Dual sport helmets unite all of the things you need out of a dirt bike helmet and set them to a helmet made for street riding. What you get is a helmet that provides great functionality both on the road and in the dirt. But a dual-sport lid will not be as great on the street for a road helmet is. Nor is it as great off-road as a normal dirtbike helmet is.

Dual sport helmets are a compromise, and you need to be fine with this so as to wear and be comfy. That said, the top helmets out there decrease the compromise as far as you can. Good Dual game lids are really great in the two environments.

Here are 10 Greatest Dual Sport Helmets, German Helmets have compiled.

Top 14 Best Dual Sport Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off Road Full Face Helmet Dual Visor Matt Black, Size L
Advance Dual Sports and Dual Visor Design (Inner Smoked Visor and Outer Clear Shield);; Light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell;
Bestseller No. 2
ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet Full Face Sun Visor Dirt Bike ATV Motocross Casco DOT Certified (L, Matte Black)
DOT Approved - Meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards.; Liners & Quick Release Strap - The top liner and ear pads are detachable and washable.
Bestseller No. 3
Woljay Motorcycle Helmet Dual Sport Helmet Off Road Dirt Bike ATV DOT Certified (Visor Shield - Chrome, 1)
Lightweight advanced ABS shell; Lightweight, durable thermoplastic shell; Air intake and exhaust scoops for controlled air flow
Bestseller No. 4
Woljay Dual Sport Off Road Motorcycle helmet Dirt Bike ATV D.O.T Certified - Visor Shield Clear (XL, Black)
Lightweight advanced ABS shell; Lightweight, durable thermoplastic shell; Air intake and exhaust scoops for controlled air flow
Bestseller No. 6
MMG Helmet Dual Sport Off Road Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV, Flip-Up Visor (MGAH23) (Matte Gray, X-Large)
Optimal balance between on-and-off-road, great option for dual-sport and adventure riding.
Bestseller No. 8
LS2 Helmets Blaze Elevation Adventure Helmet (Black/HiViz - X-Large)
3 shell sizes for the lightest, smallest helmet possible in your head size; Built-in drop-down sun shield
Bestseller No. 9
Dual Sport Helmet Motorcycle Full Face Motocross Off Road Bike Matt Black
Light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell;; Heavily cushioned and comfortable interior, Removable and washable

1. LS2 Helmets Motorcycle & Power-sports Helmet’s Off

Produced by LS2 helmets that this DOT approved version is the best choice for road sportbikes. It’s offered in a broad selection of sizes from X-small to XXX-large and is unquestionably the one which you ought to go for! Together with a number of sizes, the manufacturer offers as many as 10 distinct colors combined with this particular piece. You do not need to worry about having skin peeled in the UV rays as it includes a built-in sunscreen. The design of the model is well worth falling for; no wonder it’s excellent reviews from buyers.


  • Fantastic layout
  • Wide Array of dimensions and colors
  • Sun-protection
  • Broad eye interface
  • Cheap
  • DOT certified
  • Ideal for on and off-road motorcycling.


  • Some reviews say the size runs little on the brow

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2. AGV AX9 Helmet – Dual Sport Helmets

This Italian manufacturer has more than half a century of helmet-building experience and a great deal of what it’s heard over the years has become the AX9 helmet. The helmet is a lightweight update to the AX-8 DS EVO helmet out of AGV. The business further updated and improved the lid and slapped the AX9 name onto it.

What you get is a lightweight carbon-fiber, aramid, and fiberglass casing that is offered in 3 sizes to lessen the bobblehead effect. The helmet also receives a toolless removable chin guard, five ports for airflow, a Pinlock-ready visor, a flexible summit, speaker pockets, plus a dual D-ring chin strap.

Best Dual Sport Helmets

4. Arai XD4 Dual Sport Helmet

The brand new Arai XD4 is ideal for the intermediate oblong head shape. The brand new shell shape provides greater aerodynamic stability at higher speeds, an important element for your street riding segment of your experience rides.

This is sometimes a problem with a lot of additional dual game helmets while street riding. They are not so comfy on the greater rate street segments.

The venting of this XD4 is superb. The airflow was almost dual with the newest top-diffuser-vent vents, the new side cowl vents along with a brand new chin port that has more intake vents.

Blend this with the newest brow vents on the peak of the XD4 faceguard and you have all of the airflow you want, particularly vital for your off-road riding at lesser speeds. All ports can be opened and closed easily with gloves.

The face protector is a great caliber and props open in a few positions. It’s relatively flat in comparison to lots of helmets so that there is less distortion of your vision.

The summit can even be adjusted up or down as you are riding. No screws to mess up with for fixing the position. It could be removed completely with a coin added to the four screws.

The viewport is big enough to have the ability to wear goggles should you select while riding off-road. A fantastic choice to get when riding at lesser speeds in certain tricky terrain.


  • Well vented
  • Quiet
  • Large Port to match goggles
  • Emergency discharge cheek pads
  • Snell & ECE rated


  • Pricey but top of the line

5. Bell MX-9

The MIPS-equipped Bell MX-9 provides an impressive amount of protection, particularly considering the cost. It includes a fog- and – scratch-resistant clear visor, though that can easily be replaced with a tinted one, should you would like and includes a lightweight polycarbonate shell.


  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch.
  • Offers a multi-directional impact protection method.
  • Antibacterial liner.
  • Meets and exceeds DOT standards.
  • Fantastic airflow.
  • Aerodynamic shape


  • Doesn’t provide color choices.

6. Scorpion EXO AT950

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 is a brand-new dual-sport flip-up for 2016. It is based on the exceptional Scorpion EXO-GT920 flip-up we examined lately. The dual-sport variant of a flip-up helmet is a brand new thing and if you want one or not is problematic. But if you do, there is no better bargain than the Scorpion AT950. You’re going to receive whatever you get with the significant boys but in 1/3 the cost.

7. Klim Krios Pro Helmet

The Klim Krios Pro Helmet is just another fantastic helmet you ought to consider if you are out there for a dual match or and adventure-style helmet. This helmet features Klims, exceptional Koroyd substance, and construction. This exceptional substance differs from an EPS liner, also Klim states it reduces head injury well.

Aside from the Koroyd, the helmet features a broad carbon fiber weave casing, Pinlock prepared anti-scratch faceguard, a Transitions photochromic lens, a quick-release visor system, anti-microbial, and moisture-wicking inside, adjustable forehead vents for airflow, along with Klim Radius Goggle compatibility.

The helmet can also be Sena 10U harmonious, and also the helmet meets or exceeds DOT and ECE standards.


  • Lightest ADV helmet available on the market
  • Pinlock no-fog outfitted
  • Carbon fiber construction


  • Very thin visor
  • Lean cushioning at the top of their mind region Might Be a strain point for a few
  • Chin vent constantly open

8. Helmet Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV – flips upward Visor – 27V

This is the best alternative for off-road motorcycling. It’s a cushioned liner that is washable and removable so that a filthy odor can be averted. It’s good airflow and broad eye-opening which ensures the relaxation of this biker. This is definitely the most economical helmet from our listing also meets DOT standards at such an inexpensive rate! If you’d like essential features together with an extremely affordable price, this is the one that you should go for.


  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Washable inner pads
  • Fantastic airflow
  • Ideal for off-road and road bikers
  • Enough space for goggles to match in


  • No color Choices
  • Doesn’t provide UV protection

9. Fly Trekker Dual Sport Helmet

The Fly Trekker Helmet is an entry-level helmet to the Dual Sport and Adventure Touring marketplace. Fly Racing isn’t a name recognizable to road riders but off-road and motocross riders are acquainted with the title for ages. They host many leading riders and occasions.

Fly Racing started out manufacturing bike handlebars and helmets also have become one of the major apparel brands for aggressive racing protective equipment, boots, helmets, jerseys, goggles, and a lot more. In addition, they produce clothing for the street, snow, water, a line of a bag, automobile accessories, and casual wear.


  • Large eye vent will match most goggles
  • Fantastic venting
  • Quiet on street
  • Great cost


  • A face protect curvature at chin guard can cause some distortion in vision

10. Arai XD4

The Arai XD4 enables for three settings: experience, full face, and motocross. It has a curved shape which will interest individuals who invest more time than off, nevertheless, it may also readily accommodate googles once the shield is eliminated for trail usage.


  • Multi-density polystyrene lining
  • Cooling eyebrow vents
  • Replaceable inside

11. O’Neal Unisex-Adult Full-face Style Sierra II Helmet Flat

This helmet comes from traditional black & white colors. It guarantees your security through integrated face guard, padded chin strap, and Dual -D security lock. The comfortable lining within the helmet is removable and washable. The very clear visor provides good visibility. The air leak is great, providing the utmost comfort to the rider. This helmet features a shorter summit to assist increase its functionality and usage.


  • Lightweight
  • Matte finish
  • Value for money
  • Cozy
  • Washable inner liner
  • Meets DOT and ECE security criteria


  • A bit tight on your cheeks and ears
  • Large range of color options not offered.

12. Voss Helmets 600 Dually Dual Sport Helmet

If you perspire a good deal, then you may require a dual sport helmet which will keep you cool throughout the day. The Voss Helmets 600 features moisture-wicking inside to help keep you warm even on hot summer days. It is packed with additional wonderful features, which makes it a fantastic value for the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Voss Helmets 600 Matte Black Reaction sports a 2 – tone matte finish picture to make you look cool whilst riding your motorbike or ATV. Another four colors are matte black, gloss white shark fin, matte black thunderbolt, and matte red thunderbolt.
  • The casing is constructed from ABS/polycarbonate metal for that fantastic balance of strength and lightweight. The helmet weighs about 3.5 pounds.
  • The moisture-wicking comfort lining is removable for washing.
  • This helmet has a medium-dark smoke sun visor to protect your eyes from the sun and an outer face guard to protect your whole face from dust and other elements.
  • This helmet is certified to be secure by the criteria of DOT (FMVSS 218).


  • Cozy moisture-wicking interior lining
  • Feels strong and lightweight
  • DOT licensed to be safe for both – and – off-the-road rides
  • Fits snugly around the head
  • The sun visor works well at daytime


  • Creates annoying wind noise at highway speed

13. Typhoon Helmets XP14 Double Sport Helmet

Another great for the cash dual sport helmet would be your XP14 out of Typhoon Helmets. Only $61 and you will get almost the very same features of an expensive helmet, such as DOT certificate, improved ventilation, and broad optical perspective. On top of that, it styles excellent aesthetics with its vibrant designs and layouts.

Highlighted Features:

  • The XP14 meets the security criteria of DOT (FMVSS218) meaning you decrease the danger of head injuries when you wear this helmet through effect. Typhoon Helmets has a different test facility to make certain that this helmet abides by the DOT criteria.
  • It is accompanied by an anti-scratch distortion-free face protector. It is removable, so it is possible to substitute it with a visor which you would like.
  • Advanced front-flow venting and inside channeling offer improved comfort and ventilation. The comfortable lining is detachable and washable to maintain the germs and poor odor at bay.
  • The casing is constructed from a lightweight ABS shell. It is sculpted wracking to decrease wind noise.
  • It is available in five distinct sizes: small (21.5-22 inches), moderate (22-22.5 inches), big (22.5-23 inches), extra-large (23-23.5 inches), and also dual extra-large (23.5-24 inches).
  • This helmet can be used to utilize off-road goggles.


  • Includes a Fantastic winter scarf
  • Aerodynamic designed shell
  • Offered in vibrant and attractive layouts
  • The removable and anti-scratch faceguard
  • Lots of airflow Despite the shield down


  • The Obvious shield can’t block the sunlight

14. Dual Sport Helmet by NENKI Total Face Motocross NK-310

Probably, the very best dual sport helmet of 2018, this version is guaranteed to steal away your heart with its bold and appealing design. It includes numerous fascinating features making it worth catching. It comes in 3 colors i.e. green skull picture, Matt black and crimson, Matt black, and yellow.

It’s both red iridium visor along with a transparent visor. It’s produced out of a high-quality thermoplastic shell which may quickly absorb shock. The best part is it comes at a really inexpensive rate, below $100. Together with the durability of this product, the compliments you’ll receive after wearing it will also be guaranteed!


  • Durable material
  • Attractive design
  • UV protection
  • Removable liner and cheek pads.
  • Replaceable visor.
  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Good visibility


  • Slightly loose over the brow.
  • With 4.79 lbs, it may have a small heavyweight.

The Way to Search For the Finest Dual Sport Helmet?

Sports biker requires a sturdy helmet for improved protection while on an adventure ride tough terrain. There are a variety of things that you have to keep in your thoughts before you begin using all the helmet matchmaking.

Top 3 Things To Consider:

1. Impact Protection:

Evidently, the very first requirement of any bike helmet is to protect your mind — you just get you. The fantastic thing is that with the most recent technological improvements in security and layout, you receive a great deal of the features of these top-of-the-line helmets filtering down into the entry-level helmets in around the 200 marks.

A fantastic instance of this is that the Bell MIPS technology from the MX-9. (At No. 1 in this review)

2. Ventilation:

Something which is extremely essential in off-road riding with slower rates and much more physical exertion. Typically the more vents that the greater for dual-sport helmets, and closable.

Having said this, if you reside in a warmer climate, and also almost all of our riding is off-road you’ll probably never shut them. I don’t have any.

3. Weight:

The lighter weight helmet is something that’s desirable for off-road usage. For many riders this is a high priority, others maybe not so much. The Klim Krios Karbon (in No. 4 in this review) is the lightest dual sport helmet available now.

You’ve got to take into consideration, however, what sacrifices in security are being made to accomplish the weight loss?

Other Necessary Features To Search For:

  • Padding on the inside of the chin guard
  • Cut-outs from the lining to adapt a Bluetooth communication system
  • Vents Which Can Be closed and opened
  • Large eye port for great off-road visibility and also to match goggles
  • Fantastic sound insulation in highway speeds
  • Built-in tinted drop-down sunshine shield
  • Emergency Cheek Pad Release System

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual-Sport Helmet

What’s the normal price of a dual-sport helmet?

The cost of a dual-sport helmet might change based upon your favorite style and additional features. Conventional DOT-approved helmets price approximately $125 or more. The more certificates and additional features, the more costly.

A costly dual sport helmet may cost approximately $500. But on this listing, we’ve found some fantastic dual sport helmets for the cost. Our best choice, the 1Storm HGXP-14A Dual Sport Helmet, prices less than that.

Why are a few dual-sport helmets so costly?

Some dual sport helmets are costly since they utilize high-strength and super lightweight stuff, such as Kevlar and carbon fiber. They spend a lot in research and development to make the very best helmet which delivers both comfort and protection.

They also provide additional features (instance Bluetooth) for greater riding experience and much more helmet casing sizes to locate your very best fitting.

Do pricey dual sport helmets worth the price?

Yes, they really do. Expensive dual game helmets are aerodynamically designed to decrease wind noise when riding at highway speed. They remain firmly in place even once you ride at higher rates. They utilize a comfortable liner and washable inside pads therefore the inside does not smell bad. They are also more lightweight so that you do not strain your neck during long rides.

What’s better: A cheap dual sport helmet or even a costly dual sport helmet?

A cheap dual sport helmet is a better alternative when you’re planning on using it sometimes for a brief time period. At the minimum, ensure the inexpensive helmet has fulfilled the DOT safety standards so you are going to find the fundamental protection on the street or away from the street.

But if you mean using it frequently on the street and away from the street, then it is sensible to invest in a costly helmet. Though we do not advise you to devote your whole savings, it might be a much better choice to devote a little more money to get a helmet to your security and comfort.


The very best dual sport helmet is dependent upon your budget. Let us fair the $600 helmets will be the very best and they better be in the cost. Remember that this is my own personal opinion and should you have $600 to spend on a helmet, then attempt one of the high-end helmets via an internet shop that enables free returns such as Amazon in case you do not enjoy the fitment.