perforated micro-suede interior cloth with leather trim

Padded chin strap with stainless steel D-Ring closure with leather pull tab

5 Metal Mesh intake vents with one back exhaust port

3D Cut cheek pads with speaker pockets

Magnefusion shield closed system.

The helmet ships with horizontal protect; Bubble Shield also available and sold separately for Extra classic panache.

Industry-leading five-year warranty

The Bell Bullitt is a superior retro option.




Any Bell helmet determined by Bell to be defective in materials or artistry within one (1) year from the date of initial purchase will be replaced or repaired, at Bell’s choice, free of cost when obtained in the factory freight prepaid, together with proof of purchase. In case you have questions concerning the warranty coverage on your helmet, phone us in 800-456-2355, e-mail us in consumersupport-bell@bellhelmets.com or consult with a helmet owner’s guide.


Some tiny parts can be bought on this website — look for the”accessories” section beneath the Powersports or even Cycling sections. For the rest of the components, phone us 800-456-2355 or e-mail us in consumersupport-bell@bellhelmets.com; we’ll be delighted to assist!


We don’t currently sell ECE rated helmets in the USA or on this site.


Every Bell helmet is certified for certain activities and should just be utilized for all those sports. Virtually all helmets recorded in the biking section of the website are just for biking, with the exclusion of this Segment, Faction, and Fraction helmets that are accredited for skate use in addition to biking.


Hope this guide has helped you a good deal in picking out the best helmet and appropriate for yourself. Thank you, and see you again at German Helmets.