Even though quite a few ski helmets are unisex and are perfectly fine for men or women, there’s a vast choice of ski helmet woman. The best ski helmets for women are usually designed especially for women, instead of only lighter hybrids of men’s helmets. And they are armed with top of the line security technology to ensure your noggin remains safe and injury-free as you are out enjoying your day on the slopes.

As a rule of thumb, if women’s ski helmets do not match, they serve no function. In the event the ski helmet doesn’t fit comfortably, it won’t be worn. If a helmet isn’t worn, the chances for harm is raised during activities like skiing.

Luckily, there are a couple of straightforward tests that you could perform to ascertain whether your women’s ski helmet fits, and fits nicely. We’ll get to those in a moment, but first, we’ll run a little caution when it concerns the process of choosing a helmet for skiing.

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German Helmets have put together a list of 10 of their best ski helmets for girls available on the market that will help you find one which will be best for you. Have a look, and see you out on the slopes this year!

Top 7 Best Ski Helmet Woman’s Review

Bestseller No. 1
Retrospec Traverse H1 Ski & Snowboard Helmet, Convertible to Bike/Skate, Matte White, Medium (55-59cm)
Helmet safety certifications include EN 1077:2007 for Ski Helmets
Bestseller No. 3
Retrospec H4 Ski & Snowboard Helmet with 9 Vents; Matte Teal Dusk, Small 52-55.5cm
ABS shell exterior and firm, shock-absorbent EPS interior.; Adjustable ErgoKnob dial to perfectly customize your fit.
Bestseller No. 5
Shy Velvet Balaclava Wind-Resistant Winter Face Mask,Fleece Cold Weather Ski Mask for Men and Women
Unisex headgear, one size fits most.; Soft fleece, highly breathable,stretchable, quick,drying.
Bestseller No. 7
Skiing Word Search: Practice Workbook For Adults | 60 Puzzles of Word Search & Scramble | Find more than 600 words on the vocabulary of skiing - the ... | Ski Challenging Word Puzzle, Large Print.
Publishing, Ski and Snowboard Vacation Book (Author); English (Publication Language); 90 Pages - 03/10/2020 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 8
N/X Akaslife Multifunction Bandana Outdoor Headwear Windproof Sun Protection Anti Dust Cover, Balaclava Biker Ski Motorcycle Helmet Neck Cover Ride Sport Bandana
A cool 3D patterned mask makes you unique and stylish.; The best companion for cycling, hiking and outdoor sports.

1. Best of the Rush – Smith Level MIPS

Smith has altered the favorite Variance among our all-time preferred hotel figurines together with all the Level MIPS for 2020. It is immediately possible to tell the most recent version is a completely modern helmet: its slick looks, generous venting, and hybrid casing construction closely resemble the pricier Vantage above.

Additionally, it borrows that helmet Aerocore layout and contains a MIPS lining for strong crash protection. Throw in a warm and soft inside, and the Amount (and women’s Liberty) have all of the ideal ingredients to pick up directly where the Variance left.

First, the Level is somewhat heavier (just about 1 oz ) and contains only one adjuster to the very best vents (the Vantage includes two). Further, they have matched the Vantage’s premium Boa match system to get an in-house VaporFit layout. Nevertheless, the degree of customization is quite similar, and we have had no complaints together with our new VaporFit-equipped helmets. In general, the lighter and airier Vantage is your greater all-rounder, but we find little to complain about using the Level to get lift-assisted use.


  • High-quality and incredibly comfortable construct.


  • Not as flexible as the Vantage above

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2. Sweet Protection Switcher – Best For Lightweight Protection

The Sweet Protection Switcher helmet comes fully loaded with all the security features you’d ever desire without the additional bulk and weight. The sleek design comes with an optimized effect geometry to better disperse force on effect.

It’s a single-hand flexible venting system for all those days when you are working up a sweat or the sun beating down on the slopes. Additionally, it has a magnetic buckle on the chin strap that may be fastened without taking off your gloves or mittens, which makes this among the very user-friendly helmets.


The compact profile is reached via the new Passive Aggressive Venting system, a discreet yet powerful system that automatically handles temperature and airflow while in-motion riding, standing, or hiking stationery. The general look is completed with a small brim and subtle outlines for Seamless Compatibility with Giro goggles. The Terra MIPS® Helmet also features MIPS® technologies, lightweight construction, and the dialed-in match of this In Type 2 Fit system to get a barely-there feel.

All Giro helmets have been intended to decrease as much electricity as possible while fulfilling and exceeding rigorous security criteria. The objective of Giro’s Integrated MIPS-equipped helmets would be to reduce rotational forces. Giro considers that helmets equipped with this technology can lower the rotational force quantity, which could be moved to the rider’s mind in some specific impacts.

The two-piece casing combines a challenging outer hard shell with a polycarbonate lower housing permanently fused into the lining for durability without excessive weight.

The Type 2 Fit System is milder and more lower-profile than the first, and it is easier to dial at a custom fit in minutes – even with gloves. An improved dial layout provides around 6cm of modification plus improved stability.

For optimum performance of the two goggles and helmets, Giro products are made to operate together, ensuring a seamless interface between helmet and goggle for a unique fit and reliable, worry-free function.

4. Bern Watts EPS Thin Shell

Ski helmets are a class where we are often eager to devote a bit extra. A great lid works, and you do not consider it, whereas a bad one can ruin a ski day. However, the 100 Bern Watts makes a place on the list since it is flat-out comfy. Twist it on your mind and twist the Boa adjuster, and now you are ready for all-day fun. Another key advantage is the 2-in-1 compatibility: from the offseason, you can grab a summer season for biking and utilize it for this particular action (it is accredited for both). We frequently find this helmet about Seattle, and the dual-use facet is a reason.

There’ll be compromises at this price, and the huge ones for your Watts EPS are venting and goggle fit. The ABS construction means that there are not too many vents as many other choices on this listing, and what ports it will happen are non-adjustable. Additionally, it is somewhat tricky to discover a set of goggles that could squeeze beneath the visor and prevent exposed skin. Medium-fit glasses such as the Smith I/O can operate, but it could lead to distress or mind freeze on icy days if you go too little or too big. If you are able to obtain the right goggle pairing, nevertheless, the Bern Watts is a good price.


  • Very comfy
  • Great looks


  • Non-adjustable vents
  • Angled invoice gets in the way of goggles.

5. JULBO HAL – Snowboard Helmets Women

Julbo, a longtime leader in protective eyewear for the alpinist and recreational alike, has ventured to the protective headwear group with the 2020 launch of this Hal ski helmet. This low profile helmet is designed with the minimalist in mind since it reduces weight with the hard casing protect in the brow to cover the ears into the back of the mind. The ears are rather covered by pads, which allow for optimum airflow. Furthermore, they have made the helmet using a two-toned color scheme to get an elegant, yet lively vibe.


  • Variable Elasticity Hybrid


  • MIPS: No

6. RATIO MIPS HELMET – Women’s Snow Ski Helmets

Under the slick design, you will discover that the adjustability of an In Form match system, Thermostat Control flexible venting, and compatibility using semi-automatic audio systems by Exterior Tech. The Ratio is also accessible with MIPS® – that may provide more protection in some specific impacts by redirecting energy.

All Giro helmets have been intended to decrease as much electricity as possible while fulfilling and exceeding rigorous security criteria. The objective of Giro’s Integrated MIPS-equipped helmets would be to reduce rotational forces. Giro considers that helmets equipped with this technology can lower the rotational force quantity, which could be moved to the rider’s mind in some specific impacts.

women's snow ski helmets

Hard Shell Construction produces great helmets at a premium cost. A hard outer shell is molded and then attached to the EPS foam lining.

For optimum performance of the two goggles and helmets, Giro products are made to operate together, ensuring a seamless interface between helmet and goggle for a unique fit and reliable, worry-free function.

7. Anon Raider 3 – Best Cheap Women Ski Helmets

The Anon Raider is a longtime budget preferred with its durable construction and skate park-ready looks. From a features perspective, it is about as simple as it gets. There’s no adjustable fit system, its venting system does not do a fantastic job with fever regulation or fog avoidance, and it is one of the lightest models on our listing at 21 oz. On the other hand, the inside cushioning includes a fleece backer, which is a lot softer than we expected for the cost, and the helmet consists of a nice strong texture.

It into direct competition with the Smith Holt over, and between the two, we provide the obvious advantage to the Holt. Smith has done a better job creating a more comfortable helmet to get the same price: the easy fit system functions well, and despite considering the same, it seems much lighter on your mind and seems much less bulky. However, the Anon is multi-season accredited, making it a great bargain to get a snow and snow helmet.


  • Great cost
  • Durable construction


  • Sounds and feels bulky
  • No match adjuster

General Women’s Ski Helmet Information

We’ll go on and receive the most frequent question from the way, and that’s, “I have got a bike helmet/skating helmet may I use this?” No, don’t use your bike or skating apparel for skiing. There’s a distinct difference in how helmets are intended for certain sports.

Exotic ski helmets are designed to protect skiers and snowboarders in the kinds of crashes and effects they might experience while skiing or snowboarding, on account of the gaps from the sports and states in summer sports such as biking or biking and winter sports that the helmets are made otherwise.

The method by which the security criteria on ski and snowboard helmets are written is made to protect a skier or snowboarder from a serious effect before they need to be replaced. In case of a rather considerable impact on the internal foam or tough outer shell of the helmet can crack. Women’s ski helmets are intended to break upon the severe effect to distribute the energy of their impact and protect your brain.

Also, at a push to get skiers to wear helmets, producers have developed various shell designs to accommodate variances from rider to rider. Styles range from conventional full-shell helmets to half shell helmets. Features could include sound capabilities, ventilation systems, visors, as well as multi-density shells.

Yet each one of these features shouldn’t take the attention from the important job of the proper match for a women’s ski helmet. If it boils right down to it, a helmet with sound capabilities isn’t likely to protect you if it doesn’t match properly.

How to Get The Perfect Women’s Ski Helmet Size

First and foremost, when choosing a women’s ski helmet would be to locate one that perfectly fits. Improperly fitting women ski helmet provides about as much protection as wearing no helmet in any way. That is has been said; there are a couple of straightforward actions to finding the great fitting women ski helmet.

Step 1: Assessing the Head

Measuring the mind is straightforward. Locate a fabric or elastic measuring tape. If you do not have these, you may use a bit of string and measure the part of the series against a standard tape measure. Put the tape or rope’s start just above the hairline and then wrap it around the head. Now use the dimension in our sizing guide to discover the right women’s ski helmet dimensions.

Step 2: Putting the Helmet

Grab hold of this helmet ear flaps or straps and roll the helmet on your head, beginning with the brow and working back again.

Step 3: Assessing for Gaps

After putting the women’s ski helmet onto your mind, check to be certain all the padding on the women’s ski helmet is flush from the account. There shouldn’t be any openings between your forehead and the front part of the helmet. Does this imply that the women’s ski helmet doesn’t fit properly, but it also entails that the women’s ski helmet allows cold air to flow in, which makes you cold throughout the day? The rear of this women’s ski helmet also needs to return only to the begging of their hairline, although not all of the way down to the neck’s center.

Step 4: Shake Test

After you’ve put the women’s ski helmet onto your head and assessed for gaps, it’s time for your shake test. Shake your head back and forth and from side to side. The women’s ski helmet shouldn’t slip around in your mind in any way. If it does, this usually means that the women’s ski helmet is too large and may slide off during a critical jolt or collapse.

A few women’s ski helmets finally have the means to adjust the helmet dimensions by bending a knob at the back. In case your women’s ski helmet does, and then you also discover your helmet is fitting too loose, then provide the horn a couple of cranks and see whether it matches any better.

If your women’s ski helmet moves these four easy steps, you’ve found the ideal fitting women’s helmet.

Safety Certifications

Women’s ski helmets may be certified as ASTM CE or both. The ASTM certification implies that the helmet meets US safety standards. CE signifies European standards accredit the helmet. All ski helmets located in the USA will be ASTM licensed, but could also be CE certified.


Full Shell: A complete shell women’s ski helmet is the most typical. It utilizes a complete hard outer shell that extends below the ears. This layout protects the whole head. Many racers use a complete shell design due to its extra protection and its compatibility with jaw guards.

Half Shell: Half Shells ski helmets would be the most popular kind for ladies. It combines a tough outer shell in addition to soft earflaps on both the medial side. This sort of helmet will be the most popular as it’s by far the comfiest allows for improved hearing and can be used with many sound systems.

Full Face: This kind of helmet is nearly never used unless you’re skiing in the back. A full-face helmet combines a complete shell helmet and incorporates a completely molded jaw guard (they seem very much like dirt bike helmets). Though these provide a high amount of protection, they’re extremely heavy, uncomfortable, and, therefore, difficult to listen to. The point is unless you’re hitting the backcountry, you don’t require a full-face helmet.

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Venting Systems

When most men and women think ski, they believe chilly. There are occasions if you would like to allow a number of the hot air from your ski helmet since you simply get too hot! Many women ski helmets do so via some kind of venting system. There are quite a few different ventilation systems available on the current market, but here are a few of the most common found on women ski helmets. Remember that some ski helmets can also use a blend of these ventilation systems.

Open Venting: Much like the title sounds, open ventilation utilizes holes or slots at the helmet’s top or sides to allow out hot air. Here is the most elementary kind of venting system, as it cannot be shut if you end up getting chilly.

ski helmets women

Twist Venting: Twist venting is much like open ventilation but takes it one step farther. Like open venting helmets, plugin ventilation helmets have a set of slots or holes to the top. But they comprise a pair of rubberized strips or plugs that may be set in the pit to pay them up if you end up becoming too chilly. The single drawback to helmets with plugins venting is that you need to take off your helmet to install or remove the sticks, which isn’t something that you wish to do on those very cold days!

Active Adjustable Venting: Ski helmets with busy adjustable venting would be the best. These helmets have exactly the same number of ventilation holes as a plug or open venting helmets but make it possible for you to open and shut them without taking off the helmet. This is achieved via a knob or switch on the cover of the ski helmet that opens or closes the vents by slipping a plastic cap. Some even allow for partial opening, allowing for exceptional temperature control. All these women’s ski helmets would be the absolute best no questions asked.

As a last note on ventilation, you will generally find the fashions outlined above and utilized separately. But, you might run across a version that incorporates a composite of numerous systems.

Audio Capabilities

Most women ski helmets have integrated sound capacity, and a few even include movie capability. Audio helmets have speakers built into the ear flaps and permit you to connect to an MP3 player to listen to music while you ski.

If your helmet does not already have sound, many assists can have it readily added by getting a new pair of earflaps and only snapping them. There are numerous audio methods for girls ski helmets, but will also pay for a few of their most popular.

Single Link Audio Systems: This is the most fundamental and generally the cheapest of these sound systems. Separate hyperlink sound systems have a lengthy cord, which runs out of the women’s ski helmet also links to an MP3 player (which is typically subsequently saved on your coat). Most of them possess a mute or perhaps a volume control connected to the audio cable.

Two-way Link Systems: This program is like the only hyperlink sound system, except that it may be hooked into an MP3 player and two-way radio or mobile phone. These programs will normally have a mic built into the cord, so it is possible to speak without pulling your radio or mobile phone.

Bluetooth Link Systems: Bluetooth link sound systems have the same performance as the only hyperlink sound systems. However, they do it without having a complete cord. The helmet includes a little wire, which clips on the exterior of your coat. At the end of the cable are a Bluetooth transmitter and a mic for answering telephone calls. But, these Bluetooth connection sound systems only utilize mobile phones that are Bluetooth enabled.

Wireless Audio Systems: Wireless sound techniques provide the same performance as the Bluetooth audio programs, but do this without a cable in any way. All these women ski helmets have controls plus a mic built into the helmet, typically on the exterior of their earflaps.

Race Helmets

There’s absolutely no such thing as a women’s ski racing helmet. All racing helmets are unisex, but a few come in colors that are a lot more attractive to girls. Racing helmets are now available in all kinds of bright, fun colors to help girls feel more womanly on the slopes, but are intended to provide the most quantity of impact protection. Hurry helmets are complete shell helmets with tough ears.

These provide less protection against an acute effect but are generally less costly since they come out of a preformed press. More advanced racers will want to consider obtaining a handmade composite shell helmet, which is usually fortified with a Kevlar coating. Though this general weight more, they provide added impact protection. If you’re a seasoned or aggressive racer, you might wish to consider a complete carbon fiber or carbon/Kevlar hybrid. These provide excellent impact protection and are very lightweight also.

Based on the occasion or league you’re racing, you might be asked to buy a jaw guard on your helmet. This plastic or metallic cable arch attaches to either side of a racing helmet and wraps around facing this skier’s pliers, protecting their head from getting struck by rushing gates.

Never attempt to drill holes at a helmet and put in a chin guard all on your own. This may compromise the integrity of this helmet, which makes it incredibly dangerous. Check with the regional ski racing institution to find out whether you require a jaw protector. They’ll make certain to have all of the extra information you might expect.