The safest and smartest choice when it has to do with a motorcycle helmet is a full-face one. The full-face design not only protects your mind but also your face, also. The helmet layout can be packaged with features which make riding more enjoyable, and such helmets appear darn cool.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different versions on the market. They are not all created equal concerning substance or style. If you are going to put on a full-face helmet, then you may too wear one which will really protect you in a wreck, which usually means purchasing a helmet out of a reputed manufacturer and by a fantastic retailer.

German Helmets reviews the finest full-face helmets on the market. My coworkers and I’ve analyzed a lot of helmets through time, and we all know which ones would be best from personal experience. These helmets are going to keep you secure, comfy, and looking great on the bike.

Top 10 Best Full-Face Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Matte Black Small
Helmet shown with optional tinted shield. (Ships with clear shield only); Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust
Bestseller No. 4
1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Flip up Dual Visor Helmet + Spoiler + Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: HB89 Matt Black
Advanced Modular/Flip up and Dual Lens Design (inner smoked lens/outer clear shield);; Aerodyname Spoiler mounting helps helmet steady and stylish looking;
Bestseller No. 5
ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT 6 Colors (M, Matte Black)
High Resistance ABS Shell With Micrometrically Adjustable Strap; Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
Robot Motorcycle Helmet,Revealable Lens Motorcycle Full Face Helmet,DOT/FMVSS-218 Safety Standards,Adult Unisex, Suitable for All Seasons,Matt Black,L
★ ABS composite shell, EPS buffer inner shell, comfortable lining protection.; ★ The helmet conforms to DOT FMVSS-218 / ECE R2205 safety standards.
Bestseller No. 9
PS5 Protective Skin - Cyber 2077 Full Face Helmet - Compatible with Sony PlayStation 5 - Skins Vinly Wrap for 2 Controllers and Console
Unique Design Compatible with Sony PlayStation 5 Console.Standard Disc Version.; High quality vinyl wrap, easy to stick and remove

1. Shoei RF-1200 Full-Face Helmet Review

Whether you’re a newcomer or a professional, together with the Shoei RF-1200 helmet you may enjoy your ride completely. The Shoei RF-1200 is a brand new pinnacle in the helmet Industry. This full-face helmet has reached the next level of technology and performance. Like its predecessors, the Shoei RF-1200 features comfort and protection within this price range like nobody else. It’s among the safest helmets that meet the DOT and SNELL security criteria. Thus, let us have a fantastic look at the features of this Shoei RF-1200 full-face motorcycle helmet.

Full-Face Helmet Review

It’s a more rigid shell to absorb the impact in a crash. It’s a streamlined design and lightweight yet powerful shell to protect you from acute head injuries in a wreck. To ensure a customized fit, it comes in four casing dimensions. Fundamentally, the Shoei RF-1200 is aerodynamically stable and its own Dual-density EPS liner accommodates in fit and design without compromising ventilation in the helmet.

As we said, the venting system of Shoei’s RF-1200 helmet is a superior system. It’s three top airport intakes, a sizable lower three-position port, and four placed top exhaust vents. The EPS liner allows the cool air to flow through the tunnels from the lining.

To absorb moisture and perspiration, its 3-D Max-Dry System II Liner is dimensionally formed based on the rider to get a personalized fit. Its principal pads and pads match so and provide a firm hold during high-speed riding. Along with also the E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System) function allows the rapid removal of those cheek pads in the event of a crisis.

To expertise the ultimate quietness, the Shoei RF-1200 helmet’s innovative defense system includes a lot of features.

To remove the bending of the shield from end pressure it’s ribbed at the top and underside of the shield. This will help to relieve wind stress and sound.

Aside from that, it supplies a five-stage rotating dial for simple shield alterations, pin lock hooks and lens add, plus even more. In the end, the RF-1200 is in the Shoei brand which constantly focuses on greatest protection and innovative performance. That is the main reason Shoei is among the main brands within the helmet market.


  • Lightweight Design
  • PINLOCK Anti-fog Lens
  • Excellent Ventilation System
  • DOT and SNELL Approved


  • Minimal Designs
  • Not Acceptable for Round Heads

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2. Shoei GT-Air II

On the lookout for something with all of the bells and whistles? The Shoei GT-Air II is the helmet that you’re searching for. This helmet has been constructed to be whatever you might desire. It’s a lengthy list of features and can be a noteworthy step up in the cosmopolitan Shoei GT-Air.

The helmet provides an aerodynamically designed casing that looks good, lots of vents for proper airflow, a drop-down inner sun shield that is more time to provide much better protection, a Pinlock visor, incorporated SRL two Bluetooth Communication System from Sena, plus a detachable 3-D Max-Dry inside. Simply speaking, this helmet has everything and that is why it’s our choice for the best all-around or general helmet.

Jim analyzed this lid and discovered it to be among the best ones on the market. It takes the formulation which has been well-crafted together with all the Shoei GT-Air and updates practically everyone the things which had to be updated. Jim did notice that the helmet could be loud. Additionally, it may generate some strange noises occasionally. In addition, he noted some slight distress with the chin strap.

Aside from those minor problems, that the Shoei GT-Air II is a seriously great full-face helmet, and if you do not mind ponying up some fairly big bucks for you personally, you ought to be very pleased with it.

3. Bell Qualifier DLX Total Face Motorcycle Helmet

Since the 1950’s Bell Motorsports was a highly-respected manufacturer of fantastic racing helmets for all sorts of motorsports from amateur Sprint car racing and Pro Street drag racing to Formula One and Indy cars.

There is a strong tradition at Bell and the DLX carries it forward in the full-face motorcycle helmet class.

The mixture of comfort, quality, lightweight, street noise abatement plus a transitional face protector makes the variety of this Qualifier DLX as our #1 choice hard to dispute.

At Outdoor Pursuits that the price/value evaluation has value to all our product testimonials, in addition to the choice of our top-rated selections.

So it is especially wonderful to have all these features packed into a DOT/ECE full-face motorcycle helmet.

The patented Transitions photochromic face protector provides DLX owners the flexibility to ride day or night with no shield change. This is some video footage of this Qualifier DLX comprising the Transitions elastic shield.

It is difficult to overlook the expansion in demand for motorcycle helmets using Bluetooth. The Qualifier DLX may home the SENA SMH-10 or even a Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth unit using earphone recesses and reachable side-mount cavity.

It was really a joy to be a player in choosing the Bell Qualifier DLX is our #1 choice for the best full face motorcycle helmet and the Editors Choice among the powerful competition.

4. Scorpion EXO-R710

The Scorpion EXO-R710 is just one of the top helmets out there on the industry. This is particularly true when you factor in the purchase price. The helmet is a critical deal and provides a lot of features for approximately $200.

The helmet features a fiberglass and aramid blend shell. The casing is offered in 3 sizes to maintain the bobblehead look. The helmet also features a dual-density EPS lining that’s a multi-piece layout.

The helmet also contains a very long list of great features, such as an EverClear face guard, Aero-Tuned venting with four intakes along with three exhaust ports, KwikWick II moisture-wicking and watertight interior lining, speaker pockets, and crisis discharge cheek pads.

5. Storm Motorcycle Bike Full Face Helmet

This version by 1Storm features a mirrored visor that provides ultimate protection against sunlight and protects your face from insects, dirt, dust, and flying debris. The lightweight design is just one of those helmet’s greatest selling points. Weighing in at just four pounds, this is among the lightest full-face helmets on the marketplace, yet it offers greater than average protection in comparison to heavier, rival versions. The three-level ventilation system provides you complete control over airflow thanks to its highly flexible layout.


  • Three degree top venting systems
  • UV protected finish
  • Mirrored visor
  • Lightweight design
  • Aerodynamic design
  • The interior lining is detachable and washable


  • Doesn’t come with a Transparent face shield
  • Bulky design

6. HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

Second place at our top 10 best full-face helmet inspection listing is your HJC CL-17 Helmet. This is a brand new variant of this very common HJC CL-17 series which accompanies many improvements. So, exactly like everyone, in case you also find the functions, characteristics, and layout at a helmet prior to buying it, then you need to have a peek at the features of this HJC CL-17 full-face helmet. I am certain that you’ll be amazed after viewing the features and advantages that you’re becoming at the CL-17 cost range.

It’s an innovative polycarbonate mix lightweight shell designed for exceptional fit and fantastic comfort by CAD technology. Thus, you’ll have the greatest protection for your mind with no pressure. It’s a shell structure that’s perfectly aerodynamic secure. As a consequence, you won’t feel really much turbulence.

Should you prefer to select long motorcycle rides and revel in long excursions, the HJC CL-17 helmet can allow you to remain cool for a very long time period. Since it has a superb ventilation system. It provides Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (AC-S). It’ll continue to keep your mind and face region free from high temperatures and humidity for quite a while. Thus, you can keep cool and enjoy your motorcycle trip.

If you’re interested in finding an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield, then that is it. I want to notify you that the HJC CL-17 helmet features a characteristic of an installed PINLOCK system, that’s the most recent edition of an optically censored Pinlock-prepared face protector that provides 95 percent UV protection, prevents scrapes, and so is fog-resistant. It will give you better eyesight during your trip. This PINLOCK process is sold individually. Nonetheless, it’s extremely beneficial that you install it into your CL-17 helmet to acquire these features.

HJC comprised a moisture-wicking and antibacterial cloth from the CL-17 full-face helmet. The cheek pads are removable and may be washed whenever you want them. And all CL-17 cheek pads are interchangeable in most sizes. The SuperCool inside will enable you to enjoy your ride with no moisture or humidity inside your helmet.

Other features include a RapidFire shield replacement system that’s extremely suitable for installing and removing the face protector immediately.

In addition to this, the HJC CL-17 full-face helmet moved through rigorous testing to meet DOT and Snell security criteria.


  • Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • SuperCool Interior
  • Outstanding Ventilation
  • Value for Money


  • PINLOCK Lenses marketed separately

7. Fully Loaded

The SCHUBERTH R2 may not have all the bells and whistles of some other helmets on the market, but it’s a wonderful lid to have. The slick design and top-notch heights of relaxation set it apart from the great majority of different helmets on the market.

The helmet features an aerodynamically tuned casing. That makes it stable in speed and will not wear out you. The casing is constructed from a distinctive Direct Fiber Processing fiberglass. It is a slick design that’s functional and looks great.

The helmet also includes a Pinlock visor contained also it’s a ShinyTex fabric lining that is antimicrobial, removable, and washable. The inside lining is quick-drying and optimized for a secure fit. The helmet also includes proper venting to keep your head cool and comfy.

8. SCHUBERTH R2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The SCHUBERTH R2 may not have all the bells and whistles of some other helmets on the market, but it’s a wonderful lid to have. The slick design and top-notch heights of relaxation set it apart from the great majority of different helmets on the market.

The helmet features an aerodynamically tuned casing. This makes it stable in the speed and will not wear out you. The casing is constructed from a distinctive Direct Fiber Processing fiberglass. It is a slick design that’s functional and looks great.

The helmet also includes a Pinlock visor contained also it’s a ShinyTex fabric lining that is antimicrobial, removable, and washable. The inside lining is quick-drying and optimized for a secure fit. The helmet also includes proper venting to keep your head cool and comfy.

9. MMG Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This Intimidating looking helmet features a matte black finish and comes outfitted with a couple of visors, one designed for day use and another designed for night riding. The two visors are outfitted with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, for improved visibility on the street. Other top features include a fast release visor mechanism, both removable and washable cheek pads, and EPS impact absorption internal lining. It comes in sizes that range from little to extra-large.

This really is a budget-friendly, lightweight helmet that comes with just two visors installed. Finding out how to pick the ideal visor to the motorcycle helmet will be dependent on light requirements. For example, you are going to pick the smoky visor for bright sunshine, and the crystal clear visor for low light conditions or nighttime riding. For the cost, this version is a fantastic purchase. While it’s not quite as flashy as some higher-priced versions, it features the exact same amount of protection and provides a more aerodynamic design.


  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Washable liner
  • DOT approved
  • 2 visors


  • Not Snell certified

10. AGV K-3 SV Full-Face Helmet Review

The main reason why I included this helmet at the listing of best full-face motorcycle helmets is due to the positive reaction from the riders. Those who have used this helmet are already utilizing it are extremely positive regarding the AGV K-3 SV helmet.

They have reason to be. The helmet continues the heritage of the first K-3 helmet of AGV. The helmet is constructed on the base of AGV’s extensive knowledge in the design of their Pista GP and Corsa helmets.

The AGV K-3 SV helmet comprises an HIR-TH (High Definition Thermoplastic Resin) casing, which is extremely powerful yet lightweight. This thermoplastic shell provides protection from significant effects throughout a crash. To decrease turbulence whilst riding in high-speed, the AGV K-3 SV helmet includes a streamlined rear spoiler incorporated into it.

The form of the helmet is round-oval and aerodynamically optimized for equilibrium. The AGV K-3 SV helmet is a fantastic option. If you’re trying to find a helmet that’s complex, rich in features, constructed on modern technologies, and provides protection to your head afterward the AGV K-3 SV helmet would be the one for you.

The helmet includes 4 EPS sizes which are optimized due to the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) system. Additionally, the helmet meets the DOT safety criteria.

Considering that the AGV K-3 SV helmet is a sport-touring helmet, it integrates a drop-down sun visor, which makes the helmet acceptable for touring riders. This drop-down sun visor is incorporated together with the helmet and maybe substituted without using any tools. It comes with a GT-2 scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate face protector which provides 100 percent protection against UV rays. The face protector is optically correct and contains an improved peripheral vision. Well, for this particular facility, the charge goes to the specially formed profile of this aperture.

The AGV K-3 SV helmet comprises an XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) visor mechanism for easy removal and installation of the protector within minutes. The fantastic thing is the whole mechanism is completely tool-less!

When I saw this particular helmet, I thought it wasn’t effective at providing excellent ventilation. However, when I set it on and went to get a ride, I was completely amazed!

The helmet provides great venting!

It’s four intake vents 1 to the brow guard and 3 to the brow. Aside from that, it’s 2 rear exhaust ports to eliminate the warm air inside the helmet to keep a proper balance of air movement across the helmet.

The AGV K-3 SV helmet includes the completely removable and washable 3D inner liner and cheek pads which are sanitized and created out of Dry-Comfort fabrics. That usually means the cloth is effective at dissipating sweat quicker than normal fabrics and keeps you comfy and dry at all times. The softness of the fabric is really wonderful.


  • HIR-TH (High Definition Thermoplastic Resin)
  • Meets the DOT safety standards
  • XQRS visor mechanism

Full-Face Helmets Buyer’s Guide

Some riders will prevent wearing a full-face helmet in any way costs. But why? These helmets have a tendency to offer you a very comfortable fit, can possibly fog up whether the visor does not contain anti-fog protection, and they may be incredibly alluring to wear if you are riding in large temperatures.

However, through time, helmet makers have taken a fresh approach to full-face layouts, including ventilation systems, better effect absorption padding which also features moisture-wicking capacities, and much more. Though a few low-priced models might be uncomfortable to wear and may hinder visibility, a number of those top helmets available on the market permit you to put on a full-face helmet at complete comfort, while enjoying high of the line protection in case of an accident, as well as those helmets may also protect you from the components, flying debris, dirt, and germs, and much more.

Full-Face Helmets Buyer's Guide

If you have been riding a bike for many years, then you are probably already aware that these helmets are mathematically much safer in comparison to other styles available on the market. Broadly, they could significantly lower your chance of death or severe harm by thirty-seven percentage. Besides being safer, they also come equipped with specific features that make them the best selection for cross country riders.

Aspects to Consider Before To Attain That Purchase Now Button

Can a full-face helmet function for you? Below, you will discover lots of benefits connected to full-face helmet usage, these helmets may provide ultimate protection on the street and significant details regarding rider security.

To find out more about bike safety during travel, read my post about the best way best to secure your helmet into your motorcycle with a holder.

Complete Protection

Apparently, the biggest advantage this kind of helmet supplies is that it completely protects the crown and back of your mind in addition to the face. Additionally, it will come with a chin bar that stays securely in place in regards into contact with a surface.

Motorcyclists who use full-face helmets will also be less prone to facial injuries and fractures because the helmet provides the best quantity of coverage. Additionally, according to a study, riders that do not wear helmets that protect their faces are far more vulnerable to head and brain injuries even if they use a half helmet, 3/4 helmets, or an open face helmet.

Statistics demonstrate that riders who suffer facial injuries are 3.5 times more likely to endure a brain injury. For example, if you reach your chin hard on effect; it may vibrate across the face and also get to the brain. Since half helmets don’t protect the chin region, they can’t effectively help to protect against this kind of harm.

Protective Lining

On the street, head protection isn’t sufficient. The interior of the helmet should have a removable and washable liner in addition to comfy cheek pads. The pads are made from an impact-absorbing substance that may significantly lessen the intensity of a mind and/or facial harm.

The inside lining additionally promotes user comfort during hot climates.

Full-face helmets may be uncomfortable to wear high temperatures, causing the rider to sweat too. Even though this is definitely embarrassing, it may also be harmful, because the perspiration can get from the rider’s eyes and also affect their eyesight. Fortunately, a lot of the greatest full face motorcycle helmets are equipped with liners that are created from the moisture-wicking substance, which was made to pull perspiration away from the skin, keeping the rider dry and cool.


If you do not enjoy the constant feeling of the wind in mind, which many riders do not, then this kind of helmet is a superb option. Additionally, it is a better choice for riders who use eyeglasses. This sort of helmet fits comfortably in your face to avoid the mind from bouncing around. The tighter fit additionally guarantees that the helmet will stay on, even at a crash.

Reduced Wind Noise

If you are a rider who finds high wind sound canceling and distracting, then a full-face helmet is a better choice. In case you have problems focusing on the street in high wind conditions, then this helmet can provide complete protection. Most versions will come equipped with a kind of wind noise reduction technology that blocks the wind from getting into the inside of the helmet.

Decreased Visibility

Visibility could be lacking using a full-face design. As you’re on the street, you might be not able to understand another driver or driver arriving in your blind spot, which is always a significant security problem. However, provided that you maintain this blind place in mind as you’re riding the freeway and dividing lanes, then you can do this safely. Even though an open-faced helmet certainly provides better visibility, they can not provide the kind of protection a full-face helmet may.


Besides this impact-absorbing, moisture-wicking inside liner, some versions also come equipped with ventilation systems that are extensive. These systems create wearing a helmet comfortable since air can flow in and outside of their helmet. This sort of airflow can be a lifesaver if you are riding throughout the summertime.

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The Modular Full-Faced Helmet

This is a kind of full-face helmet that allows you to lift the whole front section of the helmet upward to expose your own face. A modular helmet nevertheless provides complete protection, but in addition, it provides the wearer the choice to fully expose their encounter, in case they require a little atmosphere.

Why is it different from conventional full-face helmets is the latter just allows one to lift the visor up while a modular helmet also lets you lift the chin bar. Essentially, you can completely change your full-face helmet into an open face design immediately, without removing any components and with usually only a push of a button. A modular full-face helmet is the very best option if you would like complete protection and liberty at precisely the exact same moment.

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A New Take on Layout

The modular design helmet is specially designed for extra comfort and comes equipped with a hinge which lets you change it into an open face helmet. This design consists of a hybrid of forms and integrates elements of the full-faced helmet along with an open-faced helmet.

But most people wrongly think that modular helmets are supposed to be utilized open-faced throughout a ride, but they are not. This open-face capacity should just be used to obtain a little fresh air between rides, without needing to take off your helmet. It is not safe to journey round open-face style. For example, you can reverse up the eyebrow bar and have a fast conversation with a riding friend at a stoplight, but after that light turns green, then you will want to turn the chin bar back into position and turn it into a full-faced version for supreme protection.

What Makes the Full-Faced Helmet that the Safest-All the Added Benefits

As I mentioned previously, the classic full-faced version is the only type of helmet that may provide whole protection. The whole helmet has been forged into one unit, so it does not have some weak points such as the modular design does, considering the hinged design.

If you would like to be completely protected since you journey at high rates, then the full-faced helmet is the only thing to do. These helmets can provide a comfortable, snug fit that is elastic, and much more comfy than versions produced just a couple of decades back.

Many riders wrongly feel that just a heavy helmet might provide whole protection. However, these days, there are lots of DOT-approved lightweight aerodynamic full-faced helmets which may provide the identical amount of protection their thicker counterparts can. This lightweight design prevents neck strain, anxiety, and also the kind of overall distress that includes wearing a helmet which weighs a few pounds, for hours on the street.

The Way They Could Save You

Many studies have proven that wearing a full-faced helmet may significantly boost a rider’s success rate. In reality, this kind of helmet is effective at preventing acute injuries to the mind.

These studies have proven that at least twenty percent of riders who perished in an accident were wearing half of the helmets or no helmet in any way. Although this percentage might appear low, this is a result of the fact that more than half of motorcycle fatalities involved severe injuries that happened below the throat.

If you crash and your mind makes contact with the floor or your bike in a high speed, this kind of abrupt and acute impact can lead to a traumatic brain injury and skull harm. In the event the brain turns or strikes at an angle upon effect, the danger is a lot higher because the brain stem and the mind melts or spins slightly within the skull prior to hitting against it, which may lead to bleeding and ripping.

Helmets that don’t provide whole protection and protect the neck region and chin, along with the mind, or more inclined to fly upon impact, whereas the full-faced helmet’s chin bar functions to maintain the helmet firmly in place.

The largest drawback of this full-face helmet is just the fact that they are less easy to use than other fashions considering you must take out the helmet entirely to speak with a riding friend or delight in the fresh air. However, these helmets have a tendency to shine where other fashions fall short.

They are generally much lighter compared to modular design helmets as they don’t have additional components like hinges. This makes them a much better option for the rider seeking a milder helmet to get all-day use.

They are also more aerodynamic in contrast to other styles. If you would like to achieve a greater rate on your bike, then you’ll certainly enjoy the decline in drag they provide.

When many riders assert that the sort of helmet you decide on should depend on your riding style, in case you’re trying to find the safest versions available on the current market, the complete face is the only thing to do.

Key Takeaway: Set security first before anything else in regards to deciding on the most powerful helmet. Though a lot of riders consider full-faced models overly uncomfortable and closed, it is the only kind that could provide whole protection.


Thank you for reading The 7 Greatest Full Face Motorcycle Helmets. We expect this article gave you all of the info you had to choose the brand and kind of Full Face Motorcycle Helmets helmet that’s ideal for you.