When you hear that a school’s name among the initial pictures, your brain conjures up is the College Football Helmets. A symbol that’s an undefiable representation of the soccer program and the university as complete.

At once, most helmets seemed precisely the same. From the late 1800s, you mostly watched plain leather headset caps that resembled one another. Some schools like Princeton and Michigan had shot the winged appearance to differentiate themselves. Nevertheless, they were not very flashy or recognizable.

In 1939 the sport of college soccer underwent a sweeping transformation due to John T. Riddell and his son. It was that year the soccer helmet we associate to nowadays was devised and patented.

Ever since then, they’ve turned into a fashion statement and a means in which universities themselves.

When viewing a pregame show, you consistently observe both opposing teams helmets confronting one another. It functions as a prelude to the impending crash that will soon happen.

As a child, you would look at these helmets in pure amazement. You would notice the small information on how they glow in the sunlight. They seem to raindrops slide from these or the way they mix with a backdrop of snow.

No matter the case, they had been ingrained in you and became permanent pictures that you associated with that school due to.

Many clubs have tweaked and revived their helmets to garner more attention from fans.

Team helmets, colors, and logos are substantial cash. Fans and alumni purchase a lot of school apparel and merchandise.

Children get replica helmets and feign to be soccer players for that college. They dream of one day having the ability to run from a tunnel or in an end zone with that helmet on their minds.

Additionally, it affects some recruits. They envision themselves with that appearance on national tv. Sometimes it sways them on which college to attend.

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College Football Helmets

Top 10 Best College Football Helmet Brands

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1. Miami Hurricanes Helmet

Best College Football Helmets

No staff or college is more focused around and recognized for its football helmet compared to the Miami Hurricanes.

The program has the same meaning as the letter”U.”

The emblem has been famous for some time, but today it is taken entirely different levels. Former fans and players have taken to just referring to the program from one letter.

It is such a signature that the school’s firm has University President Donna Shalala and other pupils”throwing up the U.”

As unbelievable as it sounds, Miami was able to pull the orange and orange plot. The colors are very eye-catching. The broken-up letter only looks a thousand times greater than you think it would, and also, the house uniform is among the best in college football.

By 1960-64 Miami utilized yellowish-gold helmets using green numbers on it. There was also a white helmet with green names used on events. By 1965-68 they utilized a plain gold dome using a green face mask along with big stripe.

In 1970, a white helmet had an orange”U and M” intersecting and highlighted in green. 1971 found a green mask with white numbers.

Finally, in 1972 that the”U” was unveiled. At the time it was exhibited on a green helmet. In 1976 the helmet because we understand it came out. The grey face mask has been changed to get a snowy one in 1984, the year following the program won its first National Championship Title.

In 2005 Miami commemorated their 1967 group by wearing a few”cool looking” gold helmets with a hurricane warning flag over the side.

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2. Hawaii Warriors

The Hawaii Warriors may not be a BCS competition, but they’re looking great while being fair.

Hawaii includes a helmet and emblem that are both agreeable to check at and consistent with all the island’s tradition. The tribal appearing layouts on the face of this”H” include a different look and feel that’s all Hawaii.

The Warriors have gone through many distinct looks. Until 1999 they moved by the title”Rainbow Warriors.”

The first helmets from 1950-69 were white with a green shirt stripe. By 1970-73 they took to a plain golden appearance. The remainder of the 70s had this Rainbow Warrior looking figure, which seems like it ought to happen to be on a Sunday morning animation.

By 1982-98 Hawaii needed a rainbow linking to some”UH” on its helmets. In 1999 they moved back to the older rainbow warrior who’d been revamped. Eventually, in 2000 they debuted the new trademark”H” on which seems to be the strangest green possible. By 2005-2007 additionally, they alternated into a silver helmet using all the”H” on the side.

3. BYU Cougars

The timeless appearance of BYU is back and better than ever before.

It is a straightforward and pleasant layout. The daring”Y” from the blue seal/capsule and the intense colors makes for a fantastic appearance.

BYU went through many lousy helmets before integrating the”Y.” The first look from 1966-68 has been a blue helmet with a white capsule and blue”Y.”

By 1999-2004 BYU employed a dark blue helmet that did not seem harmful in any way. Still, the timeless appearance is your best for the group.

4. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas did an excellent job in producing a pig seem mean, powerful, and quick.

The emblem is fantastic, and the colors are beautiful.

This was the Arkansas appearance since 1964. It has been revamped/edited several times since then but is essentially the same look/feel. In 1995 the best change occurred if the emblem was created larger and bolder.

Before the appearance, Arkansas needed a red helmet with white numbers.

5. Florida State Seminoles

Florida State has fantastic colors and an excellent football helmet.

Florida State perfected the garnet and gold appearance. The helmet features a beautiful over-sized Seminole spear that appears quite excellent.

Florida State has gone through millions of helmets within the year. I would suggest you name it they attempted it. It has been golden, yellow, and crimson. It has had Florida’s state, two distinct Chief Osceola’s, the term”State” and the letters”FS.”

Eventually, in 1976 they failed their second effort at a spear and struck gold.

Back in 2009, they debuted a black helmet.

6. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan and Princeton both still sporting the winged helmet seem, but Michigan State used it in their leather helmets in the late 1800s. Now, however, it’s a defining symbol of Wolverine soccer.

This appearance is excellent. The maize and blue colors are eye-catching.

By 1959-68 there were little yellow numbers on both sides, but that was removed in 1969. Ever since then, Michigan has stuck together with the gorgeous layout they sport today.

7. (Tie) Oklahoma Sooners

However, it is not flashy in case you’ve ever noticed it beneath the lights; there is something to Oklahoma’s appearance. Also, because you’ll see with this listing, heritage does play a role.

Oklahoma has had this appearance because of the 1976 season. It was the year they changed to red.

The previous appearance from 1946-75 featured a glowing red and white appearance. The signature OU emblem was initially featured in 1966. The next year that the letters were shifted from round to the currently famous obstructed.

I believe Oregon might have done something that the Sooners must have to capitalize on the”Big O” emblem.

8. Oregon Ducks

Not much heritage in regards to Oregon.

The Ducks like the benefit of getting Phil Knight and Nike crank up all sorts of new looks and styles to get them.

Anyone who remembers the yellow helmet using the curved UO spanned or the emblem featuring Donald Duck needs to be thankful for Nike’s aid.

Oregon’s helmet features a fantastic glow to them along with also the”O” logo that appears excellent.

Oregon includes three helmets and at least five uniforms. Not all of the costumes look good, but another two helmets are sturdy. One is White with a green “O,” and the other is yellow with a green “O.”

9. Louisville Cardinals

It is pretty damn extreme searching for being a tiny bird. Louisville has beautiful colors, and their bird appears better than any other in school sports. Why shouldn’t an eagle or falcon appear better? You would think so, nevertheless Louisville shirts all of the rest. Honestly, there’s a better one, which we will see later.

Louisville has changed or substituted their helmet design almost 20 occasions since 1963. They had the Arizona Cardinal looks, plain reddish, a”U” and”L” intersecting, the Alabama style, plain whitened, and also a United States flag.

My personal favorite is their 1981-1983 appearance.

10. Clemson Tigers

It might not be that the”eye of the tiger” but the paw over suffices in this event.

Clemson was able to create the colors purple and orange look great. The helmet exhibits the prominent paw that the Tigers are famous for.

In 1960 they utilized a plain orange helmet. Then in 1962, they included purple numbers on both sides. The 1960s had distinct variations of orange helmets using a white or purple”C.”

Eventually,” in 1970, a”paw print” emblem was utilized on Clemson’s football helmets for the first time; the first version was somewhat different in shape than the one currently used and considerably more significant.”

The Tigers last altered back their helmets in 1977 when they inserted white and purple shirt stripes.

Few football helmet logos seem better on the surface of female fans and cheerleaders compared to Clemson’s”paw.”

FAQ about College Football Helmets


The LIGHT helmet is just nothing like other football helmets available on the market now. LIGHT’S history is in the automobile racing industry. We all know about high-impact sports in addition to the requirement to protect gamers. When LIGHT chose to construct a helmet, we began from scratch. Old substances repackaged as something unique and new were not likely to do the job.

Where present football helmet versions only redirect the effect, LIGHT helmets comprise particular components and substances intended to absorb impact.

LIGHT Helmets will be the lightest soccer helmets on earth and provide exceptional protection to the athlete and better performance on the field.

Composite shell provides powerful, lightweight protection.

The Interior is lined with patented Armor Foam that keeps shape and absorbs influences.

Chrome-moly tubing in your face mask makes helmet lightweight and balanced.

Your helmet may be resized within your Current shell.

The most important thing is that LIGHT Helmets provides more excellent protection also allows for exceptional performance.


LIGHT Helmets provides a helmet for both childhood and varsity. Every class has multiple dimensions available:

YOUTH HELMETS: Medium, Large, Extra Large

VARSITY HELMET: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Together with our custom-fit pad kit, we’ll have the proper dimensions for any participant.


NFL players have utilized SG (previously ) LIGHT Helmets already. In 2018 that the NFL place the very first production SG Helmets on a”banned” list, which meant players could put them in 2018, although maybe not 2019. The brand new LIGHT LS1 Custom Pro and LS1 will be analyzed from the NFL and ranked to the”poster” following the testing in ancient 2019. We’ve got high expectations for your helmet.

Remember influences in school, higher school, and Pop Warner kind leagues are very different.


Yes, obviously. Remember that there are added expenses, which we are delighted to go over with you by telephone. Most single colors are a minimal fee to have painted.


Would not you rather be at a”large car” than a”little car” in a car collision? Regular helmets are made from compact plastic and heavy metallic facemasks. The problem is that these substances are hefty, AND they do not provide the best protection.

A LIGHT Helmet is milder since we’ve crafted it out of lighter, more potent stuff. Composite and chrome-moly are a few of the brightest, most durable materials available, so it made sense to use them. Add to our patented Armor Foam inside, and you own a helmet which is half the weight of conventional helmets… yet it’s much healthier. These are the very same substances that the army uses for body armor, fighter jets, etc..

Remember, two 200lbs play players, two 200lbs players, when they float. LIGHT Helmets be in roughly half of the weight contributes to less strain on the trunk, back, and head and less energy projected into any accident. Coupled with our superior fabrics and layout, LIGHT Helmets are simply a much better choice.

Another variable is fatigue. If you should run through a clinic using a 2.5 2.5-pound recorded into your mind, you can imagine how much more exhausted your neck, back, and shoulders are. Maintaining your”mind up” is essential to on-field security. Lowering the load onto a participant reduces fatigue and allows them to continue to do at the maximum level and keep up a sharp athletic approach.


No. They just are wrong. Different producers are selling so-called childhood helmets that weigh 4lbs. The LIGHT LS1 Youth weighs approximately 2.5pounds based on the facemasks and chinstrap you decide on. A heftier helmet generates more load on the neck, back, and shoulders on smaller and younger players. LIGHT Helmets ARE SIMPLY the lightest soccer helmets on earth.


Our varsity helmets are, yet more, the lightest helmets on earth. Competitors that assemble their helmets to the different”tests” adjusting their performance test gear, but their helmets may weigh 6, 5, 7, or ever events. This produces dangerous situations for the players who wear them. Also, it contributes to exhaustion and down them. LIGHT varsity helmets weigh approximately 3 lbs. Our competitions will make odd maintains rather than inform you just how much their helmets consider. Proceed weigh one or perhaps pick up one and then pick up a LIGHT Helmet. You will feel the difference.


We’re asked that frequently. Like all businesses, we are here to earn money, but we don’t wish to price ourselves from this marketplace. We do not have fancy trade show booths that do not give free helmets or cash to prominent name athletes, so we do not offer credit terms for colleges having substantial money or live in large buildings with enormous staff. We provide the best product at a reasonable price. You will find more affordable helmets and some more costly, but not one which is better.


The LIGHT Helmet is NOCSAE approved and has been given a Virginia Tech Five Star Rating. The NOCSAE approval Permits You to use the LS1, LS1 Youth, and LS1 Custom Pro in the contest. The NFL will probably be analyzing the LS1 set of helmets in ancient 2019 to be used from the NFL.


LIGHT Helmets holding business, Safer Sports, bought the assets of SG Helmets. This comprised the intellectual property, technology, and several other assets.


The frequency of head impacts and the place onto the helmet where the consequences occur are acts of a player session and position type. These statistics provide a foundation for measuring specific brain impact vulnerability for research related to understanding the biomechanics and clinical facets of concussion harm and the probable ramifications of repeated subconcussive effects in soccer.