Best LED Motorcycle Helmet – Night Riding Signal Lights. Motorcycle helmet lights give a futuristic, classy appearance and act as a superb security feature.

The best demand for a helmet would be to provide protection and security to the rider. The helmet design cares for providing decent head protection, and that’s the reason you need to always pick a helmet which adheres to security criteria.

The majority of the mishaps on the street occur mainly since the motorcycle riders do not get sufficient visibility at nighttime. Many helmets comprise neon designs on the helmet chiefly to improve visibility. It’s a significant thing that goes a very long way in ensuring your security during riding during the night time.

They’re particularly useful during lousy weather and in shadowy regions that are devoid of road light.

Motorcycle bodies typically feature some type of reflective substance but the same can not be said about most of the helmets. However, motorcycle helmet light systems are a terrific way to improve visibility.

LED Motorcycle Helmet

From the German Helmets inspection, you may understand why you want this to ride safely at nighttime.

Top 5 Best LED Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT LED Light (XL, MATTE BLACK - LED)
Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards.; Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads are Lightweight, Soft and Easily Removable and Washable.
Bestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 9
Sykik Rider SRHL5 Wireless Helmet Brake Light for Motorcycle Safety
Wireless connection. No wires to connect anywhere.; Built-in rechargeable battery for over 12 hours per single charge
Bestseller No. 10
She's Mine Now
Amazon Kindle Edition; Parker, Weston (Author); English (Publication Language); 274 Pages - 08/26/2020 (Publication Date) - BrixBaxter Publishing (Publisher)

1. Shark Skwal 2.1 – The Motorcycle Helmet With LED Lights

Display of the new variant of this Shark Skwal, you understand the helmet using LED lighting! The Shark Skwal has been the first helmet in the marketplace to integrate LED lights to improve our security and make us seem like we are driving a spaceship. And today we’ve got the Shark Skwal 2.1 development and it still provides a fantastic quality-price ratio to stay as a bestselling helmet. We are going to examine it in depth!

As we mentioned, this Shark Skwal stood outside because of the amazing quality-price ratio and for integrating LED lighting. It is a helmet using a resin casing that’s in that exceptionally competitive assortment of full-face helmets for under 300$.

In terms of the remainder, we still possess the same polyvalent helmet, which we could use for all. The outer shell is in thermoplastic resin, and that, as you probably know, affords security at a fantastic price.

The plan incorporates the air inlets and outlets using LED lighting. And if there is 1 thing that characterizes the Skwal, it is the lights. You may ask, why do I need a helmet with lights? To seem like a firefly on a summer’s night? No, no man, no! It is another security component. The more visible we are, the more the greater. Which is the reason Shark has integrated the LED lights to different regions: the eyebrow bar, front upper area, and back, under the spoiler.

How can this LED system operate? Simple, there is a button on the bottom of the helmet. Press it (it may be achieved with the gloves ) and the LEDs are activated. If we press they proceed to irregular mode. This mode is helpful if sadly, we are stranded on the cold shoulder during the night or if it is raining and there is poor visibility; it is a fantastic way to alert other motorists. And when we press they turn off. Uncomplicated.

The machine functions with a battery that’s charged via the USB cable, which comes as standard. The cable is concealed in the nape padding, in order not to be a hassle. And here is a bit of information for Shark: it’d be useful if the USB whir of C type, the contemporary one. We mean, it is no problem, as, as we all say, the cable is currently in the helmet…but for those folks who are inclined to lose stuff, this might do us a favor.

Ok, clear question: just how long can the battery last? Well, 5 hours fixed mode and 10 in an irregular manner. Along with another burning issue: the charging time is approximately 20 minutes.

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2. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet Review

The most recent modular helmet from ILM features built-in LED lights made to allow you to visible on the street, a lightweight design that lets you ride more, in complete relaxation, and a cozy liner that is designed to provide a high quality of the lineup affect protection in the case of a crash. This version is also offered in a vast assortment of shades and sizes, so that you may opt for a model according to your own style and personal taste.

This helmet is available in eleven colors, includes built-in LED lights which will make you visible at nighttime time, and features a quick-release grip system, compete using a detachable liner, and a venting system which will keep you nice and cool in warm weather.

The hinge system does not add too much weight to the helmet’s design, and it can be a huge change in relation to the normal modular helmet. This helmet’s lightweight design is just one of its main selling points. Weighing in at just under five pounds, this version was made to decrease distress and prevents neck strain, while improving user comfort, so that you can ride more.

ILM Motorcycle Modular Helmet LED

The purchase price is also appropriate, despite its own tech-heavy layout. The helmet’s aerodynamic shape will cause the air to move on the top and around the sides of the helmet, functioning to decrease drag. The only issue you will encounter is the end sound that occurs when you depart the flexible vents wide open, however, this can be a frequent problem with most modular and full-face helmets. In general, this version comes packed with all the ideal features, such as a DOT-approved layout, lightweight materials that are incredibly durable, and a venting system that will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

It is a helmet which comes packed with all of the bells and whistles, the rider is looking for, such as an aerodynamic design, flexible strap system, LED lighting, plus a detachable liner. Normally, modular helmets are extremely heavy, because of the huge hinge system situated on the chin bar.

However, this producer has thought of everything. The milder layout will let you ride more, without causing neck strain or person fatigue. This well-built helmet is ideal for quick rides around the city, but the cozy layout will also let you utilize it to get long-distance excursions, in an assortment of weather conditions.

This version features big, bright red LED lights around the rear of the helmet that’s flexible and will flash in the speed of your choice. Altering the mild function is as straightforward as pressing a button located on the rear of the helmet, right beneath the lights.

You are able to pick from a couple of different flashing rate alternatives, or you could elect to change off the lights. The lights are all intended to generate the rider highly visible in the street during the night, so it is a fantastic security feature to get. To utilize the light attribute, you will want a couple of AAA batteries, which ought to be removed for storage.

3. Tali’s Tech-Savvy LED Helmet – Best Motorcycle Helmet Lights Brands

Tali, a French startup, unveiled its new clever motorcycle helmet in CES 2020. With innovative features like advanced LED light and connected technologies, it might well herald the future of motorcycle riding equipment.

LED lights, such as a brake light and turn signals, are located on the helmet to get greater visibility for other users. A photochromic visor provides the rider with exceptional visibility.

The helmet may pair via Bluetooth using Tali’s smartphone program to automatically call emergency services when it finds a crash, in addition, to provide theft detection solutions. The Bluetooth connection also provides each the low-distraction connectivity that a rider may want: that lid may play audio, make calls, and provide turn-by-turn navigation, and react to voice commands, even incorporate with the driver’s voice helper of selection.

4. Lumenflex LightRider 360 for Motorcycle Helmets

The LightRider 360 is just another intriguing motorcycle helmet led light that suits all models and types of motorcycle helmets. The LED helmet lights encircle your helmet to make a dazzling area of lighting. Its delicate LED ring layout is unobtrusive and retains the security features of your own helmet.

Highlighted Features:

  • LightRider sticks into your helmet using a non-solvent quite high-bond (VHB) glue backing. It may be removed without affecting your helmet’s guarantee.
  • The constant LED strips offer you an equally diffused light so there is no blinding light to look at the other driver’s rear viewpoints.
  • It weighs about 1.3 ounces, which can be fairly lightweight for an LED strip layout. It will not influence the feel and fit of your motorcycle helmet.
  • High-intensity LEDs provide an entire visible light output of 245 lumens. This brightness is sufficient to alarm the other motorists around 600 feet off.
  • It is good that the joints are flexible since it is possible to design the LED in various patterns.
  • It is powered with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery package. It provides 10 hours of run time when fully charged for just six hours.


  • The lights are not blinding for additional riders ahead
  • High-intensity LED lighting
  • The extended run-time of 10 hours
  • Low-profile layout
  • Simple to use on any helmet


  • The battery pack Has to Be tucked away

5. Shark Skwal Crash Helmet – Full Face Helmet With In-built LED Lights

The Shark Skwal is really a great helmet. It is feature-packed, comfy, and has decent build quality. It is not the quietest helmet round (really it is quite noisy) but the visor techniques operate well and, provided that you do not mind having another thing to bill up after a ride (or may take care of the frustration of placing your helmet to discover the lights do not work!) Then it ought to be a fantastic helmet. It has been safety tested by SHARP and scored a very commendable 4/5 celebrities.

Shark has among the best spares for crash helmet security around — with all of the thermoplastic helmets having scored four stars or over — and also being our combined 3rd safest helmet manufacturer. So we are pretty confident you will be well protected should you opt for a Shark.

We realize the Skwal is fabricated in two shell sizes (with five fitment dimensions ) that is about par for the course to get the middle of this stove thermoplastic lid.

Other items that bring about security are anti-fog along with a fall down sun visor and the Skwal has both (see defense segment below).

And of course, it also includes its LED lighting strategy — that you’re probably either think seems rather cool and leads to security or are a total waste of a gimmick. The jury’s out naturally since they’re not exceptionally bright, though they have a continuously-on plus a flashing manner which is probably likely to grab other motorist’s attention the most. Shark reckon you will get 5-8 hours between costs (remove the battery and cost using a USB cable) although I guess that will be affected by temperature and will fall with battery era.

Motorcycle Helmets Lights – Are they Illegal?

They’re legal in California and a number of other areas in the united states. But they are illegal in certain parts of Canada. Look up your regional laws before light up motorcycle helmet with EL or purchasing any type of kit.

Some high-end helmets have inbuilt lighting methods. Such mill fitted lights are exceptionally durable and weather and water-resistant. But unless you’re searching to purchase a new helmet using inbuilt lights, then you are going to need to install additional lights into the one/s you have at the moment.

The kind of helmet light system you go for depends upon your own requirements, riding style, personality, and price range. Any sort of lighting is far better than none at all. So long as you aren’t breaking up and regulations.

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The Shark Skwal 2.1 is the Best LED Motorcycle Helmet, which comes with improved insides, which is almost always a plus element. Plus it maintains the formulation for becoming a very functional full-face helmet for ordinary usage and short excursions.