Although commuting may not be criterium or street racing, with slower speeds and less adventurous urban cornering lines, Best Commuter Bike Helmets option remains important. There’s no question that commuter cyclists must stick to this no Best Commuter Bike Helmets no journey doctrine. The best commuter helmets can make you more visible to other road users (either through inbuilt lights or some vibrant colorway), and they protect your mind at the unfortunate event of an accident.

Prerequisites on your ordinary biking commute differ in the training ride. The high degree of work is reduced, and commuters want to appear less like they’re out coaching, and much more like they are a part of the active transportation movement. Subtle design and maximum relaxation are requirements for its best commuter helmets, but these two requirements don’t need to sacrifice security.

Even though you need to be concerned about security first and match next, most commuter helmets continue to be bought on the caliber of the physical appearance. Fortunately, commuter helmets’ most recent creation is a study in design without compromising either security or comfort.

Any helmet is going to be suited to flying, if you’re seeking a mask that could be used to sail but also perform on weekend street rides, we’d advise picking one of those helmets out of our best street bike helmet manual. If you’re on a budget or enthusiastic about saving some cash, we also have a cheap bike helmets manual that around ups the best worth helmets and a few unmissable deals.

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Best Commuter Bike Helmets

Top 10 Best Commuter Bike Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 3
Retrospec CM-1 Bicycle / Skateboard Helmet for Adult CPSC Certified Commuter, Bike, Skate , Matte Eggshell, 51-55 cm / Small
Fully formed ABS surrounds high quality EPS foam to ensure safety on impact; Fit type: Universal Fit
Bestseller No. 10
Atphfety Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Rechargeable Light for Urban Commuter Cycling Scooter E-Bike Skateboard (Red)
[Safety ]- Classical Rounded design that offers full coverage for your head.

1. Giro Camden MIPS

Subtle in look but organized with outstanding safety in your mind, the Camden has ample coverage around the lower aft skull region. Additionally, it features the next-generation MIPS lining technology to reduce rotational forces if you undergo an awkwardly-angled head attack.

These features have enabled Giro to attain the new Speed e-bike safety standard score because of its Camden, which is currently the gold standard for its best commuter helmets.

The Camden will keep you cool on those hot midday commuting paths with ten venting vents, and its match is smooth, thanks to Giro’s Roc Loc system. For all those sunrise and dusk rides, there’s an integrated backlight also.

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2. POC Crane MIPS

Swedish firm POC was set in 2005 with the explicit objective of bringing the most innovative research to helmet technologies. In those 15 decades, they have become a true standard-bearer for unbeatable helmets, and also the upgraded POC Crane MIPS is a great example.

Constructed around groundbreaking MIPS technologies, the security design of the Helmet features confidence and security while riding in urban surroundings. It features a dual-layer EPS foam lining, one tough to protect you from intense impacts and another soft for slower-speed crashes.

As an extra touch, the inside has been treated with antibacterial Polygiene, deodorizing while battling dirt, making sure you arrive in the office smelling clean.

3. Bell Annex MIPS

An exceptional all-weather commuter helmet, the Bell Annex MIPS is outstandingly flexible.

It tallies an extremely generous variety of ports, fifteen in total, which you may selectively pay in chilly conditions. Bell’s Slider function lets you pay vents when they are not needed, making the Annex the best commuter helmet for those frosty mornings or cold evenings, particularly driving speed.

The Annex’s inherent effect of security is excellent due to the existence of a MIPS lining. There’s a light-clip in the back of the Helmet, to boost your visibility to other road users when required, but at this cost, integrated lighting wouldn’t have gone bankrupt.

A small soft visor adds extra eye protection, to safeguard your eyesight against sunlight glare or light rain.

4. Kali Saha – Commuter Bike Helmet MIPS

California-based Kali has made a bold first step in supplying an eco-friendly helmet using all the Kali Saha, made entirely of recyclable and renewable stuff, all non-solvent-based.

These substances are study and sound, using a durable outer shell heat-molded out of corn-based polylactide plastic and recycled polystyrene inside. Additionally, it features fabric components made from organic flax and cotton.

The Kali Saha is slightly thicker than competing products, weighing in at 296g, but the combo of moral construction and sturdy protection are best for conscious commuters.

5. Bern Hudson MIPS

Best Commuter Bike Helmets
Bern is an independently owned helmet firm that has been refining street-inspired riding equipment for the previous decade and a half.

Using its Hudson MIPS, Bern handles to unite function and form, in a mid-priced commuter helmet. The Hudson’s shell is polycarbonate, and its construction has ample ventilation ducting, with 13 vents at complete.

Protecting you at the event of a consequence, is EPS absorbing foam and the acclaimed MIPS lining system. An integrated backlight makes any Hudson MIPS wearer exceptionally observable in low-light states, and total helmet relaxation is improved using a twist dial, to place consistent tension.

True to the trendy street-gear roots, the Hudson MIPS includes a gentle peak visor that’s removable.

6. Smith Maze – Best Looking Commuter Bike Helmet

Smith Optics was founded in 1965 at Idaho, where they remain until today. However, do not let their rural roots fool you; they are just as easy with slick urban layouts as with rugged exterior products.

The Smith Maze features a very low profile and vibrant design components, mixing easily with a vast array of clothing fashions. Wide vents in front and back enable air to be channeled readily and easily, keeping your head cool and dry.

The webbing is straightforward, single-layer, and comfy, with a flexible attachment in the back to maintain slack and ensure a comfortable fit.

7. Abus Hyban

This German Helmet may not have exactly the hipster styling of other commuter choices, but it also boasts an impressive specification at a keen price.

Together with 13 air vents, the Hyban guarantees great thermal relaxation in warm riding states. Additionally, it has a streamlined visor summit to protect your eyes from early morning or late day sun glare.

Integrated backlight and a few vibrant color options guarantee that Hyban wearers are almost always visible to other road users in their commute. Though not a candidate for any style awards, there’s little faulting the Abus commuter helmet’s security specification and total design merit.

8. Bern Melrose

The Bern Melrose is specially created for women, coming in an assortment of colors to complement clothes when offering exceptional security features.

Plymouth, Massachusetts’ Bern Helmets created its name by designing top-tier ski helmets, along with the rugged nature of the area has bled into their bike helmets. The Bern Melrose is lightweight and contains amazing venting, being designed together with all the summer in your mind.

Even though it’s analyzed to resist snowy conditions, you will want to put on a hat or a headwrap under if you would like to use it. Snug, comfortable liners are simple to replace, and Bern’s PDW bike light attaches easily for additional visibility.

9. Thousand Heritage

If you would like a smart commuter helmet with picture designs to express your individuality, the Thousand’s Heritage is for you.

Thousand provides no less than 16 distinct colors and layouts for its Heritage helmet array, largely drawing inspiration in the 1950- and – 1960s Vespa scooter motion. Past the inarguable style variable, there are plausible springs also. You won’t need to fiddle with the fastening mechanism, as it features a buckle, allowing for single-handed fastening.

In general, fit relaxation is aided with a very simple dial fastening system, and fashionable microfiber straps maintain the Thousand Heritage helmet set up. It’s a relatively low port count, with just seven to ease airflow.

Thousand’s industrial designers have inserted a Pop-Lock system into the Heritage helmet, which lets you pop open a round port on the other side, making a bike lock to thread. Ideal for all those moments when you would like to depart the Helmet with your bike, rather than getting it on a desk, in a meeting.

10. Thousand Heritage

The Thousand Heritage helmet was created with minimalism in mind.

This urban city helmet considers all of the requirements of a commuter, for example, locking their Helmet for their bike. By popping a tab on the face of the Helmet, the bike lock can easily loop through it, letting you leave your Helmet with your bike to get peace of mind and convenience.

Additionally, it does not leave security apart, possibly, surpassing the US and European safety standards. Having a magnetic strap fastener and two sets of pads, this is a superb alternative for comfort and security.

It is available in 8 distinct colors.

Other helmets we enjoy

The new-for-2018 Bell Formula came quite near to being an option. It just narrowly missed being included because the chin strap isn’t quite as fine as our top picks or runner-ups. But it’s one of those rare helmets we came around that’d lots of venting and a round contour, which were that the perfect layout we were searching for. Additionally, it has quite a low profile, and we’re pleased with how small it seemed to stay up over their heads. Comparable to this Smith Portal, the whole outside is wrapped in plastic and leaves no more EPS foam exposed, even on the bottom.

Even cheap helmets are certified to the same security standards as each additional Helmet, and the Schwinn Thrasher is among the most affordable helmets you can purchase. It lacks in-mold construction, but should you would like to pay the bare minimum, and this Helmet has an adjustable fit system, that contains a dial on the rear, and also a means to correct the fit vertically, which is incredibly rare with this cost.

The Thrasher was our funding selection, but we believe that the Bontrager Solstice is a far better value for only a bit more income. Nevertheless, if you truly don’t wish to invest greater than $25, the Thrasher is likely to be greater than most other choices probably.

Our testers enjoyed the match of this Bell Hub, but few enjoyed the looks–particularly the bits that come down on the ears’ front. They are not uncomfortable; they only look funny. If you do not mind, the Hub has much more venting which other skate-style helmets we’ve looked at. You will find open stations along the sides of the head close to the temples (the Giro Sutton is ventilated in this way too ), and along the surface of the Helmet, under a plastic mesh outside which hides the holes. It’s a mild mounted on the trunk plus a fabric visor that may be eliminated. The chin strap doesn’t utilize a conventional plastic buckle, however a ratcheting buckle instead, which is much easier to work with gloved hands.


Most helmets use a similar EPS foam structure, to absorb crash impact and protect your head from trauma. Where helmet technology has advanced, is reducing the influence of rotational impacts.

Research has delivered results that indicate most crashes see a rider impacting the road surface or pavement at an awkward angle. As your helmet deflects impact, it can trigger a sudden jerking of the head, applying unwanted rotational acceleration to the brain.

To prevent this, the MIPS-liner was developed in Sweden. It is now used as a standard fitment by many helmet brands. How does it work? The MIPS system sits inside a helmet’s retention structure and allows for a small amount of slippage. During a crash, a MIPS-liner decelerates those forces that your helmet’s sudden change of position might apply to the head.

Above are the 10 Best Commuter Bike Helmet we have introduced. Remember to see German Helmet for additional information concerning the best products and the most recent products, thank you and see you.