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Maintaining your motorcycle helmet protected is essential, mainly once you reside in large cities. Parking your motorcycle on the road will depart any of your possessions in a vulnerable place.

Leaving your motorcycle helmet dangling out won’t ever end well if left unsecured.

Helmet locks provide the safety that you want. Safely bending your motorcycle helmet will stop burglars from stealing it from becoming lost in the end.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has estimated that tens of thousands of bikes are stolen each year in the USA.

Envision how would leave your helmet hot go for you if that’s how it is?

Purchasing a helmet lock is considered a requirement for all motorcycle riders to protect against losing it.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Top 11 Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Review

Bestseller No. 3
Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet Lock 99KA - 2 Keyed Alike
14" (35 cm) long vinyl covered cable with a 5mm cable diameter. 4-pin tumbler security.; Attractive plastic lock cover prevents scratching the helmet.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Bikers Choice Helmet Lock 74937S2
Chrome-plated, universal mount lock; Fits 7/8 to 1-1/4 tubing; Tamper proof 1-way screws included
Bestseller No. 7
QWORK Motorcycle Helmet Lock, Password Lock & Cable Universal Motorcycle Bike Helmet Luggage Security
High quality material: weather resistance, scratch protection and durability.; Secure: Password lock, set your safe and independent password.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Biker's Choice Helmet Lock (Black)
At Biker's Choice, they know quality, value and performance when they see it.; Chrome-plated, universal mount lock.

1. BigPantha 05 – Flexible & Easy Bike Helmet Combination Lock

If you’re seeking the best worldwide motorcycle helmet lock you could use to get a variety of motorcycles and helmets alike, that offer from BigPantha provides you.

Produced at a steel cable layout, it is simple to pass it via your full-face helmet windshield, not rely upon a strap to lock it into your bike. The cable is 6-feet extended and features a protective coating.

Another attribute would be the carabiner-style lock that provides additional safety and ease of usage and home for the combination-code lock to make it a lot easier to use.

However, you must remember a 3-digit mix means a max of 1,000 possible combinations, which can be great but not like key-locking. Considering that you are procuring a helmet, this could be fine for some people, however.


  • Carabiner style motorcycle helmet lock
  • Its combination lock provides simplicity of use.
  • Adaptive cable design functions on all bikes
  • Backed with a lifetime guarantee


  • It is not as safe as locks keys
  • The Plan Isn’t compact

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2. Motorcycle Helmet Lock Cable: FJM Security SX-645

The FJM SX-635 is a motorcycle helmet lock cable. It’s a 2000 mm 79 inches long cable lock that may be used to lock virtually all kinds of motorcycle equipment like helmets, coats, totes, and other materials.

You may put your combination whenever you need and it is pretty to function. The cable is super sturdy and is not easy to split.

The product has got a 5 out of 5 evaluations on Amazon.

The cable also comes with a loop in the end ( since you watch in the image) this may be employed to fasten stationary objects.


  • Provides the utmost safety because it’s 10,000 possible combinations to unlock and lock.
  • Users may easily move the lock to the ideal place to guarantee the bike.
  • Designed with vinyl-coated plane cable so it’s tougher.


  • The reset screw is miniature. No typical screw will fit inside. Consequently, it’s not simple to change the mix.

3. HelmetLok ll  – Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock

This is your committed choice which features a carabiner-style mechanism you can use to nourish your helmet D-rings. If your helmet features a ratchet strap fastening system, then a metallic T bar can also be provided which you may use to clamp on. The lock used is an easy 4 digit mix lock, so no secret to fret about but probably is not great when you’ve got a terrible memory.

The device is sturdy but the weak point in this set up is the helmet’s straps that could be trimmed using a simple pocket knife. On the reverse side, the HelmetLok ll is small and compact that it will easily fit under your chair or on your coat pocket. We have awarded the HelmetLok of an honorable mention for being one of the only committed helmet anti-theft apparatus in the marketplace these days.

4. Universal Helmet Lock (Chrome) out of E-Bro

This is a compacted universal bracket lock and may mount with standard tools. This thing comprises a helmet rings lock that features a solid lock.

These products generally include diameter tubing of 7/8″ into 1.25″. Additionally, it features a chrome finish which will give it great looking facet on a yacht.


  • Keep the casual opportunist
  • Harder to assault
  • Offers superior protection
  • Provide Anti-theft Protection accord


  • Not that more powerful

5. Kuryakyn 4248 Motorcycle License Plate Helmet Security Lock

This Kuryakyn alternative is a permit plate lock, meant to be attached with screws into a typical size 4 x 7 inches license plate frame. It’s reported to be somewhat simple to set up with just the simplest tools and it’ll take numerous dimensions of hardware, as the holes matching the screws have been elongated.

A note has to be made that this is not designed to be utilized with curved license plate frames or onto swept/lone eagle types, but many users report that they did figure out how to put in them on these surfaces, even after making some alterations.

Made from metal and painted black, this ought to maintain well to an ingenious would-be thief in addition to the components and anything may bump against it in the street.

The closing and opening are done using a key, along with the producer offer 2 of these only in case one has lost.


  • Kuryakyn product is a flexible helmet lock that may be connected to the license plate, making it rather simple to use, even for somebody who’s just getting the hang of bike riding.
  • As a result of this easy layout, the lock is readily managed, and that means that you will not waste valuable seconds attempting to get it set up.
  • What’s more, the license plates it functions to get measures 4 by 7 inches, which is a fairly universal dimension so there is not too much that you need to be concerned about in regards to compatibility.
  • The key has to be utilized to be able to open and shut it, and you will get two of them, thus letting you have a spare one.


  • Employing this particular lock using curved license plates may prove to be rather hard, so this isn’t a recommended choice.
  • Given that keys have been employed with this lock, should you misplace them you will want to obtain a brand new one?

6. Motorcycle Helmet Lock by Master Lock

Master Lock knows how to earn a high-quality lock and this motorcycle helmet lock is more strong and durable. It features a four-pin tumbler, and a burglar would require heavy-duty bolt cutters to break the lock and slip your helmet. The lock can be small enough to keep spaces like under a little seat compartment onto your bike.

The lock is easy to open and shut if you would like to get your helmet. It may reach up to 3 feet and contains a 14-inch vinyl coated cable using a 5-millimeter cable diameter for extra security. A lock plastic cover protects your helmet from being scraped. The device also has a dead-locking mechanism to avoid somebody from pushing the lock available.

Since the lock includes keys, you will need to keep tabs on them so that you do not lose them. Additionally, the loop is somewhat short in length, along with the keyholes can be hard to operate. Additionally, the packaging states it is a gun lock, not a cable.

7. Helmetlok 4101 – Rubberized Carabiner Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Helmetlok 4101 is just another innovative way of locking your helmet into your bike. It is designed as a carabiner and features a 4-digit lock for safety.

This produces around 10,000 distinct combinations, making it safer than a 3-digit system. Additionally, it is rubberized to prevent scratches on either your bike or helmet.

Usage is straightforward. Only open the lock slip the carabiner via your helmet D-ring, attach it to your motorcycle lock the machine.

You must remember it just works on components or tubes around 1.5 inches in size, so make it may match before purchasing.


  • Simple and easy to use carabiner-style helmet lock
  • Its 4-digit mix locks provide 10,000 combinations
  • Small and compact design easily fits your pocket
  • The rubberized layout prevents scratches


  • Only works on the tube to 1.5 inches wide
  • Being so small makes it Simple to get lost

8. Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock

This can be a strap appearance which may be used to lock additional equipment aside from the helmet.

The Strap is two feet and is enough to lock possessions. In addition to the strap is robust and is composed of nylon.

This kind of lock provides flexibility for the consumers to lock the majority of the motorcycle equipment together with a helmet.

As an example, if you would like to lock your coat together with your helmet, then it is simple to do that. ( as revealed in the movie above)

This also does not take a cable to lock items like coats.


  • Made from long-lasting treated galvanized rivets.
  • The cost is low when compared with rival brands. Therefore, it’s cheap for users.
  • Could be used for several programs.
  • Simple to build and use.
  • Designed using lockpicking audio that informs the consumer the code entered was right.


  • The largest shortcoming of the lock is the product itself isn’t a secure lock pick proof.
  • Its straps might be cut with a pocket knife.

9. Abus GRANIT Steel-0-Flex 1000

For extra safety, we are moving onto mobile cable locks. Abus’ Steel-0-Flex consists of a whopping 25mm braided steel cable finish with an integrated critical locking method. This thick steel cable will be impossible to cut with a knife and nearly impossible with a set of bolt cutters. Simply route the cable through your visor opening, attach it to something strong like front forks or the rear subframe of your bike.

Waterproof and lightweight at 4.07 pounds (1.85 kg) means you don’t have any reason to depart this in your home. We rate this product as the best helmet lock you may purchase. Offered in lengths of 39″ (850mm). Sold Secure Silver.

10. DDSKY Motorcycle Helmet Lock with Elastic Cable

The stiff pieces of the DDSKY are completely made from zinc alloy, for great durability and weather protection. It consists of a steel cable coil cable, a carabiner, and 2 connector loops. The coil can shut a circle together with all the carabiner, which effectively provides you two distinct regions to attach items to.

While not especially significant when packaged, it may extend to 5 ft, giving you a significant deal of advantage when utilized to secure luggage on top of a truck or other similar applications. Like almost all other similar layouts, it uses a combination lock 3 figures.

While this can provide an extra measure of convenience because you won’t be needing to keep an eye on a secret. It’s regarded as less reliable than a padlock, even though there are not any such problems linked with this specific product, which also includes a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • Using a construction that contains both steel and zinc metal, you may safely state this DDSKY lock does a fantastic job of maintaining prospective burglars off.
  • The wise design allows the coil to create a ring with all the carabiner, meaning that two individual areas are made you can use as you see fit.
  • The cable may expand to an impressive length of 5 ft, meaning you could use it to secure more objects than just the helmet.
  • As a result of the combination locking method, you won’t need to be worried about getting the key to reach and possibly risk losing it.


  • The device may be somewhat smaller than some anticipate, so ensure you check the dimensions before purchasing it.
  • The 3-digit combination may appear somewhat simple, provided that there are versions that use a blend of digits, but the option used here still guarantees 999 potential results.

11. OnGuard 8005 – Pitbull Dual U-Lock & Cable Locking System

How about another spin on motorcycle helmet locks? This deal from OnGuard is initially for securing bikes to stop them from getting stolen.

It features a 4-feet long braided steel cable that could easily wrap around a bike’s front and back wheels, and a U-lock that makes it effortless to lock it into any given object, like a roadside pole.

As you can imagine, the possibilities here are endless since you’re able to utilize this locking method to secure your helmet along with some other things in a selection of means.

Even though you can get more affordable motorcycle helmet locks, they will not provide you five keys, with one using a LED lighting or around unique design which prevents keyway prying. Additionally, it is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


  • A unique system using a double-locking layout
  • Features 4-feet long braided steel cable
  • Comes with five keys, such as an LED light key
  • A lifetime guarantee from OnGuard backs it


  • Initially designed to secure & chain bikes
  • Cheaper helmet locks can be found

Different Types Of Helmet Locks

Before purchasing a helmet lock, you must be aware of the various locks available on the market. For the most part, they serve the same function but some forms may work best for particular kinds of motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Reviews

Additionally, naturally, different brands offer you different cutting-edge features to improve their products continuously.

Though helmet locks come in a variety of types, these will be the most well-known ones:

Carabiner style helmet lock

Motorcycle enthusiasts most frequently favor this sort of helmet lock since they include a locking mechanism which needs a particular code to be unlocked.

Lock straps

Lock straps include a lengthy strap that allows riders to extend the space where they put their helmet out of its secured place.

Cable lock

These locks include a very long cord which pretty much serves the same function as lock straps do.

Again, helmet locks are available in a variety of types and have evolved through recent years. It boils down to personal taste about which one to buy on your own.

How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

A motorcycle helmet will help to protect you from injuries while on the street, but also, you require a lock to secure it while you are not around.

Besides convenience and simplicity of usage, there are additional important features to watch out for when picking your motorcycle helmet lock and they’re as follows.

1. Different types of Motorcycle Helmet Locks

This is the very first consideration you need to make since there are various helmet lock layouts and every kind may look better for a particular kind of bike or helmet.

Be certain that you look your bike over and consider where you might choose to put it in the cable. Following is a closer look at each kind of lock.

Cable. This is probably the easiest-to-use kind of helmet locks since it features a high degree of flexibility, which can be barely available with all the other forms. This is the perfect kind of lock to get full-face helmets.

Becoming long and flexible permits you to pass it through as many items as you’d like. It normally features a locking tube, which links to a flexible cable that is often made from steel.

Solid/Bolt Locks. Strong or bolt locks tend to be smaller compared to wire locks and are for a variety of applications, so it is usually left that you determine where you would like to put in them.

Becoming little makes them less visible than wire locks and also, they come most frequently with locks. 1 drawback is they are frequently not perfect for locking full-face helmets.

Handlebar Locks. With handlebar locks, then you obtain a kind of solid lock that is created for the motorcycle’s handlebar. They nearly always use a key-locking mechanism and also match beautifully to the bike’s overall aesthetics.

License Plate Locks. Besides, this is a sort of bolt but they are designed especially for installation behind the bike’s license plate holder. This keeps them well out of sight when not being used.

2. Locking Mechanism

There are two key kinds of locking mechanisms for motorcycle helmet locks: the primary lock and the combination locks.

A vital lock is much more protected than the usual combination lock but crucial locks require you to always take the key with you, but if you happen to lose that, then that is it.

So, it is here to select between a truly-secured lock and the convenience of never carrying out a secret.

3. Construction Material

A lock job would be to provide security and also this one big attribute depends on the kind and caliber of substance it is made from. Thus, what you need is a lock as much metal as you can.

You would like a lock that is hard to crack or hurt at all. It is always best waterproof and to find the best results, choose steel.

4. Portability

This matter is just another private consideration and depends upon your personality or what you feel comfy with. Would you mind leaving a wire helmet lock onto your bike? Then you might wish to consider a compact but less elastic bolt lock. If you do not mind, then it does not matter.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Pricing

$10 to $25: Most motorcycle helmet locks fall in this budget. It’s possible to find a good-quality lock that can adequately secure your equipment. On the other hand, the guards are not always 100 percent tamperproof.

Over $25: Many locks price upwards of $50, based on their style. A number of these locks are durable and might provide marginally superior protection compared to their cheaper counterparts.

FAQ about Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Still undecided? In this part, we answer a few frequently asked questions concerning how to lock your helmet into your motorcycle and decide on the best motorcycle helmet lock.


The Bikers Choice helmet lock is essentially a generic version of this Harley Davidson helmet lock that will cost you less than your Harley seller fees. To utilize the lock you start the latch together with the main, then hook your helmet rings into the latch before shutting it.


If you have an open face helmet, then you will choose the rifle lock w/ 15″ cable. Only hook the lock through the head opening on your helmet, then about a railing or your bag rack.


Based upon which kind of lock you opt for, there might be no installation required.

Just the Bikers Choice lock demands a fast installation. The toughest part is determining where you need to place it. Most bike owners decide to install it to the handlebar, even though you would like to get tricky and locate a less obvious location on your bike.

Should you choose to use a gun lock to lock the helmet, then make certain the 15″ cable is long enough. Otherwise, it is best to go with the Bristol Styles 6′ cable lock, and this also gives you the choice to secure your bike jacket with your helmet.


Helmet locks pin mixes are normally more convenient because you don’t have to open or shut your lock using a secret. But in case you forget the mix, you will not have the ability to get into your helmet. Locks with keys are more common and normally designed with steel parts but check to determine if the manufacturer provides a spare key for backup.


No. Check the company’s description before making a purchase, especially in case you go for a permanent fixture. Some guards, as an instance, are only acceptable for horizontal license plates. Other helmet locks possess a coiled cable, so they simply reach a particular length.


Always keep in mind that locks are largely there to keep honest men honest. If a person wants your helmet also has the ideal tools to snag it, they will have the ability to crack or cut any of these locks with the ideal equipment. No lock on the marketplace will keep a professional thieve.

But, that does not mean that these locks will not protect your helmet from petty theft or unplanned robberies. This lock can spare you some hundred dollars as a single man found out that had a helmet was stolen rather than another.

Now you understand the best helmet locks for motorcycles and where to locate them.