Among the best components of riding a motorcycle is Best Gopro For Motorcycle Helmets. But there are times when you’ll want to share the experiences you’ve had and the amazing sights you’ve observed. While you can tell people about these, nothing communicates them in addition to video footage and photos. With the increase in social networking popularity, riders are more enthusiastic about shooting videos they can share following editing or in real-time.

Motorcycle helmet cameras are a secure and convenient means of shooting video footage and photos of your journey. They can even be utilized for coaching purposes, in case you ride. If you’re unfortunate enough to become involved in a collision or a confrontation over the street, the recorded video will help back up your version of events. They frequently have hands free or one-touch functioning and acquire clear higher definition footage. They include several features, so we’ll assist you in making an educated decision with our selection of the best motorcycle helmet cameras.
Best Gopro For Motorcycle Helmets

Top 10 Best Gopro For Motorcycle Helmets Brands

Bestseller No. 9
Bestseller No. 10
BluArmor Action-cam Compatible Chin Mount for Motorcycle Helmets
High-speed stability (tested up to speeds of 160kmph); Compatible with most action cameras (gopro, sj cam, etc.)

1. GoPro HERO5 Black

Best Gopro For Motorcycle Helmets
A streamlined motorcycle helmet camera that provides you with a mixture of functionality coupled with advantage. It provides 4K video movies and contains hands-free voice command in addition to an easy-to-use signature screen.

The entire device is waterproof, so it may be utilized in all weathers without becoming ruined. As a result of the video stabilization, you may capture smooth videos when mounted into a helmet. It’ll send video footage on your smartphone, but you have to set up the appropriate programs and subscribe to this GoPro service. You might also play the movie onto the GoPro unit two-inch screen.

The other choice is to automatically upload the pictures in the Gopro for motorcycle helmet into the cloud through an AC power plug that isn’t included. The kit also includes a rechargeable battery, mounting buckle, and USB-C cable. Additionally, it includes a curved and flat adhesive bracket.


Records 4K high-quality video footage.

Hands-free voice command

Two-inch screen for instant playback

Comes with rechargeable battery and mounts

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2. GoPro HERO7 Black

This rugged and waterproof camera is ideal for your motorcycle. It’s an easy-to-use touchscreen. It’s possible to capture in Ultra 4K HD movie or shoot 12MP pictures. Additionally, it flows in a 720p video. There are numerous features to boost your videos, such as Timewarp, Hypersmooth, and voice management.

The waterproof casing is both protected and rocky. This will help it withstand use while riding your motorcycle. The high-quality picture and video taking will catch every facet of your riding experience.

Regrettably, the firmware is obsolete from the box. As a consequence, you can not begin using it straight away. Alternatively, you must await the firmware upgrade. You might fight with it brittle while filming or shooting pictures. This will make editing your footage a challenge afterward.

3. Campark ACT74 Action Camera

This is a sports activity camera that’s equipped to capture video footage from 4K/30fps. Additionally, it may take photos at 16M, providing you outstanding resolution. It includes a 170-degree angle lens as normal and a 2 inch HD display for enjoying your footage. It’s not hard to correct the angle perspective, and you’ll be able to pick several perspectives, so no background information will be overlooked.

This motorcycle camera can be controlled remotely through a WiFi connection and can be used with iOS and Android smartphone operating systems. Videos have been relayed instantly via email or societal websites. It’s waterproof and will have no problems standing up to moist conditions on the street. It includes dual lithium rechargeable batteries that will endure for up to 180 minutes of shooting. It’s also provided with mounting kit accessories so that it could be attached firmly to a helmet. There’s a carry case, but this isn’t included.


Video footage from 4K/30fps

170-degree angle lens as ordinary

Fully waterproof

Comes with helmet mounting kit attachments

4. GoPro HERO8 Black

The HERO8 records video from 4K and contains an updated and streamlined design. The lens is just two times longer impact-resistant compared to the last version, along with the camera features three degrees of insertion via HyperSmooth 2.0 (on, high, and also increase ). It’s in-app horizon leveling and functions together with resolutions and frame prices. Additionally, it has folding palms at the bottom, which means that you can quickly switch mounts.

For an activity camera, the picture quality is exceptional, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket. TimeWarp 2.0 permits you to stabilize time-lapse footage as you’re on the go. It automatically adjusts according to movement, picture detection, and light. The camera also lets you capture 1.5 seconds before and after the shot, letting you decide on the best picture. Accessories include radios, flashes, and LCD displays via a mod add-on.

On the downside, the program link isn’t too great, and it could lag or detach. Additionally, the battery door is flimsy and will fall off if you start it too far. Additionally, the front lens and the camera aren’t replaceable.

5. GoPro HERO Session Action Camera

Best Gopro For Motorcycle Helmets
This is an extremely convenient camera for everyday use. It might suit a rider with no experience working with a motorcycle helmet camera or searching for a backup camera. You may turn on the electricity and begin recording using one press of a button. When you stop recording, then it will automatically turn it off. The movie quality is 1080p60, the higher resolution with 1440 pixels per inch plus it records in 100 frames per second to get smooth playback. The photograph capture is 8MP providing you outstanding image and movie quality.

The motorcycle camera’s plan is equally compact, rugged, and waterproof, so there’s no requirement for you to get another housing. It may connect via Bluetooth or WiFi through the GoPro program, so sharing pictures isn’t any problem. If you take a GoPro Plus subscription, you might automatically upload movies right into the cloud.


High resolution with 1440 pixels per inch

Records in 100 frames per second

Connects through Bluetooth or WiFi

Strong and waterproof case

6. AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Action Camera

GoPro is a bit like”Jell-o” or even”Band-Aid” in the manner that it is a brand that has become synonymous with this product. But, these subsequent five action cameras will prove GoPro has some great competition.

The AKASO EK7000 is a wireless, waterproof action camera that movies in 1080p detail. It is controlled with a wrist-mounted distance, which, apart from making you feel like a sci-fi badass, makes it a breeze to control each function on the camera.

Even though the battery life isn’t good, we are happy the EK7000 ships with two batteries–it will be quite a while until you need to look for a different one. Additionally, compared to GoPro, the cost is outstanding.

If anything we do not like with this camera, aside from the battery lifetime, its promise of 4K resolution is somewhat misleading. Yes, it may take in 4K, but it is so large that you will be running back to 1080p within seconds.

7. AKASO Sports Action Camera

You’ll receive professional-quality videos for this Ultra HD Action Camera. It’ll capture 4K 25fps and 2.7K movies at photographs at 30 frames per second. The settlement is outstanding. You can run it via the remote controller that fits your wrist and works via 2.4G RF, which permits you to command the camera and capture video with only a press of this button.

The motorcycle camera is powered by two rechargeable batteries that offer you around 90 minutes of recording time. It includes WiFi and HDMI connections, so that you may share your movie with no hassle. All you have to do is install the Program onto your smartphone or tablet — it functions through Android or iOS apparatus that may be up to ten meters away from your camera.

The motorbike camera is waterproof and may face up to hard surroundings as it includes a waterproof, rugged situation. The package includes many accessories, such as seven five and mount tethers.


Outstanding resolution

WiFi and HDMI compatible

Remote one-touch controller

4K 25fps and 2.7K movies

8. Campark ACT74 Ultra HD Action Camera

Our next non-GoPro action camera stems out of Campark. The ACT74 is a user-friendly, budget-conscious camera that is more than strong enough to capture holiday memories and sporting occasions.

The ACT74’s best attribute, aside from the minimal cost, is its waterproof housing. We shot it down to approximately 30 ft beneath the surface and were able to acquire a beautifully clean video. You probably won’t receive it that moist on your bike, however, you can be certain rainstorms won’t faze it. The 170-degree wide-angle lens is just another wonderful touch.

Such as the AKASO aforementioned, this camera includes two rechargeable batteries, each having a battery life of approximately 1.5 hours. Contrary to the AKASO, it does not include a useful wrist-mounted remote. Instead, you need to control it using an app that is frustratingly difficult to join –you can make it function, however, just by jiggling your WiFi off and on.

The other drawback, aside from the aggravating Program, is that the resolution does not make 4K. The Campark ACT74 is significantly more comfy at 1080p.

9. GoPro Helmet Mounts

If you’re trying to find a GoPro helmet bracket, the GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount is a fantastic option!

For starters, it may be fastened to either the side or front of your Helmet. It joins with a sticky adhesive that will withstand everything from rainy days to high-speed motorcycle winds, and therefore you don’t need to think about it falling off.

In terms of the root plate, it retains your GoPro camera with the support of a mounting buckle and thumbscrew. Both these items are included with your purchase, which means that you can begin after you open the box.

This helmet mount can be directed and adjusted to your precise specifications. It is made out of a swivel bracket that could rotate in many directions, which means you don’t ever need to worry about missing a fantastic shot as you’re on the move.

The sole drawback of the adhesive bracket is that it may not be compatible with specific helmet types. By way of instance, in case you’ve got a vented helmet with a great deal of open space, then there may not be space for a camera bracket. That, and it is glue — which makes it a lasting addition to your Helmet.

All things considered, but the GoPro Helmet Mount is a worthwhile investment in terms of GoPro accessories. It does exactly what it should perform, and it will not be hard to utilize it.

10. GoPro MAX

Best Gopro For Motorcycle Helmets
Sometimes 2D video just doesn’t cut it. If you want a good-looking 360 videos, the GoPro MAX is the best choice. This camera is the most advanced 360 camera GoPro has ever made and is well worth a buy for those who want new and interesting shots. You get great video quality and stabilization, two key aspects in good motorcycle footage. The low light quality is not great, but that’s a small price to pay for such an amazing camera.


  • Best 360 video stitching
  • Good video quality
  • Great image stabilization


  • Bad low light quality
  • Regular video (not 360) looks bad



A: While it’s the maximum quality most GoPros arrive with, you might choose to reduce the settlement to 1080p or perhaps 720p. This will let you conserve space on the SD card and reduce the size of this file when you move it.


A: This is based upon the aspect ratio that you document in. If you’re shooting video in 4K quality, then the batteries will not last as long as though you have been on a lower setting. Normally, the batteries will probably last about 90 minutes, so you might choose to bring many batteries.


A: As GoPro cameras are intended for traveling, they ought to include their very own mounting hardware. They could be attached directly to a helmet or into the handlebars of this motorcycle.


A: The GoPro must have its editing applications that you could use on the actual device. But if you would like to edit your PC or notebook, you will need your editing package. To get 4K video, then you require a computer that’s capable of producing the resolution properly.


Hopefully, the guide has helped you so that you can pick the proper GoPro camera to your Helmet. Thank you and see you in German Helmet