So what exactly does a Smart Motorcycle Helmets? It consists of built-in microphones, rear-facing speakers, cameras, and other features. These helmets combine several features to produce the riding fire pleasurable.

Not a simple job to pick the most effective smart helmet motorcycle to you. Many businesses attempt to think of a wise helmet, but they’re often ineffective in their own purposes. Consumers find that a bug in the technology of a Smart Motorcycle Helmets. To make things worse, companies can’t afford to provide any permanent solution. That is the reason why German Helmet advises you about the very best motorcycle smart helmet here.

Smart Motorcycle Helmets

Here, the very best respectable smart helmets that have been maintaining their heritage on the wise technology. These helmets have a specialty in distinct sections. German Helmets will help you in locating a solid suit one of them.

Top 10 Best Smart Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Sena Outrush Modular Smart Helmet (Matte Black, Large)
Modular smart helmet with retractable sun visor; Jog-dial operated controls to make use of functions such as volume control
SaleBestseller No. 2
HJC Helmets Smart 10B Unit Street Motorcycle Helmet Accessories - Black/One Size
Universal Intercom: Allows pairing to other brands of Bluetooth headsets; Bluetooth Intercom up to 400 meters (437 yards) in open terrain
SaleBestseller No. 3
HJC Helmets Smart 20B Unit Street Motorcycle Helmet Accessories - Black/One Size
Includes control unit, battery unit, speakers, boom and wire mics; Color black
Bestseller No. 4
HJC Smart 20B Unit Bluetooth Communication Street Motorcycle Helmet Accessories - White/One Size
Includes control unit, battery unit, speakers, boom and wire mics; Color white
Bestseller No. 7
Why we wear helmets when Rock Crawling
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); English (Playback Language); English (Subtitle)
Bestseller No. 8
S.O.A. Matte Black Half Head Motorcycle Helmet DOT Approved
3 Year Warranty; FMVSS 218 DOT Certified ISO9001:2000, CE, & ECE certified materials; Shell Constructed Using Strong Impact-Resistant ABS Material
Bestseller No. 9
HJC F70 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Smart HJC 10B Bluetooth Headset Stone Grey Medium
Sena Smart HJC 10B Bluetooth Headset Pre-Installed and tested; Smart HJC by Sena Ready; Integrated Sun Shield
Bestseller No. 10
HJC F70 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Smart HJC 10B Bluetooth Headset Feron MC1SF Medium
Sena Smart HJC 10B Bluetooth Headset Pre-Installed and tested; Smart HJC by Sena Ready; Integrated Sun Shield

1. Harley Davidson Boom! Sound N02

This is only one of Harley Davidson’s best-selling helmets and for good reason. It features the ease and protection of a full-face helmet with all the communication technologies you may need. This helmet includes two modules incorporated: Bluetooth and mesh. This implies that you can hold a relationship with your smartphone/music, in addition to your riding peers.

Buttons are situated towards the backout of the way and maintaining aerodynamics flowing. Chin and forehead vents maintain away the fog, and the fiberglass composite shell will see to it that the helmet does not get too thick.

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2. Livall Bling BH60

The Livall Bling BH60 is a staple among the listing of finest smart helmets for many years — and it is for good reason. Using its built-in LED strips around the top and back that may be controlled with a remote affixed to the handlebars riders aren’t just more visible, but they are able to indicate which direction they are turning, also. The helmet also functions together with the official Livall program (iOS/Android) to issue automatic SOS effect alarms should the wearer drop or be struck by a vehicle. In these scenarios, the program automatically alerts the driver’s emergency contact to notify them of this incident.

A windbreak mike and Bluetooth speaker also permit for hands-free calling and playback of audio, too. There is also a walkie-talkie feature, that permits riders to remain in touch with additional Bling users within their group while still on the road or street.

In the event the Bling BH60 is not to your liking, then Livall provides a range of different helmets that feature distinct designs but provide the exact same set of features and technologies. As an example, the organization’s Bling MT1 was specially created out of mountain bikers in your mind. There are even wise helmet selections for children, also.

3. Sena Momentum INC Pro

The Sena Momentum INC Pro has a composite fiberglass shell. Thus, you can require the helmet for getting a crystal-clear view. It’s a higher-end version and popular for Bluetooth communication. The INC Pro is offering a QHD camera around the very best.

In any case, that the INC pro offers smart sound control, collection intercom, Bluetooth sound, and audio sharing features. For which makes it air handy, there have high and chin vents in addition to a rear exhaust vent.

Now let us see it has the wise features it’s offering. Employing a faceguard on the visor, you might have a fog-free sight from within the helmet. Additionally, the multi-density EPS lining is detachable and washable. It expires quickly.

The Sena Momentum INC Pro provides three dimensions, for example – medium, big and extra-large. The two glassy-white and matte black to give it a stupendous look. The QHD features 1440p, also 30fps and FHD have 1080p and 60fps. The two QHD and FHD camera boast a 135-degree aerodynamic opinion, along with the helmet are Fmvss 218 standards.


  • Enables 2 hours of video recording that is looping.
  • Double D ring fastening.
  • Anti-fog pin lock faceguard.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) certified.


  • Not too much venting

4. Lumos Helmet

Constructed for biking through the night, the Lumos Helmet is outfitted with turn signals at both the front and back, which can be connected to some handlebar remote that provides several months of battery life between recharges. Automated brake lights can also be included, even though these drain the helmet juice fairly quickly. To conserve battery life, Lumos will give riders the choice to turn off them.

This helmet can also be water-resistant, enabling it to survive sudden rain showers — or anticipated, if that is how you want to ride. If you are just biking to and from work, it might not be the ideal choice due largely to the fact that the lights are not especially visible during daylight. But it is still trendy, cheap, and provides lots of protection to go together with its smart features.

5. Quin Spitfire Rosso Bluetooth Integrated Smart Helmet for Motorcycle

The Spitfire Rosso has elegant exterior lines simple design. The outside body of the wise helmet is constructed of polyester and thermoplastic, and the inside has lightweight”conehead” polystyrene lining to consume shake much better.

The Quin Spitfire Rosso comes with Ultra-violet coated crystal-clear visor and a drop-down sun visor. In addition, it has quick-release cheek pads, ratchet strap.

Quin Spitfire Bluetooth Integrated detection

Currently, come to the wise features it’s offering. It’s incorporated the IntelliQuin crash detection method. For quantifying a beat potential, it joins integrated accelerometers from the circumstance of its proprietary circuitry and equal algorithm for estimating the beat. In addition, the Quin Spitfire includes Bluetooth 4.0 protocols.

The Bluetooth 4.0 protocol lets speaker, mic into the helmet and also you won’t receive any indication of this speaker and mic since unseemly incorporated to the helmet. You will find M/L/XL/XXL 4 dimensions are available.


  • 6-8 hours Bluetooth backup.
  • Crush detection system available.
  • O.S Beacon Location tracks down.
  • ECE certified smart helmets and DOT certified.


  • High priced.

6. Crosshelmet X1

Together with Skully gone, the wise helmet marketplace is appearing at Crosshelmet. This product includes a heads-up display along with also a rear-view camera. Additionally, it features a security light, voice controls, plus a layout that looked enjoy it came out of a sci-fi film. It is not inexpensive, but it’s among the most effective smart motorcycle helmets you’ll be able to find. And its layout will surely turn a few heads.

7. Coros Omni

Many riders enjoy listening to music while riding, but this may be a dangerous habit, especially when traversing high-density urban areas with a lot of traffic. Coros overcomes this dilemma by producing smart cycling helmets that permit secure listening with bone conduction speakers to move audio directly via your ear (bizarre, right?). The outcome is a decent listening experience which does not stop the rider from having the ability to listen to the surroundings.

The added smart remote and bracket snaps easily on your handlebars and may control playback, volume, and telephone calls, whereas the addition of a wind-resistant precision mic means you’ll have conversations on-the-go. Such as the Livall Bling, there is also an onboard effect detector that automatically informs emergency contacts in case of an accident. The Omni is a wonderful upgrade over the newest prior release, the Linx, including LED lights for improved visibility and compatibility using the stronger Coros program (iOS/Android).

8. Reevu MSX1 Rear-View Motorcycle Helmet

Probably the finest smart motorcycle helmet 2020. The Reevu MSX1 enables rear vision that usually means that you may see behind without needing. Is not it amazing? The helmet is constructed from high-quality tri composite carbon fiberglass. In addition, it includes Kevlar and artificial high-tenacity fiber shell. The lining is removable, washable, and fast dryable. For protecting inside the helmet out of the fog, the helmet is currently supplying an anti-fog face protector.

If you would like to purchase it today and confuse about the dimensions, then we ought to purchase then assess the dimensions Reevu MSX1Rear View Helmet. You’ll be like, they are proving six variations of dimensions! Also, but they also demonstrate the dimension of each sizes helmets. Its weight is 1 pound.


  • Patented rear-view technology.
  • Washable liner.
  • Tri-composite body.
  • DOT certified.
  • Free return shipping


  • No Bluetooth protocols.

9. Airwheel C5

Constructed for biking, skateboarding, climbing, or just about any other outdoor activity in which a helmet could be demanded, the Airwheel C5 packs plenty of features into a comparatively lightweight and good-looking layout. Does this helmet permit the wearer to carry mobile calls entirely handsfree, but its own onboard Bluetooth speaker may also ease podcasts and music playback, too.

On top of that, the C5 features an onboard 2K high-def camera for recording video and taking photographs and includes 128 GB of built-in storage. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hours of record time, whereas incorporated WiFi connectivity makes it a cinch to upload any images or video to a different apparatus for editing. Airwheel also put thought to the helmet’s venting system, which makes it comfortable to wear for long intervals.

10. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet With Bluetooth

The TORC T27 brings a considerable advancement in smart helmet market. The plan of the helmet is likewise exceptional. You will find TORC T27 too compact and smaller but does not compromise using features. It provides nearly all intelligent motorcycle helmet technologies which the other competitors are providing.

The venting system of the helmet is something admirable. It’s ingestion venting and ventilation for rea exhaust. You’ll get amazed to know it’s offering a slider-based drop-down visor mechanism in this budget.

Additionally, stainless steel poles help to secure the front door, and the locking process is metal on metal. 2.0 Bluetooth has compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as android, iPhone, etc..


  • Drop-down visor.
  • 1 button launch chin bar mechanics.
  • Noise-reducing mic
  • ECE and DOT certified.
  • It hastens the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.


  • Telephone calls seem small quitter.

Smart Motorcycle Helmets FAQs

Which are smart helmets?

Smart helmets provide a secure and comfortable journey to the riders. These helmets resolve some normal helmet problems such as, not needing crush sense, no rear-view technician, not needing Bluetooth protocols.

Can I play audio on a wise helmet?

Many of these wise helmets also have integrated Bluetooth technology. It’s for providing you with wireless communication. As They Have to match with your android, iPhone, It’s likely to play audio via


Not much left to inform about a wise helmet. Helmets are for providing you with security, and smart helmets aren’t outside it. Misuse of smart technology can result in severe security problems. That is why smart helmet businesses aren’t trying to include anything fancy. They include smart functions to think of the compatibility of a rider.