If you are welding, then the safety equipment is of utmost significance. Among the things, you will need the Best Welding Helmets to protect your eyes in the arc. The UV rays emitted in the arch can cause significant problems with your vision if you don’t wear a helmet.

We have recorded our top 12 welding helmets available on the market today in a selection of prices. Every one of these welding helmets is auto-darkening, that can be our favorite kind of welding helmet. Auto-darkening usually means that the lens doesn’t have a fixed color, and you’ll be able to keep it on for various welding processes.

The detectors in the helmet may increase or reduce the lens color based on the welding process, so they are far more flexible. We have also written a purchaser’s guide to explain to you how we picked our top 10 that you can view below to help you opt for the ideal welding helmet to your requirements in German Helmets.

best welding helmet brands

Top 12 Best Welding Helmet Brands

SaleBestseller No. 2
YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen 3.94"X3.66" True Color Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4~5/9-9/13 for TIG MIG Arc Weld Grinding Welder Mask LYG-M800H
Great For TIG MIG MMA, Plasma Applications with Grinding Feature; Super Large Viewing Size 3.93"X3.66" with 4 Premium Sensors
SaleBestseller No. 3
YESWELDER Large Viewing True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with SIDE VIEW, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4/5-9/9-13 Welder Mask for TIG MIG ARC Grinding Plasma LYG-Q800D
Great For TIG MIG MMA, Plasma Applications with Grinding Feature; Large Viewing Size 3.94"X3.23"With SIDE VIEW(DIN5,non auto-darkening) ,4 Premium Sensors
SaleBestseller No. 5
YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Wide Shade 4/9-13 Welder Mask Weld Hood for TIG MIG ARC
Great For TIG MIG MMA Plasma; Viewing Size 3.93"X1.67" with 2 Premium Sensors; Better clarity, True color view - 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity
Bestseller No. 7
Welder Gifts Funny Retro Vintage Welding Helmet Silhouette T-Shirt
Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Bestseller No. 9
Hobart 770869 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Large 7.1- square-inch viewing area with wide screen format provides improved visibility; Three independent arc sensors provides dependable arc detection
SaleBestseller No. 10
YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Welding Goggles,Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 with Grinding, Welding Glasses Welder Mask Welding Helmet for TIG MIG ARC Plasma Cut
Great For TIG MIG MMA, Plasma Applications with Grinding Feature; Viewing Size 4.82 x 1.37 inch with 2 Premium Sensors

1. Hobart Effect Welding Helmet – Good Welding Helmets

When you’re trying to find a trusted mask with all the best features, it is difficult to overcome the Hobart 77056. Equipped with three arc detectors to restrain the auto-darkening performance, this helmet is made with class-leading LCD technologies to keep your eyes protected whenever the arc starts to flash.

With color levels flexible from #8 to 13, you will have the superb low-light capacity for virtually any sort of welding, but it still has lots dark for your brightest days. Couple this with a split-second response time of 1/25,000 of a second, and it’s easy to see why this helmet tops the list.

While the steel is heating up, you would like to maintain a fresh mind. Together with the other comfy headgear, the ultralight style of the mask makes this helmet a joy to wear. You will still have the ability to breathe, and sweat will not be leaking into your watching lens. Although it’s super comfy, this headgear’s unbelievable adjustability is quite complex to get it to match your mind.


  • Fantastic color variability for any light conditions
  • Super comfy with Fantastic ventilation
  • Auto-darkening at 1/25,000 second


  • Headgear is complex to install a proper fit.

2. Lincoln 3350 – Best Budget Welding Helmets

Lincoln Electric is among the most reliable names in welding. Should you require a helmet that provides peace of mind knowing that your eyes have been insured by the best protection available, then the Lincoln Electric 3350 welding helmet is a worthy option.

In addition to this, the 3350 lineups of masks provide the most magnificent viewing area in its course in 12.5 square inches. If you have ever had a challenging time trying to find out what you’re welding, you will love this fantastic attribute. With the ideal optical clarity supplied by this mask, you will realize your job like never before.

Length color levels from 5-13, with 1/25,000 second lens shifting speeds protecting your eyes in most states. The X6 headgear keeps you comfy all day using a balanced style that reduces stress. These unique features are accompanied by a premium cost from the assortment of many DIY amateurs, placing this helmet at the next place on the list.


  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Most significant viewing place in the course
  • Comfortable and balanced layout


  • The high cost is outside of this budget of many amateurs.

3. Optrel Crystal 2.0 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

I will attempt to create this as impartial as you can, but frankly, this is the best welding helmet I’ve laid my hands on in quite a while. It’s relatively pricey. However, you’ll receive more than what you paid for. With this revolutionary Crystal Lens technologies, which brings actual true colors, you’ll have the ability to observe the weld pull because it is — clearly and in complete detail.

Subsequently, when you complete welding, there’s a characteristic that gradually lightens the lens out of dark to light manner so that you aren’t going to receive an eye pressure. Subsequently, in the mild condition, if you have to grind or switch knobs on a welding machine, you’ll have a 2.0 color level, and it’ll seem just like you do not have a helmet on at all that is a very significant feature. It is a professional welding helmet that may be used for many welding processes out of Micro Plasma Arc Welding into Flux core welding using a high voltage utilized by everybody from aerospace welders into welders in production.


  • Probably best in the Industry today
  • Good clarity
  • Super lightweight
  • 0 DIN mild states
  • Autopilot
  • Decreases eye fatigue
  • Space for respiratory protection
  • Fantastic for TIG welding


  • Expensive
  • Just three detectors

4. Save Phace 3011322 GateKeeper Welding Helmet

The Save Phace comprises a second well-known helmet 3011322 welding helmet called Gate Keeper of Generation-Y. A general bundle providing full protection to the eyes, neck, face, and ears is supplied via this helmet. The helmet’s reliability isn’t questionable, since it allows for innovative and fantastic technology lenses that do not allow the welder to receive any damage from sunlight.

The expense of the helmet is cheap, based on the innovative features it provides. This helmet includes the safety of offering comfortable and pressures no cost expertise to the welder. The window dimensions of the helmet are 23 square inches that are larger than the majority of the helmets provided around the planet.

The weight of the helmet is 1.7 pounds that allow comfortable and straightforward experience during nourishment. The Save Phace 3011322 Gatekeeper welding helmet offers excellent protection. The headgear this helmet comprises enables the welder to be secure in addition to comfy while welding.

This helmet includes a unique face cut design that allows the welder to input modest spaces. The headgear provided is halo headgear. The helmet can also be auto-darkening, which darkens automatically balancing the light strength. This helmet is very simple and is mainly famous for its capable protection and even the best red-colored skull layout that makes the welder appear elegant.

This helmet has been powered with lithium-ion batteries providing the consumer flexibility to operate based on his accessibility of tools, and these batteries are easily replaced after use. It includes a robust and cool helmet bag.

Additionally, it includes a grinding manner to provide additional protection while grinding. The color of this ADF lens of the helmet will be 4/9 to 13. Each of the elements contained on this helmet is exceptionally dependable and durable. This helmet fabricated using nylon would be the right selection for a professional or a hobbyist welder to perform day to day activities or massive production functions.

5. 3M Speedglas 9100 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Regardless of which kind of welding that you do at work or daily, the best welding helmet would be your 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet.

The auto-darkening filter reacts in only 0.1 milliseconds. It will automatically discover a welding arc and force the design to darken, which retains your eyes secure and lets you work quicker and much more efficiently you don’t have to correct it yourself.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet made to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and ultraviolet rays also.

Windows located on both sides of the helmet boost your outside perspective, but these windows also have filters that correct in five distinct methods to lighten or darken every side.

Designed to mimic your mind’s natural form, this 3M Speedglas Welding helmet comes with an ergonomic design that raises your comfort for extended use and wears.

Best Auto-Darkening welding helmet acceptable for the stick, MIG, and TIG welding. It features bigger knobs for making alterations while wearing gloves and cushioned straps inside.


  • They are made to protect against IR radiation and UV rays.
  • Large viewing area.
  • They are designed to mimic the natural form of your head.
  • Suitable for a variety of kinds of welding.
  • Exhaust port to decrease humidity, heat, and fog.
  • It could be locked in constant light or dark conditions.


  • No solar-power mobile.
  • Fairly Costly.

6. Esab Sentinel A50 Auto Dark Welding Helmet

If you seek to bring just a small amount of style for your gear, the Esab Sentinel A50 auto-darkening welding helmet is a good option. It delivers a superior comfort level and features a touchscreen liquid crystal screen that allows the consumer to control its functioning.

Sentinel A50 auto-darkening welding helmet also includes a color touchscreen control panel with eight different memory configurations and an activated Grind Button. The hard hat adapter option is available to be used with ESAB hard hat. Power Supply is shared on Solar-powered mobile plus replaceable battery (2 x CR2450 lithium). Alerts signs will illuminate when the battery power is reduced.

Top-notch welders deserve top-notch welding gear. Sentinel A50 is an excellent choice as this brand makes a number of their best welding helmets. You receive superior ergonomics and comfort; instinctive controller may be used for cutting edge and welding, crystal-clear visibility, and a broad spectrum of alternatives.


  • Cozy
  • Light
  • Touch screen with memorizing input
  • Accessible hard hat
  • The grind mode is out.
  • TIG manner less than two amps


  • Expensive viewport protection glass

7. Antra AH7-860-0000 Welding Helmet

As a result of its solar-powered layout, this Antra AH7-860-0000 welding helmet allows you to weld anywhere you need or want without worrying about your batteries running out.

When you put on it out, it transforms sunlight to electricity, but it could also spend the arc flashes produced if you weld to make that essential power.

It’s a timeless design with a black design with a large viewing area on front and knobs on each side. That viewing area steps 3.78-inches from 3.5-inches.

Suitable for use in many programs, such as MIG and TIG. Also, it works nicely for plasma cutting since it includes another grinding attribute. This automobile shade welding helmet consists of a versatile color range from at least number five up to amount 13.

Knobs within it let you adjust the sensitivity, delay, and color, but other buttons allow you to change in the welding into grinding attribute and modify the color degree.


  • 1-1-1-2 optical clarity
  • Great cost
  • Lightweight
  • 4/5-9/9-13 color settings
  • Durable


  • Not for industrial usage
  • One-year guarantee

8. Miller Electric Welding Helmet

This welding helmet features a nylon construction casing. Additionally, it features four arc detectors and patented”X” style, which counteract the mildest interference. It is ideal for welding outside during the daytime or under complicated lighting conditions. This welding helmet includes two lithium-ion replaceable batteries and completely flexible ratchet based fitments.

The screening area is just over two square inches in total. The auto-dark attribute is among the quickest in the marketplace and provides excellent protection. “Miller” has redesigned this helmet to integrate extra adjustability configurations in addition to enhanced support. A durable shock-absorbing gasket protects the lens from impact factor harm. The digital controllers are somewhat more user-friendly with bigger buttons and extra configurations. The four working systems available are Cut, Grind style, Weld, and”X” style.


  • Patented”X” style
  • Cut style
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum Heat Shield
  • 4 Sensors
  • Cheap
  • Perfect for outside


  • All controllers are on the interior.
  • The suspension Isn’t top of the lineup.

9. Jackson Safety BH3 Welding Helmet

Having a great optical clarity rating, you are guaranteed to understand your job in detail and all the Jackson Safety BH3. A high-density plastic casing keeps you secure and protected. The headgear is readily corrected, though less comfy as similar helmets. Its weight of 2 pounds is hefty for the budget and will not be comfortable for extended projects. The color range is simply factored from 9-13, which makes it less flexible compared to the prior suggestions on this listing.

To make things worse, this helmet was proven to arrive DOA, and also, the producer provides no guarantee for your U.S. For the cost, the features do not match up.


  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Easily corrected headgear


  • Heavy
  • Not as comfy as opponents
  • Low color variability

10. Instapark GX-500S Welding Helmet (Auto-Darkening)

The Instapark ADF collection GX-500S seems surprising about the outside but lacks the standard of the best available helmets. The lens is 3.63 inches broad by 1.65 inches tall, and it is a smaller place than a hood and contains a slight variance from the shading range. It includes a ground feature, some replaceable lithium batteries, plus a solar-powered feature, which can be great to keep prices down.

The most important advantage of this helmet is its own cost. You might get lucky to exceed its one-year assurance range, but it is easily replaced via the guarantee system when it does not. But note that many customers have ruined their eyes on the lens not functioning correctly without them realizing it. In case you choose to find this helmet, be sure to understand what a functioning lens resembles until you use it.


  • Low cost
  • Solar-powered
  • Grind mode


  • Low quality
  • Little lens
  • May not protect your eyes.
  • One-year guarantee

11. DEKOPRO Powered Darkening Professional Flexible Grinds

A large viewing area is essential for any type of welding helmet. You’ll be delighted to understand that this helmet includes a broad 7 square inch viewing area. It doesn’t barrier your eyesight and allows you to concentrate on a prominent place.

Welding work demands proper light balancing. This version has an auto-darkening filter, which communicates the eyesight in under a second. You’re also permitted to control the functions manually.

There is a sensitivity adjustment and wait for the adjustment button. Based on the working environment and work length, visibility, and color recognition can be improved depending on your need. The screening area is 3.85″ * 3.15″ that is flexible to mild diffusion and allows the user to view various angles.

It’s 5000 hours battery life. Aside from that, it may be powered by solar power also. That means you need not to be worried in the event of electricity failure. The welder will nevertheless be protected from UV and radiations powered by solar panel systems.

With a characteristic of the very low battery indicator, you’ll be informed if power is getting low so you can be ready for different actions.

It is possible just to transfer it and adjust the size accordingly.


  • Flexible and durable material
  • Lightweight and easy to build
  • Large lens using a broader view
  • Has a storage bag
  • Shade and response could be corrected.


  • Occasionally shade electricity fluctuates.
  • Fragile headgear adjusting knob
  • The material appears readily digestible.

12. Tanox ADF-206S Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Quality is the primary key for any kind of product, and this also provides you with all the best attributes. In the sound of this helmet, you can see the details and the neatness of the job they put inside.

Together with the construct, you could also be happy with its durability. Owing to its body of work, it remains with you for the most extended period with no problems at all. It will provide you with the same functionality from the beginning to a lot of days afterward.

The helmet is very fair. When we think of OK, we believe the product would lack quality, but in the instance of the helmet, it is possible to tell that assumption.

The helmet provides you with attributes you may not even consider, for such a reasonable speed. It gives you all of the high-end features in the purchase price range. The facilities it is equipped with will also be available only on expensive helmets.

To top all of them off, it is also quite comfortable. It will not hesitate you as you’re welding metal. Also, it fits on your mind correctly together with the headband on the trunk. The lid covers your head, and a little viewing area can help you look through it to find the welding you’re doing.

Among the most notable vital features within this helmet is its security. The security is utilized to protect the eyes is striking. It includes EN376 together with its ANSIZ87.1 security standard to perform simple to hard welding functions.

It is constructed with is your auto charging system since it is provided in the title. The viewing area can go from ordinary to black or black, extremely fast.

Additionally, it protects you from some other IR radiation and UV radiation if any mechanical failure happens. Meaning it is there to protect you always.

The helmet includes a sizable viewing place by which you may view from several angles. Since the screening region is 3.86 inches from 1.73 inches, it gives you the ability to look from other sides.


  • The Auto Darkening Feature responds fast.
  • Simply adjustable
  • Wonderful Functionality


  • Quite thin
  • Plastic not long-lasting

Factors to Consider When Choosing:

You have noticed the ten best welding masks available on the current market, and you are conscious of just how they compare to one another. However, what is the main facts to consider? What do you need to know before making a purchase? Within this part, we will provide you with all of the knowledge you have to be sure of your ability to select a welding mask.


This is only one of the most significant features available in the current welding helmets. Auto-darkening is your mask’s lens’s capability to automatically find the light produced when welding and correct to block it out. Afterward, when you complete your Weld, and the sparks cease, your lens returns into the lightest setting to see without needing to lift your mask. Not every welding helmet available on the sector is outfitted with this purpose, though all those who made our testimonials listing have auto-darkening.

Shade Variability

How many distinct degrees of shadow does your welding mask provide? When you want your cover at the lightest condition to see as you are not welding, is the mask mild enough for one to do the job? When you are out in the bright sunlight and welding with higher amperage, does your lens gets dim sufficient to provide ample protection? Arc flash is a dreadful experience that could also lead to lasting damage. By buying a mask using a high amount of color variability onto a high-quality lens, you may be sure that your eyes are protected in even the brightest conditions.

Size of Viewing Area

If you have ever tried to Weld while wearing a mask using a little viewing lens, you know how frustrating it is to have your whole peripheral vision obstructed. Some sprays have viewing ports of over 12 square inches of viewing distance, like the Lincoln Electric 3350, our number-three select and preferred premium choice.

By expanding your viewing window, you make it feasible to realize your job in an entirely new way. This makes it possible to improve your welding quality as it is a lot easier to make out the information. This also raises your productivity — when you’re able to see obviously, it is simpler to operate effectively.

Lens Clarity

Aside from your viewing window’s magnitude, the amount of clarity is among the most crucial elements in how well you can see exactly what you are working on. Collars are analyzed in four regions and given 1-3 in every single together with 1/1/1/1 being a perfect score. Just a couple of premium welding helmets attain this high score. The Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet within our number-three place, as an instance, has ideal 1s throughout the board.


Reliability is one of the most crucial components to consider when it comes to picking a welding helmet. It doesn’t matter how comfy the mask is how many nifty gimmicks it’s. If your helmet can not be relied on to keep your eyes secure, it will not serve its purpose. Worst case, it is a threat to your health.

Past the possible permanent danger, your eyes might face from being subjected to welding flashes via a faulty mask, an undependable lens can also make it challenging to realize your work. Flashing different colors and altering levels of intensity can be more than merely distracting. When you can not correctly see your welding job, you are endangering your fingers and palms.


Your welding helmet is an investment. It is a tool that you aspire to utilize for several projects without problems or to have a replacement anytime soon. There’s nothing more disappointing than the expensive gear failing in a crucial moment.

Save yourself the hassle and frustration of getting your equipment workout when you want it most. Our best selection, the Hobart 770756, is lasting and long-lasting. It’ll be present to provide you excellent service for a very long time to come.

Publish Mode

Sometimes you simply require a mask for face protection rather than to block out the light by instance, once you’re using a grinder and creating a lot of dust and flying debris. In these situations, you will want to have the ability to maintain your mask at the bottom setting, even if there could be bright or sparks sunshine. For this purpose, many sprays arrive equipped with a grinding style.

Best Welding Helmets

This feature is still helpful once you’re not grinding and only have to have the ability to view without continually lifting your mask. The grind manner is button actuated on many helmets, making it easy to work with without removing the hood. Each of the welding helmets on this listing has a grinding manner.


This is the 1 location where every individual’s needs will change the most. Everyone wants and desires the very best protection possible, and we’d love to have the most comfortable mask and all of the bells and whistles. However, every one of us is restricted to a particular budget.

If your budget is open-ended, you might consider that the Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet, our superior option, and number-three select. With ideal optical clarity and the most significant viewing window accessible, it has all of the features you would expect to find on a top welding helmet.

If your budget is somewhat more conservative, you might instead elect your Antra Welding AH6-260-0000, occupying our number-two place. This mask made our choice for the best overall value because of this. It has got a price point that is accessible to each hobbyist and enthusiast, with a build quality to equal higher-priced versions. If you’d like an excellent welding mask that you could depend on without breaking the bank, you can not fail.

When you’re trying to find the best option overall, and also you do not wish to go bankrupt on it can afford to acquire something best, our number-one choice, the Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet, is an outstanding all-around option, as it is packed with every essential attribute, is highly dependable, and contains a small cost.


You might not notice something straight away, but after hours of bending down your neck to find out what you are working on, a hefty mask can start to feel like a little weight hanging in your mind. This may result in times of pain and annoyance, which makes the whole experience not as enjoyable. Beyond that, your mask’s headgear adheres to your mind may get disagreeable after hours of usage. If the helmet does not remain in place, you might end up making constant adjustments. The sprays at our top rankings are sure for a comfy fit that will allow you to concentrate on your work rather than your mask.

Cheater Lens

At times, you will need just a small magnification to determine precisely what you are working on. This is the point where the cheater lens comes in to play. This is fundamentally a tiny magnifying lens that moves within your helmet viewing window to expand what you are taking a look at. To make it easier to get in and from the mask, many producers have contained a mounting platform for cheater lenses.

The single helmet on the record that does not contain a cheater lens bracket is the final one, and the DEKOPRO Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet.

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FAQs about Welding Helmets

How Long Would Welding Helmets Last?

The batteries welding helmets continue by default approximately seven decades and rechargeable batteries about 3 years in concept. In actual life, on industrial welding helmets that the battery might begin to float and malfunction after a month or 2. The best option is to obtain a helmet using a solar and replaceable battery, which will match each other. Note: don’t set a helmet with solar exposed to this light when not welding, which will enhance its life span.

What’s a Fantastic Affordable Welding Helmet?

The best cheap welding helmet to get restricted use is Antra AH6 but isn’t suggested for longer welding tasks. In my view, best for the money welding helmet is Lincon Viking 3350.

Why Do Welders Wear Masks?

Short response: They could see exactly what exactly they are doing rather than burn off their eyes and lose their vision. Welding arc radiation can result in some health problems from severe burns to skin cancer and irreversible harm to the eyes.

How Poor Is Welding For Your Eyes?

Welding is very bad for your eyes if you’re unprotected or insufficiently protected. Dangerous IF, UV radiation and extreme heat are hazardous to people and cause significant health problems and permanent harm.

Can Welders Move Blind Over Time?

Some yes. Since they utilize inferior face protection, cheap welding helmets which flow UV radiation via viewports and because of extended working hours and unnecessary exposure to arc radiation.


After reading this guide, you need to feel well ready to buy a welding helmet. You understand which factors are significant, and after reading our reviews, you know how the best masks available on the market compare to one another.

The Hobart 770756 is an obvious choice for your very first option. With an excellent color variability, reliable function, best features, and a small cost, this welding helmet is a standout choice for virtually any welding enthusiast. When you are on a low budget, the Antra Welding AH6-260-0000 is a superb alternative for the cost. Equipped with solar energy, eight color levels, and also a budget-conscious price label, you won’t regret buying our number-two pick.

Hopefully, you’re safe in your choice of welding helmet that is ideal for you at this stage. We have sifted through all of the vital info, enhancing your choice as much as you can. Now it is time to create your choice and start placing a spark!

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