Let’s be realistic! There is no way you’d survive 60 minutes in a football field without a Best Football Helmets. I tried it as a junior high football player and I’m just lucky to be alive to tell the story. The collisions in football make it one of the most rigorous sports ever.

But helmets help to significantly reduce the effects of collisions during the game, saving you from injuries and the hundreds of concussions that occur every year.

In case you’re searching for a good helmet to buy, look no further because this is a review of the 11 best football helmets on the market chosen from the most trusted brands in the industry. See our German Helmets
Best Football Helmets

Top 10 Best Football Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Riddell Victor Youth Helmet
Fitted liner system
Bestseller No. 3
Football Helmet Display Case Full Size Helmet Display Case Mirror Back Black Acrylic Base GLD Risers P368
Football Helmet case P368; Football Helmet case Mirror back 98% UV Protection; ACRYLIC, FULL SIZE FOOTBALL HELMET display CASE
Bestseller No. 4
Schutt Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet with Unattached Facemask
TPU front liner with Poron inside the frontal padding for more support
Bestseller No. 5
Barnett Visor Clear,Football and Lacrosse Helmet Eye-Shield
✅ APPROVED. This visor is approved by High School / CIF and Youth Leagues.; ❕ HELMET IS NOT INCLUDED (it is only to show the installation).
Bestseller No. 7
Football Heroes Pro Online
2017 - 2018 NFL Player rosters; Online Multiplayer; Manage and upgrade your team!; Online Leagues
Bestseller No. 8
Under My Helmet: A Football Player's Lifelong Battle with Bipolar Disorder
Hardcover Book; O'Neil, Keith (Author); English (Publication Language); 248 Pages - 08/01/2017 (Publication Date) - Skyhorse (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 10
Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet, White, Medium
Ratchet-Lock chin strap attachment system allows for easy adjustments; Tru-Curve Liner System,ABS Shell

1. Riddell Speedflex Adult Football Helmet: Best Overall

Best Football Helmets
The first on our review list is none other than the 5-star quality helmet by The Virginia Tech, the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet remains as one of the top choices for football gear. It’s one of those products that most football players just can’t get enough of. From the outside in, this helmet was developed with the latest technology and materials to protect you from injury on the field. No matter if you’re on summer practice or in a heated competition, this varsity helmet has got you covered. It can also serve as a faceguard.

Its shell does not only appear to be robust, but it is actually made from a durable polycarbonate material that guarantees your protection as you play. Moreover, the Riddel SpeedFlex was also produced with Patented Impact Protection (PISP) which helps reduce force impact from the sides. The same system was also applied not only into the shell but on the facemask and the clip as well, making this helmet one of the most safeguarding football equipment available today.

The Riddell SpeedFlex is designed to look and feel like a helmet for the pros. It comes in different colors and sizes. That said, we think that this helmet is best for those who are involved in tough competitions and for those who have dreams of making it into the NFL.

2. Schutt Vengeance Z10

The Schutt Vengeance Z10 is perfect for athletes with smaller head sizes and even up to an X-large size. This option fits snug around the head and allows for great stability throughout all four quarters of a football game.

As a lightweight helmet option, this version from Schutt gives amazing protection and it also will not weigh you down because it is less than 5 pounds.

Additionally, with the price of this model under $500, you do not just get a helmet. You get a model that can be reconditioned and repaired whenever you need it to be fixed.

This is the perfect helmet for a varsity football player. Top-rated football helmet reviews definitely have this version of Schutt in the conversation.


  • Titanium faceguard lining.
  • Multiple size options.
  • Customization capabilities.
  • System preferences that add to overall safety.


  • Pump cushion not included.
  • Colors out-of-stock take longer to ship.

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3. Schutt Air XP Pro: Best For Value

One of the best cheap football helmets you can find in the market today is the Schutt Air XP Pro. Specifically built for varsity athletes, the Air XP Pro lets you fully customize your helmet by choosing its paint, decal, and other add-on options to perfectly match your team’s colors. It has the features of a classic, traditional helmet, but allows you to create the edge you need when it comes to bringing style on the field.

Similar to other renowned Schutt helmets, the Schutt Air XP Pro also includes the latest generation of TPU Cushioning, which offers dual compression to protect against high and low impact hits. It also has the SUREFIT Air Liner, plus interlink jaw pads to provide utmost comfort to the wearer. With these features, you can be sure that your head has the maximum protection and security it needs during a game of intense football.

To further assure the wearer of comfort and security, the traditional standoff helmet shell of the Air XP Pro is made from lightweight materials such as polycarbonate. Additionally, to make it ready-to-use almost immediately, it comes with a ROPO-DW facemask and a soft cup chin strap. It also features a twist release system for quick and easy disengaging of the attached facemask, and a valve attachment system to conveniently adjust the fit for the wearer’s preference.

Schutt is known for its reliable football gear, and we can definitely attest that they did not disappoint with their Air XP Pro. It’s one of the most affordable adult football helmets that do not sacrifice quality.

4. Riddell SpeedFlex: Best for Quarterbacks

One of the most popular football helmets on the market today is the Riddell SpeedFlex. Football helmet reviews from all around the world have this version because of its durability and comfort.

Not only is this a great helmet for quarterbacks, but also for other skilled position players. High school, college, and professional athletes wear the Riddell SpeedFlex.

With Riddell’s patented Flex System, dangerous collisions are reduced at impact, and there is evidence to back this up. Riddell did a study that included over 2 million data points of impact during a football game.

The technical features Riddell added to this helmet were in direct correlation to their data to help keep athletes safe. For around $400, you can get this model of the helmet that is less than 5 pounds.


  • 5-star rating.
  • Professional safeguards.
  • Purchase and take home the same day.


  • Customization takes up to a month.
  • Limited variety of masks.

5. NCAA Revolution Speed Pro-Line Helmet

NCAA Revolution Speed Pro Line Helmet
The NCAA Revolution Speed Pro-Line Helmet is one of the most worn adult football helmets on football fields. Since its creation, it has taken the football industry by storm, and he ranked high in many reviews and studies on safety gear for football players. This is a helmet used by not one but many star players in the beautiful game of football. The Revolution Speed helmet comes with a large size shell design and a particular order facemask, and these are some of the exciting and unique features that help it stand out from among its competition.

The shell of the Revolution Speed Pro-Line Helmet has been aggressively designed by countless professionals who are knowledgeable in the field of football. It features a standard four-point chinstrap for easy adjustment and internal padding that is reflective of the Speed Classic design. Become a star in your own right with this fantastic safety gear and have fun on the field with no fear of injury or extreme impact. You have never encountered such an admirably designed football helmet, I assure you. Be sure to also check out our guide to the best ski gloves for more great sports equipment.

6. Schutt F7 LTD: Safest Football Helmet

You might have noticed that Schutt products are always on our list of the best football gear. This is because this brand undeniably brings their A-game when it comes to offering quality sports products. So, coming in as the safest football helmet for adults is the Schutt F7 LTD.

The newest model in the Schutt F7 line, this LTD football helmet has received the best score in the history of the Virginia Tech STAR Rating System by a wide margin. The F7 LTD has everything you want in terms of safety and protection.

Only weighing 4.4 pounds, this low-profile helmet shell made from that features a Helmet Stabilization System and 3DM Tektonic Plate Technology that evenly distributes the impact you get from hits and blows from all sides. This is further promoted by the TPU cushioning and the HSS Stabilizer Pads.

Plus, the synthetic leather front pads, aside from adding extra support and security, ensures that the helmet is anti-friction and wicks away moisture more effectively. This allows you to play an entire game without worrying about uneasiness and impaired vision caused by sweat.

It comes with a Unique F7 Titanium faceguard and an SC4 Hard Cup Chin Strap. To make adjusting these features for a better and more comfortable fit, this helmet has a twist release system and a valve attachment system as well. This Schutt helmet is truly the best choice if you want a helmet that is designed to provide maximum protection and safety on the field.

7. Schutt F7 Football Helmet: Best Bargain

This is one of the best Schutt football helmet options for athletes today. First launched in 2017, the Schutt F7 Football Helmet gained great acclaim from the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating System, an NFL study, and other ranking researchers. Even in a short amount of time, this new football helmet has seen positive reviews.

One of this helmet’s best features is the Three Dimensional System or 3DM. For people worried about scary rotational impact, the Schutt F7 is great for 11-year-old athletes all the way up to the professional ranks.

The Schutt F7 may seem like one of the most expensive football helmet choices at $649.99, but the truth of the matter is that football helmets can be a lot more expensive, as you will see in this review.

Ultimately, safety should be the main focus when buying the right football helmet, and Schutt definitely does not cut any corners for protection. If you like wearing what the pros wear, here is an option for you.


  • Lightweight in nature.
  • Multiple professional teams use this version.


  • Minor colors are not in stock for 3 to 4 weeks.
  • This version has not been around very long.

8. Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II: Cheap Adult Football Helmets

Here we are going to review is the top-rated Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet. In a cool way, a lot of folks omit the “sports” and just call it Schutt Vengeance VTD II. We’ve also discovered that when choosing a football helmet for the first time, most people tend to focus too much on the outer shell. They want to know how durable it is and how well it could protect the head from concussions, but choosing the right helmet has more to it than the shell alone.

While the outer shell is indeed an important aspect of the helmet, its cushioning also needs a closer inspection. After all, a helmet’s padded interiors are meant to reduce impact and provide extra head protection.

When it comes to cushioning, the Schutt Vengeance VTD II offers full and comfortable coverage. Unlike most options, this helmet has TPU cushioning even in the inter-link jaw pads, and that’s not all. The Schutt Vengeance VTD II features a liner that comfortably wraps itself around the user’s head. This feature distributes the pressure and the weight evenly instead, greatly reducing the amount of force.

Apart from the reassuring head protection, what we loved about this cheap adult helmet was how simple and lightweight it is. It’s available in different colors and sizes.

9. Vicis Zero1: Newest Model

One of the best football brands is Vicis. Vicis believes that even more important than the style, color, or comfort of the helmet should be the protection of its athletes. For each Vicis model, there is a four-layer system: the Lode Shell, the Vicis RFLX, the Arch Shell, and the Form Liner.

Over a 3-year period, Vicis spent $20 million to research the best football helmet sold in today’s day and age. The research was done with the help of engineers, neurosurgeons, and athletes to test the product. This model works, too, because in 2017 and 2018 the helmet was tested in an NFL laboratory and garnered a 5-star Virginia Tech rating.

Along with protection, the Zero1 gives players an amazing peripheral vision. Normally, human beings can see 220 degrees. With the Zero1, you do not lose much because you still can see 212 degrees peripherally. So, if you are looking for a high-end football helmet, look no further than the Vicis Zero1.


  • Made of professional-grade materials.
  • Snug design.


  • Products are made and not in stock.
  • Expensive price at $950.

10.Xenith Youth X2E+ Football Helmet Mask

With many helmets being designed for the older generation of football players, finding a suitable version for your child who loves to play the beautiful game may be a daunting task. Young and budding football players are not exempt from injury, which is why Xenith has developed a safety helmet especially for them. The Xenith Youth X2E is a youth football helmet that has set the pace for many brands to follow, regarding helmets for the younger generation. This is a helmet made to suit and protect your little one (or not so little) one from possible injury while they play.

As one of the best youth football helmets, the X2E offers its protection via a lightweight ABS shell made of plastic. To enable the tank to move independently and mitigate all rotational forces, this youth helmet has been infused with a shock suspension system. For a custom fit, your child needs to tighten the chinstraps on this helmet; there is no need for pumps, which is impressive. Another feature this helmet possesses is its ability to provide an optimal response to direct impacts via its shock absorber technology. This way, the X2E+ adapts to the hit and reduces the overall effect on the player. With the absence of pumps, this helmet is made with a FitBand; a silicon band constructed to ensure a comfortable fit by conforming to the head shape and size of any player. Other features of this helmet include an attached facemask, 3XD jaw guards, dual-density comfort pads, a shell with six vents, and a Hybrid chin cup. This is a helmet designed to provide the ultimate protection for players at intermediate and youth levels. If you also like soccer, you will surely like some of the soccer backpacks from our list, so check them out.

FAQ About Best Football Helmets

What is a Football Helmet?

An American football helmet is a safety gear worn by many American or Canadian football players during a game. It is often constructed with a shell made of plastic, with thick internal padding, a chinstrap, face mask, and one or more metal bars with a plastic coating.

Other than size, is there a difference between adult and children’s Football Helmets?

The shell material used to construct adult football helmets is different from those used for children’s helmets. Often, the material used for children’s football helmets is durable yet lightweight, like ABS plastic. This material is strong enough to withstand large amounts of force and is not too heavy for a child to wear around comfortably.

Adult football helmets, on the other hand, are made with materials that are stronger and can withstand contact with both other helmets and other incredible impact forces. An example of such a durable material is Polycarbonate.

At what age should my child upgrade to an adult-sized Helmet?

Young football players who are aged between twelve and fourteen, or are in middle school can consider upgrading to an adult football helmet. Originally, however, there is no defined barrier existing between the two types of football helmets.

How do I know my helmet fits correctly?

You must measure the size of your head before any purchase, to avoid getting the wrong football helmet size. You can do this by using a measuring tape and indulging your parent, coach, or friend to help you get it done.

You start measuring from your forehead, at a place above the eyebrows where the helmet’s forehead pad will rest.

You can now find your proper size by consulting the sizing guide created by your preferred helmet brand to purchase your helmet.

When purchasing a helmet, try it on to ensure it is a snug fit, as snug-fitting and comfortable helmets are better than one that doesn’t fit correctly. Ensure that the chinstraps fit comfortably and that there are no space gaps left between the liner of the helmet and your temples, or between the paw pads and your jaw. Move or rotate your head to ensure that you can see what’s in front of you clearly without any obstruction, and also that the helmet doesn’t move along with you.

How much do football helmets weigh?

The weight of helmets vary depending on how they’re manufactured, the materials used, facemasks, shells, padding, and technologies. The weight of a helmet can affect how well you play and may cause a strain on the muscles of your neck. The risk of this is higher among younger players.

How does the helmet’s shell affect its performance?

The front line of defense against all impact forces is the helmet shell. It can take the brunt of any big hit, thanks to its hard and durable nature. They may be made from materials such as polycarbonate which is extremely strong, or ABS plastic which is also strong but not as much as polycarbonate.

Can I pump air into the helmet?

Air can only be pumped into a helmet if it comes with inflatable jaw pads and an airliner. These types of helmets require you to inflate the crown using a helmet pump, such that it fits snug and comfortably. Other places that must be inflated to fill up all other gaps are the jaw pads and the back of the head.

Can adults wear youth football helmets?

There is no restriction concerning the type of helmet one can wear, but adults are advised to make use of football helmets made from stronger and more durable materials since their games are more rigorous and involve a lot of head-to-head contacts.

What’s the best way to clean a Football Helmet?

Constant use of a football helmet leads to sweat being trapped in the fabric. Helmets are to be cleaned with soft fabric cloths that don’t have the potential to strip your helmet of its protective covering. Be sure to use mild cleansers and disinfectant sprays for cleansing and avoid using products with bleach or other hard chemicals as they may destroy the nature of your helmet.


At the end of the day, Best Football Helmets can be sleek, classy, and flashy, but what they really need to be is safe. No matter the types of football helmets you decide to look at, take your time, and do your due diligence.

Just because a helmet is rated the best college football helmet does not mean you should pick it too when you are in high school. Even if your heroes are wearing that same brand, know that your safety matters more than anything else in football.

Happy searching and enjoy the process because football is fun and your shopping process should be, as well.

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