The WW1 German Helmet – World War I Stahlhelm has always been on top of the most sought-after products of WW1. This type of helmet carries within itself exceptional characteristics and an outshine appearance, thus would satisfy even those with high standards for everything.

Still, although many are gunning to own one, they must confess that it is a hard decision to make when choosing a helmet. Indeed, there are too many features and accessories needed to be examined when figuring out the conqueror.
Our article would thus be useful for you as it is going to put some of the top products available under a fine-tooth comb and reveal the one worthy of your money.

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Best WW1 German Helmet

Let’s break this down!

WW1 German Helmet Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
German WWI M16 Stahlhelm Steel Helmet
Copied from an original Stahlhelm M1916 in the IMA collection.; Steel Shell with genuine supple leather liner and chinstrap.
Bestseller No. 2
Imperial German Spiked Pickelhaube Officer Helmet- Black Leather & Brass
Handcrafted of high quality genuine leather.; Complete with real brass hardware.; One size fits most: adjustable 7 to 7 3/4.
Bestseller No. 4
Nicky Bigs Novelties German Plastic Pickelhaube Spiked Officer Helmet Costume, One Size
Imported; Helmet with Chinstrap and Point; Realistic Appearance; Pointed Officer Costume Helmet
Bestseller No. 5
Nicky Bigs Novelties Adult German Army Helmet Costume, Black, One Size
Made of firm materials with adjustable chin strap. Made of Plastic.; Each helmet is approximately 11.5 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 6.5 inches tall.
Bestseller No. 6
World War Supply Desktop Size German WW1 Camouflage M1916 M16 Stahlhelm Helmet with Wood Stand
Desk Top (approx half scale) German M1916 Camouflage Helmet with wood stand.; Expertly Hand Crafted Scaled down model of the Original German WW1 Helmet
Bestseller No. 7
World War Supply German WW1 M1916 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel
18 Gauge Steel Construction; Leather liner and chinstrap just like the original; Please see the pictures with a measuring tape for the size
Bestseller No. 8
World War Supply German WW1 M1917 M17 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel Construction
18 Gauge Steel Construction Leather Helmet Liner; Please see the pictures with a measuring tape for the size
Bestseller No. 9
World War Supply German WW1 M1918 M18 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel Construction
18 Gauge Steel Construction Leather Helmet Liner; Please see the pictures with a measuring tape for the size.
Bestseller No. 10
World War Supply Desktop Size German WW1 M1916 M16 Stahlhelm Helmet with Wood Stand
Desk Top (approx half scale) German M1916 Helmet with wood stand.; Expertly Hand Crafted Scaled down model of the Original German WW1 Helmet

1. Forum Novelties German Officer Pickelhaube Helmet

Forum Novelties - German Officer Pickelhaub Helmet

Forum Novelties – German Officer Pickelhaub Helmet – Plastic Imperial Prussian Helmet – Black & Gold Colored

This German Pickelhaube Helmet from Forum Novelties is the most budget-friendly yet incredibly sturdy and versatile German helmet.

As its sole material is mere plastic, this Helmet undoubtedly goes much easier on your wallet than most of the other ornament helmets on the market.

Yet, the material of the helmet might raise some concerns among purchasers.

Users tend to think plastic helmets are susceptible to damage and won’t last as long as steel helmets, and thus becoming hesitant to purchase this product. However, this German Pickelhaube Helmet is made of premium-quality plastic, which offers durability and toughness against the test of time.

One notable drawback of this helmet is that the chin strap can come off easily, so you need to be careful when dealing with it.


  • Long-lasting
  • Low-priced
  • Thick cartridge plastic
  • Great as gift
  • Versatile


  • The chin strap comes off easily

Verdict: For something cost around just a tenth of the price of products of the same range, this item is an ideal option for anyone who is looking for a low-cost yet sturdy and unique-looking helmet.

2. Tanishka Exports Prussian Helmet

German Pickelhaube Helmet WWI Helmet

Prussian Helmet, German Pickelhaube Helmet WWI Helmet

The Tanishka Exports Prussian Helmet is a beautifully designed replica of the traditional Prussian Helmet that has been taking several users by the storm. If you are looking for a high-quality and multipurpose German helmet, you should definitely give this specific product a shot.

What makes this helmet stand out among all the other replica German helmets these days is the elegant and long-lasting finish of the coating.

Specifically, wrapping around the 18-gauge mild steel layer of the product is a perfectly-polished finish available in both white and black colors. The quality of the exterior paint gives the finish coating a shiny, glossy-like look that the other helmets don’t have.

Apart from that, the finish also maximizes the helmet’s ability to withstand erosion, oxidation, and dust build-up during long-term use.

The only weak point of this helmet that makes people hesitant to purchase it is that the price might be a bit steep. Therefore, if you are a budget-focus person, you should consider things thoroughly before getting it.


  • Wooden stand included
  • Brass fitting
  • Adjustable spear
  • Wearable adult-size


  • High-priced

Verdict: This product might not fit the budget of some people. However, with the durability and reliability it offers, you should still give it a try.

3. IMA B004RYF56Y German WWI M16

German WWI M16 Helmet Stirnpanzer

German WWI M16 Helmet Stirnpanzer Steel Sniper Brow Plate

The IMA B004RYF56Y German WWI M16 is an excellent reproduction of the original Rare Stirnpanzer. This product is not really a helmet but more of a protective shield put on top of it, also known as the “brow plat”. It was widely used for sniper and trench raiding parties during the WWI.

This helmet is made from the most high-quality and durable heavy-steel material. It is extremely resistant to even the strongest impact and seemingly unbreakable when being dropped off from a high distance.

For all the protection that this helmet offers, it comes as no wonder why we listed it as the best-material one among all the other amazing products.

The major downside of this product is that it doesn’t come with a wooden stand. So if you are going to use the helmet as a decorative piece, make sure to purchase the stand separately.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • One size fits all
  • High-quality material


  • Wooden stand not included

Verdict: This product is a well-constructed reproduction for someone who are looking for a budget-friendly German helmet. It can be a decent option for an ornamental piece, yet, due to its plain look, it might not be the best choice for your kid’s costume party.

4. THORINSTRUMENTS Pickelhaube Helmet

Thorinstruments Ww I&Ii German Prussian Pickelhaube Helmet

A well-constructed Pickelhaube is supposed to have a glossy coating, a firm spike finial and a delicately-designed front plate. And this THORINSTRUMENTS Pickelhaube Helmet ticks all the boxes to be considered one of the most well-craft reproductions of Pickelhaube helmets on the market today.

With premium-quality steel as the sole material, a mirror-like black finish, and a detailed and meticulously-done liner, the durability and longevity of this helmet are obviously more reliable than most replica Pickelhaube helmets out there.

Additionally, the front plate’s Prussian-eagle-shaped decorative accents and the helmet spike are both made from real brass and firmly mounted in place, giving the helmet the most delicate and pleasing outer look.

However, there are some rivets poking out from the inside, so make sure you wear some headbands before putting the helmet, or else, the bulging parts can press against your head and bring a discomfort feeling.


  • Premium material
  • Beautiful decorative accents
  • Brass hardware
  • Durable


  • Rivets on the inside

Verdict: With all the qualities that this product provides, it will make the best costume for a perfect Halloween party or theatrical performance. Yet, as there are rivets on both the outside and inside of the helmet, it can take you a while to get used to it.

5. IMA Imperial German Helmet

Imperial German Spiked Pickelhaube Officer Helmet

Imperial German Spiked Pickelhaube Officer Helmet- Black Leather & Brass

The IMA Imperial German Helmet is the second helmet that comes from the IMA collection of German helmets. With the long-standing reputation for providing all first-grade reproduction helmets at such affordable prices, this brand has soon gained the ultimate trust from users.

What makes this helmet stand out from the others is the superior quality of the shell, which is made from German high-quality genuine leather. This hardened leather can give your helmet the most luxurious look and act perfectly as a protective barrier against dust and corrosion.
The only downside of the product is related to the decorative accents at the front plate. The painting might come off easily and the Prussian eagle design is not as impressive and historically accurate as you might expected it to be.


  • High-quality leather shell
  • Metal fitting
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable liner
  • Affordable price


  • Unremarkable accent details

Verdict: This product is super straightforward to use and adjust, yet the decorative details might not meet some enthusiasts’ expectations.

6. IMA German WWI M18 Helmet

German WWI M18 Steel Helmet with Leather Liner

German WWI M18 Steel Helmet with Leather Liner

IMA has done such an excellent job of duplicating the original M18 model. With specific focuses on the design and quality of the product, this brand has brought the enthusiasts the best replica for displaying and costume purposes.

Originally, the WWI M18 helmet is one of the rarest models that is designed with ear cutouts to specifically support the use of trench telephone communication and optimize the hearing and exchange among soldiers.

After testing the replica from IMA, we can firmly say that it is well-deserved to be listed as the best cutouts helmet on the market today, for it is one of the few brands whose ear cutouts designs bear the most resemblance to the original M18 model.

Also, when it comes to the material, the IMA M18 Helmet is made from a high-profile steel with full leather liner and chin strap, making it more impact-resistant and long-lasting than most of the other helmets.

However, the wood stand won’t be included in your order. So, to optimize the display for this product, you should also purchase a separated one.


  • Ear cutouts design
  • High-profile material
  • Leather hardware
  • Versatile


  • Wooden stand not included

Verdict: This product is definitely one of the best reproductions on the market today that have the ear cutouts design. However, collectors out there, don’t forget to purchase a wooden stand for the best display cause it won’t be included in your order.

7. IMA German WWI M16 M-1916

German WWI M16 Stahlhelm Steel Hand Painted Camouflage Helmet

German WWI M16 Stahlhelm Steel Hand Painted Camouflage Helmet, M-1916

You might not be surprised at this point with the fact that this high-quality and accessible German WWI M16 M-1916 is another reproduction from the brand IMA.

IMA has nailed the remake process with this duplication of the original Stahlhelm M1916. They also provide the users with probably the most historically accurate-looking camouflage helmet on the market nowadays. Both the camouflage colour pattern and overall design bear a remarkable resemblance to the original version, and the helmet hardware includes every signature features of the authentic M1916.

Besides that, this M16 item is also made from the finest Germany all-steel material. The shell is comprised of 1.8mm thick steel with a rolled edge as well as a leather three-tongue liner.

However, the cost of this helmet might be a little overpriced for some people. It is probably the most expensive one among all the other products on this list. Therefore, you should consider carefully before purchasing it.


  • Accurate replica
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Leather adjustable liner
  • Easy to use
  • One size fits all


  • High-priced helmet

Verdict: If you are looking for a unique-looking and accurate replica helmet, this one is definitely worth a try. Yet, the price might be out of the league for some people, so you should consider it at your discretion.

8. Ectoria Brass German Leather Helmet

Brass German Pickelhaube Imperial Prussian Helmet

Brass German Pickelhaube Imperial Prussian Helmet – Leather

This Ectoria Brass German Leather Helmet will please even those with high demand because of its classic design.
To be more specific, this helmet is equipped with a brass spike and eagle motto on the surface, which is outstandingly authentic and luxurious. What is more, the chinstrap and liner are also uniquely produced to provide you with extreme comfort, and so they will not cut into your chin or head sides. you can have the helmet on all day.
Despite equipping with the finest fittings and parts, this helmet is still quite affordable compared to other products, which can save you an amount of money if you decide to purchase for it.

However, the paint on the cockades often peels after a period, and some of the brass pieces were loose, which requires certain refurbishment.


  • Excellent design with everything fit perfectly
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Quite light yet firm
  • Equipped with a permanent chinstrap and liner
  • Affordable


  • Sloppy paint and loose brass pieces

Verdict: If you don’t mind repainting or renewing the helmet after a period, this Brass German Pickelhaube Imperial Prussian Helmet would be a great companion.

9. Tanishka Exports FR Badge Leather Pickelhaube Helmet

FR Badge German Prussian Helmet

FR Badge German Prussian Helmet Brass Spike Leather Pickelhaube Helmet

The Tanishka Exports FR Badge has always been a hot-sell product because of its artistic design and exceptional fittings.

What distinguishes this helmet from other products is the refined fittings it holds. Notably, this item is attached with a brass spike and an eagle motto on the cover. All of these accessories are made from the most premium materials and well-attached to the surface.

This helmet pleases the wearer with not only its elegant appearance but also the comfort it delivers. Coming with a high-quality liner, it gives the users a great sense of comfort, especially in the hot weather. In addition, the chinstrap is also facilitated with a length adjuster to fit your face, which won’t lead to the helmet’s sliding off and annoying you.

However, these brass patterns often fade in color after a period and thus, need to be renovated regularly.


  • Comfortable space to wear
  • Equipped with a liner to enable extreme pleasure
  • Fine brass fittings
  • Content chin strap
  • Quite affordable


  • The discolored finish needs refurbishing.

Verdict: As noted, the covering might be a problem when often fades, but as a display piece, this works perfectly. Thus, the Tanishka Exports FR Badge would be a reliable choice for those in search of a fine ornament.

10. Deepeeka Handtooled Handcrafted w/Spike Helmet

Handtooled Handcrafted Faux Leather Pickelhaube Helmet

Handtooled Handcrafted Faux Leather Pickelhaube Helmet w/Spike

You may be surprised to know that his Faux Leather Pickelhaube Helmet is entirely crafted by the hands of the most skillful artisans worldwide. Hence, the precision in the production and the finest material will provide you with the most satisfying usage.

Specifically, this helmet is made of 100% refined leather with a substantial spike attached to the top. What is more, it possesses an exquisite eagle fitting, a powerful symbol of the German soldiers in WWI. All parts combined earn this one the title of the most popular and sought-after helmets in the market.

This helmet is not only equipped with ethereal fittings but also the high-profile parts to support more comfort. What promote this satisfaction is the airy liner and the only 1.74 pounds structure, which triggers low pressure to your head.

The only downside of this helmet is that the strap rings often pop off when you don’t put enough pressure on them. As a result, you may have to adjust the fastener quite often when having it on.


  • Made from fine and solid materials
  • Designed with an elegant and engraved finish
  • Light yet sturdy structure
  • Gorgeous ornate attached to the finish
  • Fit all kinds of users’ heads perfectly


  • Loose strap rings

Verdict: This Faux Pickelhaube Helmet has grasped many buyers’ admiration for its ease of use and elegance, yet users might sometimes get annoyed with the hard-to-use fastener.

11. India Overseas Trading Co W/ Brass Helmet

German 19Th Cent. Helmet

German 19Th Cent. Helmet – Pickelhaube – In Steel W/ Brass Trim

This India Overseas Trading Co W/ Brass Helmet has all the required features to become every purchasers’ partner.
Saying this the best helmet for durability is not overrating, as not only the finish but also its structure and parts are exclusively manufactured to raise stability level. Specifically, the manufacturer has lengthened the back cover to reduce the pressure put on your head and damage from the outside.

Unfortunately, a notable shortcoming of this item is that the gripe is not securely fastened, which sometimes triggers the users’ inconveniences.


  • Super enduring as a result of a nickel-plated finish
  • Suitable for both adult’s and child’s head
  • Water and sunlight resistant
  • Comes with diverse uses in reenactment or historical plays
  • Well-built and sturdy


  • Offers a loose fastener

Verdict: All things considered, this helmet is most suitable to be a wall ornament as it is built with exceptional durability. But unfortunately, as it requires constant fastening, it is not really a good piece of accessory.

12. World War Supply B07H2QLTPP WW1 Helmet

World War Supply German WW1

World War Supply German WW1 M1917 M17 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel Construction

This item is an excellent replica of the German M1917 Stahlhelm as it has played a significant role in duplicating the design and materials of the original model.

To make it clear for you, the helmet itslef is expertly handcrafted with an 18 gauge steel construction, which is supremely durable and can withstand any damage or scratches.

The highly-durable construction is not the most exceptional feature of this headgear but its thin yet not flimsy chinstrap. Above all, this chinstrap is tough enough to prevent the helmet from sliding off the head while wearing, which will lessen the damage significantly.

However, this hat isn’t available in small size, and thus only adults will be able to wear this.


  • Authentic, high-quality finish
  • Spacious enough to wear
  • Officially licensed by the World War Product Supply
  • Steel construction enables transcendent sturdiness
  • Cushioned liner and chinstrap


  • Children are unable to wear

Verdict: This product would be an attractive choice for decoration because of its simplicity yet stability, yet if you want to buy this for your children , this won’t meet your need.

13. Nicky Bigs Novelties German Plastic Pickelhaube

Nicky Bigs Novelties German Plastic Pickelhaube

Nicky Bigs Novelties German Plastic Pickelhaube Spiked Officer Helmet Costume, One Size

This Nicky Bigs Novelties German Plastic Pickelhaube will be your trustworthy partner as it features the best chinstrap and fittings.

Allow us to go into the details. This hat’s chinstrap is uniquely designed to fit your face perfectly. Therefore, you will be able to wear this in many hours without experiencing any tiredness or neck ache. This is also supremely durable, which will save you a lot of time and money as there is no need to renew or fix it.

That being said, this helmet isn’t fragile and easy to break as many people believe but rather stable and robust through any damage or scratches.

A weak point of this helmet that can be easily identified is the availability of one size only, which prevents people with both oversized and undersized heads from wearing it.


  • Stable color on the finish
  • Produced with a realistic appearance
  • The chinstrap fits excellently
  • Fine accessories
  • Quite affordable


  • Not ideal for certain users because of the unfavorable size

Verdict: This helmet is diverse in use such as play acting or for garniture indeed, yet it can become useless if the wearer’s head doesn’t fit the helmet’s standard size.

14. Epic Militaria B07H3Q8BPW Replica WW1

Epic Militaria B07H3Q8BPW Replica WW1

Epic Militaria Replica WW1 German M16 Helmet with Liner

This Epic Militaria B07H3Q8BPW Replica WW1 has been capturing gazes at stores for a while because of the versatility it provides once you decide to purchase it.

Remarkably, this Camo helmet has a really colorful finish and cool skull decal printed on it. Hence, it is considered one of the most excellent reproductions of World War One German M16 helmets.

All things considered, this fine replica can satisfy what the purchasers most look forward to – the performance. As this unique design enables wearers to apply this item to in many cases such as theme parties, Halloween, or eventually, windows decoration.

However, the fastener of this helmet, just like the one in the Forum Novelties and Faux Helmet, seems to loosen day after day. But this disadvantage can be tackled as long as you spend some time tightening regularly.


  • Vivid cover
  • Leather liner for comfortable wearing
  • Can be used in plays, historical films or for decoration purpose
  • Light yet sturdy


  • Comes with a loose fastener

Verdict: This Epic Militaria Helmet can be widely used in not only historical reenactment and theme events but also windows or wall decoration, yet the fastener tend to get loosened so you will need to pay attention to signs of that.

15. World War Supply German WW1 M1916 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel

World War Supply German WW1

World War Supply German WW1 M1916 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel

This German WW1 M1916 STAHLHELM Helmet 18 Gauge Steel is a size down compared to the aforementioned M1917 model. Hence, it bears quite many similarities to that M1917 model.

The paint is shiny, long-lasting over time, and won’t undergo any discoloration. This would save you considerable amount of time and effort because you won’t have to maintain its color regularly.

It should also be mentioned that this item is officially licensed as a WW Supply Product for its fine reproduction of colors as well the design. Especially, what this helmet also succeed to duplicate is a leather liner and strong chinstrap along with durable colors in the finish.

There is only one disadvantage of this helmet, which is related to the price. This product charges higher than most of the items accessible nowadays, which might affect some budget-focus people’s decision.


  • Designed with 18 gauge steel construction
  • A perfect replica of the original
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Glossy appearance
  • Water and fire-resistant


  • Quite expensive

Verdict: This helmet would provide significant protection for you, yet this might not be an affordable item for some of you.

WW1 German Helmet Models

Most German helmet models are often referred to as “Stahlhelm”, which basically means “Steel helmet”. Back in the days, This type of helmet is primarily used to keep the soldiers safe from the potential danger of military armaments such as explosive weapons (grenade piece) and all.

These are some of the most common WWI German Helmet models:

1. Stahlhelm 1916 – M16

Stahlhelm 1916 - M16

The Stahlhelm 1916 model was probably the first helmet model ever to be introduced to German soldiers’ daily service during wartime. It possessed some signature features that could optimize the protection for the users.
First of all, the M16 model was designed with a ventilator lug mounted on both sides of the helmet. Because of the shell’s thickness, it was mainly used by snipers and trench raiding parties, who needed the sturdiest protection on the battlefield.

Additionally, the shell came with an adjustable liner whose entire length was around which you could change the sizes depending on your personal needs

However, this M1916 helmet still borne some flaws that could get in the soldier’s way. The ventilator ring failed to perform in areas with cold climate because the ice could easily block the vents. Moreover, the design of the helmet’s brim could easily distort the sounds that the wearer made or heard.

2. Stahlhelm 1917 – M17

Stahlhelm 1917 - M17

The Stahlhelm M19167 had overcome the disadvantages of its older versions, and at the same time been upgraded with new features to optimize its overall performance.

These new features let it solve the issues of the ventilator horns and the sound transmission which were often encountered in the M16 model by changing the helmet shell’s design and shape.
In addition to that, there was a noticeable improvement in the M1917 liner design compared to the M1916 model. The liner was made from thick leather and directly mounted on the helmet instead of a drawstring style. This feature made the liner much more durable.

3.  Stahlhelm 1918 – M18


As the newer model of the Stahlhelm line of the helmet, the Stahlhelm 1918 – M18 model had also gone through many extensive makeovers, and, therefore, its features left those of the other versions behind in many ways.

The first advanced feature that many soldiers back in the time keen on is the chin strap design. Instead of being mounted on the shell only, the chin strap was directly fixed on the helmet, which would prevent the strap from coming off easily when the wearer adjusted it.

Another signature feature about the chin strap that can help you distinguish this model from the others is the lack of rivets running along it. It provided users with a comfortable experience when using the helmet without its rivets hurting your head’s skin area.

WW1 German Helmet

WW1 German Helmet Parts & Accessories

Coming along with these fantastic military helmets of the German army during wartime was the just as striking parts and accessories. These was all equally essential with the headgear in performing in any reenactment or decoration.
Let’s find out what accessories were mainly utilized to improve these helmets’ functions and appearance:

Bestseller No. 2
Original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet- Finnish M40/55, Size 59cm, US 7 3/8
Produced by German WWII Steel M40 Helmet manufacturer Hans Romer Fabrik of Germany.; A genuine military issue combat helmet- NOT A REPRODUCTION.
Bestseller No. 3
Imperial German Spiked Pickelhaube Officer Helmet- Black Leather & Brass
Handcrafted of high quality genuine leather.; Complete with real brass hardware.; One size fits most: adjustable 7 to 7 3/4.
Bestseller No. 4
Nicky Bigs Novelties German Plastic Pickelhaube Spiked Officer Helmet Costume, One Size
Imported; Helmet with Chinstrap and Point; Realistic Appearance; Pointed Officer Costume Helmet
Bestseller No. 5
Nicky Bigs Novelties Adult Ally Army Helmet Costume, Olive Drab Green, One Size
Halloween military prop for costume and novelty use

1. WW1 German Helmet Decals

WW1 German Helmet Decals

In WW1, the military employed decals to mark the monopoly of the German soldiers. Hence, the image printed on the decal this period was mainly a white eagle or the ensign of Nazi German.

Each type of sticker had its advantages and value to use for every kind of label or purpose.

For examples, the paper decal with a white surface and slightly glossy surface like that of the couche paper was usually used as a sticker on product packaging or plastic bottles. Meanwhile, the inner decal had a transparent plastic surface, a solid and durable adhesive, which was often used to paste directly on glass products, or glass bottles, plastic packaging.

2. WW1 German Helmet Liner

WW1 German Helmet Liner

The liner was an indispensable part of a helmet, playing a vital role in absorbing your sweat and protecting your scalp.

Unlike the cotton or fabric liner you find in your modern helmets these days, wartime liners were usually made of leather, which offers sustainability and comfort at the same time.

3. WW1 German Helmet Cover

WW1 German Helmet Cover

The German helmet cover in the WW1 held the evidence of a remarkable change in the helmet-manufacturing process as the material created the finish varied considerably and developed gradually.
Notably, by virtue of rich mineral resources occupying from its colony, the German military took advantage of the best material then like steel, plastic and nickel as the primary factor to manufacture the most durable and authentic helmet at that time.

WW1 German Helmet Types

Now let’s look at some of the most common German helmets that were used in the WW1!

1. WW1 German Helmet Original

During the World War I, the German original helmet had a wide range of variations, such as the M16, M17, M18 that we just mentioned above. But in spite of that, they all shared some similarities that made them stand out among the other types of German helmet.

The helmet shell was constructed of all premium metal with the paint coverage of field gray or navy green. Besides that, the liner was constructed from hardened leather and secured by a reinforced aluminum frame, which made the original helmet super durable and long-lasting.

Additionally, depending on different models, they would have different decals such as eagles, specific numbers, color patterns applied to the side plate and the inside rim to indicate the platoon information.

2. WW1 German Pickelhaube Helmet

WW1 German Pickelhaube Helmet

“Pickelhaube” is the German word for “headgear”, which is the type of helmet primarily worn in World War I by Prussian and German military

One signature feature that distinguished the Pickelhaube from the other helmet types must be the spike finial. The spike was usually constructed of metal material and mounted firmly on top of the helmet.

Apart from the metal spike, you can easily recognize the Pickelhaube helmet by its impressive brass decorative accents at the front plate. Depending on different regiment’s states, the front plate accents could be a spread-wing or a double-headed eagle.

3. WW1 German Cavalry Helmet

WW1 German Cavalry Helmet

The German cavalry helmet dates back to the 16th century and so far was one of the oldest types employed in the history of military. This helmet used to be the initial inspiration for the designs of later German helmet variations such as the Pickelhaube or the German spiked one.

Compared to the Pickelhaube, the overall design and ornamental elements of the cavalry helmet pretty much resembled each other. This especially went for the double-headed or spread-wing eagles that made from brass and metal spikes at the crown.

The only distinctive feature of the German cavalry helmet was the long-tailed backside, which was often referred to as a lobster tail. It was specifically designed to protect the wearers’ neck areas from potential injuries on the battlefield.

4. WW1 German Soldier Helmet

WW1 German Soldier Helmet

The German soldier helmet were also called a “combat helmet” or “battle helmet”, mainly because they were explicitly used to protect the head for soldiers against shrapnel, fragments or grenade, bullets during the battle
The design of this helmet type was relatively similar to the original version. However, it had some slight modifications to suit the harsh conditions that the helmet might needed to face on the battlefield.

The first noticeable difference is that the soldier helmet has a somewhat thicker layer of impact-resistant steel shell than the original one. Apart from that, the chinstrap and liner was mounted directly into the inside rim of the helmet, fixing them firmly against sudden and strong movements.

Besides that, the plain carbon steel material was fairly lightweight for comfortable fitting. It also had the browband connecting the two halves riveted together to protect the wearer’s head better.

5. WW1 German Steel Helmet

WW1 German Steel Helmet

The WW1 German Steel Helmet was a modernized version of the traditional boiled leather Pickelhaube, which was born to cater to the distinctive and iconic German military design.

As you have noticed from its name, this helmet was made of 100% high-profile steel, which was primarily intended to protect warriors against grenades’ fragments.

The simple design of this headgear also marked a big difference compared to the previous model, which focused more on the tight chinstrap and firm cover to stably endure high pressure.

6. WW1 German Officer Helmet


This Officer Helmet was introduced in the middle of WW1 to identify their exclusive troops through an eagle symbol attached to the finish. Remarkably, this helmet was highly acknowledged for its elegant design as it was worn chiefly by the German military and police.


7. WW1 German Spiked Helmet

WW1 German Spiked Helmet

The German Spiked Helmet was not made for any specific types of users, but mainly utilized by the fighter or the director as the principal purpose of this headgear was to prove the power and authority of the wearer.
This outstanding helmet typically came with a decal of an ensign or symbol of German. Moreover, the most remarkable feature of this hat that differed from the steel or calvary helmet was the spike appended to the top, usually made of brass.

8. WW1 German Motorcycle Helmet

Initially, this Motorcycle Helmet was tailored by the German military during WW1, yet they were still produced afterward to protect the rider’s head and made them stood out of the crowd.

German Motorcycle Helmets

This hat’s design varied impressively and each model had its second-to-none function as well as outward value. There might be either a spike or nail on the top of a nickel-plated helmet with the aim of giving it a more appealing appearance.

Despite coming along with a wide range of accessories like the nail, it was still uniquely designed to be extremely light not to put too much pressure on your head. This exceptional feature allowed this helmet to be a great companion for the riders, giving hassle-free and comfortable experience when going on any journey.

The Bottom Line

Picking the most suitable WW1 German Helmet would be a big deal if you didn’t know our review earlier. But luckily, this article just comes as a savior for you as all notable features and comparisons between them are meticulously analyzed to help you grasp the best understanding about this field.

Each model has its strength and weak point, yet the German 19Th Cent. The helmet has indeed taken my appreciation because of its trustworthy durability and authentic fittings.

All in all, I hope this WW1 German Helmet would be a great supporter for you to find your suitable buddy.
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