Which is Best Bike Helmets for you? How can you optimize the security and comfort, a helmet may provide, and what is the ideal helmet for you? Keep reading to find out…

Cycling helmets are intended to protect riders from head injuries. Still, with manufacturers continually competing to produce the ideal bike helmet, additional factors also come relaxation, aerodynamics, and breathability being crucial opportunities for the contest.

For aggressive cyclists, aerodynamics becomes an issue. Costlier helmets will end tunnel detested will frequently provide a watt-saving figure about how much electricity could be kept because of the improved aerodynamics of this helmet.

While throughout the summer months, breathability is a significant concern; this can be less so true in winter and autumn. As you will probably wear the lid throughout the year, it makes sense to consider ventilation into consideration and in case you are afflicted with a cold noggin, you could always slide a cycling cap beneath.

Best Bike Helmets

German Helmets have piled up a number of our favorite cycling helmets under, but you will find more info about particular considerations when purchasing a biking helmet farther down the page.

Top Rated Best Bike Helmets Brands for Adults

Bestseller No. 1
Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet, Lightweight Microshell Design, Adult, Carbon
Lightweight, three piece microshell enhances durability without weighing you down; 20 top air vents provide crucial ventilation on hot summer rides
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 4
FROFILE Bike Helmet Adults-Cycling-Bicycle Baseball-Helmet - (Black) Adjustable Camping Safe Mountain Bike Helmet for Men Women Teen
Multifunction Helmet: Suitable for Touring, Cycling, Climbing, Riding, Camping, Skiing; Recommend: Men, Women, a Good Choice for Outdoor Sports
Bestseller No. 5
Giro Bronte Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet - Universal XL (58-65 cm), Matte White (2018)
MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab; FIT SIZING: Get the right fit, straight out of the box
Bestseller No. 8
Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet - Universal Adult (54-61 cm), Matte Titanium (2021)
MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab; UNIVERSAL FIT SIZING: Get the right fit, straight out of the box
Bestseller No. 9
Krash! Bright Meow LED Pink Youth 8+ Helmet
Cat ears light up with LED lights in 2 different modes; steady glow and flash!; Auto shut off to prolong battery life
Bestseller No. 10
My Bike Board Book
Barton, Byron (Author); English (Publication Language); 40 Pages - 03/08/2016 (Publication Date) - Greenwillow Books (Publisher)

1. Lazer Genesis 2020 Helmet – Good Bicycle Helmet

The 2019 World championships hailed the introduction of the Lazer Genesis since the Belgian helmet pro’s all-new range-topper. Seen beneath the likes of Mathieu van der Poel and other Lazer supported riders it was evident because of its svelte and more conformist forming when compared with the likes of Lazer’s present and immediately recognizable Lazer Z1.

Tech-savvy readers will bear in mind that the Genesis title isn’t a brand new one for Lazer, it had a helmet under this title but it was ripe for a revamp and Lazer desired to reveal exactly how much it may push the envelope.

Lazer has attained the very low weight through an in-mold construction (in which the internal polystyrene and outer shell are heating shaped and secured together) and paring from the construction material and retention method. Twenty-two vents and inner channeling allow it to feel like it’s much more atmosphere than the helmet and it does live up to the cliché of evaporating as soon as you begin wearing it.

Lazer has adhered to its identifying Rollsys retention program for its Genesis. Instead of having a dial in the rear, he is determined by a top-mounted roller wheel to adjust the pressure. It is unbelievably simple to use and enables the major retention method to be somewhat lightweight, encloses more of the skull, and be far more hair-friendly – something I am told is really helpful when you just happen to be endowed with long hair.

The Genesis also includes two sets of pads, a Hurry oriented pair that’s quite mild along with a Comfort set that’s more thickly cushioned. The neat thing is that the four-piece pad set can be adapted for your requirements, but I tried both and stuck together with the Comfort set since the weight difference is slight but mind relaxation is evident.

The Lazer Genesis is a very comfortable helmet to use. It’s an inner shaping that appears to match my mind quite well with no pressure regions and the very best thing is it handles this without raising quantity or appearing too big on the mind. It actually is sleek and discreet, even in contrast to this Z1Z1, which our preceding favorite Lazer lid.

The straps are soft and easy to control around the ear and temple and remain in place very nicely. This bit of kit also works nicely with most eyewear I have been analyzing, although using the slightly longer arms of a set of 100 percent S3 eyeglasses I did notice that they repaint the cradle a bit.


  • Very mild
  • Comfortable forming and padding
  • Safe


  • To get the flexibility of this aeroshell adds price
  • MIPS variant is significantly more expensive and heavier

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2. Kask Infinity – Adult Bike Helmet

The Kask Infinity makes its place as our best aerodynamic choice with its slick design with a distinctive retractable door that opens upward for additional venting or shuts to provide a sleek and compact profile. This helmet creates an exceptional option for riders seeking to do plenty of solo fractures, sprinting, and perhaps a bizarre time trial, but do not wish to completely sacrifice venting for improved aerodynamics. The caveat here is that while its venting is definitely evident, as an aero helmet, the venting performance does not quite stack up to that of completely satisfactorily ventilated street helmets.

The Infinity also offers a thick cushioning system which can help draw moisture away from the mind in warmer weather also helps in cooler weather. The upside is that makes cold weather more comfortable with all the close-able port and roomy headcase that matches a hot cap or beanie, but the drawback is that it will have toasty in warmer temperatures.

If you have a tendency to do most of your riding as soon as the mercury climbs, then you might want to check to a better-ventilated alternative, which generally means giving up a few aerodynamic attributes. If you’re put in an aero profile however need a flexible layout with decent ventilation, you will have difficulty finding a better functioning version, and that’s the reason why the Kask Infinity makes our Top Pick Award for Aero Road Bike Helmets.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Very comfy


  • No MIPS lining
  • Quite heavy

3. POC Ventral SpSpins

We’ve been exceptionally impressed with pretty much every single bit of POC equipment to come through the doors at Gearhacker. POC is well-known for pushing the envelope in regards to innovation in security technology for cyclists, as well as the POC Ventral Spin street bike helmet is an ideal illustration of this. The Ventral Twist is POC’s effort to earn a full-on aero helmet into something which you would wish to ride with each day, and we must state this helmet lives up to its lofty dreams.

The POC Ventral Air takes features from its favorite Octal and Ventral layouts to give it improved ventilation and aerodynamics.

The helmet is made with channels that allow air to pass through as fast and economically as possible at low or high rates. The outcome is the best cooling to your noggin in a lightweight helmet.

Much like all POC’s helmets, the Ventral Air integrates the organization’s SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) crash technologies to its layout. The helmet will rotate in case of an accident, minimizing direct effect.

The POC Ventral Air can be equipped with silicone pads for extra comfort and protection.


  • Unparalleled Combination of Weight
  • Security
  • Ventilation


  • Cost

4. Giro Cinder MIPS – Best Helmet Brands For Bike

The Giro Cinder is the best pick,s it packs many security features within a budget-friendly helmet.

It is an excellent choice for its superior sibling, the Giro Synthe.

Giro Cinder MIPS Road Helmet

Despite these remarkable security features, the Giro Cinder does not put on much additional weight and comes in at 290 g to get a size Medium. The buttery smooth Roc Loc 5 retention system keeps the helmet secured in your mind without you even realizing it is there.

Giro’s choice to utilize in-mold polycarbonate because of its casing allows for the inclusion of 26 gigantic Wind Tunnel vents with internal channels which path atmosphere over your head and out through the tube in the rear of the helmet.

Last, the Giro Cinder is ponytail compatible (good for female cyclists), a frequently overlooked characteristic that I am pleased to see incorporated into this fantastic CPSC certified helmet.


  • Lots of Security Features
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Well Ventilated
  • Aerodynamic


  • Could Be Heavy For Bigger Sizes
  • MSRP Is Almost as Expensive as the POC Ventral SpSpins

5. MET Trenta 3K Carbon

Utilizing carbon fiber in the construction of this Trenta 3K Carbon, MET states it managed to decrease the total amount of EPS without’influencing the ability of this helmet to consume energy’. The decrease in size also leads to a very low profile when worn and is still an integral facet of the aerodynamic performance of the helmet.

Other manufacturers frequently concentrate on out-and-out aerodynamics or maximum venting and seldom strike the balance between both nicely. MET accomplishes this via a semi-aero helmet that’s as at home in a couple of sprints since it’s at the high mountains.

The MET Trenta 3K Carbon also matches brightly but is disappointed by the absence of a MIPS alternative in an age where many pro-level street bike helmets incorporate the technologies as standard.


  • Aerodynamic performance along with ample venting


  • No MIPS version accessible

6. BERN UNION – Best bike helmet

The appearance of this Union has less race-day DNA compared to POC helmet – small miracle; Bern was created as a new for skaters. Therefore it is ideal for urban cyclists that do not need to be considered as MAMILs or, er, MAWILs, in case that is the feminine version of this.

A comparatively low profile ok, it’s a tiny bulbous, as Bern’s helms are and lightweight implies it is still satisfactorily aerodynamic not to hold back you.

More to the point, it looks fantastic in our view. A detachable, clip-in’ visor’ functions like the summit on a cycling cap, turning to bring a little sun protection, or merely to make you look sexier. Additionally, it does a stand-up task of consuming forehead sweat but maybe a lot easier to reverse.

Much like the POC, there is also a MIPS variant of the Bern Union accessible. With more opposition to rotational pressure, it is going to be of interest to off-roaders and anybody who prefers maximum accessible insurance from cranial injury. Can cost somewhat more, however, pushing the cost just over a lot.


  • Nifty, clip-in cloth cap summit’ visor
  • A Fantastic mix of fashion, security, comfort


  • Slimming the visor is a bit of an attempt

7. Smith Ignite helmet

Smith’s Ignite helmet matches the brand’s aero street race section and features the many wind-cheating, minimalist design of the full array; barring, of course, Smith’s TT unique Podium version.

Its smooth outer shell comprises only six forward-facing vents and four exhaust ports to channel air throughout the head and out the rear of the Ignite as economically as possible, whilst still providing powerful cooling.

Smith employs a fairly intricate construction method to produce the Ignite. The required in-molding process smoothly bonds the casing to the most important polystyrene body but Smith also adds it’s identifying Koroyd substance to two large regions of the helmet.

For all those unfamiliar with this particular technology, Koroyd is the material that appears superficially like plenty of plastic straws glued together. It allegedly provides better impact absorption and venting than normal EPS (polystyrene) for a specified area but I am yet to test this concept in anger. It is also lighter and provides another appearance to the Ignite along with other aero helmets.

To further enrich safety, he Ignites also comprises a MIPS coating to decrease rotational forces in the event of a collision. So all from the Ignite is sexy on security.


  • Comfort
  • Security features
  • Aesthetics


  • The matte finish has grubby quickly

8. Best for Lightweight Ventilation – Lazer Z-1 MIPS

The Lazer Z1 MIPS brings recognition because of its lightweight design and remarkable ventilation, making one of our Best Pick awards. Having an incredible 31 of the greatest and best-placed vents from any helmet at our lineup, the Z1 keeps things cool, slow climbs, and also if the temperature climbs.

Its 305-gram weight at a men’s size Large is one of the lightest helmets in our lineup using a built-in MIPS lining. With comfy padding and an exceptional headband adjustment dial on top of the helmet, there is a lot to enjoy about the Z1, our Best Pick for Lightweight Ventilation.

Even though the Z1 MIPS stands out because of its high-end venting, its lightweight design surely does not feel as large and lasting as other versions. Even though this would not affect the security and collision protection capacities of this helmet, it may possibly compromise the long-term durability. Additionally, the adjustment dial on top of the helmet, while exceptional and perfectly serviceable, does require a small bit of getting used to, and also a few riders might prefer a more conventional layout.


  • Very mild
  • Good venting
  • Cozy


  • Some may dislike adjustment dial
  • Restricted durability

9. Bontrager Starvos MIPS

Bontrager’s Starvos MIPS, a fantastic entry-level helmet, maybe the ideal choice for you.

As its name suggests, the Starvos integrates MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) to its design. Helmets with MIPS are intended to rotate angled impacts, deflecting forces from the mind.

Along with getting security features, it is also a cool helmet. The Starvos features wide channels for thick and airflow moisture-wicking pads for comfort.

Dial-in the back of the helmet allows for rapid tightening with only 1 hand, while dividers keep straps from becoming misaligned and twisted.

The Bontrager Starvos MIPS comes in 3 color choices: black, white, red, and white.


  • Free Crash Replacement Guarantee
  • Removable and Washable Pads


  • Heavy

10. Scott Cadence Plus

Scott Cadence PLUS Bike Helmet

Scott claims that the Cadence Plus is among the quickest and aerodynamic helmets in its class. Blend this with MIPS, a fantastic fit, and the extra option of blocking front vents using bungs in case the temperatures are chilly, and you have got a top-level aero lid.

X-Static pads lining the helmet attribute anti-microbial and anti-odor technologies to keep things clean on the interior but Cadence Plus is let down slightly by its own weight plus a limited color option.

Mitchelton-Scott’s Simon Yates also employed the helmet last year throughout his Vuelta anaspaña success.


  • Massive vents improve venting in hotter temperatures
  • Plus bungs could be inserted into cooler weather


  • Quite heavy
  • Very limited color selection

11. SMITH TRACE – Best Bicycle Helmet

The Smith Trace helmet features Koroyd, which a super-light ventilation-slash-protection system that completely surrounds the helmet. It kind of seems like a lot of straws cut into shorter pieces and glued together in a honeycomb-shape beneath the outer shell of the helmet.

Due to these tiny plastic tubes, but the Smith Trace provides excellent ventilation not only for your mind but in addition to your biking sunglasses which may be kept in many different methods in addition to the helmet. Glasses fogging doing more distances will not be a problem using the Trace.

Paying extra attention to eyewear isn’t a surprise in Smith, it’s among the most prominent producers of biking and safety eyewear. However, the firm also designs especial headwear, also, along with the Trace is a superb illustration of exactly what Smith has to offer in regards to mind protection on the bike.

The Smith Trace is easily adjustable with all the Vaporfit turn-dial in the rear of the helmet along with the XT2 anti-bacterial functionality liner is as comfortable from the skin as a biking helmet liner gets. Comfort levels have been further improved from the 18 vents across the outer shell of the helmet which circulate the air around your skull, so eliminating excessive heat and keeping your head cool.

On the downside, the Smith Trace biking helmet looks somewhat bulky seen from the front and will not cost a lot but in our view, is well worth the cost for individuals that are following a no-compromise performance helmet.


  • MIPS head protection system
  • Outstanding ventilation
  • Dries your sunglasses also


  • Looks bulky
  • Expensive

12. Thousand Heritage – Helmets Under 100

This is 1 helmet we really need to put on to the pub. Inspired by classic motorcycle helmets, the most trendy, comfy Thousand Heritage has vegan leather straps and ports on the top and at the trunk to keep you cool. The emblem in the back pops off to reveal a little channel you may use to guarantee the helmet by along with your own lock. Flexible dial permits you to adjust the match, and we had no difficulty doing up the buckle with only 1 hand. But if you typically put your helmet on the floor, do this dome up for this one it scratches easily.


  • Integrated and concealed lock station, and SO CUTE


  • Restricted ventilation
  • Finish scratches easily

How we picked The Best Bike Helmet

Fit and retention methods

First of all, in case of a crash, then a helmet has to remain on your mind to work. The same as helmets, shoes from other manufacturers are wholly made to match discreetly distinct shaped lasts, therefore it is important to test before purchasing.

Most helmets use a dial-based retention method (e.g. Giro’s Roc Loc 5 or Kask’s Octo Pair systems) to correct the match, however also the vertical adjustment range (i.e. how low or high the back adjustment affirms sit on your mind) will also change between brakes, so this is something to keep an eye out for.

Flexible and comfortable straps are also extremely important — you have to have the ability to wear them with a rather snug fit from the chin for greatest effectiveness.


Most bicycle helmets are largely out of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. This skeleton is then coated, to varying levels, in a challenging polycarbonate shell (and sometimes a dash of carbon fibre) to include power and protect the EPS memory from accidental bumps and scrapes.

This simple design was in place for a long time now, but other fabricating methods and materials are starting to filter, for example as 3D-printed Polyamide 11 or alternative’proprietary polymer substances’.

Obviously, manufacturers assert these layouts provide advantages over conventional bicycle helmets but if those advantages are realized in actual life remains to be seen.

Security features

While we will not comment on the general effectiveness of helmets generally, it is worth noting that all helmets sold in the EU should conform to the EN 1078 European Standard (and have a CE mark), or be CPSC-certified in the united states.

best bicycle helmet

Every single helmet onto this list does exactly that, or even more, and if at least give your mind some protection against scratches and scrapes should you drop off your bike while riding.

Lately, we have seen significant growth in added security technologies like rotational liners (e.g. MIPS) and Bontrager’s proprietary WaveCel substance. These inventions promise to provide greater protection against brain and head injuries by decreasing rotational forces or by simply using materials that are better able to consume particular shocks.

There’s some independent security testing of bicycle helmets, however, these items are obviously more difficult to test out the laboratory, in which there are many factors at play. On balance, these excess security features are probably worth, but they have a tendency to come on helmets using a higher cost.


For quick riding, particularly in warm weather, venting is essential. A well-designed method of channels and vents in the inner arrangement of a helmet can help draw air over your mind and exude warmth.

As may be evident, placing holes in a helmet to boost ventilation is very likely to result in decreased weight and, possibly, robustness. So to compensate for this, airy helmets frequently need more outside reinforcement or are constructed with pricier substances, so they meet durability and safety criteria.


The aero brush touches everything nowadays, raising prices and making all of your present kit feel obsolete, but with helmets, so it probably will not make sense. The prospective watt savings should be made using aero helmets should not be overlooked if you are worried about riding quickly.

You will find compromises of the route: raising aerodynamic efficiency generally means shutting off ventilation holes putting up with amazing shaped figurines which, honestly, have looks which occasionally border on the absurd

Other features

Just a few brands consciously promote their helmet’s capacity to maintain your sunglasses at front ports, but this feature may be a real incentive.

Clearly helmet manufacturers which also make sunglasses have a tendency to perform better in this respect, but be certain that you take your sunglasses with you once you’re searching for a brand new helmet so it is possible to assess the grip.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, however, it’s well worth considering what sort of riding the helmets you enjoy the appearance of being developed for.

Let us say you enjoy classic-looking helmets with tons of portholes if you live someplace cold, perhaps you’d be much better off using a more aero-focused helmet using fewer holes and ventilation for water to float.

Best Bike Helmet Buying Guide

The fundamentals: many bike helmets are made to be used after. From’used’ we imply, to participate in 1 collision. You do not need to purchase a new helmet every time you ride; this would be absurd. However, when it protects you from a wreck, it’s in effect given its own life to save yours must be thrown off.

More advanced/modern helmets use a multi-directional effect system (or MIPS). This provides more protection compared to a normal helmet, by resisting the twisting result of an effect from specific angles. These have a tendency to be expensive, but, not too expensive as purchasing a new headset.

If you are a regular cyclist, you are going to need a helmet that is aerodynamic for the motives of both ventilation and speed. Most helmets are not waterproof, but they do provide at least some protection against rain, wind, and cold.

Bike helmets also have become “smarter” with features like Bluetooth connectivity along with LED lights for biking at night but you can always simply attach a mild into some non-smart helmet. Some helmets also incorporate a pull-down, typically detachable visor to protect your own eyes, or to make you look amazing.

Most bike helmets are acceptable for women and men, but you need to either attempt a helmet on for size at a store or be prepared to go back and replace an erroneously sized helmet promptly if you purchase online. That is because a lot of helmet manufacturers’ said head diameter for every size of this helmet appears to have been attained via using a random number generator. Should you prefer to put on a cap under your helmet, then this is especially required.

Following that, it is down to design. Most helmets come in a selection of bright colors, that help with visibility in addition to looking great. We have compiled a listing of the best 9 helmets to match a variety of cyclist’s requirements, including various colors and designs to appeal to personal style.

What is MIPS?

There are a whole lot of ways that you may traumatize your mind. You might break up your skull, endure a bruise or puncture wound, or even receive a concussion, and every injury isn’t the same. Helmets will help mitigate skull fractures since they absorb impact. But as of the moment, “helmets can not prevent concussions,” since Wirecutter editor Dan Koeppel composed while reporting brain injury in 2016 for Outside magazine.

If you have been keeping up with the growing conversation over concussion avoidance, this is the reason it’s such a massive issue: it is a form of brain damage that we’ve never figured out how to stop, something which not even helmets could stop, and we are beginning to find the debilitating long-term consequences, as was the situation with BMX rider Dave Mirra, the topic of Koeppel’s piece. He died by suicide, an action which household and physicians have imputed to this degenerative brain disorder CTE, brought on by persistent brain injury.

“Concussion occurs when the mind goes,” says among Koeppel’s resources, Jeffrey Kutcher, a neurologist that specializes in athletic brain injury, in the External article. “Anything you have outside your skull may absorb any pressure, but if you get hit on the helmet something, your mind is still likely to proceed.”

And that is exactly what the engineers that are growing MIPS technology are attempting to find out–how to stop the mind from going and consequently concussing. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It is a physical thing, a plastic liner, that’s secured to the bottom of the helmet.

That lining is supposed to maneuver upon effect, allowing the helmet slide a little sum, which subsequently lessens the rotational effect forces in your mind. The expectation is that it is similar to a gentle grab for the mind, reducing its motion on the mind, and thus lowering the possibility of concussion.

That is the hope, anyway. There is a whole lot of research on the MIPS website and what they reveal is that MIPS has been proven to decrease rotational pressure (though even that’s up for discussion ). What they do not reveal –and that which we do not understand is if rotational force is truly the reason for concussions. As of right now, it is only a guess.

The only way we’d ever know is when we gathered data from a huge selection of concussive hits and though there’s research being done in this area in the present time from Virginia Tech University, the information is new and has to be researched.

Still, another problem is that MIPS must be properly set up in the helmet, which a helmet firm might or might not do. And even supposing it is installed properly, we need proof that it matters whatsoever. To estimate helmets.org, “We regard MIPS as unproven technology unless you’ve got a helmet which partners closely to your mind you can not move it a quarter-inch under stress ”

What it comes down to is we do not think you want to run outside and replace your helmet if you have one you are pleased with.

More information about MIPS here

What’s the safest bike helmet?

To ascertain the protection of a number of those top-selling helmets on the current market, the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab made the first-ever helmet security evaluation system. This system could help discover the very best bike helmets of 2020 due to their security and impact evaluations.

This analysis was conducted in combination with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a nonprofit that’s financed by the insurance market.

Throughout the testing, an evaluation system was designed consisting of a 5-star score. A helmet awarded the 5-star evaluation was decided to be the most powerful while a 2-star evaluation would demonstrate a lower degree of security.

This testing and evaluation system was performed to assist cyclists to ascertain what helmets are likely to best protect them and keep them secure in case of an accident.


The main point of a bike helmet is to protect your mind in the event of an accident, and also all helmets sold in the USA are subject to the identical minimum security criteria. While all helmets can supply the exact same standard level of crash protection, beyond this, they’re far from equivalent.

Different helmet layouts go beyond and above by adding additional features like MIPS liners for additional security, adjustable headbands and chinstraps, comfy cushioning, and various degrees of ventilation. Our testers racked up countless hundreds of miles from the saddle, through a variety of circumstances, to sort through the gaps in each helmet that will assist you to discover the ideal version for your next trip.