Are you searching for the Best Kayak Helmets? If so, then you’ve come to the ideal location. We’re discussing the best helmets to utilize for whitewater kayaking.

Whitewater kayaking is a remarkably popular water sport. It is a game where you’ll be paddling a kayak on a whitewater river’s shifting water. These days, a lot of men and women are performing whitewater kayaking.

Though whitewater kayaking is entertaining, it takes you to choose the proper safety before you jump onto it. Now we will discuss the best biking helmets for whitewater kayaking. All these whitewater kayaking helmets have easy things to do: protect your mind and boost your kayaking experience in whitewater.
Best Kayak Helmets

Top 10 Best Kayak Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
WRSI Trident Composite Kayak Helmet-Phantom-M/L
Adjustable O-Brace Harness conforms to the back of the head, positioning the helmet safely
Bestseller No. 2
NRS Havoc Adult Livery Whitewater Kayak Rafting Safety Water Sport Helmet, One Size Fits Most, Blue
1 SIZE FITS MOST: Fits head circumferences between 20.8 and 24.4 inches; ADJUSTABLE: Easy to adjust with a simple twist of the ratchet-adjust DialFit system
Bestseller No. 3
WRSI Current Kayak Helmet-Fjord-L/XL
Shell Material: ABS plastic, polyurethane sub-shell; Impact Foam: EVA liner; Multiple Impact: yes
Bestseller No. 4
Sweet Protection Rocker Kayak Helmet-GlossWhite-L/XL
TLC upper shell combines elasticity with the rigidity & strength of carbon; ABS thermoplastic lower shell and jaw guard is incredibly impact-resistant
Bestseller No. 6
WRSI Current Pro Kayak Helmet-Poseidon-L/XL
Multi-layer shell design effectively dissipates impacts; Adjustable O-Brace Harness conforms to the back of the head, positioning the helmet safely
Bestseller No. 7
With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa
Presidio Press; Sledge, E.B. (Author); English (Publication Language); 384 Pages - 09/25/2007 (Publication Date) - Presidio Press (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 8
Ctzrzyt Safety Protector Helmet 11 Breathing Holes for Water Sports Kayak Canoe Surf Paddleboard - Yellow
Suitable for kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, boating, surfing or other water sports.
Bestseller No. 9
Sweet Protection Strutter Kayak Helmet-MatteNardoGray-M/L
Shell Material: Long Fiber Thermoplastic (nylon), Carbon Reinforced Polymer; Impact Foam: EVA

1. Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface Helmet

Best Kayak Helmets
Sweet Protection’s Rocker Fullface helmet is the best option in the event of security and functionality. From a superb perspective to superb functionality, this is the best Helmet for whitewater. If you’re that ruthless kayaker who enjoys challenges or frequently control the waterfalls & rapids, then that is the best Helmet you’ll see in the marketplace.

Rocker Fullface Helmet is unquestionably the best whitewater kayaking helmet available on the marketplace. It’s produced using Sweet Protection’s Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon casing technologies. This technology makes certain to provide maximum efficacy from the right spots. By way of instance, the casing is thicker from the crown region and stiffer along the sides.

Together with the large impact and reduced weight EPP foam indoors, this blend provides excellent elastic effect protection. Sweet Protection’s Rocker Fullface helmet’s jaw guard is hardy and protects your mouth and face. The drainage of the Helmet is cool; it rains fast.

If you like kayaking from the creeks, then this is a superb alternative for you. But, kayaking from the reek is a really dangerous game for novices. Consequently, if you aren’t pro, we highly advise you to collect some abilities.


  • TLC: Thermoplastic laminated carbon fiber technologies for best elasticity, rigidity, and durability into the Helmet
  • Sweet Protection’s CRP shell technologies
  • ABS THERMOPLASTIC SHELL is super impact resistant through its rubber toughened construction
  • OCCIGRIP no-roll tensioning system guarantees no roll forwards or side-to-side motion and influence
  • EPP padding with EVA reinforcements
  • Blend pads for a customized fit
  • Composite Jaw shield to protect your face, mouth.
  • Coolmax lining to keep you cool by allowing the consumer’s perspiration to move quickly away from your skin
  • Coolmax lining dries fast.
  • Adjustable Visor to protect the consumer’s attention from spray and spray
  • Offered in many colors and sizes


  • Expensive

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The Whitewater Research and Safety Institute (WRSI) bring you their present kayak helmet using a replaceable cushioned lining. It features an adjustable O-brace harness intended to conform to the rear of your mind for extra comfort. The ABS plastic and polyurethane shell is vented, so it absorbs well and keeps your head cool. For a much better fit, this Helmet features an interconnect retention system that self-adjusts as water pushes back it. In this manner, it remains securely in place so which you can handle the upcoming quickly without fretting about your Helmet falling off or getting loose.


Replaceable Padded Liner for Comfort and Easy Washing

Adjustable Harness Conforms For Your Head

Vented Shell Keeps Your Head Cool

Self-Adjusting Retention System Keeps The Helmet In Position

3. Sweet Protection Rocker Paddle Helmet

Another masterpiece from Sweet protection for paddlers. This unbelievable Helmet is designed to handle the toughest rapids. A whole lot of people kayakers are extremely serious about security, that’s the ideal thing to do, and for them, this is among the best kayak helmets. Unlike other Sweet protection kayak helmets, this one can be obtained at a reasonable price.

Sweet Protection Paddle helmet delivers extreme protection. The elasticity of injection-molded thermoplastic, together with all the great carbon fiber, provides exceptional impact resistance. The lower casing is constructed from injection-molded ABS. Also, it’s EN 1385 Class I-IV accredited.

This Helmet is specially created for the paddlers in your mind. The shock-absorbing EPP foam lining employed in perfect for the kayak helmet. The dual duty vents will drain the water and supply excellent ventilation to keep it comfortable for your users. Additionally, a moisture-wicking Coolmax lining can allow you to feel relax at distinct temperatures.

Fitting is a problem for kayak helmets, but maybe not this one. A minimal volume 2-way flexible Occigrip mechanism is utilized to have a customized fit. Also, it includes fitted, so you could even have better relaxation.


  • Designed for paddlers/kayakers
  • Offers incredible protection
  • Made from high-quality substances
  • Offered in four Distinct colors
  • Double responsibility vents will drain the water and provide amazing ventilation that you feel comfortable.
  • Fantastic match by the 2-way adjustable Occigrip mechanism
  • Adaptive shatter-resistant Visor
  • Ear protection could be removed.


  • Slightly Pricey


The WRSI Current Pro is the updated model of this normal WRSI Current kayak helmet. Its added features include removable ear pads and a visor. Along with providing additional warmth in colder weather states, the ear pads reduce effects from waves and are perforated to hear still what is happening around you. The Visor protects your eyes and face from the sun and provides extra protection against impacts. Exactly enjoy the WRSI Current helmet, this Helmet’s elastic harness system keeps it in place even once you get struck by bigger waves.


Removable Ear Pads for Added Warmth

Visor for Improved Face Protection

Flexible Harness System Keeps Helmet In Position

Hybrid Shell Construction Dissipates Force out of Impacts

5. Tontron Mature Whitewater Kayaking Helmet

Tontron’s multi-sports Helmet may be used for whitewater kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports. Tontron is a superb provider regarding outdoor sports products. This multi-sport helmet is offered in various vibrant colors and dimensions. ABS outer shell of the Helmet provides impact protection, as well as also the quick-dry EVA absorption lining makes the experience much better. The Helmet extends via an impact energy attenuation evaluation to guarantee much better impact protection.

Additionally, it has great buoyancy, so after water immersion, the Helmet will float to the surface. There are 11 Air-vents methods for improved breathing. These eleven vents are essential to permit adequate ventilation. You can eliminate the ear protection pads and fix the trunk of the head dial to match the Helmet properly. The procedure analyzed the retention strap method explained in 7.7 (whitewater 1385 benchmark ). The Helmet matches the CE EN 1385 water sports security standard.


  • Offered in vibrant colors
  • Offered in Many sizes
  • ABS outer shell for impact resistance
  • Quick-dry gentle EVA absorption lining
  • Removable ear protection pads
  • Retention strap method and adjuster: Adaptive rear of the mind dial
  • 11 vents for ventilation
  • Unisex design
  • Weighs 413 g
  • Standard CE 1385 whitewater helmet


  • Snug fit


Best Kayak Helmets
This kayak helmet is intended for serious whitewater runners who need full-face protection. The entire front face protector will protect your jaw from impacts. Ear vents at the outside shell to help, which you still hear what is happening around you. These vents also help keep your head cool on warmer days. This Helmet features twelve mat choices that come in varying thicknesses. These pads enable you to personalize the fit of this WRSI Moment Full Face kayak helmet into your preferred dimensions. Such as the WRSI Current and Present Pro, the Moment helmet features WRSI’s flexible retention system to keep the helmet in place even if you’re getting battered by Class V rapids.


Full Face Guard for Jaw Protection

Ear Vents for Better Hearing and Temperature Ventilation

Twelve Pads of Varied Thicknesses for Adaptive Fit

Adjustable Retention Tap to Maintain Helmet In Position

7. Bern Unlimited Watts Summer Helmet

Bern’s Unlimited Watts is a fantastic kayaking helmet should you are looking for having fun on the water this summer. Matte black, matte navy blue, satin white– you call it, and it is there in many sizes. Bern attracted asteroid and meteoroid matches within this Helmet. The two-hole mount located in the back of the casing makes it cooler. This motivated baseball helmet includes features that are extremely related to these kayakers.

Aside from the baseball-hat-inspired challenging Visor and traditional design of Bern, you will find many items to go over this amazing kayak helmet. It’s constructed from a tried and true thin-shell ABS/EPS hard-wired construction, including a team match angle and system fits. It is comfy and provides relaxation.

The watts thin-shell extends the snow and skate security certificates to ensure it is a multi-purpose helmet. Consequently, if you’re interested in doing something else in the winter, this is a fantastic helmet to purchase.


  • Baseball-hat-inspired hard Visor
  • Tried-and-true technology
  • ThinShell provides equilibrium of tough ABS with inside foam depth.
  • Two-hole bracket on the rear of the casing
  • Offered in Many cool colors
  • Stylish design
  • Incredibly reasonable price
  • Multi-activities supported


  • Visor is little

8. NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet

WSI’s complete abbreviation is a whitewater research and safety institute. This company has been based on providing and creating whitewater security awareness and technologies. Because of this, you can understand they have great authority in creating whitewater helmets.

This is an excellent kayaking helmet from WRSI. This kayak helmet includes a 3-layer effect absorption using a carbon composite shell. Its shell material is ABS plastic using a polyurethane sub-shell. The present pro helmet includes the interconnecting retention method, which retains the Helmet at an optimal location.

With the support of 9 custom-fit EVA custom fit kits, you’ll receive great comfort and safety. It is lightweight, protects your face and head, performs nicely. It comes with an extremely fair cost (see price) for its users.


  • Lightweight
  • 3 Layer effect absorption
  • Eva Foam Liner
  • Interconnect retention method to keep the Helmet at the optimum position
  • Flow-through Visor will shield your eyes from sunlight and rain; additionally protects your face.
  • Removable ear protection will protect your ears, provide heat, and reduce impact from waves.
  • Compatible with WRSI Pinch Face Protection
  • Stylish and efficient layout


  • Sunlight brim may be viewed while paddling.


If you’re searching for a trendy, low-volume kayak helmet, then the Strutter Helmet out of Sweet Protection boasts a carbon fiber-reinforced shell for improved impact resistance. The Helmet’s border protectors allow it to hold up more against rocky wear and tear while the visor functions to protect your face from sun exposure and affects. The Helmet’s completely adjustable straps are protected in four places for extra safety and adjustability. This Helmet is optimized for high-performance, and it is so light you will barely notice you are wearing it, but it is going to be there to protect you once you need it most.


Carbon Fiber Shell for Improved Impact Protection

Edge Protector for Additional Durability

Visor to Protect Face out of Sun and Outcomes

Fully Adjustable Straps for Comfort and Safety

10. NRS Havoc Livery Helmet

Best Kayak Helmets
Here is the best cheap whitewater welding helmet. Normally, whitewater kayaking helmets are somewhat pricey, but maybe not this particular one. This Helmet can protect virtually all adults. This Helmet comes with various colors to pick from. With the support of a knob, then you may use the DialFit system to custom match it.

It is lightweight; casing makes it simple for you to move with no hassle. Among the wonderful features of this Helmet is that any adult can utilize it. Its EVA protection lining provides excellent impact protection. In brief, this is the best cheap whitewater welding helmet. But if you’re trekking in risky whitewater surroundings, you need to get Sweet Protection’s rocker or wanderer welding helmet.


  • Very Affordable price
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Colorful
  • The Identical Helmet May Be Used by Just about any individual.
  • Lightweight
  • Eva foam lining for good impact protection
  • Extra comfort fit pads
  • DialFit system enables a custom match with Only a simple twist of a knob.


  • No sunlight brim

The Way to Select the Best Kayaking Helmets

Paddling your kayak or white kayak water or browse is a fantastic experience. But, it’s some potentially deadly accidents that could occur suddenly. It’s normal to come across the ship the wrong way, going down a rocky river. It’s also common to get struck by paddles on your mind when paddling in a bunch. You will need a high-quality helmet to protect you from those potentially harmful mishaps. Here’s a comprehensive guide about the best way best to pick the best welding helmets.

The Combination of the Helmet

You will find many kayaking helmets on the market. But, not all of them will provide you the protection you want. An acceptable helmet ought to be able to match on your mind correctly. It must cover your head to the bottom of the skull. It has to stretch out beyond your ears, cover the brow, and come out into the front beyond the nose. The Helmet also has to have sufficient liner to touch the entire mind securely.

You’ll need to assess the Helmet when you go looking to ascertain if it can properly match on the mind. Use a flexible tape and wrap it around your mind to receive its circumference. Note down the dimension at which you are able to get it ready. Consult with the dimensions of every Helmet you examine for your head’s dimensions. Select the one whose size is near your dimensions.

Helmets generally arrive as a little, medium, big and extra-large. A little helmet includes a circumference ranging from 53 to 55 centimeters. A medium-sized one ranges from 56 to 58 centimeters, whereas the big and extra-large variations are between 59 and 61 centimeters.

Assess the Retention System of this Helmet

A fantastic fitting helmet needs to have a comfortable retention strap. The straps must be easily adjustable so you can equalize them without needing to alter the position of the Helmet into mind. They should also comprise webs and also have four anchor points. Every side of the Helmet ought to have two anchor points.

As you’re likely to spend most of your time at the river, guarantee that the rivets can resist the wet conditions. The straps have to be made in such a manner they can grip the Helmet in position without moving.


I expect you’ve found the best kayak helmet to the next epic travel. It is possible to use these kayak for rafting and trekking additionally. Security is an essential issue, and it’s highly advised to employ a proper kayak helmet to the appropriate circumstance. Grab the right Helmet and flourish from the water. If you enjoyed any kayak helmets, please comment on your favorite kayaking helmets and discuss the joy of angling with us in German Helmets.