There are lots of poorly-made half motorcycle helmets on the market, so in the following guide, German Helmets will help you find the best half helmet. We are going to feature half helmets that have exceptional quality and brand new technologies, in addition, to discuss flaws and price factors.

If you are a cruiser rider or possess a typical motorcycle, an open face helmet may be a terrific alternative. I like a full-face lid, and that I frankly put on a modular the majority of the time, but said, my helmet was a half helmet.

You will hear some men bash half helmets since they are less secure as a full-face. That is accurate, but the simple fact of the matter is that folks love half helmets, and I will never tell somebody they can not wear one. You need to wear what you would like. With all that said, I would like to have a fantastic look at five of their best half helmets on the market.

best half helmet

These helmets feature a great blend of design, features, and top-quality construction. If you are leaning towards a half helmet to your next lid, then consider one of the next.

Top 12 Best Half Helmet Brands

SaleBestseller No. 1
VCAN Cruiser Solid Flat Black Half Face Motorcycle Helmet (Medium)
Top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that meets DOT standards; Over 30 Years of Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturing
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet Sun Visor Quick Release Buckle DOT Approved Half Face Helmets for Men Women (Indian, L)
Quick Release Chin Strap Easily Get It On and Off; Quality Improved Integrated Drop Down Sun Visor, Removable and Replaceable
Bestseller No. 5
German Flat Black Novelty Skull Cap Half Helmet (Black, XL)
German Flat Black Novelty Skull Cap Half Helmet
SaleBestseller No. 7
ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Sun Visor Quick Release Buckle DOT Approved Cycling Motocross Suits Men Women (L, Matt Black)
Quick Release Chin Strap Easily Get It On and Off; Quality Improved Integrated Drop Down Sun Visor, Removable and Replaceable
Bestseller No. 8
Final Voyage
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Torben Föllmer, Milan Pesl, Vincenz Türpe (Actors)
Bestseller No. 9
TORC T55 Spec-Op Adult Half Helmet with 'Flag” Graphic (Flat Black, Medium)
2 outer shell sizes for proper scale in appearance; Intermediate oval head shape; Integrated drop down internal sun visor

1. Bell Rogue Half Helmet

The Bell Rogue Half Helmet is your brand new Bell half helmet and it contrasts involving being a half helmet along with using the relaxation of a 3/4 helmet. A muzzle that’s flexible, weatherproof, and removable is only for relaxation. In Winter that this muzzle functions as a shield against a trendy atmosphere and in the summertime, a part of the inner liner can be eliminated, provide micro air protection whilst allowing more air to flow.

Be aware that this muzzle is only for relaxation and it doesn’t include any additional protection. The major protection can be found in the casing itself, which is made of a lightweight coating matrix (composed of Kevlar, fiberglass, resin) high-end material more durable than poly carb helmets. The match itself is for oblong and intermediate head shapes so it’s going to cater to many riders head-shapes. The inside, which is detachable, is comfortable letting for smooth airflow.

The Bell Rogues’ EPS comes below the rim for extra protection, support, and comfort. Two ways this helmet may be worn out – one is with sporting riding goggles with departing the strap around the exterior of the casing (becoming really popular) OR, there’s a particular distance at both sides of the helmet toenails guards that adapt for sunglasses – together with all the arms slotting between the EPS and the cheek guards.

4 colors available military black, matte black, gloss black, and gunmetal.


  • Flock magnetic link makes the muzzle Simple to eliminate and connect
  • DOT criteria approved for open face/half helmet
  • Removable neck roll for comfort around the base of the skull
  • A Good Deal of cut-aways and include ins to get Additional support
  • The EPS + shrouding provide for Increased head relaxation
  • Main comfort lining — completely washable and removable
  • Premium stainless steel D-rings
  • The weight is approx. 900g.
  • Rating 4.4/5


  • Even Though It has speaker pockets that are convenient, they Might Be a little tight to match a speaker system

2. Daytona Helmet Slim Line Skull Cap Half Shell Helmet

You may still get a fantastic brand even when you’re on a budget, and this Daytona half shell helmet is a testament to this. This product continues to get compliments from clients due to the wonderful design and economical price tag. It is DOT-approved, also (It is in fact among the smallest DOT half shell helmets made).

This helmet boasts of this Moisture Wicking Fabric, making certain the rider’s mind is kept cool and comfortable even at hot temperatures, also includes a handy strap discharge function that keeps the helmet protected. Additionally, it comes in great colors like white, black, and an assortment of metallic colors.

One other fantastic thing about this particular helmet is the protection it provides. While it doesn’t have the complete protection of a full-face helmet, many riders swear with its own security. Some customers that got into injuries have stated this helmet saved their own lives.

1 possible drawback of the helmet would be that the”mushroom head” effect, which many clients are attempting to prevent (mainly because it seems awkward and funny ). Aside from this, but this is something which you ought to consider if you’re searching for a product that moves security criteria, is comfortable, and very affordable.


  • Has the Moisture Wicking Fabric attribute for Additional comfort
  • Very cheap
  • DOT-approved


  • Has a”mushroom head” impact

3. Sena Cavalry Helmet

Kicking off things for this listing is your Sena Cavalry Helmet. This lid is a superb alternative if you would like some innovative technology features but really need to stay with a half helmet layout. The Sena Cavalry includes a Bluetooth communication device installed.

The helmet’s comm unit features Bluetooth 4.1, hands-free profile, advanced audio distribution profile, audio-video remote control profile, innovative sound control with end noise reduction, and assistance for linking up to four riders. There is also a built-in FM radio.

The helmet features a Fiberglass composite shell, aerodynamic low-profile removable visor, D-ring chin strap, and DOT approval. The helmet also includes two ear pads along with a charging cable.

4. HJC Strong IS-Cruiser Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet

This DOT-approved matte black half helmet is slick and modern-looking. It features an integrated smoked sunshine shield that’s simple to use and provides added vision protection. The composite shell is constructed from lightweight polycarbonate. CAD technology enriches its match, and it includes a nylon strap D-ring retention system.

The helmet features plush and moisture-wicking Nylex cushioning and has a removable and washable anti-bacterial lining. The helmet fits well comfy and secure. The flip-down shield reduces wind noise and immunity and does not interfere with eyeglasses.

1 drawback is that the helmet does not possess the best ventilation. In addition, it can become very hot in the summertime since it is shameful. Many folks complain that the helmet makes your head look like a giant bubble, and it might feel a small top-heavy on a few riders.

5. Vega Helmets – Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield

The half helmet includes a fashionable design for riders searching for liberty with a cozy fit. The head covering is light in weight and provides you a comfortable, comfortable fit.

You may purchase it in solid colors to provide you a compact appearance with the skullcap acceptable for people to wear. There’s a drop-down protect to protect your eyes using an interior moisture-wicking lining.

On the face of the helmet, you’ve got the adjustment dial system for a personalized fit, and also the quick-release straps cushioned. On the flip side, the motorcycle helmet is DOT Certified also.


  • Stylish design
  • Relaxed fit
  • Sunshade
  • Dial modification match


  • None Noted

6. Outlaw T68 Half Helmet

The Outlaw half face helmet provides ultimate protection and comfort whilst still ensuring that you keep your design when riding. This helmet is constructed from a polycarbonate casing and an impact-absorbent lining. This is super lightweight half helmet and less bulky than other half helmets on the market. It features an adjustable chin strap using D-ring closing. This helmet is designed to offer you reassurance when riding. Anyway, you may take advantage of this helmet with goggles.

7. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Unisex-Adult Half Helmet

This isn’t merely a tough-looking half helmet but additionally a technology-driven one. It features an outer shell that’s constructed from lightweight Polymer Alloy (KPA). This economically offers comfort and extreme protection.

As you journey through the winds, the Twin Shield, drop-down sunscreen program protects your eyes from sunlight and the end. The sunscreen could be wrapped halfway or let down all of the ways. This permits you to pick which position works best for you at the moment.

You do not just look cool once you use this, you feel trendy. This is due for the flow-through, flashed venting system that can keep you cool on those hot days.

Along with all these, it’s ready to readily connect via Bluetooth into a communicating platform. With this, it is easy to remain in contact with your fellow riders.

This can be a motorcycle half helmet worth using.


  • Lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell provides good protection.
  • Flexible drop-down sunscreen using 2 locking positions.
  • Moisture-wicking, removable, and washable inner fabric liner for greater comfort.
  • Flow-through venting system that keeps the rider cool.
  • Bluetooth prepared for a simple connection to a communicating system.


  • The visor can make night riding somewhat hard.

8. ILM Motorcycle half helmets

ILM half helmet is constructed from a standard outer shell and high-density foam. It satisfies the caliber of DOT and is consequently approved. The helmet is lightweight, secure, and comfortable.

The motorcycle half helmets with a retractable visor. This is a benefit it has more than half helmets since you do not need to take sunglasses around. The visor is tinted and may be pulled back in the helmet when not being used. Additionally, it has an adjustable chin strap which accommodates any size of mind or contour. The straps are readily removed or corrected for relaxation.

The helmet comes in dark color and goes well with any color of bike or motorcycle. It’s lightweight, making it comfortable for usage.


  • It’s DOT approved for motorcycle riding and other sport: it’s been analyzed and approved by the Department of Transportation. If you are in a nation that only permits DOT approved helmets, then you are secure with this product.
  • Ventilation: it features a normal venting system which helps to decrease heat on your mind. This leaves you more comfortable when riding.
  • Comes in glossy or matte black color: black is a universal color that goes with almost any additional color. You may use it with almost any color of a motorcycle. It’s also appropriate for both women and men.
  • It includes a tinted visor: that the visor is flexible, retractable, and detachable.


  • It includes a quick-release buckle in the sides: it is easy to take the helmet off together with the buckle.
  • The ear flap is comfortable and soft: it does not squeeze your chin or face since it is possible to adapt to any size that you desire.
  • It includes a removable visor that you can opt to use the visor or not. You might even decide to utilize your shades by retracting the visor to the helmet.


  • The visor may be broken when not managed with caution.

9. Scorpion EXO – C110 Helmet

The EXO helmet is Scorpion’s brand new variant of a traditional helmet. With an innovative ventilation system, a dual EPS lining, and an improved SpeedView sun visor mechanism (that are retractable), this can be a top helmet with the extra advantage of classic, cool lines and a reddish feature on the chin strap.

The anti-fog shield makes this helmet perfect for cooler Winter requirements and is complemented from the warmer months from the very low summit visor. This can be a very popular alternative for a helmet since it sits on the mind whilst providing exceptional support and protection. Reviews have returned from riders stating that the Scorpions EXO helmet’s sizing wasn’t just normal, so best to try out several sizes on before purchasing one.


  • EverClear anti-fog half helmet with face shield
  • Low profile summit visor allowing Fantastic visibility with sun protection
  • Pockets for speakers and comms system
  • DOT criteria approved
  • Advanced polycarbonate shell
  • Anti-bacterial cloth liner


  • The helmet size could be somewhat narrow for bigger heads
  • The strapping is nearer to the throat that other helmet straps

10. Crazy Al’s Worlds Smallest Helmet – The Best 1/2 Helmets

This helmet is a favorite because of its Sons of Anarchy-inspired design, its own lightness/small dimensions, and its own relaxation.

A few of the wonderful features of this half helmet comprise adjustable straps which allow simple removal, in addition to a reduced mushroom mind impact along with the glossy look (there isn’t any branding, just a DOT-approved text onto the trunk. This is only one of the chief reasons why many riders prefer it – it seems good). It pairs nicely with goggles, also.

The plan is also something which owners continue to praise – it is small and lightweight, but it doesn’t seem bulky. It could resemble a novelty helmet, but it is not. The quick-release chin strap is also user friendly.

The best part is that it may really take on quicker rates and long rides, something a lot of seasoned and long-time riders have voiced pride for.

If you’re trying to find the lightest and lowest priced product that resembles a novelty helmet however has more security features such as a DOT approval, this is something you ought to put money into. This costs around $100 – certainly not the cheapest on the listing, but it’s a fantastic investment.

Notice: Should you choose to opt for this helmet, then it’s encouraged that you obtain a size bigger than you’d wear as a full-face helmet. This is something which lots of users will almost certainly suggest. Additionally, find out the sizing chart along with other client testimonials to make sure.


  • No mushroom head impact
  • Among the lightest and tiniest half helmets available on the market


  • Not Affordable

11. GLX – Unisex Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

The half helmet includes a fiberglass composite shell with a lightweight design and DOT approved. You obtain a superior fit with all the CAD technologies to keep your head covered.

The head covering includes a detachable visor with a quick-release strap along with microfiber internal liner. On the flip side, you receive a year guarantee included also.

The synthetic leather provides an exceptional touch indoors, keeping your mind breezy whilst driving.

Motorcycle Half Helmet in a glance:

  • The M15 half helmet includes the approval of DOT for security
  • Made using a fiberglass shell and lightweight
  • Removable visor
  • Quick-release strap
  • Artificial leather layout with a microfiber liner
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Lightweight
  • Good visor
  • Soft inner
  • Adjustable quick-release strap


  • None Noted

12. Voss 888FRP Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet – Best Value

The Voss 888FRP Bullet Cruiser Half Helmet is a work of art for the discerning rider. The outer shell is constructed from hand-woven fiberglass, which is lightweight and powerful. It sits deep onto the mind, giving the helmet a very low profile that lots of riders love.

 Voss 888FRP Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet

Maintaining this helmet securely latched is a cinch using the speedy ratchet miniature metal quick release strap. Additionally, it is quite simple to fix or launch.

Voss presents different alternatives for the readily removable visor. You may select from these choices: Clear, amber, iridium, and smoke. Eliminating and repairing the visor is completed without needing tools.

This half helmet emphasizes relaxation. The interior liner is made from plush, breathable, and moisture-wicking cloth. This ensures that your mind remains dry and cool even on warm days. The cloth can be detachable, washable, and anti-microbial, which makes it almost smell-proof.


  • Lightweight and a solid shell made from handwoven fiberglass.
  • Easily detachable, switchable visor.
  • Speedy ratchet micro metal for fast attachment and release of this strap.
  • Breathable, sweat-wicking, washable and anti-microbial liner cloth.


  • The visor may occasionally need a little effort to pull

Advantages of Motorcycle Half Helmets

Safety. It is always sensible to put on a helmet to guard your mind in a wreck. Even though a half helmet provides less protection than the usual full-face helmet, it is much better than not wearing one at all.

Increased airflow. The best half helmet for motorcycles allows you to feel the wind in your face and can be cooler than the usual full-face helmet. Open-face helmets do not have chin pubs, which means that your chin and lips are vulnerable to more airflow.

Lightweight. Half helmets are a lot lighter than full-face as well as 3/4 helmets. The best half-face motorcycle helmets are not really heavy, yet they’re nevertheless powerful and protective.

Different types of Motorcycle Half Helmets


Low-profile motorcycle half helmets protect the surface of your head out of the brow to your own eyebrows. Your face is completely exposed, and there’s minimal protection on the back of your ears and neck. They aren’t quite as protective as full-face or 3/4 helmets, however, a number are DOT-approved.


Lightweight motorcycle half helmets do not typically include a visor or face protector, but some manufacturers do. Built-in visors are convenient because they protect your eyes from road debris, rain, and other ailments. Typically, the sun visors are half visors that turn down to pay your eyes, and a few are removable. If you do not have a visor, you are able to wear sunglasses or goggles to protect your face.

Top Brands of Motorcycle Half Helmets


HJC has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets because of 1971. The business is headquartered in La Habra, California, and it layouts secure, comfortable, stylish, and affordable products. Among its best half shell motorcycle helmets would be your HJC Strong IS-Cruiser Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet.


Vega Helmets is located in Columbus, Ohio, also has been producing quality helmets since 1994. The business rigorously examines its helmets throughout the design process and also produces accessories, for example, mirrored shields and ear pads. One of its best-rated motorcycle half helmets is that the Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet.


Torc is situated in Pasadena, California, also is among the world’s largest helmet makers. Along with half-face helmets, the business makes full-face, open-face dirt and dirt bike helmets. Among its best-looking motorcycle, half helmets would be your TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet with Flag Graphic.

Motorcycle Half Helmet Pricing

Under $50: Motorcycle half helmets are usually not so costly. It is possible to discover several products that have DOT approval within this budget. But, in addition, there are helmets called skid lids offering very little protection and don’t comply with any safety regulations, so do your homework before making a buy.

$50-$100: A number of the best half helmets are less than $100. They provide adequate protection and might also include a visor or sun protector for the eyes.

Over $100: To the best protection, you have to devote a bit more income. High-quality half helmets within this budget have innovative features, such as detachable neck drapes for chilly weather, speaker pockets for communicating devices including Bluetooth, and adjustable dials for a better match.

Are Half Helmets DOT Approved?

Motorcycle Half Helmets are 100 percent approved by the Department of Transportation. They offer you the least quantity of protection of any D.O.T. approved motorcycle helmet however manage an extra feeling of liberty. If your condition requires a D.O.T. approved helmet, then sporting a Motorcycle Half Helmet is within your rights.

The Way to size a motorcycle half helmet

The very first matter to consider is to be aware of the sort of mind you’ve got. Helmets are created to match unique kinds of minds – large and little. The helmet you pick should be overly tight, not too loose to your mind.

The form of your mind can also be worthy of notice. Some helmets match individuals having an oblong shape, and you can find ones for all those who have round heads. The best method to pick the ideal size is to test it on. You can be certain of the dimensions, shape, and weight which manner.

But if you are buying it online, you won’t have the ability to test it on. You need to spend some time doing research on almost any product before you buy it online.

The Way to lock the half helmet into your motorcycle

You don’t wish to be carrying out your helmet around when you are not using it. There are lots of methods to lock it into your motorcycle.

The first way is if your motorcycle has a chair that has a storage compartment. Clasp the straps of your helmet collectively. After that, open the chair and set the straps inside. Therefore, once the place is closed, the helmet only hangs out. This may not be secure, as everyone can cut the straps off and choose the helmet.

Another means is to receive a helmet lock. You can find this at any motorcycle store. It’s comparable to bike locks. You simply tie it on your helmet and join it to your motorcycle.

Some motorcycles have stories that may perfectly match your helmet so that you keep them. Otherwise, you may use some of those 2 approaches to lock your helmet into your motorcycle.

Best Half Helmets FAQs

How secure are half of the helmets?

Half helmets protect the surface of the head. They give protection to the mind during mishaps. They’ve been proven to avoid brain injury during crashes. They cover the ears and head.

What exactly are half helmets?

Half helmets would be the most famous for cruising. A half helmet can help you see what is happening, as it does not protect your eyes.

What exactly are half helmets made from?

Motorcycle helmets have 2 main elements; the tough outer shell and a soft inner layer. The outer shell is chiefly made from polycarbonate, vinyl, or fiberglass material. The inner shell is constructed from polypropylene foam.

How often should I replace my helmet?

It’s usually said that helmets must be replaced every 4-5 decades. But when the interior liner of the helmet begins to peel off, then you need to consider replacing it.

Why are open-faced helmets hazardous?

Open-faced helmets could be harmful in the event of confront accidents. Your chin and chin are vulnerable, and this isn’t secure whilst riding. Some states do not even approve of open-faced helmets. They are sometimes trendy and appealing, but the principal use is for security.

How thick should half helmets be?

Helmets are intended to be comfortable on your mind. If they’re too heavy, they’ll weigh down your neck, and you will not be liberated when riding your motorcycle. Half helmets shouldn’t be overly heavy. This is among the features which you should consider while picking a helmet on your own.

Can half helmets prevent a bullet?

Helmets are made to stop brain and head injuries during a wreck, to not prevent a bullet. Bullets move in a higher rate than a motorcycle can achieve. If you guess that you may be shot, helmets aren’t your protection.


Whenever you have the best motorcycle half helmet, then you’ll look spiff and keep your head protected on the street. Deciding on the right one all comes down to taste and your requirements.

Even if you’re proficient at riding your motorcycle, you still can create an accident, and maintaining your mind and the rest of your body protected is vital.

Therefore, in the event that you prefer to speed on the highways, then wear your full-face helmet, and whenever you choose to go cruising, choose your half helmet to enjoy a Sunday ride.

Regardless of which one you pick, always be certain that you wear it and keep yourself safe in the street even after cruising.