Over the years, the name Arai has become synonymous with Best Arai Helmets. Because of its consistent production for top-of-the-line proven performance helmets, Arai has developed a worldwide reputation as a premium producer of superior products. This is a high-end helmet manufacturer, not a budget company making cheap helmets.

All Arai motorcycle helmets have some of the most advanced and innovative technologies packed into each one giving these helmets more durability, better more advanced ventilation systems, more comfortable fit, and overall superior quality feel from its shell to its inner core.

Arai is a family-owned business that has been producing 100% hand-made motorcycle helmets since 1926. Their commitment is to exceed industry safety standards giving riders the ultimate protection, while at the same time providing the comfort that they need and want. Each innovation builds on top tried and tested technologies, resulting in constant improvement over the years.

Here you will find everything you need to choose which helmet from Arai will suit your needs. We’ve noted the basic helmets features, weight, cost, and head shape fit.

Feel free to use this list as a guide to narrow down your choice of the best Arai Motorcycle Helmets. There are many varieties of each helmet in regards to the style, colours, and graphics. The pictures we show are just an example of the many ones available for each model. By clicking the links you will see many more examples.
Best Arai Helmets

Top 7 Best Arai Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Arai XD4 Helmet - Vision (Medium) (Frost RED)
The XD4 has Arai's Intermediate Oval (IO) interior fit shape.
Bestseller No. 2
Arai XD4 Helmet (White, Large)
Intermediate-round oval shape; New exhaust ports and shell shape; New larger side cowl vents
Bestseller No. 3
Arai VAS-V Max Vision Faceshield Street Motorcycle Helmet Accessories - Clear/One Size
Replacement Max Vision faceshields for Arai Corsair-X, Quantum-X and Signet-X helmets.; Face shield for DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified Helmet
Bestseller No. 4
Arai SAI Faceshield with T.O.P. for Corsair V, RX-Q helmets - One Size
Arai SAI Faceshield with T.O.P. for Corsair V, RX-Q helmets; Available in clear or dark tint
SaleBestseller No. 5
Arai VAS-V Max Vision Faceshield Street Motorcycle Helmet Accessories - Light Tint/One Size
Replacement Max Vision faceshields for Arai Corsair-X, Quantum-X and Signet-X helmets.; Face shield for DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified Helmet
Bestseller No. 6
Arai VAS-V Pro Shade System Complete Faceshield Street Motorcycle Helmet Accessories - Tint/One Size
Reduces excess ambient light in both the down and up positions

1. Arai SZ Ram 4 Open-Face 3/4 Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: Medium at 3.22 lbs

Cost: Medium price point

Head Shape Fit: Round OvalHelmet Arai Ram 4 Open Face Helmet

First on our list is the Arai SZ Ram 4. This seems to be one of the most popular Arai helmets that people are interested in. So we decided to add it first in the list. If you are not interested in an open face design then check further down the list for more options.

The Arai Ram 4 is not your typical budget open face helmet. All of the components and technology is super-premium. For example, it uses a multi-layer CLC (Complet Laminate Construction) shell. This is a proprietary “super fibre laminate”, which provides excellent strength to protect your head-on impact.

Another impressive technology in this helmet is Arai’s hybrid multi-density EPS liner which is built to produce superior shock absorption and safety. The difference with this EPS liner is that it’s a “single-component” liner, as opposed to the traditional practice of assembling several liners together. The entire assembly, together with the outer shell, meets and exceeds both DOT and Snell M2010 standards. This is the same technology that Arai’s top professional racers have in their helmets.

Some goodies on the inside of this Arai open face helmet includes a microfiber, sweat-wicking padding liner that keeps your face as dry and fresh as possible. This is a great feature for long-distance travel.

As with most Arai helmets, the interior liner of the Arai SZ Ram 4 is designed for a more custom fit. This is possible because you can slightly adjust the cheek pads density and top liners to fit your head shape better by peeling away layers. This is a perfect solution for those who find it tricky to match their exact head shape to a helmet.

The Arai SZ Ram also comes packed with advanced venting and airflow control systems. Including Arai’s standard brow vent system which allows controlled air to flow back through to your temple area. This one feature alone focuses in on one of the critical heat-producing areas of your head. The cooling airflow in this area can keep you exceptionally cooler and more comfortable, even when riding in the intense heat.

Another example of the extensive airflow mechanisms in this Arai helmet is the large diffusers at the top of the helmet to help draw the air in, and then the large diffusers at the back to draw warm, moist air out.

If you are looking for the perfect technologically advanced cruiser Arai helmet this may be the one for you. Or if your not satisfied with this model there are a number of different open face models to choose from in this list. Keep reading because we have more to show you!

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2. Arai XC and XC Ram ¾ Open Face Cruising Helmet

Weight: Medium at 3.20 lbs

Cost: Medium price point

Head shape: Round Oval

The Arai XC Open Face helmet has a lot of similarities with the Arai XC Ram, including its medium-range Super Fiber Laminate shell construction, which is Snell M2010 and DOT certified.

This is a mid-level Arai helmet on the scale of Arai’s premium materials and features. The shell construction is not as lightweight as some of the other super-premium Arai helmets. But that does not mean it is less strong. It is only that it is a slightly heavier material.

The ventilation systems between the Arai XC an XC Ram are also very similar. One of the key differences is the non-removable anti-microbial interior liner in the XC. With the XC Ram, you can completely remove the liner to wash or adjust it. So that is something to take into consideration in making your choice. This could be a deal-breaker for some people.

One plus point for the Arai XC is that it is slightly lighter than Arai XC RAM. So if you’re looking for a lighter helmet take that into consideration as well.

One feature on these two helmets, that you won’t find on a lot of other 3/4 open face designs, is the increased extended jaw protection due to the protruding bottom part of the helmet coming out. This gives you that little bit of extra crash protection to the side of your face, making it seem more like a full-face helmet. So if crash safety protection is most important to you then this might be one of the best open face Arai helmets you can buy.

3. Arai CT-Z Open Face Helmet

Weight: Medium at 3.45 lbs.

Cost: Medium price point

Head Shape: Neutral to Round Oval (Fits Most People)

Taking their Arai XC-RAM helmet to a whole new level, Arai released the CT-Z with the primary goal of giving riders the best touring cruising experience, but without limitations in terms of aerodynamics, face shield functionality, and ventilation. This is a premium open face helmet with the extra protection of a face shield that can be flipped up and down. It is filled with bells and whistles, unlike many other striped down open face helmets from other companies.

The newly designed peak and streamlined ear pods make it more aerodynamic and easier to ride in the upright position which is great for cruising. The peak is easily adjustable, so you can reduce sun glare and get minimal lift at high speeds. This is great for long trips.

The vent system is above industry-standard. We would expect no less from Arai. The brow vents, as well as the upper and lower vent systems all, make this helmet comfortable in terms of temperature and airflow control. In fact, the interior features and vents are similar to what we have described in some of the other full-face helmets above. You usually don’t see this kind of airflow control in an open face helmet.

And like many Arai Motorcycle Helmets, Arai CT-Z is Snell and DOT certified. This is a great helmet for the more laid back rider who likes to sit back and take in the scenery. If you want a premium helmet with all the bells and whistles to check out the Ari CT-Z.

4. Arai Corsair X Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: Medium at 3.55 lbs.

Cost: Highest price point but you are paying for the best

Head Shape Fit: Intermediate Oval (Fits Most People)

The Corsair X Helmet is Arai’s top-of-the-line premium racing helmet. It is built for speed and designed to be perfectly aerodynamic. It is a true Arai racing helmet masterpiece.

Not only is this a helmet extremely suited for professional racing but it is also geared for the consumer rider. Those taking it to the street for everyday riding. Isn’t that something? We think so. Therefore it is packed with superior technologies that ensure both maximum helmet protection and comfort for riders.

For example, Arai gives you the ability to customize the interior fit of this helmet. Whether you want it tighter or slightly looser you can make adjustments to change the thickness of areas of the comfort liner, thus changing the fit and shape. For example, if you are in extreme racing situations you want it a little more snug. But if you are in an everyday street riding situation (or on longer trips) you want to be able to change the fit for more comfort. You can do that with the Arai Corsair X!

As you would expect from a top of the line Arai race helmet, the shell is made of a super-strong carbon fibre composite material designed to be lightweight. It has the standard DOT as well as the newest Snell 2015 safety rated standard. This is a helmet that is built to protect you in the MOST extreme race conditions.

The most notable safety feature of this Arai 10th generation helmet is an advanced feature that minimizes the effect of direct impacts and “glancing off” impacts. It reduces the pressure or force that the rider’s head receives upon impact. This can be a lifesaver in critical situations that hopefully, you will never find yourself in. But it is nice to know it’s there in case you need it. Again this helmet is built for MAXIMUM protection in a crash with literally dozens of design features for this purpose we could get into.

There are a lot of reinforced areas on this racing helmet. The side pods are also streamlined and integrated lower into the helmet to provide greater crash protection, along with a reinforced brow. This is also one of the features that make this helmet a much quieter helmet.

With many other design features built in to reduce noise as well, everyday riders will love it. Although you might not be so concerned with that on the track (since you will be wearing earplugs) this helmet was designed with the everyday street rider in mind as well. For everyday use, you want a quieter helmet experience. You can get that with the Arai Corsair X.

But of course, since it is built for speed you want it as quiet as possible. The configuration of the vents’ positions and mechanisms design all help in making the helmet quieter at speed.

The inner liners are made of Eco-Pure which is a very comfortable material.

As for the cheek pads they have ear pocket padding that easily accommodates communicator Bluetooth speakers. All possible premium interior features are built into this helmet. It basically has it all.

5. Defiant Ducati Arai Full Face Sport Helmet

Weight: Medium at 3.73 lbs.

Cost: Medium price point

Head Shape Fit: Intermediate Oval (Fits Most People)

The Defiant Arai Helmet is one Motorcycle Helmet that is perfect for both sport or naked style bike enthusiast. It’s ideal for an upright position, or a 3/4 tuck position and great for touring, cruising, or daily commuting. It’s not so much of an Arai racing helmet, but more of an all-around everyday use item.

For safety, it’s no surprise that this Arai helmet is also Snell M2010 and DOT certified, with the shell being constructed of strong complex laminate materials.

There are some good aerodynamic features of the helmet including an integrated chin spoiler to improve wind flow metrics and stability around the helmet.

Venting airflow throughout the helmet is one of its strong points with an excellent venting scheme setup.

The Arai Defiant Helmet also sports the SAI Max Vision Shield complete with an anti-fog Pinlock insert lens and integrated eyebrow vents to keep you cool.

This is a great helmet to take in the scenery with excellent optically correct vision. You’ll also get a wider field of vision with this helmet as it comes with 5mm more peripheral view at each side.

As with most Arai helmets, the interior pads and liners are completely removable and washable. All of this translates into a comfortable better riding experience for many years to come. If you want to take it for a drive click the link below.

6. Arai Vector 2

Weight: Medium at 3.53 lbs.

Cost: Medium price point

Head Shape Fit: Intermediate to Round Oval (Should Fit Most People)

Arai Vector 2 Helmet is a “mid-level” universal use helmet (when measured against Arai standards). It has all of the high performance and safety features that are typical of Arai’s super high-quality helmet standards. Still, there are some absent features you might see in their top of the line most expensive Arai helmet lines.

If you are the type of person who likes to ride in a lot of different situations and are looking for a premium helmet at a reasonable price, this might be the best one for you.

Arai Vector 2 takes after its predecessor the Arai Vector with slight modifications to give riders a whole new and improved experience. This helmet is however slightly heavier than the original Arai Vector due to the increased strength compliance of the Snell M2010 standard. But it more than makes up for it with an entire host of improved comfort and design features.

And don’t worry about keeping it clean because the helmet comes with an entirely removable liner that is washable. The interior liner is made of soft foam material for the best possible fit and comfort.

In addition by removing the helmet liner, there is a feature in the liner that allows you to convert the helmet from intermediate oval fit to a more round oval fit. This is one of the best things about this helmet. You do this by peeling back some of the layers in the liner that were designed to be removed in this way.

So not only does the Vector 2 have universal uses, but also a universal fit system. So even if you have more of a “round oval” head Arai Vector Helmet black shape you can change the liner to more closely match your own head shape.

Another great use for this model is if you in the market for a spare helmet (for other people to use) it fits more head shapes and would be good for that.

This all-around helmet is best for the upright or 3/4 riding position. It’s great for spirited riding, road touring, tracks, and mainly universal street use.

Vector 2 comes with the premium quality you would expect from the Arai line of helmets. Some other notable features include an improved ventilation system, lighter – yet still an as durable shell, and wide peripheral view. And finally, it meets Snell and DOT standards, ensuring your safety on the road.

7. Arai Quantum-X or Signet-X Full Face Helmets

Best Arai Helmets
Weight: Medium

Cost: Higher price point

Head shape: Round Oval or Intermediate Oval

Arai Quantum-X is one of the newest and latest products coming out from Arai in 2017. So if you are someone who likes to have the latest most advanced products with all the new features, take a look at this helmet.

It is the ultimate helmet for riders with round head shapes. However, you can also convert this round oval helmet to an intermediate oval shape by using the Corsair X headliner.

Or better yet you can check out the new Arai Signet-X which is the same exact helmet except for the head shape difference. Arai Signet-X (also released in 2017) is more for the intermediate oval head shapes. So depending on your own head shape, you would pick one or the other based on that. We are speaking about these two helmets as if they are one product because really they are, except for the difference in interior shape, and the name.

Arai Quantum-X (or Signet-X) is another top of the line premium Arai helmet that has a lot of the same features you will find in the Arai Corsair-X. But is designed more for touring or sport riding enthusiast instead of hardcore racing. It is an all-around street helmet that is Snell and DOT certified so you can even take it to the racing track if you want.

The shell is made of a PB-SCLC construction. Much like the Arai Corsair-X, it is made of a strong carbon fibre super-lightweight composite. Also like the Corsair, these two helmets have many of the same reinforcement features for shock absorption and crash protection. They are more on the high-end spectrum of Arai helmets.

The interior lining also has Arai’s signature removable ear pocket padding with an ear pocket recess perfect for Bluetooth communicator speakers.

If you are an eyeglass wearer these two helmets have a bonus in store. You can easily wear your glasses without any problem because of the helmet’s wide brain chamber. There are a lot more features in both the Arai Quantum-X and Arai Signet-X helmets that are too numerous to cover in this short section. But rest assured they are packed chock full of the latest helmet technology coming from Arai for your comfort, functionality, and safety.


So looking back at this Arai review article of the top 10 best helmets you will find many amazing options to choose from. We have choices covering every helmet category, no matter your riding style and preferences.

And you will notice Arai goes out of its way to make sure they have the perfect fit helmet for your head. There are dedicated models for specific head shapes. This is something we do not see with many other helmet companies. But it is something Arai is known for.

And remember to take a look at the best new helmet graphic designs and colours that Arai has come out with. There is a huge array for every model. So have fun checking them out and let us know if you have any additional questions in German Helmets.