If there’s one piece of gear you do not need to cheap out on, then it is your Best Lacrosse Helmets. From helping exude head impacts to maintaining your eyes and face protected from errant sticks, the lacrosse helmet protects your most precious asset. Before checking out our whole best lacrosse helmets post — we shall allow you to know upfront a few of our favorites and our best choice for this season. The lacrosse helmet crown that this season visit the Cascade S. From its advanced Tri-Liner system into the SuperMono casing, this is the best looking and best-performing lacrosse helmet we’ve come across and is your helmet you desire if you require maximum protection!
Best Lacrosse Helmets

Top Best Lacrosse Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Schutt Splash Shield for Lacrosse Helmet Facemask, Improves Hygiene and Protects from Coughs, Sneezes, Spit and Sweat, Clear Non-Tinted for Easy Visibility, Set of 3 (LXSPLSH)
Includes reusable hook-and-loop ONE-WRAP straps for attaching splash shield to helmet; Includes one shield and 2 replacements
Bestseller No. 2
Barnett Visor Clear,Football and Lacrosse Helmet Eye-Shield
✅ APPROVED. This visor is approved by High School / CIF and Youth Leagues.; ❕ HELMET IS NOT INCLUDED (it is only to show the installation).
Bestseller No. 3
Warrior Matte Evo Lacrosse Helmet
Meets all NOCSAE standards and is SEI certified; Package Dimensions: 15" L x 9" W x 10" H
Bestseller No. 4
Warrior Burn Junior Lacrosse Helmet
Developed specifically for the Youth lacrosse player under the age of 12; Energy absorbing vinyl nitrate foam liner
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
Lacrosse American Flag Lax Helmet Sticks 4th Of July Gifts T-Shirt
Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Bestseller No. 7
Just a girl who loves lacrosse: Lacrosse Journal for journaling | Notebook for lacrosse lovers 122 pages 7x10 inches | Gift for men and woman girls and boys| sport | logbook
Todd, Lacrosse (Author); English (Publication Language); 122 Pages - 12/28/2019 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 8
Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear
Poron XRD offers the maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate impacts; The LX steel mask is designed with open sight lines and an ergonomic shape
Bestseller No. 9
STX Lacrosse Stallion 100 Youth Lacrosse Helmet Medium/Large White, Youth Medium/Large
The Adjustable jaw pads incorporate TPU cushioning for excellent impact absorption
Bestseller No. 10
Award Decals Lacrosse Helmet (1", LSC-4)
The Original 20mil Heavy Duty Vinyl Lacrosse Award Decals; 4 sheets = 100 Individual Lacrosse Award Decals per package

1. Cascade CPX-R Helmet

Best Lacrosse Helmets
If you’d like a good looking helmet, then you need to purchase the Cascade CPX-R helmet, then it’s a lacrosse helmet using a matte finish and a chrome color.

This helmet is intended for mature gamers. It’s highly flexible and is going to keep you protected during gameplay.

The helmet also features a SevenTechnology cushioning system, which makes it possible to handle impact forces because of the radical impact attenuation system accountable for smooth effect transfer via the helmet.

The construction of this Cascade CPX-R Helmet unites a chin system, visor, and hide to provide the player fantastic lines and greater visibility required to adapt to any match.

In reality, you’ll discover a bombproof HDPE situation that causes the parts of the lacrosse helmet along with a liner system meant to help you build endurance following consecutive impacts — since it laterally displaces the power in the impact pressure taken together with the helmet itself.

The cascade R show also utilizes Swiss Precision Ratchet or SPR fitting Ratchet because of its headgear matching system. This growth a players’ functionality and development for more playing years to come.

This lacrosse helmet is very popular, and as a consequence of its slew of handy features, it represents great value for the money.


  • An excellent energy displacement system
  • Internal linings that compress to absorb impact
  • Customizable adjustment
  • Includes a Chinstrap


  • Comes in Just One size

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2. CASCADE CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

We have included this helmet in the event you’re looking for your children. There is a place where you do not need them to borrow an older helmet, and they want the protection of their thoughts. Let’s face it, and they are not likely to be interested in their protective equipment. Thus, it’s your responsibility to determine what they require. The Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet is the best junior helmet in our view. It is created by precisely the same firm which makes our Best Choice product and a few of the innovative technology and incredible layout has trickled into this particular helmet. Before we enter the features and benefits, it is worth mentioning that this lid is only suitable for children aged 12 and below. If they are beyond that era, they might need to begin taking a look at childhood – and – adult-sized helmets.

Obviously, in youth lacrosse, you do not want the exact levels of protection you’d at the very best levels. It is very doubtful that they are likely to get hit in the head with a puck traveling at 100mph. Nonetheless, it’s still great to know they’d be protected when they did. This helmet may provide that degree of protection. It’s a hard ABS shell that may have a severe quantity of impact. However, it’s also very lightweight. This can be vital in junior helmets since they can acquire lasting throat problems by carrying around a helmet that is too thick.

Additionally, it is a straightforward helmet. The children can put in on and fix themselves, with no assistance from their trainer. That feeling of liberty will genuinely help build their confidence. One of our favorite features is your CS Load program, and we believe it’s going to be one of yours too. It’s intended to permit the participant to develop with their helmet so that they do not need to replace it annually. This will ultimately save you money and undoubtedly warrants the initial investment of more than 100. It is not inexpensive, but in mind protection, you want the best for your children. Make sure you also take a look at our listing of the best lacrosse sticks for more great items.


Lightweight ABS shell

Single-piece casing, chin, & visor

CS fit system

Appropriate for ages 12 and below

Silver with black mask

3. Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear

This is a great women’s lacrosse helmet using a flexible outer covering that provides complete protection to your rear, front, and sides of your head.

The front covering includes a face mask from a high-quality metal material that withstands high impact forces during crashes. Along with becoming a long-lasting and superb mind protector, it provides the participant with optimized sightlines with zero possible blind spots.

The Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear features a Poron XRD technology, and this will help distribute aerodynamic pressure from the point of effect uniformly. And to make sure it doesn’t slide during play. It’s fitted with a flexible strap and three interchangeable toenails pads places to hold the helmet in place.

Because it is a women’s lacrosse headgear, you’ll come across dual back slots to accommodate several lengths and hairstyles to get comfortable wear and fantastic fit.

The helmet also includes tactical vents, whose sole role is to keep your mind pleasantly cool and comfortable during play. With your mind adequately protected, you can focus on winning the match.

Most traditional women’s lacrosse headgear exerts facial strain on the participant when worn out, but using all the Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear; you don’t need to be concerned. It’s an integrated goggle system — a one-piece design that gets rid of all kinds of facial strain.


  • Poron XRD for maximum relaxation which dissipates impacts
  • Accommodate Different lengths and hairstyles
  • Strategic vents to help keep your head cool
  • An integrated goggle method to stop facial pressure
  • A face mask is designed out of high-quality steel substance.


  • Meant for just girls

4. Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

The Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet is the third-largest helmet — and it is the third produced by Cascade. There is no coincidence, they are among the largest and best brands at the lacrosse industry, and their helmets have been worn with lacrosse players at each level, from children to professionals. The CPV-R is our favorite of the mid-range helmets. It is not as fantastic as the Cascade CPX-R Helmet. However it is roughly $60 cheaper. But do not be fooled into believing this is not an extremely high-quality helmet.

This helmet is designed to match players of all ages and dimensions (over 13), and it employs a great deal of the very same technology as the more expensive versions. The first thing worth mentioning is your amount of protection. It has an EPP lining, which may take numerous kinds of high-level effects and gradually return to its original form. This is among the critical differences between the pro-level lids — the time necessary to recuperate for another strike. However, it is going to protect your mind. Still, that’s the most crucial thing. On the exterior of this helmet is an identical ABS shell that’s intended to minimize wind resistance and keep your head cool.

It has the same SPR match system since the Cascade CPX-R, which can be among the principal reasons we enjoy it so much better. The simple fact that it calms your mind so closely will set you at ease and allow you to function well out in the area. In conclusion, this helmet is the best middle-ground involving your helmet plus a pro-level lid. But if you have got the excess cash, we would jump right to the CPX-R. Our useful guide to the best lacrosse gloves features additional great products such as this.


EPP liner system

SPR fit system

Chevron mask


White with black mask

5. Cascade R Matte Helmet Chrome Mask

Top on our list now is a grown-up lacrosse helmet using the prime quality favored by many professional gamers, Cascade R Matte Helmet.

The Cascade R Matte helmet will be the improved variant of PRO7, the best vendor of this Cascade lacrosse helmet in 2014. And needless to say, it features a lot of incredible features from the predecessor and includes innovative engineering in thoughtful features.

As with other products from Cascade, the Cascade R features the SevenTechnology, which may disperse the energy from influences. Therefore, it functions as an excellent shock absorber to protect users from heavy hits. Meanwhile, the Poron XRD foam manages low-energy impacts and provides comfortable experiences.

Anyway, Cascade R Has a high-quality shell, SuperMono R Shell. The one-piece layout produces a sturdy system that could withstand frontal impacts and disperse energy round the casing body. Additionally, a chinstrap that extends across the ear may protect the essential zone against harm.

Last but not least, the HardTail SPRFit adjustment process is the most remarkable characteristic of the 5-star helmet. It’s an occipital pad which may be corrected with one hand to provide you with the best match.


  • The updated version of PRO7, the best-selling product
  • SevenTechnology for efficient shock absorption
  • Poron XRD foam Provides additional comfort and dissipates low-energy impacts.
  • HardTail SPRFit modification method for a perfect match


  • High cost
  • Just have one dimension.

6. STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet

We understood we needed to include a minimum of one helmet out of business apart from Cascade, and here it is: that the STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet. We have chosen it as our Premium Product, due to the degree of protection it provides. It is a very protective helmet within this listing. It may not be good looking or as trendy as the Cascade CPX-R Helmet, but in case you truly care about your mind’s security, this is the lid for you.

It has a fairly standard ABS shell, but with one crucial difference, it is far tougher. The plastic is filled with miniature impact modifiers which direct the effect away from the head and about the helmet. This is quite similar to Cascade’s Seven Technology Liner system, but it is generally considered effective. Additionally, Schutt’s patented TPU Cushioning system adds yet another degree of protection and cushions the effect even further.

In addition to this, it has got EVA Jaw Pads that allow you to personalize the fit of the helmet and be sure it calms your mind tightly. And, two liners interior, which unite to make it comfy. The Comfort Liner and Surefit Air Liner blend covers more of your mind and is completely flexible to match the mind’s contours. Granted, this helmet is not as much of an all-rounder since the Cascade CPX-R. However, it is safer. If you are not the sort of person who cares about fashion as much, then this is the lid for you. Love sports? Have a look at our overview of the best soccer helmets for our best picks.


ABS shell with effect modifiers

TPU Cushioning system

Surefit Air Liner

Comfort Liner


White with black mask


Next on our list now is a particular helmet to your young player below the age of 12, WARRIOR BURN JR Helmet 19. From a renowned new in baseball and lacrosse gear, this product boasts a vast assortment of features that meet several consumers.

When considering a helmet, the first and foremost thing you’re worried about is protection. With high-quality Vinyl Nitrate foam lining, WARRIOR BURN JR 19 will protect you from shock and impacts. The thick and well-crafted inside substance makes it comfy for users throughout the game.

Additionally, BURN JR 19 features Viconic protection, which absorbs and disperses throughout a broad surface area. Additionally, it includes an excess layer of protection to stop jaw injury.

Though it only has one dimension, you can personalize the helmet’s fit with just one hand. The AdaptFit 270 from BOA is a Velcro pull-tab modification system which permits you to adjust the match in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, WARRIOR BURN JR 19 is created in the united states and can be licensed by SEI to fulfill all NOCSAE standards.


Vinyl Nitrate foam lining for greater shock absorption

AdaptFit 270 by BOA to fit nicely with different head sizes

Extra layers of jaw protection

Made in the United States


Fits just players under the age of 12

One size only

8. STX Stallion 100 Lacrosse Helmet

Best Lacrosse Helmets
The casing of the helmet was made with ABS materials. This is highly capable of protecting you while also having the ability to withstand significant impacts.

Consequently, it may last you for a very long time to come. There’s an elastic modification feature accessible also. This is amazing for permitting you to tighten and loosen the helmet to be certain it suits you perfectly.

Having a lining made from EPP substances, you can feel confident knowing that your mind is going to be protected. Along with this, they’ve implemented an EVA lining that functions to keep you comfy, while also acting as yet another layer of protection.

The dimensions of this shell with this particular helmet is bigger than some were anticipating. However, with the EPP and EVA stuff for comfort and protection, this can be a drawback you might get used to overtime.

Total: Another wonderful youth lacrosse helmet produced by STX that has made our record. Inspired by NFL helmets, these were put to the test by people and passed with flying colors. Plus, they seem pretty awesome also.

We did a little digging YouTube and discovered this cool complete guide from Dick’s sporting goods, which goes through different areas of the helmet and the way that it’s intended to help protect you. It is just two and a half an hour, so certainly worth a watch, if you’re not in a small rush.


How We Chose Our Selection Of Lacrosse Helmets

Reviews: You can determine a great deal about a product in the consumer testimonials. Reading reviews is among the very first things we do if we are exploring our Buying Guides. The main reason is you can observe how the products — in this situation, it’s lacrosse helmets — would be to live with. This gives you a much deeper insight than simply reading the product descriptions. Then we check out additional specialist testimonials, and in the event, they have picked up on something we have missed.

Brand: Brand is very important once you’re purchasing sports gear such as lacrosse helmets. The largest brands have access to research and development teams, which may provide the most recent technology. Helmets are there for protection, so you must purchase from a brand you trust. That is not to say we simply pick products from the very best manufacturers, and we also take a look at the lesser-known manufacturers to find out what they can provide.

Cost: We know that everybody has different funding. If you are a professional lacrosse player, you probably have a budget of a few hundred bucks for your helmet. Whereas, if you are just getting into the game or purchasing a helmet for your children, you won’t need to shell out just as much. That is why we try to feature products from throughout the purchase price range. Have a look at our Premium Product and Best Value for the two ends of the pricing spectrum.


A lacrosse helmet is also a significant part of a lacrosse player’s gear. This will protect your head and mind from any harms, and additionally, it will save your mind from the heat throughout high temperatures.

So ensure you obtain a helmet that’s the correct match for you and matches your requirements perfectly. Our listing of best lacrosse helmets provided above can help you restrict your search appreciably and locate the one helmet that provides all of the ideal features.

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in selecting the most appropriate helmet for you. Thank you, and see you at German Helmets.