When you are a die-hard Star Wars enthusiast, there is great news for you. It is possible to roam the streets in Star Wars motorcycle helmets also allow the world to know your passion for the planet of celebrities.

All these Star Wars helmets don’t just look cool but also serve the objective. They are dependable, very solid, and will keep you secure.

Given the prevalence of the franchise, you’ll discover countless Star Wars motorcycle helmets on the market. All of them claim to be the very best but they are not created equivalent.

German Helmets have done all of the hard work for you. Let us take a look at the 10 finest Star Wars motorcycle helmets!

Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Top 9 Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets Review

Bestseller No. 1
HJC Helmets Unisex-Adult Off-Road-Helmet-Style CS-MX II Star Wars Rebel X-Wing (Black/Orange, XX-Large)
DOT Approved; Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell; ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
Bestseller No. 3
STAR WARS Black Series Titanium Series Sabine Wren and Darth Vader Helmets
Black Series Titanium Series Sabine Wren and Darth Vader helmets; Detailed appearance to look like the helmets from the Rebels TV series
Bestseller No. 4
Star Wars The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet, Collector Item, Ages 8 and up (Amazon Exclusive)
Collector-grade quality, part of the Black Series collection; Realistic detail and movie-accurate reproduction
Bestseller No. 6
1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off Road Full Face Helmet Dual Visor Glossy White, Size XL (59-60 cm; 23.2/23.4 Inch)
Advance Dual Sports and Dual Visor Design (Inner Smoked Visor and Outer Clear Shield);; Light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell;
Bestseller No. 8
Predator Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved – Custom Made, Fibreglass, Unisex for Powersports, Sports, and Outdoor - Red Spiked
D.O.T. Approved; Insane Custom Fiberglass Shell.; Retractable Tinted Protective Visor.; Hand Painted by Expert In-House Artists.
Bestseller No. 9
ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT 6 Colors (L, White)
High Resistance ABS Shell With Micrometrically Adjustable Strap; Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards
Bestseller No. 10
Scorpion Covert Helmet (Large) (White)
Removable Front Mask with Neodymium Magnets; Block-off Plates Included For Use In 3/4 Mode

1. HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

HJC CS-R3 has rather an uncanny similarity to the initial Stormtrooper helmets we’ve seen in the films. The helmet isn’t only attractive but in addition, it provides excellent security and comfort when you are on the street.

Lightweight And Comfortable: CS-R3 is constructed of the high-end freshwater shells together with CAD technology. The combination of both provides excellent durability, stability, and decreased weight.

This oval-shaped helmet readily fits and does not breed the biker since it weighs 3.5 pounds just. It is designed to absorb heavy effects and provides protection against crashes, slips or falls.

UV Rays Protection and Scratch Resistant: It is durable and comes coated with the anti-scratch substance. Aside from that, it’s an HJ-09 face protector that provides 95% protection from UV rays.

You are able to measure out without stressing even when the sun is out.

Reduced Noise: External noise can be very distracting and cause accidents. This becomes less of a problem with HJC CS-R3. It comes equipped with a two-step defense closed system.

All you have to do is push down the shield to lock it all in. It is exceptionally tight and may keep you warm.

Furthermore, this shield process is extremely simple to replace owing to its rapid-fire shield replacement method. You will not be needing any resources to substitute or eliminate it

Ventilation System: This helmet integrates an advanced channeling ventilation system which keeps you dry and cool. It’s two venting points for extra comfort.

It functions in an easy manner. There is an adjustable forehead port point on top that makes it possible for the air to get inside throughout the inner liner and pass out humidity from the back exhaust.

Comfort: Unlike many helmets, the maker of the one has set a good deal of consideration into the comfort element. It includes plush nylon linings and paddings. Which may be removed and cleaned, also.

The cheek pads make sure your face stays contoured and simple.

This really is a premium excellent stormtrooper helmet which is going to keep you comfortable and safe on the street. The venting system is great also.


  • 3-year guarantee
  • DOT approved.
  • Offered in six sizes
  • Lightweight
  • There is space to put in Bluetooth speakers


  • Feels somewhat tight
  • Offered in white color only

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2. Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Boba Fett  – A bounty hunter and Mandalorian warrior, was the sole unaltered replica of the father- Jango Fett. Designed to eventually become a part of the Grand Army of the Republic, also increased as Jango’s son, Boba Fett was first of several replicas.

Following Jango Fett was killed at the Battle of Geonosis (the launching at Clone Wars), Boba had been made to develop and depend on the abilities that his dad taught him at a young age and began traveling the galaxy. He became a desired bounty hunter and started taking missions from Jabba the Hutt.

Boba Fett immediately became famous as the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter for many decades, frequently working for the Empire. One of my favorite characters as a child, Bobba Fett has become a center for all sorts of cult-like followings.


Let us proceed to another legendary character in the saga: Poe Dameron, acquiring the standing of a few of the greatest pilots of the Resistance… maybe,y wearing this helmet you’ll also be the very best motorcycle rider, who knows?

We’re looking at a jet helmet, which without the colors of Poe Dameron provides a look really stone and biker. This is actually the HJC FG-70s, a helmet having an outer shell made from an innovative combination of Kevlar and fiberglass. The details will also be magnificent.

  • Outer shell Made from innovative Kevlar chemical and fiberglass
  • Inner shell Made from double-layer EPS
  • Interior upholstery in Silvercool cloth (antiseptic, breathable, and anti-odor) completely removable and washable
  • Integrated anti-scratch sunscreen using UV protection
  • Micrometric Jugular

4. Star Wars Shadow Trooper Helmet Review

The Shadow Trooper helmet had additional looks besides the films. It seems in Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. The Shadow Troopers wore a black helmet and black armor produced from a lightsaber-resistant alloy named Cortosis. This offers the Shadow Stormtroopers unique skills like using Force Powers and invisibility, they often use to ambush the enemy.

The very best thing about the Shadow Trooper helmet is its realistic detail in color and video-game precision. This helmet includes an internal mic for a voice impact to seem similar to the Shadow Troopers at Jedi Outcast. This helmet may provide you the expression of a Shadow Trooper however, it will not guarantee some protection to your mind in a motorcycle crash.

Thus, be certain to realize the consequences of wearing this helmet as a substitute for a safety-approved motorcycle helmet.

5. Fox Racing V3 Boba Fett LE Helmet

Bounty hunters and professional motorcycle racers require helmets prepared for serious business, along with the Fox Racing V3 Boba Fett LE Helmet is ready to meet with the bill for pursuit. The V3 is the identical helmet worn by professional racers, designed for the most dangerous driving conditions. The V3’s Multi-Direction Impact Protection System (MIPS) and several composite constructions protect and 14 intake vents using four exhaust vents move air through the helmet for optimum relaxation. The ECE and DOT-certified Boba Fett helmet are a serial-numbered limited variant that arrives at a Star Wars tough box.

6. HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader Helmet

If you’re trying to find a Darth Vader motorcycle helmet, then you have probably discovered the product just for you. With this particular helmet, motorcycle enthusiasts will have the ability to pay tribute to their favorite movie whilst still being well protected on account of this product’s fortified materials.

The maker used carbon and carbon-glass hybrid cloth to make a unit that’s not just a cheap Star Wars motorcycle helmet but a very great one in its own right.

As it’s fairly shock-resistant while still providing excellent comfort and decreased weight, riding this helmet onto your head will be a joy, no matter how long that your journey lasts for.

You’ll be the envy of your buddies, not just for your motorcycle but also for the trendy headgear that will provide support and durability wherever you’re at. Constructed to let you rule out the galaxy, the 3D-engineered, moisture-wicking inside will even rule over algae and germs, entirely banning their entry.

HJC went to the Advanced P.I.M. Plus shell technologies in an additional effort to acquire a modular helmet which may be equally exceptionally powerful yet still lightweight.

You may be certain as if this really is really a Star Wars-themed product, it’s still totally fine with security standards and accredited by DOT.


  • This Premium Integrated Matrix Plus doesn’t only sound great but it’s a wonderful quality that manages to attain an aerodynamic shell arrangement that targets top-notch functionality at highest rates.
  • The maker also went to get a larger eye-port that can, so, offer riders a much better experience when it comes to peripheral vision.
  • The chin bar along with the face shield advantage from an advanced one-touch system which permits them to be opened and shut with both hands, even if the rider is wearing gloves.
  • Better still, the helmet also features an incorporated pin-lock which functions as a supreme anti-fog system and totally protects you from it.


  • On account of the kind of helmet, some users might feel it’s a bit too tight to allow them and speed it as “uncomfortable”.

7. Kylo Ren RPHA-11 Pro Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

The innovative fiberglass shell comes out of a mix with carbon fiber and aramid which market both light and strong. The casing itself can be equipped with aerodynamics in mind, therefore it works perfectly at elevated rates.

The wide eye interface allows optimal peripheral vision. The layout also allows air to flow freely throughout the venting system, which could also be corrected with dials based on every port; it works flawlessly with gloves.

The antibacterial cloth also keeps inside cool and dry for optimum relaxation. Cheek and crown pads may be removed and washed easily, along with also the EPS contour lets anybody use glasses while wearing the helmet.

Fixing the defenses requires no resources, and the process is fast and effortless. Cheek pads may be interchanged between a variety of dimensions. The face shield also provides 95% protection from UV, and the lock process is one touch.

  • Entirely ECE and DOT compliant.
  • Simple to substitute protects


  • Fantastic layout – Its aerodynamic design makes it ideal for high levels, along with the black finish looks tasteful and even ominous. The contour also keeps you secure when driving thanks to minimize wind resistance.
  • It is fantastic for remaining focused and awake due to the broad eye-port. You’re able to see anything happening around you without even taking your eyes away from the road.
  • Simple to substitute protects – You can remove and set up your defenses in a couple of minutes as a result of this tool-less RapidFire II replacement method. You may also do it everywhere you’re because there is no need aside from your own hands.
  • Cool and comfy – The MultiCool Interior with antibacterial cloth handles moisture and it dries really quickly, so scents are not a problem. Anyway, the venting system supports complete airflow from front to additional kill heat and humidity.


  • More simplistic picture design- Obviously, it has more to do with Kylo Ren’s helmet, however, there are few features with this helmet’s layout.

8. GDM DK-140-MB Duke Series Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Clear and Tinted Visors

Duke helmets are very popular for its security, comfort, and fashion they provide. This budget-friendly helmet looks appealing and is supposed to function for a very long time period.

Polly-Alloy: The largest security advantage of the helmet is its durability. It’s made with high-end Polly-alloy substance that could bear significant impacts. What’s more, it’s DOT approved and analyzed through several stages, confirming its visibility.

Aerodynamic Style: The helmet includes a sleek aerodynamic design and the black matte finish functions as an icing on the cake. When we compare it to other helmets, then it surpasses expectations in just about all of the departments.

Interior: The interior of a helmet is as critical as the outside. If it comes to DK-140, its inside is top-notch also. The internal padding and liner can be removed and washed if necessary, and they shape the face and head also.

Protection/Ventilation: The helmet includes both clear and tinted visors which are UV protected. You won’t need to think about going out in sunlight. There’ll not be any perspiration.

In addition, the internal substance is antibacterial, thus, you will not be addressing baa baddor or germs either.

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly helmet afterward DK-140 is your very best option. It doesn’t just packs fashion but provides excellent security and relaxation too.


  • Dual D-ring strap keeps the helmet securely in place.
  • Lightweight (4 lbs ).
  • Extremely stylish.
  • DOT approved.


  • The D-ring strap may get loose occasionally.

9. HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet Review

Once more HJC did something which nobody anticipated. The HJC CS-R3 Spiderman helmet and the HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper helmet which enjoy it made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs while attached to the exterior of the Millennium Falcon. Regrettably, the troops brought into the shadowy side of this force, ut that is fine! We have to adapt our fate and do what we do best. The same holds for motorcycle riders that are made to ride. Along with also the HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper helmet is for lovers of Star Wars that love ride!

There were several complaints from our readers about the legitimacy of Star Wars motorcycle helmets. Truth to be told, initially, there were not any Star Wars helmets on the market which does not just meet security standards but also did not look like the helmets at the films. But then HJC introduced several officially licensed helmets of a few of the excellent franchises of recent occasions, for example, Star Wars, Marvel, and many others.

HJC’s CS-R3 is the improved variant of this HJC CS-R2 entry-level motorcycle helmet. Long before it had been picked for its Spiderman- and – Stormtrooper-designed helmets, HJC CS-R3 was a wonderful mid-priced helmet in which riders chose to have more than expensive helmets.


  • Constructed out of Advanced Polycarbonate Shell
  • AC-S Ventilation
  • Built-In Bluetooth Communication Pockets
  • DOT Approved

FAQs About Motorcycle Helmets

How can I wash my motorcycle helmet?

Cleaning motorcycle helmets may be a small hassle if you don’t understand how to get it done correctly. The very first thing you should do is to take out the padding along with the liner, where appropriate. All these areas of the helmet are often machine washable, so you’ll not have any problem together.

It’s trickier to wash out the shell. Proceed by removing the visor initially and setting it apart. Then use a mixture of gentle soap and warm water to make a cleanup solution for your shell. Never wash or employ pressure. On the regions with dirt caked in, put a microfiber cloth saturated from the soap solution, permit it to behave until the dirt gets simple to eliminate.

Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Do exactly the same with all the visor. Consistently apply gentle motions in order to don’t wind up scrapping the paint. Use cotton swabs to clean the vents and then wash everything with a moist cloth, then with a sterile one.

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What happens in the event that you lose your motorcycle helmet?

Motorcycle helmets are created to withstand critical harm and absorb the shock made by means of a crash. Nevertheless, that usually means they are fairly durable, and you also should not worry about their replacement if you don’t become in a crash, along with the helmet suffered extensive damage.

It is possible to inform a helmet is compromised should you’re feeling that the memory and the outer casing. But in the event that you merely drop the helmet onto the floor by accident, that does not imply you ought to rush out and purchase another. The exterior paint may suffer from it, but generally, your helmet probably survived the fall with no problem.

However, some variables have to be considered. Should you fall the helmet out of a considerable height and onto a difficult surface, which may cause some structural damage. Simply dropping your helmet out of your hand by injury won’t ask that you substitute it.

Just how long can one motorcycle helmet survive?

1 safety part of motorcycle helmets that everyone should keep in mind is that the life span ensured for the version he or she bought. Most versions have fia five-year USA ability less they take part in a crash, obviously.

There are particular substances employed for the construction of a helmet, for example, adhesive, resins, along with many others, and they’ll shed their properties in a five-year moment. To make sure your security isn’t compromised by wearing a helmet that lived beyond its time, it’s essential to obtain a new version.

You may guarantee a long life to your bike helmet together with care and upkeep. To see it function you for your five years most producers promise for their products, you want to be careful by it. But, you should not confuse lifespan together with the guarantee provided by producers that is, generally, under this particular value of five decades.

Why are a few bike helmets safer than others?

A full-face helmet is considered the safest you can find in the present time on the industry. Apart from offering proper protection to your neck and face, a complete face design includes a chin bar, a protection feature that isn’t present on many motorcycle helmets.

You might even have a look at modular helmets offering a little excess flexibility. While they are much like the full-face type, they’re much less secure due to the hinge design that’s essential to reverse open the visor. This layout component also makes them thicker, hence somewhat less comfy.

Open face helmets are a favorite kind, but they aren’t as secure as the other models introduced up to now. They do not arrive with a chin bar, and they also leave your head exposed. You will delight in the sensation of the wind in your face, however, you won’t receive any protection against dust and debris.

Why would you need a Star Wars helmet?

Well, if you are a lover, the true question is why would not you? Star Wars is one of the most simple brands to recognize immediately. Star Wars helmets allow everybody to know exactly what you love by simply wearing them while you push.

It’s possible to just place these on and head out and get started enjoying how everybody concentrates on you and your distinctive helmet. Who knows? Perhaps you will encounter a fellow Star Wars fan as you’re in your way and perhaps create a new friend.

The main reason anyone would like a Star Wars helmet would be rather obvious: it is trendy, and it provides you all of the protection you need while on the street. That is the best thing about Star Wars helmets too: they are often a number of the top helmets around.

It is logical once you consider it also.

Star Wars is a massive brand, with no one other than Disney behind it. Anyone producing products on their own behalf should provide only quality to honor their advertising opportunities.

That is just another one of the principal reasons why you would like to consider obtaining a Star Wars helmet. Even when you’re not interested in letting other people know about your individual tastes, you always wish to be protected by an excellent helmet which ensures that you won’t get in trouble if something awful occurs.

Besides, what is far better than getting a great-looking helmet which also satisfies industry standards – and it is in their very best interest to go beyond this?

However, You should not concentrate solely on the appearances

Here is where the next stage we clarified before comes in to play. Sure, it is great to have an enjoyable helmet to carry about and steal everybody’s looks. However, that shouldn’t ever mean that you should forget why you are getting a helmet in the first place: security.


While we told you Star Wars helmet has to function as best that they can to appreciate the complete advantage of the branding bargain, you still wish to rate the actual quality supporting the product. There is no use in obtaining a fantastic helmet that looks great when there’s a normal helmet that is much more resistant to exactly the identical cost.

That is why it’s very important to explore the many alternatives available before committing to a product, and that is why we have written this article for you.

The choices you will find here aren’t the best-looking Star Wars helmet available on the industry at the moment. They are also some of their very best and more powerful you can purchase at this time.