You may agree when I say your mind is among your body’s most significant pieces, and it requires the best helmet for scooter riding. Should you ride a scooter, you might have difficulty finding the Best Scooter spares for you. Wearing a helmet onto a motorcycle might help protect your entire body while riding. Riding is harmful, so consider obtaining a dash-camera for extra protection, also!

It turns out that locating the best motor scooter helmets may radically reduce skull damage odds through any unexpected injury.

Throughout this guide, we’ll cover the best ten motorscooter helmets on the market. Include womens scooter helmets.

After the reviews, you will locate a buyer’s guide for crucial components to listen to while buying one in German Helmets.
Best Scooter Helmets

Top 10 Best Scooter Helmet Brands

SaleBestseller No. 5
Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet, Gloss Black
Cutting-edge youth safety helmet for biking, skating, and more; Ergonomic interior padding is comfortable and secure
Bestseller No. 9
The Terminator
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton (Actors)
Bestseller No. 10
ScootinAmerica: Inside My Helmet
Scootinamerica Inside My Helmet; Sandoval, Adam (Author); English (Publication Language)

1. Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Street Helmet is a heavy-duty helmet that’s guaranteed to protect your mind in any event. Bell Helmets has been at the marketplace of earning moped helmets because 1954 and understand just what your mind requirements. Placing your confidence in this organization is guaranteed to repay.

This Helmet is made with durable polycarbonate and ABS casing. These substances are a couple of the strongest plastics available. Upon impact, the plastic spreads the pressure through the Helmet’s exterior layer. This contributes to the impact of immunity and reduces any harm done to your skull.

This full-face scooter Helmet comes with a simple, quick-release guard made for rapid shield replacement if damaged. The defense is an ultraviolet light protectant and contains anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. This also protects you from visualization problems while riding.

Not a lover of road and wind noise? This revolutionary Helmet includes a cushioned wind collar. This prevents the sound that happens while riding. Ride comfortably and concentrate on what is important for this unbelievable feature.

Internally, the liner is antibacterial and will not hold bacteria. It follows that however, much you sweat, bacteria can’t sustain life within this Helmet. If you become aware of your liner needs a clean, it’s removable and completely washable. Just throw it into the washing machine and air dry afterward.

If you enjoy listening to music in your rides, this Helmet comes with an integrated speaker. Just slip in some of your helmet headphones and revel in the music. Are you, however, listening to cassettes? This awesome device can address your problems.

Should you ever encounter a problem with your own Bell Qualifier Street Helmet, they have a 5-year limited guarantee. Whether any production problems come up within a five-year interval, contact Bell, and they will assist you. You shouldn’t ever need to think about getting a brand new helmet after locating a good one!

2. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet includes a very simple layout but does a fantastic job maintaining your mind safe even if performing professional stunts. It is created using a multi-impact design using a tough ABS outer shell, which could hold as much as an extreme accident. The ABS shell also comes with an attractive rubber end that will fit your style.

The interior is fitted using an odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and sweat saver lining with antibacterial therapy. This can help you to keep up a cool and dry mind, while at the same time deters bacteria and mold buildup that normally induces a helmet to itch and stink. Additionally, it features an impact-absorbing EPS lining to cushion your head from harm. Ultimately with adjustable chin straps and a side release buckle, then it is possible to match the Helmet for your liking.

On the other hand, the Helmet’s size graph has united sizes. For example, big and X-large are at precisely the same size category. That may make it difficult to discover a perfect match. Thus, the sizes run small and might be a little lower than comparable dimensions provided by other manufacturers. Additionally, you need to wear safety goggles using the Helmet as it doesn’t have a faceguard.

3. Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Vega Helmets has been in business since 1994 and focuses on the security of riders. This experienced firm made the Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet protect your skull out of effect. This Helmet is among the best ten helmets presently on the market because of its durability.

Produced with an EPS, or elongated polystyrene liner, this Helmet is highly impacted resistant. EPS liners are made to absorb impact force and distribute it, which means that your skull will not become damaged. This liner additionally provides your Helmet with venting so that you don’t overheat on your trip.

The Rebel Warrior Helmet includes a drop-down sun visor. This is U.V. protected and may prevent anything from getting in your eyes while riding. It’s lightweight and easy to use by simply slipping it.

One unique facet of this Helmet is its adjustable neck strap. There’s a dial on the belt, which lets you alter its tightness to get a customizable ride. You won’t need to think about your Helmet slipping off!

If you typically produce a great deal of sweat, this Helmet has something good for you! The inner lining is moisture-wicking and does not hold water. This keeps you cooler more than cool scooter helmets on the market, but it also makes your trip lighter as there is no retained water burden.

The Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet covers your mind’s top and does not have a chin protectant location. Bear this in mind when buying!

Last, this Helmet comes with a five-year warranty. Based on what problem you see fit, contact Vega, and they could talk to you through replacement or assistance.

4. Razor Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

The Razor Youth Multi-Sport Helmet is a fantastic solution for teenagers and younger kids. The moped Helmet is lightweight and flexible, with 17 vents at the top in addition to the sides. The vents promote airflow and keep your head cool in warm weather. Additionally, it features an adjustable chin strap with a side release buckle for a secure fit.

The inside is constructed with thick padding for optimum comfort. Additionally, the maker provides an excess pad set to get a comfortable fit if the Helmet fits loosely onto your mind. The Helmet just weighs 0.95 lbs and is much lighter than many helmets. Additionally, it has a stunning design and comes in many glistening colors.

The disadvantage to the Helmet is that it comes in smallish sizes that fit children and teens. It is only acceptable for leisure riding rather than to get high-speed scooting or doing professional stunts. Additionally, its open-face layout with no visor exposes you to some oncoming projectiles.

5. Pro-Tec Classic Accredited Skate Helmet

Best Scooter Helmets
This Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is a leading helmet for people who ride scooters. Its durability and impact resistant attributes result in a great mask. Regardless of what you might encounter in your trip, the Pro-Tec Classic Accredited Skate Helmet has you covered.

This Helmet is made out of an EPS foam lining. This stands for elongated polystyrene and is normal in several helmets. It’s impact-resistant and cradles your head upon impact. The foam coating generates good cushioning of your skull and head.

The Pro-Tec Classic Accredited Skate Helmet is very elastic. It’s constructed with eleven air holes for ventilation. These open vents allow air to get your mind and can cool you off. Simultaneously, the hot air being produced by your own body could be published through the very same holes.

The outside coating of the Helmet is constructed from ABS. ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and leaves the casing perfect for impact protection. This ABS material paired using the EPS foam inside makes sure your skull is protected in your ride.

Pro-Tec’s Classic Accredited Skate Helmet comes with a flexible neck strap. What does this mean? Adjustable neck straps make it your Helmet will not slide off while riding. It may fit individuals of different weights and sizes.

The traditional Accredited Skate Helmet comes in many different sizes so that your mind will match. Should you have to work out the best size for you, look at their sizing guide.

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6. Thousand Mature Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

The Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet is intended to protect your skull and mind from many head injury types should you fall. In terms of the construction, it’s seven air vents with inner maneuvering to maintain the top and rear of your mind cool since you journey. Also, it features a built-in, low-profile sun visor to protect your eyes from sunlight rays. The Helmet is made with flexible microfiber leather straps plus a magnetic buckle that may be secured with a single hand.

An exceptional characteristic, together with the Helmet, is its key pop lock. You can lock the Helmet onto your scooter to get an anti-theft warranty. Thousand reveals its confidence in the locking mechanism by providing a free replacement if your Helmet becomes stolen once you fasten it on your equipment. Additionally, the Helmet comes in many different sizes for adults, includes a top matte rubberized finish, also features double inside padding to get a comfortable fit.

The disadvantage to the Helmet is that it does not completely protect your ears. It is slightly curved in the region that generally matches the ear. It also includes a thin strap that may tear easily if you pull too hard when correcting the Helmet.

7. 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

The 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is an exceptional helmet that may protect your mind from injuries. Its design cradles your account. The materials of the Helmet are created for effect and can prevent skull damages from crashes.

This shell of this 1Storm Helmet is made from thermoplastic alloy. Why does this matter? This material is lightweight, durable, and much more non. All those attributes are items you should look for in a fantastic helmet.

Aside from the outer shell, the inner layer also protects your head from harm. The inner layer of the Helmet is thick and deeply cushioned. Your mind will be comfy and secure in each one of the foam cushioning.

Additionally, as a bonus, this Helmet is excellent for people who sweat or sweat a lot. The interior coating is removable and washable. This usually means it may get cluttered, but you can wash it if you require it.

The scooter is made with an end to protect it and you. The coat is ultraviolet light protectant, so any damaging sun rays can not undergo it. Furthermore, it makes for a solid, durable helmet. This Helmet will always seem to be new since it’s scratch resistant.

There is more! Among the essential areas of this Helmet is that the DOT certifies it. This implies it’s a legal helmet that you could use to protect against impact.

Last, the visor of the 1Storm Helmet prevents things from hitting your face and eyes. It’s bi-layered, one being tinted along with another being apparent. Get two layers of facial protection using this dual helmet visor!

8. AGV K-5 JET

A complete case of a jet motorcycle helmet using a display is your AGV K-5 Jet, a mask perfect for the day to day, whether it is around town and lets you give it a marginally more relaxing usage for a maxi-scooter.

The casing is fine, using a rear spoiler that identifies the new racing soul and a massive screen that protects the face against the end. In reality, the display has a tool-less emergency elimination system, and the closing is micrometric. Ah, and do not let’s forget: it also comes with a solar visor. It weighs about 1350 grams in an M.S. size.

9. Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017

The Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017 Open Face Helmet is a great solution for riders all over. Fuel Helmets was at the company of protecting its customers’ minds for ages. SH-WS0017 is an ideal illustration of one of the excellent manufacturing jobs.

This Helmet is made with a lightweight rubberized casing. This tough and durable vinyl is well known for its high impact resistance. If you get in a crash, your mind will be protected from danger.

Together with the high-quality stuff, the outer shell comes with an infrared light protective coating. This coat retains harmful sun rays from your mind. This also keeps you cooler on extended rides.

Speaking of cooling, you won’t have overheated on some of your rides with the Gas Helmet’s special design. It’s equipped with six venting holes on the surface of the Helmet. This permits the heat from their own body heat to escape. Additionally, it allows cool air to enter!

Everybody needs a helmet to match them closely without strangulation. This gas Helmet comes with a flexible neck strap. It uses a D-ring closed to permit a perfect fit every time you wear it.

This Helmet also includes a full-face guard. It’s crystal clear and covers everything out of the chin upward. The best part? The visor is removable and may be done so easily with all the undoing of a couple of screws.

The Fuel Helmet SH-WS0017 Open Face Helmet with Shield is a great solution for anybody who enjoys riding. It provides an excellent mind and skull protection on the street.

10. Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver

This Triple Eight Helmet using Sweatsaver is a fantastic solution for casual riders. Triple Eight is a company based in New York City and has worked for over 15 decades. They provide a number of their very protective equipment in the helmet market.

The Triple Eight Helmet is constructed using an ABS outer shell. This stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is popularly well known for its influence protection. If you get in an accident and hit on your mind, the ABS shell can protect your skull and head.

Triple Eight boasts about the distinctive Sweatsaver fabric material they use in their liner. This is a moisture-wicking material that keeps your head cool and dry. Additionally, it is treated with antibacterial therapy. This means that you won’t need to worry about germs expansion after each use!

This Helmet includes seven ports around the top of it. This is ideal for riders who are inclined to become hot and sweaty. The vents are big and let heat move out and cold air to go into. This cools off your body to the hottest of days.

The Triple Eight Helmet using Sweatsaver was created with an impact in your mind. It covers the whole front and back of your account. Triple Eight calls for this their multi-impact layout. It usually means you could hit your mind in a variety of areas and not be hurt.

Made to perfectly match every individual, the flexible straps to alter to match your head shape and size. This prevents your Helmet from falling off or from becoming too tight once you’re on the move.


What are great scooter helmet manufacturers?

Any that’s DOT approved, but urge top brands such as Bell.

What exactly are DOT helmets?

DOT stands for’Department of Transport,’ it means that the Helmet would be to FMVSS 218 normal — saying it’s street legal in the U.S.

Which would be the best scooter apparel for girls?

Most helmets are unisex; girls will normally just need smaller sizes.

Do you need to wear a helmet when riding a scooter?

Yes, most nations in the united states have helmet legislation besides Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire. Even If You Reside in one of those states, you should still wear a Fantastic helmet for security.

Could I use a bike helmet to get a scooter?

You can use a motorcycle helmet for driving a scooter, but not a bike helmet. They aren’t meant to protect your mind at such rates. A 50cc scooter can proceed 35MPH.

Which kind of scooter helmet is safest?

We advocate full-face helmets and preferably using the SNELL M2015 certificate.


To sum up, there are various kinds of helmets based on the game or activity you may use it for.

For all those using scooters, we’ve rated favorites out products: the HJC IS-33 Helmet, the Shoei R.J. Platinum R, and last but not least, the Bell Pit Boss.

Each of these products includes a cutting-edge attribute that sets itself apart from its rival brands.

Companies innovate, leading technology to supply you with the best features like lightweight, eyesight protection, proper venting, etc.

Nonetheless, in brief, the most crucial factors you want to consider are comfort and safety.