The ease of riding while listening or communicating to some best songs in your MP3 player has been heavily improved by Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets. Furthermore, these devices include intercom services which could connect a bunch of riders as well as GPS command prompts. Furthermore, these features have noticed a surge from the use and purchase of the product. In present various designs pose some difficulty when deciding upon the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets. However, the problem arises in deciding upon the apt product to fit your communication demand for the broad poll of accessible Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets. As a result, the discussion under delve to the top 10 best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets.
Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

Best 8 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Brands

SaleBestseller No. 7
Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit (Single) , Black
Long-range music sharing and intercom for motorcyclists--up to 900 meters (980 yards); Includes Universal Microphone Kit

1. Cardo Packtalk Bold Communication Headphone

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets
Cardo’s Packtalk communication process is created for people who ride with another individual, or a set of around 15. Yes, even the Packtalk headset may bring over a dozen riders with each other, and together with the simplest command potential. All you need to say is”Hey Cardo,” along with also the Packtalk Bold will do as you state. There is no need to shout or yell either–only use your natural speaking voice to link.

When you thought the Packtalk unit has been looking attractive, wait till you hear the top JBL speakers and especially tuned audio processor that set up to provide audio quality just like you have never experienced within your helmet earlier. Use full remote management capabilities along with the Cardo Connect program for both iOS and Android apparatus to personalize the machine to better match your personal riding requirements. You receive Bluetooth 4.1 and up to 13 hours of chat time.

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2. Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset (Dual)

Some things are simply better in pairs. For people more inclined to ride with a spouse, the Sena SMH10D-10 dual headset package is certainly the best way to go. Connect with your own companion, share songs, and stay in constant contact in a selection of around 980 yards off!

This headset provides clear audio signs to start with but additionally features flexible Advanced Noise Control technologies which will help cut surrounding noise pollution by mechanically boosting the quantity of whatever it’s that you’re attempting to listen to. The Bluetooth audio playback management features drama, pause, track forward and back works, and every sound source has its own adjustable volume level to prioritize which deserve to be heard the loudest. The jog dial functions as a volume controller, and an incorporated button makes cycling through the menu of acts easy, for the most secure riding adventure possible. Together with Bluetooth 3.0 and around 12 hours of talk time.

3. Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset

The Sena 30K motorcycle Bluetooth headset is your headset out of a totally different league. It is not that the Sena 20S EVO or even SMH10-11 Bluetooth headset. Simply speaking, it is not a Bluetooth headset however an adaptive-mesh communicator or since the business states, the future of wireless communication’.

Have you ever gone to a group ride?

If so, then you have to understand how hard it’s to keep up the speed when riding in a bunch, particularly when there are several other moving vehicles in the street. It makes it more challenging to enjoy and speak when riding in a bunch.

However, together with all the Sena 30K motorcycle Bluetooth headset that you won’t ever miss one thing.

Under ordinary conditions, when someone is left from this group, it’s challenging to re-join with this particular individual. Frankly, the Bluetooth technology was not that complex till today.

The Sena 30K Bluetooth headset has made bunch connectivity so straightforward. It functions on the Mesh Intercom technologies, and it will be a 2.4GHz frequency which keeps the remainder of the team in easy communication. If by chance, any rider is left from the bunch, riding with all the Sena 30K will knowingly hunt to reconnect with all the other riders.

The Sena 30K Bluetooth headset isn’t just a 4.1 Bluetooth headset such as the Sena 20S-01 and EVO but also an elastic mesh-networking apparatus that work concurrently to meet all of your communication and entertainment needs. The headset uses two antennae and 2 different, and committed processors, so you could really concentrate on the most crucial thing, i.e. securely riding the motorcycle, or if I say, loving your trip.

The Sena 30K Bluetooth headset has a sound Multitasking technologies, which permits you to have a smooth dialog through the elastic mesh-networking technologies, while at precisely the exact same time appreciating the music, making or taking a telephone call, or observing the sound of this GPS Navigation with no interference.

Simply speaking, the Sena 30K Bluetooth headset can provide you the most straightforward, uninterrupted listening experience of your lifetime.

The Sena 30K Bluetooth headset also has another distinctive attribute, i.e. the personal group style.

According to the business, an individual can set the 30K Bluetooth headset full dual communication up to 16 riders at precisely the exact same assortment of around 1.2 miles, in the same way the remainder of Sena cans. However, together with the 30K, you may add an unlimited number of consumers (or riders) trained to listening-mode only.

However, don’t be let down. Since in the event that you’ve got a little group of 6 or 5 riders then it’s possible to connect to one another within a range of around 5 kilometers. What’s more, if you use Sena’s RideConnected Mobile App that you can join with your friends irrespective of which state your friends are in, through your cellular network.

4. Cardo Scala Rider Packtalk Duo

The Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk is a high-end and feature-rich motorcycle Bluetooth headset for people who need the best money can purchase. The Packtalk DMC technology that may connect up to 15 riders in precisely the exact same moment. Cardo is a well-known manufacturer with a large product lineup.

DMC technology additionally adheres to the creation of riders using a nifty thing called Parallel Audio Streaming (PAS). PAS also aids in streamlining intercom chats and play a huge selection of media files without any problems. In addition, it has a Personal Mode which lets one rider the choice to talk with a particular individual or the whole group.

The Scala comes at a dual pack with two earpieces but can also be offered in a single package for a lone rider. Some of the helpful features with this edition of this Packtalk headset is its own auto-volume capacity that adjusts to adapt surrounding sound. It’s a 13-hour talk time on a single charge and features a built-in FM radio. This Bluetooth headset can also be remotely controlled through the Cardo Connect program.


  • 15 riders could be attached at precisely the exact same moment.
  • HD sound
  • Compatible with other manufacturers.
  • 13-hour discussion time and could be billed on the move.


  • The Packtalk headset isn’t plug-and-play and will demand a small bit of experimentation.

5. Sena 20S EVO Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

This is only one of Sena’s top headphones, also it certainly reveals at first glance. This is a totally universal motorcycle helmet headset, so you’ll have to do some setup.

The 20S EVO is accompanied by an adapter to get a wired connection too.

Once installed, the 20S enables riders to reply and make calls immediately, listen to their favorite songs, and also share their songs with their buddies on the street. If you already possess any of Sena’s 20S show in your home, you’ll be delighted to understand that the EVO is 100% compatible with other people in this collection.

Pairing with different headsets can also be lightning fast with all the EVO headset as a result of its Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies installed. In terms of extra features contained in this monster of a headset, it includes a built-in FM wireless receiver that could scan and store your favorite channels. The Sena 20S EVO can be totally waterproof so no need to be worried about riding through rain.


  • Sleek and inconspicuous “shark fin” style antenna
  • Wonderful wind noise cancellation capacity.
  • Quick charging and may last for the entire day.
  • Pairing and phone quality are top-notch.


  • Some problems when balancing the quantity between the smartphone and headset.
  • The array between paired cans is inconsistent.

6. Sena 10S-01 Bluetooth Headset

You could be amazed to see a lot of different Bluetooth cans of the identical brand back to rear. However, it should not be a surprise since when you compare those products along with other Bluetooth headsets on the current market, then you’ll realize why we did so.

Thus, let us check out this device and appreciate why it’s among the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets on the market.

The Sena 10S-01 along with another four versions that we discussed previously have a great deal in common. For example, you may take advantage of this Bluetooth communication platform to phone handsfree onto your cellular phone, listen to songs, and adhere to along with sound directions of GPS navigation easily. It is compliant with Bluetooth version 4.1 and supports HFP/HSP, A2DP, and AVRCP. It supplies a variety of 1.6 km, which is marginally lower compared to the assortment of Sena’s 20S-01 but much higher than the array of SMH10-11. You’ll have the advantage of Multi-way intercom to get up to 4 links.

However, remember this assortment of 1.6 kilometers is at open-terrain, which can be clearly stated by Sena with this particular headset. The intercom feature is worldwide.

You understand exactly what this means, right?

This means you’ll have the ability to join your headset along with other Sena and Non-Sena Bluetooth headsets on the market. What’s different with this headset is your Smartphone Program for iPhone and Android, audio sharing center, and utilization when charging for road excursions.

This wonderful feature lets you control your headset whilst speaking to your pals.

If you prefer to listen to FM radio while riding, then it is possible to utilize its built-in FM radio recorder that permits channel scan and store it to listening later. Along with the innovative Noise Control tech of Sena will be certain that you make the natural-audio noise with no background noise or disturbance. If by chance, you are trapped in the rain, and then do not worry! The water-resistant property of this Sena 10S-01 will permit you to use it raining or from inclement weather.

Yeah! It’s fairly costly. I could not agree more. But in the event that you really want these features, then let us simply say, “Nothing is better in giving than the Sena 10S-01.”

Wait a moment! We forgot to mention additional essential features — the instinctive voice commands and Jog Dial.

What can we say?

There’s a great deal for each rider to utilize from the Sena 10S-01.

7. Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth Headset

You won’t believe it today, but there was a time once the business was unable to design a fantastic motorcycle Bluetooth headset. There were lots of drawbacks and disappointments from the cans which were available back then. But then Sena established the 20S-01 motorcycle Bluetooth headset, which eventually became the pinnacle of this Bluetooth headset market. Even today it has not faded away. On the contrary, there are just a couple of Bluetooth headsets that may compete with this marvelous technology from Sena.

The Sena 20S-01 is a headset that works with Bluetooth version 4.1, which can be really advanced. I mean, LITERALLY! It had been the industry’s first dual Bluetooth module communication platform. It enabled users to make the most of simultaneous communication by conducting a number of programs such as songs, GPS, intercom, and cellular telephones.

Audio Multitasking is an innovation and a brand-new attribute that practically altered the interruption-based sound functions, which have been quite spontaneous in prior versions. But with this, you can listen to a number of sounds simultaneously with no interruption.

Intercom is just another top-notch characteristic of Sena’s 20S-01, which delivers a 2-km array to converse to your riding friends. The HD quality sound will be certain to hear what crystal clear. Additionally, the universal character of intercom enables communication with Sena and other Bluetooth headsets that are available on the industry.

You see, that is a massive advantage since there are just a few headsets on the marketplace which have an intercom assortment of around 2 km in these HD voice quality. Aside from that, the voice controls of this Sena 20S-01 don’t need your hands to let go of the handlebar to run it. Alternatively, you can use voice commands to run functions like telephone calls, music playback, and intercom relations, etc..

If you’re using a Bluetooth headset for motorcycle riding besides Sena then you understand how hard it’s to prepare the apparatus with a telephone or intercom. It requires a lot of time. However, together with Sena’s NFC (Near Field Communication) from the 20S-01 that you can do this quickly by reducing the opportunity to pair the device.

Well, we’re not completed yet.

The Sena 20S-01 includes a built-in FM radio tuner with channel scans, water-resistant properties, and Bluetooth protocol assistance: HSP, A2DP, PBAP, HFP, and AVRCP, etc..

And last but not least, the two-year guarantee will provide you reassurance.

8. Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets
The SMH10R leans a little more towards the average cost range, but do not think that it drops a few of Sena’s crucial features to adapt the price fall. It manages to provide this signature Sena functionality concerning audio.

The Sena SMH10R can continue to four individuals connected simultaneously with the usage of its multi-pair attribute. This technology also enhances its intercom performance when used on multiple motorcycles. Among the most helpful features in the SMH10R is its own voice control capability. This considerably improves safety as you will not have to take your hands off the handlebar when working the headset.

Another nifty feature contained within this intercom headset would be your sound profiles. It is possible to adjust the volume manually with the dialup, or you’ll be able to save favorite levels on various profiles. By way of instance, it is possible to readily switch between louder speaker volume to get calls and medium amounts for listening to audio at a jiffy.


  • Simple to install and use.
  • Voice control is extremely user-friendly.
  • Has a superb breeze noise-canceling technology.


  • May not be compatible with helmet styles
  • The expression of the headset is a little tacky.


The Way to Pick the Ideal Motorcycle Bluetooth?

As we mentioned earlier, there are various reasons for individuals to use a Bluetooth headset with their motorcycles. Some use it to making and receiving calls, some use it as an intercom to speak with fellow riders while driving and a few use it for casual functions like listening to audio or music GPS guidance. Thus, it’s very important to consider all of your options if you’re searching for a motorcycle Bluetooth headset in 2020.

What’s the Price of this Gadget?

Without a doubt! The first thing that you have to keep in your head is that the”COST” and only because a Bluetooth headset is costly, it does not signify that it comprises all the features you need. Or, to put it differently, go to your Bluetooth headset with all of the features that fulfill your requirements.

Whether it costs $50 or $500.

Just how Many Devices Can I Link?

I think it is among the most essential facts to consider. Because, you see, the purchase price of any technician apparatus increases with the number of features it’s equipped with. The same holds for motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. Among its features that radically increase its price is that the pairing function with numerous devices. There are just a couple of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets on the marketplace that may connect up to 6 devices.

Is not that great?

Thus, keep a keen eye out with this particular attribute. Particularly, when you simply require a Bluetooth headset to match your smartphone to listen to audio and take calls without even taking your helmet off. You do not need to pay hundreds of bucks additional to pair it together with 6 devices once you just have to pair 1 device.

Right? Plus, how often do you want 6 apparatus connected while riding?

I really don’t understand but it would be rather rare for me personally.

Audio Quality Voice Control

It is fantastic to have a wonderful chat with your buddies which are riding together with you within the cellular Bluetooth link or getting a significant telephone even while driving your bike. But sometimes, low sound quality and the racing end make it rather hard to listen to the voice of the individual on the opposite end of the telephone. Additionally, but visitors also interferes with maintaining conversations noise-free. Thus, we’d advise that you opt for the motorcycle Bluetooth headset together with the best audio quality, and it has advanced sound control technologies to block out the ambient sound.

It is very significant, you understand?

Whether you’re listening to music, taking a phone, or obtaining audio GPS advice, everything demands a fantastic sound quality, making it effortless to listen to everything with clarity.

Does This Have Voice Control?

Like pairing and audio quality, hands-free audio control can be among the most crucial features which each motorcycle Bluetooth headset should possess. But regrettably, not all do. Anyways, you have to consider this attribute if you’re searching for a headset since you won’t need to take your hands off the handlebar to utilize it. Alternatively, you may use a voice command to carry calls even if you’re on the street riding your motorcycle. This is a really handy feature, which will permit you to ride safely without any worries.


Locating the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset is quite straightforward. You want to find one which has a dependable Bluetooth variety and excellent ambient sound cancellation capacity to keep communication. If you remain unsure as to which headset to select, our listing above should help you limit your choices.

Bear in mind that this design of this technical headset is generally a little on the costly side though you can occasionally find a bargain online. If you’re an aficionado of motorcycles then investing at a high headset is going to be a worthwhile purchase for convenience, security, communication, and a much more enjoyable ride all around.

Hopefully, the guide has helped you in picking a Bluetooth headset on your own helmet. Thank you and see you at German Helmets.