The best youth football helmets should provide both of these significant purposes of protection and relaxation.

It’s well-known that”protecting” the area and keeping the other team from attaining the conclusion could be somewhat violent and filled with activity. That’s the reason why the protective gears of these players are of high importance.

Among the most basic safety equipment for the players is that their helmet. It prevents them from getting significant injuries and concussions while enjoying the demanding game.

With the number of football helmet manufacturers available on the marketplace these days, it’s rather hard to decide on the perfect one for your childhood. You will need to receive a befitting helmet as part of your young football player’s protective equipment.

The primary question is, how exactly can you have the best one?

Best Youth Football Helmet

German Helmets have analyzed the review of a few youth athletes, parents, and other authoritative sources throughout the internet to put this up in an article about the best youth football helmet in 2020.

Top Best Youth Football Helmets Review

Bestseller No. 1
Riddell Victor Youth Football Helmet , White/Gray, Medium
Department Name: Unisex-Teen; Included Components: On Field Helmet; Material Type: Plastic
Bestseller No. 3
Schutt Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet with Unattached Facemask
TPU front liner with Poron inside the frontal padding for more support
Bestseller No. 5
Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet with Facemask, Black, Small
Includes helmet and jaw pads only; Facemask is NOT included and is sold separately
Bestseller No. 7
Barnett Visor Clear,Football and Lacrosse Helmet Eye-Shield
✅ APPROVED. This visor is approved by High School / CIF and Youth Leagues.; ❕ HELMET IS NOT INCLUDED (it is only to show the installation).
Bestseller No. 10
Surlim Rugby Helmet Headguard Headgear for Soccer Scrum Cap Soft Protective Helmet for Kids Youth Black Medium
1、Suitable for a Variety of Sports--Headgear for rugby, soccer,flag football, 7 on 7.

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

Protection is just one of the primary facets that any football player should learn from a young age. Together with the Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet, it’s apparent just how much emphasis was put on protection and comfort for your participant. The low-profile layout is overriding to drop the burden to get your participant.

The TPU outer epidermis is what makes all of the difference, and as soon as you begin taking shots to the mind, it’s easy to feel just how much comfort it gives. The device feels like a cushion in the account when you have massive hits. The interior liner wicks away the majority of the moisture which somebody should browse out of sweat.

I’d have loved it when the facemask was contained to make sure that the helmet is prepared to use. But, Shutt hasn’t carried a facemask, but this one is compatible with a lot of the familiar face masks in the marketplace nowadays. Based on the place your child is playing, it is possible to get the ideal choice to make them comfortable.

Shutt is among the greatest brands in regards to quality and affordable helmets. This one has an ergonomic feel, and you’ll be able to discover it in many different unique colors. The device is cheap and will provide you a much longer lifespan. I suggest it to gamers who are seriously interested in football and need to take their sport to another level.


  • Lightweight design
  • TPU shell for protection
  • It is reasonably priced for intermediate players.
  • Offered in various colors


  • No facemask is involved.

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2. SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

A fantastic helmet is one of the essential tools a football player could have. While there is a great deal of fancy marketing that may go in the entire world of helmets, the reality is that what most children need is something that fits, which will protect them around the area. That is what the SpeedFlex Youth Helmet brings to the table, substituting flash for the material.

Most of what you buy when looking at this helmet is protection. It is not because there is anything high-tech here. It is the same sort of helmet gamers are using for decades, but that is a lot of protection at a childhood level. You are not likely to worry about harms here, mostly due to the way the helmet matches. Even though there are a couple of helmets that do a better job of protecting young gamers, they do not do this without sacrificing another significant advantage of this helmet.

Another significant aspect of this helmet will be your amount of relaxation. A good deal of this comes out of fitting nicely. However, the helmet itself is so great for all those gamers that aren’t entirely utilized to wearing a helmet within their matches. They will finally move on to more intricate helmets, which must deal with higher degrees of effect, but for the time being, it is very good to start them off with something which will have them accustomed to wearing the ideal equipment in the area. This is an excellent starter helmet, particularly in case you’ve got a younger player who you need to force to use protective gear.

3. Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet

The Sports 798004 youth predominant helmet is just another one designed from closed to offer you peace of mind on the playing area. The helmet isn’t only lightweight, but it’s been constructed with a massive standoff plastic casing to aid with the adequate absorption.

The Surefit airliner makes this helmet fit like a glove on your mind, and there’ll be no requirement for constant adjustments on this area. This inner lining can be abrasion-resistant, and you’ll have the ability to play more comfortably without irritation to break your concentration.

What’s more, the TPU enhanced inner cushioning is very good for promoting relaxation and helps with all the shock absorption, letting you take bigger hits and getting up from these thoughts to head collisions. The helmet is compatible with Schutt DNA faceguard versions, but sadly they are sold individually, and this could drive the cost of the complete helmet.

Lastly, the helmet also features built-in air vents to permit venting, and you’ll have the ability to play less warmth and sweat dripping all over the area. The TPU cushioning may also be removed and washed along with the helmet is offered in plenty of colors for you to select from.

We highly recommend this helmet to get high school football players to help lessen concussions and promote confidence in the area.


  • TPU improved cushioning for comfort and shock absorption
  • Durable standoff plastic casing for more durability
  • Ideally, put air vents to Aid with venting.
  • Removable cushioning can be easily washed.


  • Faceguard not included

4. Rawlings NRG Force Youth Football Helmet

Rawlings NRG Force Youth Football Helmet was created with an extremely straightforward layout. It has handy features that may go a  long way in protecting an individual participant. This helmet has an ABS shell, which makes it quite light.

With weight, this shell helps you shoot low and high-speed impacts, therefore, protecting the participant from head injuries. Additionally, it has a heating system that guarantees all heat is taken out of the helmet because the player performs.

5. Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Football Helmet

The SpeedFlex Youth Helmet from Riddell boasts revolutionary technologies to guarantee security and comfort in the football field.

A number of this model’s leading highlights include the Flex System, which is featured from the helmet’s shell, face mask, and face mask attachment system. Also, it helps absorb shock and reduce effect pressure—the Quick Release system which allows the facial mask to detach with a press of this button quickly. The Ratchet-Loc system makes the chin strap simple to fix while providing a secure fit; and the Flexliner inside, which conforms to a head contour for optimum comfort.

The SpeedFlex that is offered in sizes Small to Extra Large comprises a chin strap and face mask, making it effortless to attach mouthguards.


  • Patented PSIP study on the side of the helmet helps prevent harm on the side helmet effect.
  • Flex liner inside is designed to adapt to mind contours for maximum relaxation.
  • Flex System is designed to help reduce the impact force on helmet and facemask.


  • On the expensive side
  • Some users may have difficulty adjusting the chin strap.
  • Just one face mask design and color available

6. Xenith Youth X2E+ Football Helmet Mask

With lots of helmets being designed for the old generation of football players, locating the right version for the kid who likes to play with the gorgeous game could be an overwhelming job. Young and budding football players aren’t exempt from harm, and that’s why Xenith has developed a safety helmet, especially for them. The Xenith Youth X2E is a youth football helmet that has set the pace for several brands to follow, regarding helmets to the younger generation. This is a helmet designed to match and protect your child (or not so small ) one from potential injury while they perform.

As one of the best youth football helmets, the X2E provides its protection using a lightweight ABS casing made from plastic. For a customized fit, your kid should tighten the chin straps with this helmet; there’s no requirement for pumps, which can be striking. Another attribute this helmet owns is its capacity to provide an optimal reaction to direct effects by its shock absorber technology. In this manner, the X2E+ adheres to the strike and lessens the general influence on the participant. With the lack of pumps, this helmet is made with a FitBand; a silicon band is constructed to guarantee a comfy fit by adapting to any participant’s head shape and dimensions. Other features of the helmet include an attached facemask, 3XD chin guards, dual-density comfort pads, a casing with six ports, and a coil chin cup. This can be a helmet made to provide the ultimate protection for gamers in intermediate and childhood levels. If you like football, you may sure enjoy some of those football backpacks from our listing, so check these out.


Any childhood footballer with great aspirations for its elite leagues is in dreamland when they put their hands on the Riddell Victor Youth Football Helmet. Sharing the identical design with all the SpeedFlex, this helmet is part of the youth participant’s kit, which also will come with Patented Side Impact Protection for your intermediate athlete.

The Riddell Victor Youth Helmet is constructed for optimum security and comfort on the gridiron. It’s remarkably lightweight, weighing only 2.05 pounds to protect against the heat from falling, complementing the essentials of US tacking styles.

It ranks among the best youth football helmets due to its own inflatable S-jaw pads for extra comfort and protection, and its rear-inflatable lining enables gamers to correct for the best match. The headgear also features an over liner made of fabric that’s removable and easy to wash.

The Riddell Victor Youth Football Helmet is among the most recent youth football helmets at Riddell’s lineup, which updates the most popular Attack collection. The casing is constructed from ABS plastic. And guess what? It features an S2B facemask acceptable for running backs, quarterbacks, and other energetic places, making it a no-brainer for any novice gridiron athlete.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Glossy Appearance
  • Super lightweight
  • Highly comfy


  • Costly
  • Chinstraps may be better.

8. Light Helmets LS1 Youth Football Helmet

The LS1 from Light Helmets prides itself on advanced technology and particular substances which expect to make it one of the best youth football helmets available on the market now.

It’s a composite shell that’s quite light and powerful — that the helmet weighs approximately 2.5 lbs, nearly the weight of a routine one. The inside features Armor Foam — initially devised by NASA, intended to absorb impact instead of redirecting it into other areas of the helmet as mild puts it. They utilize”technology just seen in automobile racing, innovative fighter jets, and other military programs.”

The face mask is created from chrome-moly, which helps you balance the helmet to produce moves easier to concentrate on what is happening through play on the football field. It is available in 8 distinct colors and numerous dimensions.

The helmet can be receiving rave reviews from individual testers. It obtained a Five Star Rating from Virginia Tech and is scheduled to be analyzed with all the NFL. It is also the sole non-plastic NOCSAE-certified helmet now offered.


  • Uses Armor Foam inside (invented by NASA) absorbs the effect Rather than redirecting it into other helmet areas.
  • The composite shell Is Quite mild but very-strong and protective.
  • The sole non-plastic NOCSAE-certified helmet in the Business


  • On the expensive side
  • Not all colors and sizes May Be accessible.
  • It does not have an inflatable substance if that is what you prefer.

Youth Football Helmet Buying Guide

You must discover the ideal youth football helmets for young gamers, particularly in the present climate, in which we know a lot about how dangerous the sport could be.

Today’s modern helmets are designed to protect athletes as far as possible, particularly at the youth level. With everything we know about concussions and the harm they could cause both at the brief and long-term, it is crucial that the youth football helmets that your investment in areas well-made as you can — but they are also ideal fits for your athletes which are using them.

Here is the way to make sure today that you’re buying is a wise option.

Security is Everything

It should go without saying that the number one priority and surely the number one attention you need to have when searching for youth football helmets would be to discover choices that are as secure as protective as you can.

Top-quality choices Will comprise a certification seal from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. These helmets are licensed to be well-made, secure, use construction materials that may be reliable, and are not likely to fall apart or be compromised during regular play.

Various designs may also help decrease the possibility of injury and concussion. These choices are well worth considering too.

kids football helmets

Sizing is Essential

The 2nd most important thing you can do if buying youth football helmets is to ensure they’re perfectly sized to your athlete who will be sporting them.

Traditionally, an athletic coach will go about and measure each football player for their helmets. The head’s circumference will be quantified (only above the eyebrows), and from there, the coach will use the athlete to fine-tune the cushioning and the overall fit of the helmet farther.

If you are going to be buying the youth football helmet for your athlete that you would like to do the specific same thing. There are a few YouTube videos on the internet that will show you precisely how to perfectly quantify a youthful athlete’s head to get a football helmet, and you are going to want to begin there.

Consider the Facemask Configuration

Another essential consideration when buying youth football helmets needs to be the facemask settings you are going to proceed with.

At the childhood levels, protection is of the utmost significance, but you also should ensure that visibility is also elevated. Different cage designs allow you to reach this ideal balance, and so long as you’re providing lots of additional protection for your youthful athletes, you may select a cage that suits your taste.

DO NOT Buy Employed Helmets Unless They’re Certified Reconditioned

Finally, and perhaps most importantly — notably with how expensive some youth football helmets may get — it is important that you understand how dangerous it’s to buy ANY used football helmets which have not been fully certified as despised from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

Helmets that were sent out to some certified reconditioner and moving through from top to bottom will incorporate a certification seal interior helmet. These helmets could be trusted to be equally as fantastic as brand-new (using a less costly cost ) — but it is incredibly vital that they take this certificate.

Any helmet that has not been certified might not be secure for drama, and you face the chance of your athlete getting hurt or hurt with a helmet that is not up to par.

FAQs about Youth Football Helmet

What’s the Difference Between Youth And Varsity Helmets?

The most apparent difference between the childhood and varsity helmet would be your dimensions. Other variations include strength and endurance. Varsity head-wear is bigger and packs stronger components since they’re developed for boisterous, high-octane games. Youth helmets usually feature thicker brow pads but more compact chinstraps.

The strength of the helmet is the use of the material used to construct them. Even though varsity helmets and varsity helmets are created from the poly-carbonate substance, childhood helmets are normally made out of ABS plastic.

Poly-carbonate is a tough plastic that shows remarkable compressive power as it does not shatter or compress considerably upon repeated effect. Additionally, ABS is an engineered vinyl that is thinner, lighter and has a lower tensile strength, making it appropriate for less catastrophic blows.

Consequently, many youth leagues prohibit using poly-carbonate helmets since it can harm an ABS upon helmet-to-helmet crash, causing harm to the poorer player.

There is not a hard and fast rule concerning when a participant ought to begin utilizing an adult helmet, however, normally, an update to an adult helmet is created when the participant reaches age 14 or begins to play high school.

Can Adult Players Wear Youth Football Helmets?

Yes, youth football helmets may be worn by mature gamers only if they match them nicely. The matching is the vital part standards here as it shouldn’t be excessively tight, close-fitting, or tout. A youth football helmet cresting in an adult’s mind might become diminished upon collision or in the conclusion of a very long season. Whatever the case, it’s far better to utilize an adult helmet.

Do Youth Football Helmets Comes With A Facemask And Chin Strap?

Most youth football helmets include a face mask and chinstrap. Major football equipment manufacturers Riddell, Schutt, and Xenith layout their helmets to match their brands. Other stand football facemasks can fit an assortment of shells.

Popular face mask brands comprise Schutt’s DNA and Schutt’s Super Pro facemasks. Luckily, just about all youth football helmets come through with football chin straps.

How Do I Clean A Football Helmet?

To wash a football helmet, then you will need a soft cloth material and a gentle detergent. After hours of intense gameplay and practice, you’ll be engulfed in sweat and dirt. And when not cleaned immediately, the atmosphere will reek of smelly, filthy germs. Quite unlike the football girdle or alternative sheet cloth, you can not throw a helmet in the washing machine. Helmet cleaning has to be standard practice.

You’ll require a soft cloth material as abrasive cleaning pads can ruin the helmets complete or the protective coating of these pads. Microfiber pads would be the most appropriate, but a plain cotton cleaning cloth won’t harm your helmet.

Get a gentle detergent; a dishwasher liquid could be fine since it can cut through dirt and grime without leaving any residue. Furthermore, a disinfectant spray is required when cleaning to ruin all of the germs which have accrued on your helmet as time passes.

Start from the exterior of the helmet. Just remove the pads and then spray them down. If you want a little additional sheen fir a unique excursion, you can catch a car polish and a soft fabric. Later, you can jump onto the pads.

Immerse the pads in warm soapy water and produce a quick wipe with a soft microfiber or linen cloth to remove all of the dirt. After drying, use the disinfectant spray to obliterate any lingering bacteria.

When all of the elements are dry and clean, simply scatter the head-wear and maintain firmly, awaiting the next outing. For many, cleaning a football helmet isn’t fun, but when it is dirty and unsightly, everybody around you will notice.

Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach, oil, or ammonia. If you can not locate surface-friendly cleansers around, you can wash your helmet using a warmly dampened rag, then scrubbing lightly.

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What Types of Youth Football Helmet Visors Are Available?

Aside from the typical youth apparel manufacturing manufacturers, Nike, Under Armour, and Oakley will also be common visor brands. Visors arrive in a bevy of color options, including clear, tinted, colored, and reflective mirror visors.

Notice: Before purchasing a helmet visor, double-check to make sure it is going to match a youth-sized helmet. It’s crucial to be aware that many youth leagues don’t allow using reflective, tinted, or colored visors.

Eye shields have to be created from clear materials based on state high school institutions’ national federation. Many youth leagues, the NCAA, along with the NFL, have comparable rules.

Some parents are worried about the sun’s beams impinging in their youthful athlete’s eyes through a day game. Luckily, many clear visors still provide innovative UV protection. Always check the product description before purchasing to know whether the visor you’ve chosen shields from UVC, UVA, and other breeds of damaging light.

Youth players that have optical impediments like long-sightedness and short-sightedness understand it is not feasible to style prescription visors. football visors are often manufactured with just one curved cloth secured into the helmet to provide safety.

Regrettably, because of the curvature and space to the eye, it isn’t feasible to come up with corrective visors. Players with vision impairments need to acquire prescription sports contact lenses or goggles.

What type of padding is used on the youth football helmet’s insides?

Typically, the youth football helmet’s insides use an expanded polypropylene foam because of the insides. This functions as the biggest aspect of this cushioning, which covers nearly the entire inside surface of the youth football helmet. The chief objective of adding this padding is to provide general protection when consuming effect.

This protective coating also will come with additional protection, which can be positioned closely at particular factors that ordinarily get a hard impact. To ensure that the excess padding remains in position, you can get rid of the polypropylene coating for a method of providing a socket to your excess cushioning to sit — all that’s possible without undermining your relaxation.

Would you pump air to the helmet?

You’re permitted to pump air to the helmet, particularly if the football helmet design features inflatable pads or liners placed at strategic places in the insides. Based on what version you’ve selected, it’s also possible that you pump air up to 5 valves or place for a way of having a customized fit.

Adding air to the football helmet is also valuable in ensuring that your mind doesn’t move and remain from the location of this helmet. Having a properly pumped helmet, you’ve got an assurance it will fit properly. It can also significantly lower the force of effect, which may lead to severe neck and head injuries.

Can adults wear childhood football helmets?

Yes, so long as it’s marked for the appropriate security criteria while fitting the wearer’s mind entirely, the adult can put on a youth football helmet. Just ensure it fits you and is protected in your mind.

However, for a much higher degree of protection, it’d be best to opt for adult helmets to ensure it is compatible with your consumer.


Even though the best youth football helmet generally comes at a higher cost, you’ll immediately feel its value as soon as you notice it has features capable of protecting the consumer. Go to get a very secure and high-quality youth football helmet to keep yourself safe when enjoying a high-impact game, like football.