It isn’t just old-school welders rocking Best Passive Welding Helmets. There is also a brand new generation climbing to adopt these classic lenses, also for a fantastic reason. Check out our buyer’s guide to learn why.

We have taken all of the hard work from purchasing online by reviewing the very best passive helmets. Our top five testimonials to display the good, the bad, and the ugly about these helmets. Check them out.
Best Passive Welding Helmets

Top 10 Best Passive Welding Helmet Brands

SaleBestseller No. 1
Ultra-Lightweight, ADF Adaptable HLX-100 Passive Welding Helmet, 4.5 In. x 5.25 In. Fixed Front, Shade 10, Heavy Metal Graphic
Hydraflex shell provides the ultimate in flexibility and durability; 6-ounce ultra-lightweight shell helps reduce neck tension
Bestseller No. 2
Lincoln ELectric VIKING Industrial Passive Black Welding Helmet
Ratchet headgear; Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 Standards; Fixed shade 11
Bestseller No. 3
Passive Welding Helmet, Black, Classic MP-10, 8 to 12 Lens Shade
Lens Shade: 8 to 12; Plate height: 3-2/5", plate width: 4"; Viewing Area: 15-7/10 square inches
Bestseller No. 4
Pyramex Leadhead Passive Welding Helmet With IR 10 Plate
Meet the highest industry safety standards; Full range of protective gear available; Ultimate style and comfort
Bestseller No. 6
Jackson Safety 138-14535 Passive Welding Helmet, #10, 951P, 4 1/2" x 5 1/4", Black
Lightweight, durable, washable thermoplastic shell; Model Number: 138-14535; Item Package Dimension: 1.05" L x 1.05" W x 1.05" H
Bestseller No. 7
W10 HSL 100 Jackson Passive Shade Welding Helmet
W10 hsl 100 jackson passive shade welding helmet
Bestseller No. 8
Jackson Safety 24737 WH10 HLX 100 Passive Welding Helmet, 10, Carbon Fiber, 4 1/2" x 5 1/4", Carbon Fiber
Ultra lightweight shell - only weighs 6 ounces; Hydraflex* shell provides the ULTIMATE in flexibility and durability
Bestseller No. 10
ArcOne 03IP-2 (SSIP-2) Passive Shade 2 Upgrade for 2 x 4-Inch Welding Helmets
Passive shade 2 upgrade; For 2 x 4-inch helmets; Formerly SSIP-2

1. Jackson 14535 Huntsman Passive Welding Helmet

Between its ultra-lightweight using a 6-ounce shell and also the golden lens shade, this helmet is a true value in the purchase price. Some owners believe it is too thin and may not be acceptable for hot rod welding. Other people report they have done overhead rod welding and flux-core MIG with no problems.

If you take a look at passive helmets, then there is a definite benefit to such a mild shell. Nodding your head all day can wear your neck out using a heavier helmet.

Users rave about the optics with this helmet. Not only is that the filter glass ultra-clear, but it also employs the gold filter rather than green tint for much truer colors. The icing on the cake? It’s possible to update this helmet into auto-darkening filters. It is as easy as swapping in Jackson’s True Sight and NextGen auto-darkening systems.

The Jackson 370 headgear is frequently praised in welding stores as the comfiest design offered in a welding helmet. When you mix that with the ultra-lightweight and a golden lens, it is tough to beat this one.


  • The ultra-lightweight shell weighs just six ounces.
  • Hard hat versatile
  • meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA compliant
  • The gold-colored lens Is Excellent for TIG.


  • Some owners say that the shell is too slim.

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2. Jackson Safety HSL 100 Welding Helmet

This deal is an excellent purchase. For the cost of a cheap ADF helmet, you’ll have four fine passive helmets. That makes it feasible to have different color levels in various helmets. Shade 10 is the most typical, but for rod welding over 60 amps, you truly need more such as shades 13.

You could place a golden filter in one rather than green for outstanding true-color clarity, particularly when working with TIG. Since Jackson’s passive helmets are upgradeable, you may even match one having an auto-darkening filter. Then you might have two colors of green, one in gold along with an ADF.

Following is a great idea for starting welders. When you start, it is merely a matter of time until you place your helmet onto a new weld and then burn a hole in it. If this happens to you, you are prepared to decide on a replacement casing in virtually no time in any way.

Owners report exceptional optical clarity and naturally, that the Jackson headgear is probably the best overall layout from the store.

Ultimately, this helmet layout extends well downward to protect the neck region.


  • The extended front raises neck protection.
  • Narrow shell for work in tight spaces
  • Lightweight design is created for comfort.


  • Some owners say that the headgear is an inexpensive quality.

3. Jackson Safety 20508 Passive Welding Helmet

This is a Jackson Passive Welding helmet 20508 that’s perfectly acceptable and costly for any sort of a welder. It utilizes a color ten polycarbonate filter, allowing a clear and unobstructed view of the weld while functioning. Apart from a clear perspective, it’s light and doesn’t create added distress nor strain on the mind. The hat weighs just 6 ounces, which makes it ideal for maneuvering.

The plan of the Jackson Safety helmet is balanced and sleek, helping one in many different jobs. It owns a Hydraflex shell, which is reasonably durable, and yet one which provides added flexibility. Be aware that this passive welding helmet is equally hard hat versatile (utilizing 187-S) and auto-darkening filter elastic. It includes conventional shade ten filter cover plates.

DURABLE DESIGN: This Jackson Safety Welding Helmet features a durable, lightweight design that weighs just 6 oz to decrease neck tension. Hydraflex shell provides the ultimate in versatility.

ADAPTABLE: It is hard hat versatile using 187-S and ADF adaptable using Jackson Safety’s NexGen, TrueSight II, Professional Variable, and Insight auto-darkening filters.

INCLUDED COMPONENTS: The Jackson Safety W10 HLX Passive Welding Helmet comes complete with a cover plate and color ten polycarbonate filter.

SMART PROTECTION: This version comes in several images and features that our superior 370 Speed Dial easy grip/turn headgear system. It makes a wise welding hood for students, amateurs, and…


  • The Hydraflex shell
  • Hard hat versatile
  • Cozy
  • Lightweight
  • Significant view area


  • Not great for a hot rod or regular core Usage

4. Miller MP10 Passive Welder’s Helmet

Miller is just another giant in the welding business. But, Miller is famous more for the welding machines compared to its security gear. This can be a passive helmet with a massive viewport, and consumers enjoy the optics.

There are mixed reports about the headgear. Some welders adore its snug fit, and many others complain of sharp borders. Some have substituted the headgear using the Jackson 370. Miller also gives the Gen III update headgear, which can be heavily padded.

A couple of users have reported that the helmet touching the mind when lifting the hood. Since this helmet features such a slim design, it is possible these clearance problems will not be a problem for smaller welders.

Miller is famous for a sturdy construction. Most reports demonstrate that this particular helmet is surely heavy-duty. Some users believe that the shell is too thin.

Miller provides a lighting accessory kit to attach two flashlights into the helmet. This makes it much easier to find out what you are doing until you hit an arc. This is a great thought that offsets some of the benefits of auto-darkening filters.


  • Significant viewport for Simple welding
  • Sturdy headgear
  • Slim profile for tight spaces


  • Some customers say that the headgear has sharp edges.
  • Polycarbonate lens Ought to Be replaced with glass.

5. Miller MP10 Passive Welding Helmet

The Miller MP10 Black Passive Welding Helmet is also rather wonderful. It’s a similar screening place in just under 16″, using a shade ten lens which can easily be redeemed for the Digital Elite auto-darkening lens.

The elastic nylon injection molded shell exhibits Miller’s quality. It is not just the best-looking helmet within this listing, but it can defy a hammering of spattering with very little impact. Additionally, it is comfortable how it flexes from the way you bulge or capture it on something.

The headgear feels better than most of the new hoods do, but it is not Miller’s best headgear. If the headgear held its ground from Jackson Safety’s W10 HSL 100 passive welding helmet, it might be sitting at our top place.


  • Low cost
  • Lens color: 10
  • Lens dimensions: 15-7/10 square inches
  • Quality headgear
  • Hard hat versatile


  • Headgear relaxation: 75% okay

6. ArcOne H-0300 Black Hawk Passive Helmet

The ArcOne Black Hawk is a lightweight helmet. Owners report that it is well-balanced and comfy for all-day usage, with a fantastic sense compared to fall the hood. It remains up nicely without falling unexpectedly when you are not anticipating it.

Some users do not like the curved filter pay due to glare problems. This is a fairly typical complaint with any helmet that employs a curved cover. It is a fantastic idea to try out a helmet before purchasing if you consider a helmet having a mirrored lens cover.

Most users believe that the headgear is comfy enough, but is too inexpensive to continue. Many welders advocate shifting from the Jackson 370 headgear. This helmet may match a bit too close for comfort with big users due to the slim design.

With such a slim casing, stick welding overhead may be a problem. Some owners think it’ll do the job for occasional stick welding, but maybe not for this type’s steady function. Generally, it is rated well by consumers for professional work in a production environment.


  • Cozy headgear with ratchet adjusting
  • Replaceable polycarbonate lens covers
  • Controllable fall when nodding down the hood.


  • Inexpensive Excellent headgear
  • A curved cover lens disturbs a few welders.

7. Fiber-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass Passive Welding Helmet

The Pipeliner Fiber-Metal welding helmet is an ideal one for pipe welders. It provides you everything you have to be secure but also more than productive in harsh circumstances. This fiberglass welding helmet is distinguished by a compact layout allowing welders to achieve and operate in areas where it could be challenging using a regular one. To guarantee comfortability, it’s equipped with a constant-fit rubber headband that you can re-adjust when required. Additionally, it uses the assistance of free-floating arms, which should minimize pressure points for additional relaxation.

This elastic welding helmet includes a two ″ x 4″ ten polycarbonate filter plate plus a P242 CR-39 transparent cover plate. Besides usability and safety, the helmet is quite durable. In reality, it’s impervious to moisture and can also be affected resistant.

RUGGED SUPERGLAS PLUS: Tough but lightweight SuperGlas Plus material is impervious to moisture and impact-resistant to stop chips and cracks; the smooth coating is self-extinguishing to divert sparks

COMPACT DESIGN: Specially made as a tube welding helmet, the streamlined design allows entry to small spaces and tight clearances in which a Typical welding helmet will not match

SAFETY & CLEAR VISION: Pipeliner Welding Helmet features a 2″ x 4″ Color 10 lens for clear viewing of weld puddle; filters out 100 percent of UV and IR wavelengths for maximum eye protection

Uncomplicated ADJUSTING: Constant athletic rubber headband is pliable, and counters for a custom fit; the overhead ring has several adjustments to place the welding mask to your best working posture and best weld watching


  • Made of fiberglass
  • Comfortable with great headgear
  • Moisture and impact resistant
  • Deflects sparks
  • Made to work within tight spaces
  • Lightweight


  • Small view area

8. Honeywell Fibre-Metal Passive Welder’s Helmet

Among our favorite facets of this Honeywell Fibre-Metal Pipeliner, the helmet is the fact that it includes a fresh canvas-like slate to include your personal touch on it. To get a fiber-metal helmet, it is surprisingly light, weighing just 1.6 lbs. It fits well around your face.

The headgear is amazingly comfy. However, it lacks the quality necessary for a welding helmet. It is encouraged through your head with the elastic ring that does not last quite long. You can not wear a tough hat with it till you alter the helmet.

A good helmet for onsite workout wear confronts protection, more considerable than vinyl, is needed. It is not an ideal helmet, but we enjoy it and have rated it our number three option.


  • Low cost
  • Lens color: 10
  • Easily paintable
  • Headgear relaxation: 85% okay


  • Lens dimensions: 2″ x 4″
  • Inadequate quality headgear
  • Not wearable with the hard hat

9. ArcOne Black Hawk Passive Welding Helmet

For a nearly unknown manufacturer, the ArcOne H-0300 Dark Hawk helmet is a great selection for a vast selection of welders. It provides excellent defense coverage on account of the exceptional shape, though it does not provide the throat protection of the Jackson Safety W10 HSL 100.

We did not enjoy the little lens and the headgear, which lacks relaxation and is reduced in quality. Also, we do not like the appearance of it. It is narrower than it seems, less than an inch wider than the small Jackson Safety W10 HSL 100 helmet.

We recommend this helmet; nonetheless, getting spare headgear will not hurt if you want to replace it.


  • Low cost
  • Quality shell
  • Shields nicely


  • Low-quality headgear
  • Lens dimensions: 2″ x 4″
  • Headgear relaxation: 50% okay

10. Miller Electrics Passive Welding Helmet

Miller Electric classic tufted color welding helmets possess a passive #10 lens that provides excellent protection. It is possible to update it into an auto-darkening lens should you require it. What’s more, you may even use the magnifying lens holder too. It’s a lightweight color ten welding helmet which weighs just 18 oz (510g), making less strain during long tasks.

The inactive welding helmet provided by Miller matches the Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 (High Impact) standard. More so, it’s having a tough had jack accessory for extra safety. It satisfies the ANSI Z87.1-2003 (High Impact) standard. It is accompanied by an industry-standard size filter plate using a screening place — 4 x 4 in (102 x 108 mm) and a passive #10 lens. Ultimately, it’s a classic welding mask design.


  • Massive view area
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Hard hat adapter
  • Compact size
  • Great build quality


  • Does not include additional lenses

Purchasing Guide


Comfort is one of the chief factors when picking a helmet for welding. A comfortable helmet makes a significant difference, and one wants to pay attention if purchasing one. Remember, you might want to wear one to the greater portion of their day.

But a comfortable helmet doesn’t exist. Many welders select one according to their requirements. But deciding on those who provide comfort to you will improve your job and the expertise of doing this.


The best and simplest way to distinguish a welding helmet is via the lens. Essentially, there are two chief qualities of this best passive welding lens — both the color as well as the dimensions.

A passive helmet generally will come with an a10-factor lens. However, there are different sorts of lenses that you may swap rather than the one. Nearly all helmets have an entire assortment of colors, which it is possible to switch between based on the job you’re performing or individual tastes.

If it comes to the size of a welding helmet, the larger the lens, the greater. There’s little to improve in regards to lenses of passive helmets. So raising the size of this lens enables the welder longer moveability because of higher protection and security.

Helmet Shape

If it comes to the size and form of a Passive Welding Helmet, they are available in a variety of sizes. Welders can select based on size and appearance. This is essential for the screening place and also for the relaxation of the welder.


How Long Does Pot Lenses Last?

A welding lens may endure for a lengthy time, but it largely depends upon the years of use. They generally last for 7 to a decade. Following that, replacement lenses will be preferable. Be certain you use a protective glass in the front of the passive lance since if you’re using your welding hood without a protective glass to MIG and Stick welding or for grinding, the lens will become stuffed with spatter and can interfere with your vision speedily.

How Can You Change A Lens On A Welding Helmet?

Altering the lens of a welding helmet is rather simple, and everybody can do it. Occasionally it will vary based on the kind of helmet, although the process is normally the same. Locate the finger near the lens frame and pop it open by using gentle pressure. Eliminate the old color lens. Be certain that you remove the protective film in your brand new lens before placing it in. Remount the lens framework to the mask.

Can You Move Blind Out Of Welders Flash?

Not having proper passive helmets or not being cautious enough may enable you to welder’s flash, or photo-keratitis. This is a requirement when an employee is exposed to extreme ultraviolet radiation through the welding process. It normally results in extreme distress and temporary blindness. But in the majority of extreme cases, it may result in permanent blindness. But this sometimes happens mostly following long term exposure or repeated eye harm.

What’s a Passive Welding Helmet?

A welding helmet was a go-to selection for many experienced welders in addition to amateurs for ages. They’re more than successful when protecting the eyes as well as the faces of a welder.

These kinds of helmets normally arrive with a stock number 10 lenses, but they could also count on the manufacturer. The lens is made from regular glass but is coated using IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) protection to keep the employees safe from the beams.

What’s the Lightest Welding Helmet?

There are a whole lot of lightweight welding helmets that you could locate. The majority of the best inactive welding helmets are designed to be as mild as possible to alleviate tension in your neck. The best option would use a fiberglass welding helmet since they’re made from lighter stuff. However, at times it’s best to ascertain your headgear according to your personal preferences.


Though Passive welding helmets are considered classic and conventional versions, nevertheless, many welders do favor just these helmets to the sort of relaxation it gives. If you’re simply a beginner level welder and do not wish to invest a lot on a welding helmet and require that additional protection, you can readily go for all these best welding helmets that are passive.

Hopefully, our article can allow you to pick the best welder hat to suit you. Thank you, and see you at German Helmets.