Are you looking for Best Cool Looking Motorcycle Helmets? German Helmets has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

Why is a motorcycle helmet cool? Most of us recognize that the entire purpose of wearing a helmet is to protect your skull from fatal injuries upon effect, but it does not mean that you can not look cool wearing a single. A fantastic motorcycle helmet will keep you protected in the street, in fashion.

New features are not confined to design, art, and layout. And as you would like people to sit up and take notice, you want practical features that improve your riding experience, like comfy liners, protective visors, and quick-release straps. Producers are competing to bring a selection of features to their helmets to make them a cut above the rest, and we all take a look at a few of the most advanced brands presently available.

Consequently, if you would like headgear that’s going to make a statement at the same time you ride, then you’ve arrived at the ideal location. Below are German Helmets favorite motorcycle helmets. We provide a run down to each and each of them and the critical features which make them special in the first location.

Best Cool Looking Motorcycle Helmets

Top 15+ Best Cool Looking Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 2
Triangle Motorcycle Helmets Full Face “Graffiti Cross” Street Bike [DOT] (Large, Matte Black)
Full Face Helmet. DOT Approved; Advanced ABS shell with high pressure thermoplastic technology.
Bestseller No. 4
1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE Helmet Mechanic Skull Size Medium - Tinted Visor RED
Ultra light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell;; 3-level top ventilation control and 5-position ventilation channel;
Bestseller No. 5
GDM DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black, Medium (Clear & Tinted Shields)
DOT FMVSS-218 Certified; GDM DK-120 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet; Aerodynamic shell design constructed using advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy
Bestseller No. 6
Motorcycle Full Face Helmet DOT And ECE Approved - YEMA YM-833 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet with Clear Visor for Adult, Men and Women - Matte Black, L
Full Face helmet.Outstanding Aerodynamic ABS Shell and Multi-density EPS.; Visor : Fitted with Clear Anti-scratch Visor.
Bestseller No. 7
ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet for Moped ATV Cruiser Scooter DOT (Matte Black, XL)
Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards.; Detachable Lens, Sun Shield and Chin Guard, Easy to Replace.
SaleBestseller No. 9
AHR Run-G DOT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet Open Face Cruiser Chopper Biker Skull Cap Helmet Black M
Ample Ear Space - With ear holes for ample ear space and pads for protecting you face
Bestseller No. 10
GDM REBEL Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Retro Full Face (Matte Black, Large)
DOT FMVSS-218 Certified; GDM REBEL Retro Full Face Vintage Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet for Men & Women

1. AUTO PDR Vintage Helmet

The AUTO PDR seems and seems just like a helmet to your soldier of the future. It appears like it is intended to take heavy fire. You will find UV-protected goggles are constructed to the ABS shell. The casing itself is lightweight at only 2.8 lbs. Regardless of the fact that this is really a helmet intended for heavy-duty street usage, it is also intended to fit comfortably in your mind. The plan is easy with a black motif and blue-tinted goggles. It features a badge on the very top. It is among the coolest motorcycle helmets in 2019.


  • UV-protected goggles protect your eyes from the elements and flying debris
  • Adjustable chinstrap for your best match
  • Lightweight design
  • Low cost


  • The helmet might feel somewhat limiting

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2. Storm Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Dual Visor

On the lookout for a helmet that could be customized for your requirements? The Modular version from Storm provides you a lot of flexibility with its innovative design, which extends from a full-face into some half-face helmet. The dual visors – just one obvious, one smoked — may be removed and installed as necessary to get a day or nighttime ride. The six-opening venting system is flexible so that you may select your optimum amount of ingestion.


  • Cheap
  • Variety of sizes to Select from
  • Many Distinct colors to Select from
  • Dual lens design
  • UV protection
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight


  • Internal liner Is Extremely stiff
  • Runs a size small

3. Skully Fenix AR HUD Helmet

The rebirth of this Skully AR-1, that never was. Following the first helmet founders went bankrupt, fresh fans stepped, and also the Skully Fenix climbed in the flames of their last iteration’s crash and burn. It is still unavailable for whatever but pre-order, but the brand new Skully website says dispatch will start in Summer 2018.

The Fenix features the majority of the very same properties as the first Skully AR-1, that comprises a Synapse-integrated HUD system teeming with navigation, statistical, and blind location information. A 180-degree rearview camera feeds video into the front, while built-in Nav screens GPS mapping and point-to-point instructions prior to your eyes so that you may keep them on the street.

The helmet also syncs with all riders’ smartphones through Bluetooth pairing and voice command. This permits music choice, text messaging, telephone calling, and destination fluctuations from Skully Nav with completely hands-free, vocal controls. DOT/ECE-certified.

4. Woljay Leather Motorcycle Half Helmets

This helmet is something completely different. The plan is similar to something from a different age when motorbikes were quite different indeed. It’s constructed from high-grade artificial leather which has a really sharp look. You attach the helmet with a suitable chin strap using a one-touch buckle. But you should keep in mind that the helmet does not provide the exact same high degree of protection as the others on this listing.

Key Features:

  • Made from high-grade fabric
  • Strong ABS material
  • The chinstrap with one-touch buckle
  • Retro layout

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5. HJC Boba Fett

Star Wars is your largest multi-media and amusement franchise all over the world. George Lucas’ fanatically intricate sci-fi western was a long shot that blew everything out of the water back from the late 1990s. Want to look your utmost badass standing on your pegs or flowing traffic? HJC gets the exclusive deal with Marvel and Star Wars for each your competent, nevertheless cosplay-Esque both lids.

As this really is number one on our listing, it is most important to look as cool as you can. The titular bounty hunter that lived and died (spoiler… sorry?) In short on the silver display. But no matter his short-lived point from the Star Wars original trilogy, Boba Fett assembled a hectic fan-base. This motorcycle helmet has been coated on its inch by images replicating Fett’s legendary Mandalorian armor.

The gorgeous thing about this awesomely cool lid is it is a wonderfully geeky picture along with what’s readily HJC’s best helmet. The RPHA-11 is your premium helmet that each and every motorcyclist should possess.

There is some guff at the cost of this helmet, and that is clear about the surface. Nonetheless, it’s on one-thousand-percentile. You would be hard-pressed to discover more than a couple of viable competitors for comfort and quality at this budget.


  • Casually cosplay since the most bizarre Bounty Hunter at the Galaxy
  • Unbelievably cool (temperature-wise)
  • Star Wars accredited
  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Epically mild at 3.5 pounds


  • Blend it a little stiff – Moderate oval fit strictly
  • No SNELL approval

6. NENKI ‘Iron Man’ Helmet

The NENKI Iron Man helmet caters to a very specific demographic: Marvel fans. Since the growth of Marvel films, Iron Man products are flying off the shelves, and there’s absolutely no lack of fans who love to ride. This helmet features a dual visor system and can be laced with iridium, which reflects the sun. Additionally, it has multiple ports for good airflow. The gold and red color scheme are extremely flashy, but if you purchase a helmet similar to this, you would like to show off it. To reduce damage when you are hauling this version, click here to read my post on how best to secure your Helmet for Your Motorcycle using a Holder.


  • The Excellent layout makes you Stick out in a bunch
  • The dual visor system helps protect against Sunlight
  • The interior liner may be removed and washed
  • A very mild helmet in 1.0 Pounds


  • May wobble at high rates
  • Visor Doesn’t Have an anti-fog coating

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7. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Full

Bell has a solid standing among riders everywhere, and also the MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet shows why. It provides superior protection against angled impact and rate crashes while mixing many different features into a slick package. Produced from lightweight polycarbonate having an innovative three-shell layout, it’s flexible for both dirt and road rides. As the supreme go-anywhere helmet, it is ideal for both professionals and novices.


  • Entry-level cost
  • Among the coolest pictures on the Marketplace
  • Snell certified
  • Aggressive Form
  • Lightweight to get a funding lid


  • Plastic vent controls
  • Will not function as number one lid

8. Batman Motorcycle Helmet

It appears to me that if somebody threw out the overall proposal, Hey, why don’t we place some ears on those bike helmets? ; he’d be permanently exiled in the motorcycle world. But this actualized eyesight of Bat ears, or instead Batman’s ears, manages to bypass the sensed lameness of this word &ears. Helmet Dawg embraces the most probable accents of amazing in its own Dark as Night mind shield. DOT-approved.

9. Arai Corsair-X Dani Pedrosa Samurai two Blue

You may feel like a road warrior inside this samurai helmet out of Arai. This special design is really on its timeless Corsair X helmet. It is an oval form and constructed from particular synthetic fibers. This offers the helmet incredible flexibility and strength. The VAS latch system keeps the shield firmly in place to prevent accidental opening. Then there is the dual-function lever launch which makes shifting out the face protector easy and quick.

You will love the higher quantity of airflow that this helmet has. This will definitely keep you cool in warmer months. The interior lining is Eco-Pure and removable to help keep you comfortable during long rides. Additionally, the exterior of this helmet has a distinctive form of improved aerodynamics.

Key Features:

  • Oval Form
  • Constructed from artificial fibers
  • VAS latch secures the protect
  • A dual-function lever releases both side cover/pod and protects the pin

10. LS2 Stream Snake

LS2 may have abandoned the Stream helmet at the past using their brand new Stream Evo offering, however, this gorgeous standard out of days one is essential to try if you are looking for your initial or even a backup helmet. The Snake picture is only one of a figurative million that are offered for this particular lid.

The most detailed of any graphic designing on this listing (besides the Boba Fett, possibly.), the slanted shift in the tangle of a red-scaled snake with white eyes, to a grayscale SnakeBite Rye emblem. It is stunning. This company is all about quality, and also their whole line-up of helmets do not detract from features and focus on detail and rider comfort. This helmet might easily fetch a cost four times that which it sells for now.

The value from the LS2 Stream is bonkers. You are taking a look at a helmet using a few features that expensive lids do not have, combined with the quality of life improvements, among our favorite pictures, and in one-fifth of the cost. This helmet is definitely the best value.


  • Best value
  • Genuinely comfortable
  • Starter cost, specialist manufacturing
  • Reduce sun shield
  • Top-tier venting


  • Just DOT certificate
  • On the other hand

11. Scorpion Street Helmet

Scorpion Street is a helmet that does more with less. Its amazing paint job combined with its minimalist design is the ideal combination. The face protector is jet black from the outside, protecting your eyes from sunlight and protecting against damaging UV rays. The visor also features the patented EverClear coating, which keeps it from fogging up. The inside comprises the KwikWick lining cloth that prevents moisture build-up and bacterial build-up. Additionally, it is comfortable to wear.


  • Very comfortable to wear Due to the cheek pads and thick liner
  • The blue and black color scheme is incredibly trendy
  • The visor comes with an anti-fog coating
  • Visor provides UV protection


  • The helmet weighs 4.8 Pounds
  • The Cost

12. Icon Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon Helmet

An update of this Icon Airframe Ghost, currently readily available for approximately $100 less. Cross-terrain performance in the hand-laid composite shell (ceramic, Spectra( carbon fiber), low-profile shell vents, fog-free Icon Optics protect, and also sculpted neck roll. What is missing? The bells and the majority. No images or logos, only a smooth design, together with all components, from eye-port into aerodynamics, optimized for a competitive sportbike riding position.

13. Speed and Power SS2210 Spin Doctor

Go to get a contemporary look with the Spin Doctor helmet from Strength and Speed. It features a daring oversized visor. It comes in black or silver and is not only for great looks. It is DOT approved and contains a thermo-poly resin casing.

The massive visor with this helmet signifies you’ve got a huge area of vision, which makes the helmet exceptionally secure. The more you are able to see, the more powerful you’re while riding. You may also quickly and easily replace the visor using the Lock N’ Load Plus program. Inside the helmet is a removable liner that you may extract and wash to prolong its lifespan.

Key Features:

  • Thermo-poly resin casing
  • Removable Cool Core
  • DOT approved
  • Ventilation system


  • Locke’s Load Plus protect replacement system
  • Switch rear removable chin bar system
  • Washable and moisture-wicking lining


  • Sizing runs small
  • Will grab the wind at highway speeds
  • A Great Deal of sound

14. AGV K3 Dreamtime

AGV is among the brands which have a shell contour instantly recognizable. Yes, it might be a stupid decision for a producer to take off the branding of their own eyelids, however, their line-up does not need them. Uniqueness and quality are two big aspects of the assertive popularity this close century-old Italian business has accumulated from the west of late.

As I mentioned previously, the casing shape of AGV helmets is legendary. It is sleek, pointed in the chin, and appears exceptionally aggressive at a tuck riding posture.

To increase the cool factor of the lid, the new has included a superbly colorful South American layout with a Mayan-Esque tiled painting, and a sea turtle adorning the bottom of this helmet.

Commonly considered one of the additional top-tier helmet makers, these lids are not affordable. On the other hand, this helmet has been the manufacturer’s response to the ordinary price of the line-up. You are getting an unbelievable helmet to get a close steal.


  • Highly affordable
  • Intricate & vivid graphic
  • Fantastic venting
  • Top-tier entry-level helmet
  • Aggressive Form


  • It is a monster at almost 4.5 pounds
  • Just DOT approval

15. Predator Helmet

You do not need to become a fan of this film Predator to enjoy this ailing looking helmet. The hand-painted, custom-made helmet is a limited edition. When you get beyond the flashy layout, you might discover that the helmet features a hard fiberglass shell plus a retractable visor using a tinted end, for secure riding in bright light conditions. The helmet also includes a laser which has a toggle switch. Because this helmet is one of the most well-known versions on the current market, I suggest learning how to lock your helmet into your motorcycle.


  • Among the lightest helmets on the market in 1.0 Pounds
  • Very comfy
  • DOT approved
  • Fantastic layout for lovers of the Predator franchise


  • Impractical layout for day-to-day use
  • Not a very functional helmet for racing

16. Nitrinos Black Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet Women Cat Helmet With Ears

Show your distinctive style with this particular cat helmet which controls attention wherever you go. This full-face motorcycle helmet out of Nitrinos includes prominent kitty ears. It is manufactured from ABS plastic and is licensed to follow ECE/EN and DOT safety criteria. There’s ventilation at the ears and on the shell of the helmet.

This helmet comes in many sizes, which means you’re able to locate a customized fit that is both secure and comfortable. It is also possible to customize the appearance of your helmet by simply deciding on the visor color. Pick from the rainbow, black, or translucent.

Key Features:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Licensed to comply with DOT, ECE/EN Security certificates
  • Advanced ABS
  • Three colors choices for your visor: black or translucent


  • Commands attention
  • Comes in Many sizes
  • Customize the look of your helmet


  • Not aerodynamic
  • Feels heavy
  • Lacks advanced features

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17. NECA Master Chief

This toy and replica prop maker are not going to break in the scene of true motorcycle equipment, but it is hard for a firm with a permit as big as Halo to see since the world wide web makes replicas of their legendary Master Chief helmet. They chose to create their own. This brand has a reputation for creating excellent prop replicas, and activity characters that resemble a number of gambling and pop-cultures’ most iconic brands and characters. However, this helmet is a valid DOT certified, lawful riding helmet.

It is important to be aware that this product was extremely popular on the first release, and also this manufacturer only has a couple currently on its Amazon page. As of writing this, there’s little to no info out of NECA concerning the chance of these manufacturing more.

If you are a gamer or a hardcore geek, and you like the video game franchise Halo using just a bit of motorcycle riding, then there is in fact not any price that’s too large for a road-legal version of one of the coolest protagonists in gambling.


  • Licensed prop replica
  • Professionally manufactured
  • The geekiest
  • Street legal


  • Just DOT rated
  • Unusual

18. Vega Open Face Helmet

This is for its open-face design fans. The design and also the 1960s appearance are only the icing on the cake. The pinup girl images give the helmet a bit rockabilly taste, although the open-face design is going to keep the rider nice and cool while improving visibility. There are a number of five layouts you may choose from, such as a glossy black appearance. The ABS thermoplastic alloy shell keeps your mind cushioned and well-protected out on the street.


  • The anti-microbial liner prevents scents
  • The match of the helmet rests low on the mind, giving you plenty of cushioning
  • Lightweight design
  • Beautiful images
  • Low cost


  • The helmet’s open-face layout leaves you vulnerable to the components and enhanced wind noise

Criteria Used in Analysis Of The Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Pictures and Cosmetic Uniqueness

There’s one true thing which produces a helmet cool, and that is the way it looks. Some lids, across the range of fashions, seem far cooler in your plate than they will in your own mind, so we assured that everything contained within this listing was a choice which you would wish to wear, purposely disqualifying those cupboard trophy helmets. Additionally, there is a lot of helmets available with interesting and special layouts that simply lack the production worth required to provide on a terrific picture. Everything on the listing is wrapped intend oozes quality both visually and functionally.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets for Men

Quality of this Base Helmet

It is crucial that you would like to ride around on your new awesome-looking helmet. So, the standard of the helmet — even though it had been stripped off of each aesthetic aspect — needs to be some useable at worst and exceptionally reliable in the best. A number of the claws on our listing of Coolest Helmets are technical images or layouts constructed atop popular and secure frames. Firms like HJC, Shoei, and Biltwell have obtained exceptionally beloved helmets from the product lined added magnificent visuals. There are a few helmets on our list which are”Entry Level” caliber, and many others which are for all those far more sophisticated (or are seeking some long-term investment).

Popularity Among Riders (or Lack Thereof)

The very last thing you need is to spend X quantity of money believing you’re getting this wickedly cool apparel, simply to roll up for another trip and see somebody else wearing the identical bucket. It is somewhat hard to see, and only consulting memory of previous meetups, and societal networking photographs, we tried to select a heaping collection of special figurines, which aren’t popular with riders, which makes you the standout from the audience.

Bang For The Buck

There are just two sides to this justice when it comes to attempting to put a value on a buy. With helmets, it’s not any different. On one end you’ve got quality, and on the flip side, you’ve got pra price sometimes (since it did happen several times with this list) you receive a sudden combination of both, culminating at a value that’s not easy to dismiss. Frequently, you as a consumer are made to sacrifice a little bit of quality so as to have a less expensive cost or invest a little more cash for a high-quality product.

Are They Really Relevant Today

Much like smartphones, televisions, automobiles, and much more, protective riding equipment is an ever-evolving monster of a business. Constantly striving for the lightest, safest, and most comfortable (in the event of helmets), it’s highly advised that you make sure the lid you select is applicable now. You don’t need to go too far back in time in regards to protecting your noodle. Or protecting any other portion of you for this issue. To be able to make our record, the helmet in question needed to have been released in a previous couple of decades.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Helmets

What should I search for my first helmet?

Assuming your budget is modest –as most folks seeking to construct their very first pair of riding equipment will decide on smaller funding –then you have got to search for something middle-of-the-road. Your helmet must be the location in which you invest the absolute most you possibly can.

Road rash is 1 thing, but skimping on a patio protector isn’t a smart movement from some other angles. From our listing, the AGV, along with also the LS2 helmets are astonishing products, with very cool graphics, for an extremely affordable price.

Just how much of this cost should I devote to design and graphics?

Truthfully, none of it. Many times, brands such as HJC and many others that use official manufacturer permits to earn wicked helmets need to pay the property owner a charge for his or her character likeness. If you would like to budget for coolness variables, and you are handling intellectual property, expect to pay approximately 10-15percent over the base version.

For all else, you shouldn’t ever pay over the initial solid-color versions due to a sweet decal or picture. It’s not worthwhile to go over or expand your budget only to get a cool helmet. Particularly when considering that in case you would like to ride for a little while, you may accrue a massive assortment of lids. Some will probably be cooler than many others.

When should I eliminate a helmet?

Ahhh the age-old debate. Much like tires, along with other components, manufacturers often add suggested retiring intervals for their products. The public, though, will always find this as a ploy for more buys. However, the reality is, things hamper. There are general principles, followed by the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts, plus they are simple to follow. Retire a helmet after 10 decades of no usage. Or, retire a helmet after 5 decades of usage.

Retro helmets Are Cool, Right?

Yes a garage decoration, they’re one of the coolest collectibles. Though, because of our listing, we concentrated on helmets that you can actually use now. Along the very same lines as our instructions for retiring helmets, so it’s safe to bear in mind that you shouldn’t buy protective equipment that’s over a decade, such as real usage. Armor degrades. Technology advances. There are loads of reasons to keep it secured to the late aughts and outside for your own shopping list. But, plenty of producers create contemporary retro helmets.

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How can I know if a helmet is secure?

There are three internationally established regulatory evaluations that place Helmets through their paces. To be able to make a certificate from one of those evaluations, the helmet should meet or exceed the standards.

DOT: The Department of Transportation (rerunsn that the United States of America) is the most common of those 3 evaluations. This certificate essentially just means that somebody someplace deemed the lid you are taking a look at the match for street usage. Though, it’s necessary to be aware that while you ought to not ride while wearing a helmet which is not a DOT approved, the DOT evaluations aren’t so extensive, and it’s widely known among riders a DOT sticker does not mean much.

ECE: The Fiscal Commission of Europe is a middle-ground certificate evaluation. The ECE is that the European version of the DOT, but it is notable they have considerably broader guidelines for departure. All helmets sold inside the EU need to pass on the ECE evaluations, and anything with no is not considered street worth.

SNELL: The Snell Memorial base was made in 1957 following a dreadful fatal accident for the daily upkeep she highest quality of motorcycle helmets that the world over. With much stricter regulations, and pass/fail standards, it’s widely considered that riders constantly pick and wear helmets using a Snell certification decal on them.

Although you can eliminate it, you are advised never to ride while utilizing a helmet that does not at least have these 3 certificate tags directly onto or in the helmet. They are simple to spot, and the certificate should be the first thing you check when you are searching for a new helmet.

What type of helmet should I use?

The brief answer is; everything is comfy. The longer answer is; anything is comfy.

Cruiser — If you are the kind of rider who prefers to flee through any certain nation on a cruiser for extended hours, I would propose a”Modular Helmet” that is a full-face helmet that has the capacities of flipping front chin up, turning it to a three-quarter cable. This will aid with water, food, comfort, speaking to members of their regional townships motel without needing to take off your lid.

Off-Road — Should you’re paths and dirt kind, then you’re the best bet is to obtain a cozy motocross helmet. It might appear odd as you are on the twisting highways, but after you reach the trails, you will be so grateful for the exposed buttocks (providing you more air-flow as you employ energy), and wider viewing angles. Motocross helmets can also be generally light in character, which is excellent for your neck because you spin your body through these turns and beyond those trees.

Street – Sure everybody likes to watch red lights, and sit, right? No, this fashion is not referring to this commuter’s lifestyle. Instead, if you are a speed demon who spends more dollars on track-day moves than markets, you will surely need a road helmet.

Street bikes have a forwards, and competitive riding position, leaving the rider cranking back their head, and searching at the top 3rd of the visor. Most helmets of different styles would provide you little to no vision in this position. Street helmets are specially designed to supply you with the best viewing angle, even while leaning forward.


Not only are those ten versions the coolest motorcycle helmets round, but each has also earned a top security rating and can be DOT approved. While fashion is crucial, nothing trumps security. It is my hope that this manual can allow you to discover the appropriate sort of helmet, one which suits your design and one which will keep you safe out in your way.