Best Bike Helmet Mirrors is an attachment designed to ease the obnoxious process of constantly having to twist your head and look behind you as you are out pedaling. It is true that for many folks, a bike mirror is only going to get in the way, and it is sometimes best to stick with your old habits. When it is not broke, do not fix that, right? But should you decide that this accessory might help you save time and feel more healthy while you are on the street, we will examine the principal varieties of bike mirrors and concentrate on particular products that belong to one of those groups listed below.
Best Bike Helmet Mirrors

Top 8 Best Bike Helmet Mirror Brands

Bestseller No. 1
EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror
Huge 2 & 1/4" mirror provides safest view of what's behind you; VERY sturdy construction. Does not vibrate. Stays in Place!
Bestseller No. 2
Cycleaware Reflex Bicycle Helmet Mirror
Rear-view mirror for biking--mounts on any bike helmet; Kraton covered wire allows for full flexibility
SaleBestseller No. 4
Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror (Original)
Versatile, vibration-free cycling mirror mounts on eyeglasses and helmet visors; Three pivot points for total adjustability
Bestseller No. 6
Life On Bicycle 360 Degree Adjustable Rearview Bicycle Helmet Mirror
LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY & 90 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview Bike Mirror - Cycling Safety Mirror - Single For Left Side Dropbar (Black)
LIGHT: Under 30 grams (with plug), they are amazingly light yet shatterproof.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Blackburn Helmet Bike Mirror
LIGHTWEIGHT - Our mirrors dont weigh much, but offer you a ton of visibility; TOOL FREE INSTALLATION - Easily mount these convenient mirrors directly on your handlebars
SaleBestseller No. 9
Third Eye Pro Helmet Bicycle Mirror
Mirror Style: Helmet

1. EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Best Bike Helmet Mirrors
If you’re searching for a superior bike helmet mirror that won’t endure under vibrations and is constructed from high-quality substances, the Safe Zone is a viable candidate. This 2.25-inch mirror provides crystal clear pictures of the street, so you’re able to observe and evaluate the aims of other people participants. The steering is quite strong and solid, and the arm is not difficult to fix to any desirable places. As there aren’t any adhesives utilized to mount the mirror, there are no odds of this coming loose with time. The mirror includes a pair of straps that are simple to attach to the helmet. As soon as you’ve straightened the mirror’s arm, it is possible to snap it into the bottom.

Be certain you remove the plastic film that protects the mirror’s surface to prevent any distortion. The 5-year no-fault guarantee given by the producer is much more generous than you would get if you bought another brand. Because of the positioning of the mirror, so it’s encouraged that you create all alterations before hitting the street, as it might be embarrassing to go to the mirror because you are biking.

This mirror’s arm is quite strong and will do an excellent job in preventing vibration-caused motion when you are on rocky roads. Based upon how long your helmet, the normal distance between your eye and the Safe Zone mirror is roughly 5 inches, which should be more than sufficient to provide a generous viewing angle.


  • The glass mirror provides a much clearer picture when compared with metal mirrors.
  • Made with high-quality substances.
  • Steady arm.
  • Excellent guarantee


  • Quite expensive to get a helmet mirror.

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2. Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

Do not be deceived by the simple fact this is the eyeglasses mirror; it may be mounted onto a helmet provided that you determine just how the mechanism operates. In reality, some people assert that the mirror is too thick to be mounted on eyeglasses, but that is only an issue of personal taste. This biking mirror features three attaching pivots that provide excellent adjustability choices.

The acrylic mirror is frameless, which means that you can gain from a broad viewpoint. You can either choose the standard or the compact mirror, every having particular features. The streamlined mirror can stretch up to some span on 50 millimeters and measures 20 x 37 inches. The standard mirror may be extended to a length of 85 millimeters and measures 28 x 37 inches.

The mirror may be corrected in a 90 degrees angle and matches both on the left and the ideal side of this helmet. This makes it somewhat weaker when compared with other mirror versions we have reviewed, and that may be corrected using a 360 degrees rotation. There’s a helmet bracket for sale as a separate purchase, but you could probably get by using a very simple set of zip ties. But if your helmet includes a visor, the mirror is readily connected to the visor.


  • Frameless mirror, using a broader viewing angle.
  • Offered in both regular and compact dimensions.
  • It can be mounted onto any kind of eyeglasses.
  • Compatible with helmet visors.


  • May need a mounting bracket on your helmet, even if you do not need to use zip ties.
  • Only rotates at a 90 degrees angle.

3. Hurry Icon Bike Helmet Mirror

On the less expensive side of things establishes the Unusual Icon — a version constructed for everybody searching for a horizontal mirror to mount onto their bike helmets. The mirror is mounted on the helmet through 2 comprised Velcro straps. In comparison to some convex mirror, this apartment model ought to have the ability to leave the visitors behind the cyclist with no distortions or illusions of items appearing further than they’re. The added ball makes it super simple to adjust the mirror to any place, with the chance to rotate it in a 360 degrees angle. After having selected the best place, the mirror could be secured in place. This prevents mirror and vibration motion even if you’re riding down bumpy roads.

It’s advised that you mount the mirror onto a 1.75 x 1-inch horizontal place, either on the exterior of the mirror or by finding a harmonious air compressor. The mirror could be attached to both sides of the helmet, even though it’s advisable that you put it on your left side, to find a better viewing angle of what is behind you. Be certain you remove the protective film covering the glass, or the picture may seem blurry. The pole of this mirror is made of durable materials, mixing aluminum and aluminum, to be certain the arm is both light and strong.


  • A horizontal glass mirror leaves a more exact image in contrast to the convex/concave mirror.
  • Rod consists of solid substances.
  • Lightweight product.
  • It can be corrected in a 360 degrees angle.


  • Glue strips are typical.
  • Difficult to mount in the ideal positions.

4. PChero Bike Helmet Mirror

The PChero product is available as a single unit buy, but it is also possible to go for the two mirror packages, allowing you to save money. This ABS electroplating mirror is convex and features an aluminum pole, to provide greater durability and stability to your arm. It may be rotated and adjusted in a 360 degrees angle, and also you’ll be able to fool around with the many mounting positions. You may either opt for the right or left side, but it is always much better to have the mirror on the left side of the helmet for superior accuracy and a fantastic viewing angle. It’s an inexpensive alternative for those seeking to have another safety measure in visitors.


  • Very inexpensive unit.
  • Purchasing two components contribute to paying a higher cost per unit.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Resistant pole, made from stainless steel.


  • ABS mirrors are much less resistant to glass-made ones.
  • More sensitive to scratches.
  • The picture is less precise than those provided by glass mirrors.

5. Cycleaware Reflex Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Best Bike Helmet Mirrors
Available as a single product or in packets of 4 and 2, this mirror is among the most inexpensive choices you are likely to see about now. As a result of the added Velcro pad, it should take a minute to put in the mirror on your helmet. As soon as you’ve found a comfy position, lock the mirror into position, to make sure it will not emphasize under vibrations.

Made from aluminum and aluminum, the mirror promises to provide durability while making certain it remains lightweight and comfy. As usual, you need to be certain you remove the protective film that is constantly covering those mirrors to protect against any dispatch scrapes and deteriorations. Regrettably, lots of the mirror’s negative testimonials are linked to distorted and fuzzy pictures that are brought on by people needing to remove this protective coating.

This apartment mirror ought to be capable of awarding a very clear picture of this traffic position behind you. The 360 degrees adjustment can allow you to gain all of the peripheral vision you want to keep informed and safe. There’s a 90-day window where you’ll be able to go back to the mirror and request the cashback, in the event the product does not fulfill your requirements.


  • Fantastic customer services.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Offered in packets of 4 and 2 mirrors, in a more convenient cost per unit.


  • Does not match on every kind of helmet.

6. COM4SPORT Bike Helmet Mirror

Unlike another mirror we have reviewed up to now, the COM4SPORT includes another construction and various other features that separate it from the package. The mirror is created of a blend of vinyl and stainless steel, which will provide some durability, although maybe not as much as you’d anticipate. The mirror is horizontal, like the other models we have reviewed up to now. Flat mirrors are usually a far better option than convex or concave ones since they make it simpler for the riders to possess proper visibility of the street behind.

This mirror features pivots that could be tightened down, and there’s a good plastic base adapter, which makes it simpler to correct the mirror into position. The problem is with all the Velcro pads. They are not very solid when confronted with extreme weather conditions, such as very substantial temperatures or rain. In these situations, the glue will come off, and you’ll eventually become sick of this and utilize super-glue to maintain them in position.


  • Pivot points could be tightened down.
  • Features 360 degrees modification.
  • Made from a blend of vinyl and stainless steel.


  • Velcro pad glue does not maintain in extreme weather conditions.
  • The mirror will be far too big for a lot of people.

7. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Unbreakable clear stainless steel lens to get a secure ride

High-impact durable frame

Fully recyclable lens for a better world

Adjustable viewing angles

Layout for flat handlebar and shed bar

Foldable frame

Foldable Frame

Happy Bike Mirror hardly takes up any space while parking. It’s fantastic for commuting on the bus or parking at the garage. The joint is flexible and sturdy. It’s possible to rotate the mirror 360 degrees and never need to be concerned about the mirror becoming to knockdown.

Clear Stainless Steel Lens

Would you know that the mirror lens is constructed from well-polished stainless steel?

When compared with standard glass mirrors, the stainless steel lens is recyclable and unbreakable!

If any mishaps happen, the Hafny stainless steel lens mirror will probably remain strong with you!

Ideal for the Majority of the Bikes!

This tiny mirror functions for the street bike fall bars, along with MTB handlebars!

8. Hafny 2019 Replaceable Bar End Bike Mirror

Best Bike Helmet Mirrors
Ideal for street bikes, mountain bikes, E-bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes, and YOUR BIKE!

Pick: Unbreakable Stainless Steel Lens / HD Automotive Grade Glass / / Anti-glare Blue Glass

Fits inside handlebar within 14.8Millimeter ~ 22.5 mm (inside diameter)

Durable nylon reinforced body.

Adaptive 360°, Applicable for Left and Right

Made in Taiwan

Hafny 2019 Replaceable Bar End Bike Mirror

You do not need to replace the entire mirror as soon as your mirror becomes too many brakes or scratch. It is possible just to substitute the mirror lens using a twist and receive a new look mirror. It conserves your money and protects your lovely atmosphere. You can select three Kinds of distinct mirror lenses to substitute:

Unbreakable Stainless Steel Lens

HD Automotive Grade Glass Lens

Anti-glare Blue Lens

Ride comfy, and conserve your pocket!

Ideal for the Majority of the Bikes!

This tiny mirror functions for the street bike fall bars, along with MTB handlebars!


EVT Safe Zone is your best bike helmet from those reviewed in this informative article now. The 2.25-inch mirror provides the cyclists using a generous and broad field of view. We enjoy the fact that it does not include annoying adhesives, which are always feeble and will gradually come off, sometimes in the most inconvenient minutes. Since the mirror is constructed from glass rather than metal, it is far clearer and more precise. Always ensure you peel off the plastic film that protects the mirror from dispatch scratches.

The good attachment system will ensure the mirror is not subject to vibrations, which are frequently brought on by rocky streets found on mountain paths. The swivel arm is very hardy, doing a fantastic job of maintaining the mirror set up. Placed at a mean distance of 5 inches in the fisherman’s eyes, it should be quite simple to test it constantly. The mirror is essentially made from 3 parts: the foot, so the flourish and the mirror itself, and you’ll be provided with directions on the best way best to mount it. Even if the product is delivered with Velcro straps, it’s a better choice to use zip ties instead.

Hopefully, our article will help you choose the right bike glasses for you. Thanks, and see you again at German Helmets.