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Although it’s a fact that four-wheel vehicles have more mileage than many motorcycles out there, it’s still undeniable that these two-wheeled rate elephants can nevertheless deliver an injectable kind of liberty while traveling. They’re suited to long-distance trips. But naturally, when you would like a secure and suitable excursion with your motorcycle, I advise that you invest in the best cruiser style motorcycle helmets.

Now, allow me to explain a few matters.

You want to acquire a cruiser helmet whenever you’re cruising. However, what is cruising anyhow? Well, compared to high-octane and full-throttle rides, journeys are stated as a laid back experience. It’s relaxing and enjoyable because there is no need for one to hurry in any way. You take time to see the grandeur of different scenery.

Despite being a calm experience, helmets continue to be essential for cruising. Security remains crucial, after all. So among the helmets that I’ve attempted, the subsequent helmets are very suited to get a while on the street.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets Brands

Top 10 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 3
German Novelty Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Cruiser Biker S,M,L,XL,XXL (L, Flat Black)
German Flat Novelty Skull Cap Black Half Helmet S,M,L,XL,XXL
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 7
VCAN Cruiser Solid Flat Black Half Face Motorcycle Helmet (X-Large)
Top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that meets DOT standards; Over 30 Years of Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturing
Bestseller No. 8
VCAN Cruiser Patriotic Eagle USA Graphics Motorcycle Half Helmet (Flat Black, Large)
Top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that meets DOT standards; Over 30 Years of Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturing
Bestseller No. 10
Woman Motorcycle Suit
Key features of the Woman Motorcycle Suit app:;  Easy to use, you don’t need any previous experience in photo editing

1. Shoei Neotec II

The Shoei Neotec II includes a flagship modular layout and will provide you that quiet, comfy ride you have been needing. Its venting and visor choices are exceptional because of its cost.

The general appearance and style of this Shoei Neotec II are appealing due to its minimalist, matte outdoor. Although this helmet will not damage your finances, it has a luxurious feel and looks. A little chin vent and a compact backport make the helmet’s design quite different from the others in this budget.

The Neotec II weighs 4.2 lbs and has a fantastic micro-ratcheting system which will make it possible for you to personalize its general adjustment and matching. The helmet liner is moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. You will love how the interior of the helmet feels as its inside comfort system reduces unwanted vibration and sound. This isn’t a frequent feature, so it’s a fantastic added bonus.

Among the features that bring buyers to this specific motorcycle helmet is its own SENA SRL Bluetooth connectivity kit. This helmet permits you to create and receive calls, use your smart mobile navigation, and perform music all hands-free.

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The Neotec II will provide you excellent peripheral vision in addition to unrestricted movement when turning your mind. Both its visor and sun shield is distortion-free so you will always have the ability to view – even in the brightest sunlight. The face protector proves UV protection and has an anti-fog coating. Shoei would like you to have the ability to see in any type of weather.

The venting in the Neotec II is astonishing. Your mind will remain cool and dry, even when you’re riding at slow speeds via a hot climate.

The Neotec II has been DOT rated for its US and Europe, and it only acquired a four out of five stars out of SHARP due to its excellent safety features,

If you’re searching for a fashionable brand new helmet with fantastic venting, eyesight, and security features, you may adore the Shoei Neotec II.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Seamless SENA SRL Bluetooth integration


  • The matte finish marks up readily
  • A micro ratchet strap is Hard to configure comfortably
  • You will never need any other helmet compared to a Shoei

2. ScorpionExo Covert Helmet

The competitive design of this ScorpionExo Covert Helmet is among the reasons why it’s a superb selection for cruisers on the market. It’s slick enough to make certain you will not lose your fashion whenever you’re venturing the street. However, naturally, it’s ensured that this helmet is much more than simply it seems. It’s ergonomics that’s well worth gambling upon, particularly in the event that you would like to maintain your security and convenience preceding else.

The casing of the helmet is produced by the innovative LG Polycarbonate. Obviously, it’s very tough and rocky. Strong crashes will not easily dent or crack it. All things considered, this substance is exclusively manufactured by Scorpio. It’s been rated to distribute impact. At precisely the exact same time, the substance isn’t heavy. In fact, I was amazed that the burden of the helmet could be dismissed already. Using its half-face layout, the helmet keeps things cool and suitable for its consumers.

Another excellent aspect of this helmet is its own retractable sun visor. In comparison to other helmets, the visor of this ScorpionExo Covert is also tinted. Maybe this is the most reason as to why it’s the term”covert” on its own title. The tint on the visor ensures your eyes can easily adjust to varying lighting conditions. It averts fretting and disturbances in vision. Besides the tinted visor, there’s a definite visor that comes from the bundle. It is possible to use it for nighttime cruising.


  • The exceptionally durable and powerful polycarbonate shell
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Capable of distributing impacts
  • Tinted visor negates eye breeds
  • Has a detachable front mask


  • You can not wear eyeglasses for this one
  • Matte finish is a fingerprint magnet

3. FreedConn Bif01314

it is a modular form using full-face finishing, providing you increased safety, since it’s compliant with different security regulations. Crafted from strong ABS plastic, the injection-molding technology delivers increased rigidity together with high-impact strength. The compact EPS pillow provides not just comfort but it can also absorb noises, on account of this inner-built noise-canceling mic, although its insulating material will let you use it when outside is cold.

Obtainable in 3 dimensions – L, M, and XL, and its liner along with cushioning are removable, procuring a hassle-free cleanup. It’s built-in goggles to protect your eyes, while the fortified wearable lens is both portable and translucent to provide a massive view array. The shield is anti-UV and anti-fog, for improved comfort. It sports a 3-way ventilation system, positioned in front, right on top, and back, which improves airflow. Even more, it sports a DSP technology that has as its principal goal canceling echo-sounds and controlling static sound. This helps to ensure that its two internal speakers, with complete stereo sound, provide a crystal clear sound.

The incorporated, exterior-placed Bluetooth performance panel allows the helmet to link with your cell phone rapidly. The FreedConn intercom allows up 2 to 3 riders to stay in contact with each other, keep a space of 1640 feet, and no farther. It provides around 9 hours of uninterrupted intercom speaking, 12 hours of routine phone-like speaking time, and it may stay in standby for at least 120 hours for a more suitable drive.

What’s more, it provides complete media management, because it accesses your cellphone’s songs, even offering a one-button-push telephone role. In the event you’d rather conserve the telephone’s battery, then you can, instead, join local radio channels, as it provides broad coverage. Rain isn’t a problem, either, since it’s waterproofed.

It promises maximum security and comfort as you cruise, providing you with the chance to share the atmosphere with friends and family in a moment. This Bluetooth link can be chosen from several actions, whereas the total notion provides hassle-free upkeep and water resistance.


  • Intercom, Wireless
  • Dual Vision
  • Bluetooth link
  • DOT certified
  • Strong and watertight
  • Waterproof


  • The dimensions of choices might differ.
  • The goggles May Are Somewhat uncomfortable

4. Bell MX-9’s

The reason this particular helmet is on this list is that it was constructed for a fantastic helmet for both roads and dirt, for both pros and novices.

The Bell MX-9’s flexibility begins with the polycarbonate shell, which has received praises for lightness and comfort, a superb ventilation system that makes sure you are kept cool during your trip. Additionally, it has a soft mouth, a washable comfort liner, and an EPS-lined eyebrow bar.

Among the best items of the helmet (and among the greatest reasons why folks purchase it) is that the MIPS, or even Multi-Directional Impact Protection System technologies, which provides the rider greater protection along with an improved rotational effect and energy direction, which will make it possible for you to protect your mind better.

Another useful feature is the removable visor, which can be excellent for road riding. Should you have to put on a set of dirt goggles, then it is simple to reverse the shield and then wear them. Among the problems that some riders increased, this helmet isn’t quite as silent as expected. If you are cruising, but this should not be a problem.

Bell has ever produced helmets that have well-researched engineering that promotes security. This version is no exception – with a cost of about $200, you’re getting a bang for the dollar and protection that is acceptable for different types of riders.


  • Improved protection together with the MIPS technology
  • Reasonable Price
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell


  • The noise level could be improved.

5. Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet

The Simpson Mod Bandit is an entirely functional modular which has the design of a racing and sports helmet. Riders adore this helmet because of its full-cover service and its customizable features.

At first glance, this motorcycle helmet will not seem”normal” It’s mesh vent slots are parallel to the chin bar, and its outer shell includes a matte finish. Simpson blatantly gave this helmet a slick design, since the matte finish looks great with the chrome accents on the outside shell.

The casing material is scratch resistant and is extremely lightweight. The interior cushioning is made of smooth nylon and it’s detachable and washable for your convenience. This helmet also has the choice to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, meaning you could make calls, listen to music, and utilize your navigation system. Not many helmets within this price range have this capacity.

The Mod Bandit comes with an intermediate oval shape, meaning it is made for both around and oval-shaped heads.

This helmet has a couple of visor methods that you can adjust based on the sort of climate and weather you’re riding in. The visor fits perfectly and keeps rain and wind from your face. Its three color choices are factory-clear visor, a smoke shade visor, and a dark iridium visor. These choices can allow you to see in all sorts of weather, and also look very cool.

The Mod Bandit includes exceptional ventilation, and riders state that it provides a reasonably quiet ride.

This helmet doesn’t have a SNELL or SHARP rating; however, it’s EU and US DOT certified.

If you’re seeking a helmet which has a sleek appearance, a fantastic ventilation system, also allows for excellent peripheral and vision, the Mod Bandit is the best helmet for you.


  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Signature Simpson competitive styling
  • Among the lightest modular helmets far


  • Not a Fantastic match for riders with around oblong heads
  • Nosier when configured for game riding.
  • Visor has restricted adjustability

6. YEMA 627MBM

It’s obtainable in two unique colors, and it’s 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, and XXL). Crafted from an aerodynamic-grade ABS shell, with thick EPS, which will protect you. The reinforced chin strap will keep it fastened indifferent to top levels, whereas the swift-opening buckle provides a speedy method of carrying it off.

It’s two visors, one mended with tinted colors, to protect your own eyes, while the next one is bigger, translucent, and portable. The prior is also removable, on account of this mechanism which needs no additional tool to get the job done. In general, it poses excellent venting, with completely modifiable exhaust and intake ports, which make an uninterrupted air-flow. Therefore, indifferent to the sexy outside weather you will feel refreshed.

What’s more, it gives high-density inner-built cushions and liner, which will boost your relaxation as you journey. They’re also detachable, making cleanup them a stroll in the park. With loads of space indoors, it is possible to safely wear that, even in the event that you have prescription eyeglasses. It has space to get a Bluetooth speaker, which means you won’t need to disrupt your cruise to answer the telephone.

DOT certified it reaches the bottom of the throat, sheltering you while providing distance to enjoy the view. It measures 13″ in height, and it’s a diameter of 10″, and it’s feather-weight, just 2.6″. Scratch-resistant in addition to UV-resistant, the color will not fade with time.

Lightweight, with thick inner cushioning, it guarantees both safety and commodity. The long-lasting casing will shield your mind in the event the need comes up, and it supplies you with the liberty of picking between two different visors, to improved eye care. It provides you lots of internal space, so in the event, you have prescription eyeglasses, you won’t need to carry them off. It features increased venting, to get a refreshing ride.


  • High-quality, removable pads
  • Dual visor
  • Strong construction
  • Scratch, and UV, watertight
  • Feather-weight


  • Sizes May Not fit all head shapes

7. HJC Strong IS-Cruiser Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet

For people interested in finding a cruiser half helmet, check out the HJC Strong IS-Cruise Motorcycle Helmet for cruisers. This one features a half helmet design making it a perfect selection for leisure kind of rides. It isn’t acceptable for high-speed software, however. But, there is a guarantee it is a DOT-approved helmet. It’s durable, as it’s been crafted out of an innovative polycarbonate composite substance. This type of construction, too, made it lightweight and easy to wield. There aren’t any inconveniences which may also be felt, even utilized in long-distance rides.

The proprietary CAD technologies guarantee that the helmet provides exceptional comfort and fit. Meanwhile, the D-ring nylon strap retention system’s usage ensures that the helmet will remain in mind, whatever the wind requirements. Have a peek at the inside of the equipment, and you’ll realize its lavish and moisture-wicking lining. The latter ensures that the helmet won’t emit a foul odor even when you’re sweating. There’s also an antibacterial lining that prevents skin irritation. Admittedly, these liners are removable and washable.

You won’t fret about your discipline vision when wearing this helmet. It’s a sun shield that deploys quickly out of one reverse. The guard was also smoked to reduce distortion and stuffy. But, bear in mind that the lens isn’t immune to fogging, which means you may have to employ some therapy to it. All in all, the feel and texture this helmet provides to your mind is something you can appreciate. Regardless of being a half strain, this one is arguably ergonomic.


  • Beautiful color and overall aesthetics
  • Eyeshield is apparent and limits distortion.
  • Cozy and plush-quality inner cushioning
  • Ventilation is not a question anymore.
  • The strap is secured and comfortable.


  • May wobble at high-speeds, especially if It Isn’t tightly fitted.
  • Eyeshield necessitates little darkening.

8. Vega 8500-055

Vega 8500-055 isn’t merely readily available for all, as its dimensions range from XS to XXL, but it combines the relaxation with a retro idea. With several color options, you will have the liberty of assorting it to a preferred appearance, whereas its feather-like weight, 2.3 pounds, will protect against neck pains from growing. Durable, created from ABS-alloy, it is going to require the blunt force of any effect, securing your well-being, but you are going to need to use sunglasses since it comprises no defense.

Against humid weather, the plushy, however, the moisture-wicking liner will function as a prevention mechanism, so constantly maintain high venting. Completely detachable, it’ll be stress-less to scrub, whereas the modifiable chin-strap is going to continue to keep the helmet secure, indifferent to this rate. DOT certified, it integrates a low-profile notion for a stylish appearance.

Obtainable in many sizes, it features a sturdy and durable outer shell, while its anti-microbial wicking lining will keep moisture off. The interior pads will also be removable for hassle-free cleaning, whereas the little visor will maintain direct sunlight rays from the eyes.


  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Detachable padding
  • Modifiable chin strap
  • Sturdy materials


  • The size graph requires revision
  • Without proper maintaining, it will not withstand in time

9. Nolan N104 EVO Helmet

Among the most essential things to search for in a full-face motorcycle helmet would be excellent venting, and that is where this product excels.

The Nolan N104 EVO full-face helmet comes with an AirBooster Technology, which provides exceptional climate control in distinct weather conditions. The business took notes in the preceding version (that the N104) and generated a more efficient venting system that’s excellent for town cruising.

The face protector is wider compared to other models on the current market, allowing the rider to have wider visibility. There are additionally the scrape and fog-resistant Vision Protection System slider bar quality that lower sunlight shield (you just must push a button in order for it to retract instantly).

The helmet’s interior lining also has a lot of features that promote additional conveniences, like a removable cheek pad, a detachable neck roll to warm colors, and antibacterial internal cushioning that is washable and removable.

The Nolan N104 is eyeglasses-friendly, as a result of this comfortable inner cushioning, but many users have voiced that it is not necessarily comfortable. If you are considering this since it promotes eyeglass sporting, it is best if you try it out and see whether it suits you well.


  • Eyeglasses-friendly
  • Fog-resistant Vision Protection System
  • AirBooster Technology


  • Padding includes a tends to become uncomfortable

10. Biltwell Bonanza

If you don’t have a lot of cash to invest in a helmet, then the more Biltwell Bonanza will provide you a fantastic ride to get a much greater price. With its retro look and cool cruiser helmets features, this open-face helmet is a fantastic thing.

The Bonanza is created around oval-shaped minds. It’s inside cushioning features a custom-made EPS security shell with comfy, breathable padding. Its hand-stitched lining adds yet another degree of relaxation to the layout.

Just like with almost any open-face helmet, the venting is really excellent. On the other hand, The Bonanza doesn’t have a high port, therefore there isn’t much control concerning how much atmosphere strikes you face and mind. If you’re riding in hot weather, this helmet will probably work best for you personally.

While riding with all the Bonanza, the sound level is about the side. The inside cushioning absorbs a great deal of the sounds. Obviously, if the sound is too much for you, you could always buy a few earplugs to block it.

The Bonanza is a really mild helmet and is very good for both flying and severe riding. It utilizes a dual D-ring chin strap program. The helmet weighs approximately two and a half pounds and is really amazing because of its cost.

The Bonanza is DOT and ECE rated but isn’t analyzed by SHARP. Additionally, it comes in a vast array of colors.

The single thing riders don’t enjoy about this helmet is the bubble protect is sold individually. As you don’t necessarily require the shield to journey, it’s a great feature to have.


  • Beautiful design
  • Prices low to the quality of looks and build.


  • Shield sells independently.
  • No port.

Standard vs. Best Cruiser Helmets

If you are new in riding bikes, choosing the ideal helmet for your own cruiser may be a small challenge since there are a total of 6 kinds of protective equipment. Even though there’s no rule saying you can not wear the sort of helmet that you prefer, there are a number of factors you must know about, when speaking about the similarities and differences between cruiser-crafted forms and regular models.


  • Lighter than other versions.
  • The chin is reduced, covering the throat, allowing a more relaxed riding position, rather than a more competitive one.

Contrary to other headpieces that are created to protect the wearer from cold winds and tough drops, by fully encapsulating the mind, the cruiser versions are somewhat different. They provide the wearer with the capacity to take pleasure in the picture and feel the wind in their head without obstructing a fantastic example being the half strain or the open-face kind.

Even though these two are somewhat lighter than the other forms, also, don’t have any chin bar to protect the lower half of their face, just a chin strap to fasten it to the mind, they do provide you with an elegant’ almost classic look which other forms will not have the ability to provide you with.

Additionally, while they really do come, most of the time, using a visor and a defense comprised, some versions might not be equipped together even though this is no downside, since the deficiency of screen is readily paid by wearing sunglasses, so you also ought to pay attention to different components, such as rain and street dust.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets reviews

While, often, the preferred type for cruiser bike helmets are the half-helmets, or even the helmets with open face, since they permit you to look at the landscape and feel the breeze, the modular kinds are also a favorite. Together with the eyebrow bar protecting the lower portion of your face throughout the ride, they permit you to flip the window and shield, offering clean air and a fresh perspective when you opt to stop.

A cruiser helmet, nevertheless, does really bear striking similarities with its counterparts. All 3/4 versions are intended to provide protection to the driver’s mind, on the very top, sides, and back, the substance and the policy are exactly the identical arrangements as a full-face type. The two full-faces and 3/4’s need specific quality and security criteria to be met beforehand, so that you may be certain that your mind is protected. Furthermore, they help reduce background noise, because the ears are the majority of the time providing a much more comfortable ride.

Guidelines In Choosing The Best Motorcycle Cruiser Helmet

Although this issue is currently a cliche to get a few, many riders continue to be unaware of how to pick the ideal cruiser helmet for them. The job sounds easy, after all. However, in fact, it’s fairly daunting. It’s more than the overall look of the helmet. And needless to say, it’s not something which you’re able to achieve properly by a random window shopping.

However, naturally, some folks would ask: why bother? Are not all helmet exactly the same?

The main reason is straightforward. You would not need to experience a collision without the appropriate equipment. Deciding on extended road trips is really advisable. However, SHTF situations do come as a strike of lightning. The most proficient riders out that there aren’t exempted from it. In such deadly predicaments, the ideal helmet may function the boundary between life and death.

If this does not convince you, then I do not know what’s going to.

Regardless, here are a few of the vital things in selecting a helmet to get cruising.

DOT Approval

Let me highlight that the chief reason why I urge helmets would be to increase awareness about the importance of safe riding. Hence, the helmets that I present (except for novelty helmets) possess DOT certification. Obviously, it’s not difficult to see if the helmet gets this sort of evaluation. You simply have to appear on its rear and see whether there’s a DOT sticker or not one.

Especially, the DOT requirement that these helmets must satisfy the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. One of the qualifications below this standard are the capacities to distribute large levels of electricity, penetration resistance, and procured fastening mechanism so the helmet will not be taken off your head.

Secure Fit

A helmet is futile if it does not stay on the mind. Irrespective of the circumstance, the helmet must remain firmly. The minute it gets from your mind, you’re a vulnerable cruiser. The retention of this helmet has a whole lot to do with the construction of the straps and buckles. It’s among the reasons why there is a demand for one to confirm the plan and mechanics of the strap of the helmet.

Try a very simple test. Put on a helmet and secure its own strap. After that, consider rolling the helmet. If the strap is moving, then you’ve got a fantastic helmet. If the reverse occurs, find a different one.

And incidentally, the retention doesn’t have anything to do with the design of this helmet. It does not really matter whether the helmet includes a full face cruiser helmet or half-face construction. The strap will nonetheless be the one that keeps things secure.


A cruiser helmet should provide you with relaxation, maximum opinion, in addition to protection as you choose your motorcycle to get a ride. Each of the above versions will ensure that your security isn’t at risk when riding your bike. Nevertheless, the way they achieve that is a little different from model to model.

We hope that this article has been useful in your search for the new Cruiser motorcycle helmet for cruising. All these have been hand-picked. Therefore it is your choice to perform extra testing and research to determine which suits you best. Great luck!