Each firefighter needs Best Fire Helmet Flashlights while they operate, particularly in heavy smoke conditions. Therefore, every firefighter must have a minimum of one private light, which may help them conquer this. A helmet lighting is just one of the best options for hands-free usage, but which one should you purchase?
Best Fire Helmet Flashlights

Top 12 Best Fire Helmet Flashlight Brands

SaleBestseller No. 1
Streamlight 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Mounted Flashlight, Black
Rotates 360 degrees on clamp; Bright blue tail light LED; On/off switch operates with heavy gloves on; Attach or remove in seconds with no tools
Bestseller No. 2
BlackJack Firefighter Helmet Aluminum Flashlight Holder (ACE)
LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs 2oz; TOUGH: Made of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum; NECESSARY: Designed to keep your light where you put it
SaleBestseller No. 4
Streamlight 69331 Vantage II 350 Lumen Helmet Mount Flashlight
High: 350 Lumens, low; 135 lumens; Meets requirements of NFPA 1971-56 (2013); IPX 7 waterproof to 1M for 30 minutes; 1M impact resistance tested
Bestseller No. 5
Streamlight 99075 Firefighter Rubber Helmet Strap / Band
Strap width is 1.75" (flashlight not included)
Bestseller No. 6
Nightstick FDL-300R-K01 Helmet Light Kits and Mounts, Red
3 hours of run-time; 180 lumens of brightness; 140 degrees of adjustability; Used in tactical, outdoor, Recreation levels
Bestseller No. 7
Blackjack Full House Firefighter Helmet Aluminum Flashlight Holder
LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs less than 2oz; TOUGH: Made of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum; UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY
SaleBestseller No. 9
Life Mounts LED Helmet Mounted Light (Black)
Clamps to Brim of Fire, Tactical, Search & Recovery and Construction Helmets / Hard Hats; No-Tool Secure Installation and Removal

1. Streamlight 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Flashlight

Best Fire Helmet Flashlights
Another tough and hardy fire rescue flashlights provided by Streamlight is your 69140 Vantage Helmet Mounted LED Tactical Flashlight. Structured in a manner which it is possible to mount or hook it in your helmet, this strategic flashlight will certainly provide an advantage because you’re able to proceed together with the flashlight around without needing to use your hands.

It’s because you can just attach it to a helmet, freeing your hands. I believe the sturdiness of the flashlight is among its appealing features. It packs a whole lot of electricity while using its shockproof, powerful, and virtually indestructible structure.

Despite being constructed tough, I observed this flashlight comes with a low-profile compact, compact, and lightweight temperament. I’m thrilled to highlight its flexibility, which is readily apparent with its capacity to match various hard hats, industrial helmets, and flame helmets if the plan is contemporary or modern.

It’s also built in a manner that you may readily and conveniently attach it under or over the entire brim. Another decisive advantage of this firefighter flashlight is that it uses the current technologies in the LED market. It unites such technologies with a bright blue security taillight, which is great since it allows you to see in thick smoke.

The utilized C4 technology ensures it is capable of producing twice to twice as far as the output produced by preceding LED lights. I’m also happy with the particular flashlight’s on/off switch since it allows you to run it even if you’re wearing gloves.

I also enjoy how simple and fast it’s to attach and remove the lighting with no need for some tools. This LED tactical flashlight can be created in a manner it may create the ideal balance between peripheral beam and illumination.

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2. Nightstick FDL-300R-K01 Helmet Light

If you’re conscious of your budget, I suggest heading to your FDL-300R-K01 Helmet Light provided by Nightstick. You may get it at a reasonable price. I love that it’s the fact that it comes in a complete kit comprising not just the light but also the much-needed firefighter helmet torch mount.

For its fair cost, you can find a grasp of some high-quality helmet lighting finish with all of the features and accessories required to make it operate. It’s an entire system that lets you attach the strategic light using a hard hat or fire helmet. I’m also thrilled to announce that this particular helmet lighting comes with an IP-X7 waterproof structure while also using a 2-meter drop score.

This usually means you don’t need to think about it being vulnerable to water and dampness. Another powerful benefit of this Nightstick Helmet lighting is that it provides you the liberty to place the bracket’s angle via a 140-degree adjustment.

For this, it may provide adequate clearance not just on helmets but also around goggles, face shields, and some other gear mounted on helmets. I’m also in favor of this red handle incorporated into the lighting. This deal features a tail cap constructed from the hard-anodized aluminum substance.

Additionally, it has a massive textured tail change, which it is simple to trigger even when you’re wearing gloves. Another reason why I respect that this helmet lighting from Nighstick is its heat-resistant housing made from glass-filled nylon material, which also boasts of its non-slip grip.

It takes pride in its 3-hour runtime in addition to its chemical-resistant and impact-resistant construction. Additionally, I noticed its capacity to match nearly all hard hats and fire helmets available on the industry nowadays.

3. Pelican CVPKG 3410 Photo-luminescent Flashlight

I propose using Pelican firefighter flashlights, particularly the brand’s CVPKG 3410 Photo-luminescent Flashlight since it’s famed because of its top-notch quality. It’s the greatest solution to anybody looking for a compact yet hard work lighting.

I enjoy how sturdily this Pelican flashlight is constructed, because of the durable polymer body, without placing too much weight on it. To put it differently, it’s still lightweight so that you don’t need to fret about it hold down you whenever you’re doing your job. The body can also be glow-in-the-dark, which also boasts of its flood and spotlight choices.

Additionally, it provides three settings and modes, allowing you to place it to match the specific situation you’re in. The glow-in-the-dark body cited previously can also be constructed utilizing a photo-luminescent substance, which can be a great aid in ensuring that it is simple to place the light every time it’s essential.

Using its flood and spot LED lighting, you’ll see that this firefighter flashlight is extremely helpful in fulfilling your remote and close-up lighting conditions. I’m also thrilled to underline the fact which you could operate it on some of those LED choices or both of these.

I am also fond of the built-in clip and articulating mind as it provides you the opportunity to utilize the flashlight while your hands are not free. Also, it allows handheld purposes of this flashlight, so allowing you to direct it at any location you desire.

4. Streamlight 69189 Vantage LED Helmet Flashlight

Another helmet light a firefighter should consider investing his money is your Streamlight 69189 Vantage Helmet Mounted LED Flashlight that comes from the green. I instantly felt how it could satisfy the requirements and requirements of firefighters/firemen that need a hands-free sort of light.

I find real pleasure in its own low-profile and lightweight design because this affirms ease of attaching it under or over full brim hard hats, fire helmets, and industrial helmets. The general structure of the light also amazes me since it reveals the strength and durability with its strong and shockproof character.

As it comes in a compact size, I’m sure it won’t irritate you too much as you’re in the center of fulfilling your responsibilities as a fireman. I’m also in favor of this clamp, which you may easily tighten with your palms without any instrument. It permits the light to rotate according to your needs.

Another advantage of the helmet lighting from Streamlight is that the C4 LED technologies it uses. This technology is capable of producing twice or thrice that the output produced by preceding LED lights. This light can be made to survive and withstand whatever unpleasant conditions you expect it to take care of.

It’s sealed, fostering its water-resistance attribute. The manufacturer also takes pride in the anodized aircraft aluminum construction they created because it’s proven to withstand shock, impact, and high temperatures. Additionally, it boasts of its optimized electronics that I find valuable since it equates to some better-controlled intensity.

I also enjoy the location of this on-off switch since it’s on the rear region of the mild, promoting ease of accessibility.

5. Streamlight 88830 PolyTac 90 LED Polymer Flashlight

Another wonderful alternative for the best firefighter lighting is that the 88830 PolyTac 90 LED Polymer Flashlight provided by Streamlight. I noticed this polymer-based flashlight is appropriate for both private and professional functions. One thing I find gratifying within this flashlight is that the intense brightness it showcases.

I believe the C4 LED technologies employed for this flashlight is just one reason behind such a fantastic quantity of brightness. This flashlight can also be evident for its capacity to deal with a wide variety of attachment approaches with the assistance of its carabiner design D-ring. The construction of the flashlight can also be incredibly strong.

I feel the super tough and high-impact nylon plastic casing contributes to the strength and sturdiness of this product and its sure and pleasant grasp. Another advantage of the flashlight for firefighters is the fact that it’s an IPX7 waterproof score.

This proves the firefighter flashlight’s capacity to be waterproof for as much as a meter for half an hour. It’s likewise impact-resistant, which further proves how hardy and durable it is. The detachable, reversible, and rotating clip of the flashlight also provides the benefit of enabling a vast selection of mounting positions.

Also, this flashlight takes pride in its optimized electronics, which promote controlled intensity. Anticipate this thing to provide a high degree of peripheral lighting, also, with the assistance of its textured parabolic reflector effective at developing a sleek beam hotspot.

6. FoxFury 420-T09R LED Rechargeable Helmet Light

Best Fire Helmet Flashlights
I’m also heavily in favor of this 420-T09R Controller + White LED Rechargeable Helmet Light out of FoxFury. One thing that this product takes pride in is its true-to-life LED light technologies. I discovered that this technology is capable of providing high-quality lighting with a real look at which you can view its colors in a clearer and more precise and lively manner if you compare it to normal LED lights on the marketplace these days.

This rechargeable helmet lighting also comes with a body that may endure even the toughest and harsh circumstances and surroundings. I especially love its all-weathered construction engineered to withstand underwater, cold surroundings, and also the warmth.

This headlamp can be rugged enough. It may survive drops and bumps. The lighting can be constructed in a manner it will be appropriate to be used on several different security helmets, such as hard hats in addition to helmets made for firefighters. Additionally, it boasts of its flexible design, meaning you may set it on your forehead straight or onto a cap.

I’m pleased with the light’s built-in flexible tip since it allows you to aim it where necessary. It enables you to make the most of its control tip white, which will be appropriate to be used if you have to do close-up jobs, such as repairs and maintenance, general area lighting, and review.

I’m also fond of its three styles of light, giving you the freedom to pick out its low, large, and moderate settings. For this, you can adjust the light level based on what’s required in a specific circumstance. I’m happy with its elastic strap, so also, as it ensures that you could wear it on your brow or ball cap.

It’s a flexible design, making it appropriate not just for firefighters but for first responders, industrial professionals, and recreational enthusiasts.

7. Streamlight 88087 ProTac 90 Right-Angle Firefighter Light

Another wonderful firefighter lighting alternative provided by Streamlight is your famous 88087 ProTac 90 Right-Angle Firefighter Light. This particular firefighter mild proceeds to draw a great deal of positive attention due to how great it is. One amazing facet of this flashlight is its right-angle mind, which can be beneficial as it provides additional lighting capacity, which meets different lighting requirements and requirements.

Additionally, it has a flexible layout, providing you the liberty to take it with your palms attach it to your belt or another equipment so that you may use it while freeing your hands. I’m happy with how lightweight and lightweight this flashlight is while still providing a high-lumen capacity and solid construction.

Powered by an AA battery or a CR123A lithium battery, I’m also one fairly certain this light won’t let you down. It retains the most recent features in the LED technology. It’s a shockproof construction, which further reinforces its own built. I’m also in awe of those three selectable programs/settings made for users so that they can choose which is compatible with a specific atmosphere.

The simple fact that this firefighter flashlight uses the C4 LED technologies on its general structure also guarantees that its body can handle shock and affect. This also leads to the 50,000-hour life of this flashlight. The mixed beam produced by this flashlight’s technical optic is also a significant benefit.

There’s also a user-friendly push-button tail button incorporated into this particular flashlight, which leads a great deal to it showcasing its multipurpose nature.

8. Nightstick NSP-4650B Helmet Light

The fifth product which warrants a firefighter’s focus is your Nightstick NSP-4650B Helmet Light. It’s a versatile or elastic alternative, particularly for those looking for a hands-free lighting option they can easily mount at a firefighter helmet. I’m in awe of the light’s strong 220-lumen flashlight using close attention.

Also, it takes pride in its own more than a sufficient 600-feet space score. I’m thrilled to point out that this mild provides the consumer the freedom to dial enough focused light by simply picking between both reduced lumen configurations, especially the 100 lumens, as well as also the 30 lumens.

This light can be aggressive due to its compatibility with a broad assortment of hard hats and fire helmets. Also, I find pleasure in stating that this particular helmet light has dual purposes, especially as a flashlight and floodlight. It uses a dual-light technology capable of supplying a targeted beam in addition to adequate area light.

The unfocused light routine of this floodlight function of the product is great for those cases when you want to light up things near you. The incorporated floodlight can also be amazing since it promotes simplicity in working and analyzing things near you and light up the floor.

Another exceptional advantage of the firefighter helmet lighting alternative is its 15-lumen survival style, which perfectly matches crises, particularly if you’ve got minimal mild working for at least half an hour.

I also discover the rear-facing and green LED light great because this attribute is beneficial in identifying group members effortlessly, even in these surroundings, full of smoke and dust. This light also boasts of its IP-X7 waterproof evaluation, ensuring that you can easily utilize it in environments with a great deal of water and dampness.

9. Pelican 3715 Right Angle Fire Flashlight

The following flashlight I will indicate to all firefighters around who want a light option for them to carry out their work well is your Pelican 3715 Right Angle Fire Flashlight. I believe this flashlight replies about the requirements of the majority of firefighters, particularly concerning proper brightness and lighting.

One reason for this is it is equipped with down-case LED lights capable of providing the correct quantity of lighting to your path. The LED lighting also provides multiple modes/settings, which provides liberty in picking one, matching a specific circumstance.

The preferences include low (95 lumens), high (174 lumens), and the indicating setting. I feel that the compactness of the Pelican flashlight can also be among its striking advantages. It’s because being streamlined, and I can guarantee all possible users that they won’t have problems with the flashlight in rough circumstances and harsh surroundings.

The flashlight can also be ruggedly constructed, and it is a powerful indication of how it can continue for as long as you can. Despite the robust and rugged constructed, the flashlight remains lightweight, which marginally guarantees that it won’t keep you from going effortlessly.

I’m pleased to mention that this flashlight comes with a battery life indicator, which provides enough information about the battery level of the battery before using it. Another positive benefit of purchasing this flashlight is your purchase will include 4 AA alkaline batteries, which you can use straight away.

10. Streamlight PolyTac 88854 Helmet Light

Deciding on the Streamlight PolyTac 88854 Helmet Light won’t also result in disappointments, particularly if you consider all of the precious built-in features it includes. One important quality of the helmet light is its universal fit, that’s why it is the ideal match for helmets of contemporary and traditional styles.

I’m completely pleased with its low-profile and lightweight design. It plays an essential part in making sure you won’t encounter trouble directing it into a helmet irrespective of its design. It’s a black jacklight bracket, which you can use with all the PolyTac flashlight, so providing you a hands-free remedy so far as lighting is concerned.

Also, I find the aluminum-based mount contained inside this light kit outstanding since it’s lightweight while keeping its durability. You are not going to have problems attaching it in the helmet’s brim, so promoting a low-profile and decent fit. Attaching it’s also simple due to the rubber band.

It promotes ease of attachment to the helmet with no tools. I’m also thrilled with the C4 LED technology used in this firefighter helmet lighting since this is renowned for its strong-resistance to shock and influence. Additionally, it provides the lighting solution that a long 50,000-hour lifetime.

This flashlight event can also be constructed from a demanding and high-impact nylon plastic substance, which doesn’t just strengthen it and increase its durability but also guarantees you of a sure and comfortable grip. One more thing that grabbed my attention is the light’s tail cap push button, which affirms a single-handed constant or momentary operation.

11. Nightstick XPP-5566GX Intrant Dual Angle Light

I’m also certain you won’t regret your choice should you decide on the XPP-5566GX Intrant Dual Angle Light provided by Nightstick. I consider it like an effective dual-light since it functions equally as a floodlight and flashlight concurrently. Using its dual lighting feature, I safely state it is produced to maximize lighting flexibility when maintaining users safe.

This light takes pride in its dual-light mode since it allows you to see things even when the place is full of smoke or even if they’re in the distance. This Nightstick light makes it feasible for you to appear on the floor, facing you while working or walking.

The nylon polymer and glass-filled casing of the light are also advantageous since it’s proven to be powerful and sturdy. Additionally, it has multiple brightness settings, which you could select based on what’s the most suitable and appropriate for a specific situation. The preferences include a style for 20-lumen survival.

Also, I enjoy the lightweight and easy construction of the firefighter flashlight. With this kind of ease and lightness, there’s no need to be concerned about the flashlight interrupting your job since it’s going never to hamper your moves. The flashlight also provides the ideal quantity of brightness, so providing adequate light to almost any environment, even in regions full of smoke.

The dual body switches of the firefighter flashlight can also be valuable as these promote simplicity in turning the light off and on. I’m also impressed with all the sharp-focused beam delivered via this flashlight with the assistance of its exceptionally effective deep parabolic reflector.

12. FoxFury 940K-010RSC Waterproof LED Helmet Light

The 7th product within this guide is your 940K-010RSC Impact-resistant and Waterproof LED Helmet Light. I adore several things from this LED helmet lighting, proving its excellence from the firefighter lighting market. One of them is a simple fact it is dual-functioning since it functions as a negative helmet-mounted light and a flashlight.

This immediately demonstrates this light option is built with flexibility in mind. Flexible, you will see right away how precious it’s in a variety of situations with constantly shifting lighting conditions. I’m pleased with the 200-lumen mild, which proves its capability to operate for a maximum of eight hours.

All it requires for it to function is just one rechargeable 18650 batter or a few CR123 batteries. One more thing that attracted me nearer to the light is its high-quality aluminum construction. Among the most important advantages of the material is it is proving tough. It takes pride in its own waterproof, impact-resistant, and fire-resistant construction.

I am rather pleased with the three styles of light provided by this waterproof LED helmet lighting. With this 3-mode setting (low, high, and flashing, to be exact), there’s a good possibility which you may fix it in line with the perfect lighting intensity in a certain environment.

Additionally, it supplies additional security due to the observable flashing LED green light which it is possible to find at the trunk part of its battery pack. It makes it possible for you to keep protected as it enriches your visibility. The simple fact it is constructed using an anti-roll head also suggests you could stop the light from penetrating a face.

It boasts of a hit bezel with much more than sufficient power for self-defense and a means to break or shatter a windshield.

Purchasing Guide

As there are many types of helmet lighting on the market, you have to know what to search for when searching for one. To help you on your hunt, here are some significant features and features of helmet lamps that you Want to keep an eye out for:

Beam kind — The beam kind of a headlamp or flashlight guide the way whereby the light from the bulbs will be concentrated. There are usually two kinds of ray — the flooding and the place. A flood beam is fantastic if you have to light up a big place, like a whole area or portion of it.

Flood beams also permit firefighters to understand whether there’s impending danger. Place beams, on the other hand, focus the beam of light on a smaller region. This is excellent in the event you’re exploring part of the fire scene.

The glowing light focused on a small area makes it much easier for you to concentrate and find something that looks normal. Additionally, the place type permits you to shed light on matters which are far away from you. While purchasing a firefighter’s helmet lighting, select the one who gets the choice of switching between both beam settings.

Brightness — The brightness of this headlamp is quantifiable in lumens. The greater the lumen value, the brighter the light the lamp produces. But, be aware that simply because the lumen count is large doesn’t automatically indicate it works better than the rest.

What’s more significant is the way the lamp concentrates its brightness so it could be usable. For example, should you want to read a bit of paper in the dark, such as the design of this building that you’re in, you’ll require the light to concentrate on the newspaper that’s on your hands.

Beam space — The key intention of headlamps would be to throw light to space, making it possible for the wearer to see objects at a distance, even in pitch dark conditions. Many headlamp manufacturers are analyzed how far they could throw usable light.

A lamp’s brightness, in lumens, only lets you know just how much light it emanates from the origin. On the flip side, the beam space is the maximum period the said lighting can travel; it can light an object at a distance. Usable light signifies that the lighting in a set distance should be as bright as a complete moon.

Battery consumption — Many headlamps nowadays use energy-efficient LED bulbs so that they pretty much have reduced energy consumption. But some headlamps have added light modes that boost their blood glucose consumption.

For example, a few headlamps have a Boost/Zoom role that allows them to produce a dazzlingly bright ray of light to get about ten to twenty-five seconds. This is helpful in the event you wish to test something out that’s extremely far away. Additionally, there are cases when you can use it to debilitate would-be attackers by blinding them briefly.

Weight — The fantastic thing about contemporary headlamps is that they are created from light elements unlike previously when the enclosure of this lightbulb weighs a lot along with the battery pack. It is so heavy that you need to wear it on your waist.

When picking a fireman’s helmet lamp, please note that you don’t need to find the lightest one accessible. You may be compromising battery dimensions should you do. Rather, pick the headlamp that, when worn, has slim down. This usually means you don’t even see that you’re wearing a light in any respect.


Firefighter helmet lighting is a crucial tool for this trade. Firefighters have to have considerable amounts of mild every time they respond to crises. The wreckage left by flames is almost always dim, and there are a lot of hazards strewn all around the area. If you don’t have ample light, then you won’t be able to prevent them.

There are several distinct sorts of firefighter helmet lighting currently accessible, and even though almost all of them are fairly affordable, it might nevertheless be a pity if you squander money on something which you won’t even find helpful. By using the ideas mentioned previously, finding the best firefighter helmet lighting will probably be somewhat simple.

Hope that the guide has helped you to have a much better view of the flame hat lighting. Thank you, and see you at German Helmets.