WW2 German Helmet, or Stahlhelm, is considered as an epoch-making invention that created a unique highlight for soldiers in World War II. Although the war has receded, those helmets still retain their original values ​​to this day.

But the question is, what is the best WW2 German Helmet? And how can you get a replica that looks exactly like the real deal? Tons of questions are popping in your mind, aren’t they?

It’s high time to dispel those concerns away as we are here to help! Keep going through our post, and you can find your best pick without further delay. Let’s get started!

WW2 German Helmet Reviews

In the fierce battle of great WW2 German Helmets, you may wonder, which one will the title “ The best Stahlhelm of all time” belong to? Such a tough question to answer, we have to admit that!

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Best WW2 German Helmet

But don’t worry! The journey of finding the most satisfactory answer will be a walk in the park as we will accompany you in every step. Let’s dive into this list of 15 fantastic WW2 German Helmets and see which one is most worthy of your investment.

Bestseller No. 2
Nicky Bigs Novelties Adult German Army Helmet Costume, Black, One Size
Made of firm materials with adjustable chin strap. Made of Plastic.; Each helmet is approximately 11.5 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 6.5 inches tall.
Bestseller No. 3
Bestseller No. 4
German WWII M42 Steel Helmet- Stahlhelm 42 WW2 M1942
Fabulous new made replica, highest quality available.; Steel shell with genuine leather liner and chinstrap.
Bestseller No. 5
SYLPHID Outdoor WW2 Germany M35 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm World War II German Army Helmet with Leather Liner (Black)
Head circumference: 54-62cm[21.2"-24"], Weight: Max 1.6kg. Model: M35-M1935
Bestseller No. 6
Original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet- Finnish M40/55, Size 57cm, US 7 1/8
Produced by German WWII Steel M40 Helmet manufacturer Hans Romer Fabrik of Germany.; A genuine military issue combat helmet- NOT A REPRODUCTION.
Bestseller No. 7
German Helmets: Normandy 44 (Militaria Guides)
Used Book in Good Condition; Tylisz, Dan (Author); English (Publication Language); 84 Pages - 11/04/2011 (Publication Date) - Histoire and Collections (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 8
German WWII M35 Steel Helmet - Stahlhelm 35 WW2 M1935
Constructed of 1.8mm thick steel. Just like in WW2, giving this accurate weight and feel.; Copied exactly from a WWII original.
Bestseller No. 9
A Walk In the Sun, A: Restored Collector's Edition
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, George Tyne (Actors); Lewis Milestone (Director)
Bestseller No. 10
Diyueol WWII German Elite M35 Helmet Stahlhelm Steel Helmet ET68 Head Armor Combat Retro Replica Militaria (Black)
-Accurate reproduction WWII German Elite M35 steel ET68 helmet,lotnr-3815.; - The Interior suspension system is composed of the leather liner and the metal ring.

1. German WWII M35 Steel Helmet – Stahlhelm M1935

German WWII M35 Steel Helmet

German WWII M35 Steel Helmet – Stahlhelm 35 WW2 M1935

Starting off our list today is a product from one of the most prestigious brands in the helmet-making industry – IMA. They have won many customers’ hearts with the quality of their products, and we bet that this German WWII M35 Steel Helmet will not be an exception.

The product meets the looking needs for a time machine to be back in World War II and experience the soldiers’ lives, this German helmet can materialize your dream.

How can we assert that? The reason is this product is tailored with the same thickness utilized by the German Army in wartime, with 1.8mm thick steel. Wear this helmet on your head and you can enjoy the weight and solidness of the true wartime safety gear.

What’s more, the liner made from soft leather, as time goes, will turn a little brown. This characteristic is ultimately the same as the original version.

The authenticity of this helmet is beyond doubt, but the question is whether it fits your head size or not? Just relax as this product comes with a large shell, and you can freely adjust the liner to fit the size of your head. It can vary between 57-61 cm, so we bet that you can feel at ease to find a size that best suits you!


  • Adjustable liners
  • Give an authentic feel
  • Exclusively made for IMA


  • Not wholly set liner rivets

Final Verdict: We highly appreciate this WW2 German Helmet as it gives the most authentic feel, though you may find it a little frustrated when the liner rivets are not perfectly set. All things considered, this product is worth your every penny. Give it a shot!

2. Nicky Bigs Novelties Helmet Costume

Nicky Bigs Novelties German Army Helmet Costume

Nicky Bigs Novelties Adult German Army Helmet Costume, Black, One Size

It is common knowledge that soldiers in WW2 used Stahlhelm to protect their heads from the adverse impact of super-dangerous weapons. But imagine what you will use it for when there is no bullet around? Yes, for costume and novelty use, what else?

That’s the sole reason why we tag Nicky Bigs Novelties German Army Helmet the best present for kids titles. It will offer your children a super cool appearance as it is beautifully made with durable Polypropylene. Thanks to this plastic material, you can rule out the possibility of your little soldiers feeling tons of weights on their heads when wearing it.

As it is a product for kids, the size problem has been carefully taken into account by the manufacturers. They provide you an adhesive back foam coming with the product so that you can adjust the helmet to fit your children’s head sizes.

Imagine how great it would be when your son can stand out at the Halloween party with this fantastic helmet on his head! However, make sure he is 12 years old or older to have a better experience with this tremendous Stahlhelm, or he may end up wearing such a “ brass bowl”.


  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Made of durable materials
  • Affordable price
  • Eye-catching appearance


  • Cannot be used for protection purpose

Final Verdict: Are your children WW2 fanatics? Do they want to disguise themselves as soldiers with cool Stahlhelm on their heads? If yes, don’t hesitate to give them a Nicky Bigs Novelties helmet.

3. 9milelake Ww2 KOO-CA-1009-M35BLACK

9milelake Ww2

9milelake Black Ww2 German Elite Wh Army M35 M1935 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm Black

9milelake has sent a compelling candidate for the title of “The best Stahlhelm of all time” to our fiery battle. His name is no other than Ww2 German Elite Wh Army M35.

We have to give nine out of ten for the chin strap of this product. The reason is that this particular part does not form a vice-like clasp around your chin and head when you tighten it, so it has received a round of applause from most users.

Moreover, the pure black color also blows a breath of solemnity and authenticity into the whole item. Wanna make it look like an original WW2 helmet? Just apply insignia to it and within seconds, you can have the look of a legit wartime soldier.

Despite possessing many advantages, Ww2 German Elite from 9milelake still has annoying points. Some claim that they are not into the chin strap’s buckle side as it is a little bit short. This can result in the strip becoming loosened from time to time despite all your attempts to adjust the liner.


  • Large shell (size 68)
  • Has the ability to accommodate head sizes
  • Does not cause pain in the chin or neck
  • Easy to wear


  • Quite heavy
  • Fewer color options

Final Verdict: The WW2 German Elite M35 M1935 Stahlhelm is undoubtedly your best option if you are looking for a good helmet that brings you comfort when wearing.

4. Original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet

Original German M40

Original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet- Finnish M40/55, Size 58cm, US 7 1/4

So sick of the Chinese made reproduction versions? Want something more genuine? The original German M40 WWII Type Steel Helmet would be able to measure up to your expectation.

Many WW2 helmet enthusiasts confess that they are totally in love with the quality of this guy. First, these helmets from IMA bear a considerable resemblance to the WWII authentic M40 thanks to the fact that they are manufactured in the same factory, under the same conditions as in WWII.

Once you set your eyes on this item, you will be captivated by the classic rolled edge and the pressed ventilation holes as they are meticulously made. The leather liners and chin straps have actually passed the tests of the Finnish Army and met all of their standards, so you can rest assured that their quality is beyond that of the regular stuff found in your local shops.

More importantly, this helmet comes with a variety of different colors, ranging from green to gray. You can comfortably choose your favorite color.

However, you need to consider before placing this item in the shopping cart because it is sold based on the interior liner size, not shell size, as usual.


  • Not a reproduction
  • More color options to choose from
  • Suitable for Military collection.
  • High-quality liners and chin straps


  • Loose harness rivets sometimes
  • Comes with an old smell
  • Quite pricey

Final Verdict: Not a reproduction! We have to emphasize this as hardly any item on the market has this perk. If you are not afraid of its high price, don’t hesitate to try it once!

5. German WWII M42 Steel Helmet- Stahlhelm 42 WW2 M1942

German WWII M42

German WWII M42 Steel Helmet- Stahlhelm 42 WW2 M1942

Another great item from IMA is presented on our today’s list- German WWII M42. It is exclusively made for IMA, you can not get this helmet anywhere else, so the authenticity of the product is perfectly guaranteed!

This best reproduction M1942 helmet possesses an unfinished edge along the rim as the rolled edge of the shell is deleted – a carbon copy of the M-42 design. To be more specific, with the 1.8mm thick steel shell, this item has the same thickness that the Germans applied in WWII, bringing a heavy and solid feel like an original.

Like most of the IMA products, the liner size can be adjusted to fit the size of your head. Another detail that should be mentioned is that the chinstrap is well appreciated as thanks for its authentic leather material along with a black exterior and a tan interior.

The only problem that most people complain about this product is that it is quite heavy and can make you feel uncomfortable when wearing. But that’s not much for such a same-as-an-a-original Stahlhelm 42 WW2 M1942.


  • Solely made for IMA
  • Great appearance
  • Nearly the same as German WWII M-42 Helmet


  • Quite heavy

Final Verdict: We are completely blown away with this fantastic helmet. It is beautifully made and brings the original feel to the wearer. If you do not find the weight a bother, this is a great product you should opt for.

6. Original WWII Hungarian M38 Steel Helmet

Original WWII Hungarian M38

Original WWII Hungarian M38 Steel Helmet- Size 59cm, US 7 3/8

This little guy is a genuine original WWII Stahlhelm acquired from the Finnish government by IMA. So, we can say with confidence that it is, by all means, a true collector’s piece!

To begin with, you would be spoiled for choice as this guy comes with four different liner styles and colors. Just get the whole set and you can breathe a new life into your WW2 collectibles.

Besides, there is a unique combination of leather material that makes the liners and chinstraps of this helmet. Some are from Finnigan, while the rest is imported from Hungary. The sole purpose behind this mix-material design is to boost the item’s quality as each substance has its own perks.

One thing we want to stress is that you need to be prepared when making a purchase. As those helmets are genuine ones used for real soldiers who protect the land, you can come across storage wear or even some minor paint scratches. But that’s all. The product is not broken in any way, and can still function as well as it once did.

Maybe it’s just us, but we think this detail is kinda cool. What can be greater than having an accessory that had been through epic battles as an addition to your outfit?


  • Genuine original WWII Stahlhelm
  • Finnish Army origin
  • Diverse colors and styles


  • Storage wear or some minor paint scratches available sometimes

Final Verdict: Original WWII Hungarian M38 Steel Helmet is ideal for those who want to possess a true collector’s piece for their collectibles, not a German reproduction helmet.

7. Genuine Soviet Russia/Red Army M52 Helmet

Genuine Red Army M52

Genuine Soviet Russia/Red Army M52 Helmet – World War II Style Military Surplus – Steel Pot; Red Star; Leather Suspension, Chin Strap – Military History Collections Display Tactical Costume

Soviet Red Army troops used to be held in high regard thanks to bravery and courage. Are you a big fan of them? If yes, consider this Genuine Red Army M52 Helmet.

The thing that may capture your gaze from the first look is, we bet, the iconic Red Army star illustrated in the front of the helmet. It is, in fact, the highlight of this stahlhelm, making it more unique than ever.

Thanks to that unique perk, this Red Army M52 guy can add a nice touch to your outfit. And if you somehow doubt whether good-looking appearance means comfort, well, the answer is yes!

When wearing this Stahlhelm, you can feel as snug as a bug because your head is perfectly protected. Even if you are involved in tactical operations or other hazardous tasks, nothing would go wrong. You can add this item to your military collectibles or wear it as a costume in a play or a Halloween party. How fantastic!

Though only comes with one size, this item still fits most adults thanks to the adjustable leather suspension and chin strap. No need to take the size problem seriously when you have Genuine Soviet Russia/Red Army M52 Helmet in your hand!


  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Adjustable leather suspension and chin strap
  • Fit most adults
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Prone to scratch

Final Verdict: Contrary to the robust build, this Genuine Soviet Russia/Red Army M52 Helmet is actually comfortable and beautiful to wear. You will get all the attention when wearing it in costume parties, we bet.

8. YaeTek WWII German Elite Wh Army M35 M1935 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm

YaeTek WWII German Elite Wh Army M35

YaeTek Black/Green WWII WW2 German Elite Wh Army M35 M1935 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm

A warrior from YaeTek has entered the game, making the battle hotter than ever! Launched in two primary colors, green and black, this Stahlhelm impresses many people with the solid feel it brings.

Besides, there is a black exterior with a tan interior in the chin strap, while the liner is made from soft tan genuine leather.

There is no need to worry about the materials as this helmet is made of quality good steel (1.8mm thick- the same standard as the Germans apply in the Second World War)

With being said that, the item features with the classic M1935 rolled edge and hollow rivet ventilation holes. These parts aid the durable material perfectly, make sure that the helmet can function in the same way as the original!

However, when you wear the helmet, the folded section of leather may press against your head. And if you are not used to it, you will find this feeling such a pain in the neck!


  • Bear great resemblance to an original issue helmet.
  • Durable
  • Made of a high-quality metal


  • Uncomfortable to wear if not familiar

Final Verdict: YaeTek WWII German Elite helmet may be great except for the fact that it requires your time to get used to it. It can take you some time to familiarize yourself with the folded section of leather.

9. Rasta Imposta German Helmet

Rasta Imposta German Helmet

Rasta Imposta German Helmet

The Rasta Imposta German Helmet makes an excellent choice for cosplayers. Why?

First thing first, it is as light as feather. You can even juggle it if you want as it is made of mere plastic. Less durable as it might sound, we believe that the coin has two sides, and we can always see the positive part of this seeming weakness

For cosplayers, safety and durability are not their priorities. What they need is simply a helmet that can make them look excellent and soldier-like. To cope with that, Rasta Imposta has come up with this item to give cosplayers a comfortable feeling when putting it upon their head.

But nothing is perfect, and you should also take the negative sides of it into account. As mentioned before, the major material of this helmet is plastic, so you can not expect something tough of it. What is more, Rasta Imposta German Helmet does not possess a chin strap in it and it is quite smaller than a real helmet. What a pity!


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cosplayer-friendly


  • No chin strap
  • Only one color option

Final Verdict: This helmet is not an ideal choice when it comes to durability, but it can bring pleasure and satisfaction to those who love cosplay.

10. SYLPHID WW2 B07L85R785

WW2 B07L85R785

SYLPHID Green WW2 German Elite Wh Army M35 M1935 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm

It is not an exaggeration to say that Sylphid made a great success in replicating this classic WW2 helmet. This replica will blow you away when you first use it.

WW2 M35 M1935 from SYLPHID has never let the users down when it comes to the materials. It is made of robust steel, which can give you a solid feel on the head. The material used to make other parts of the helmet has also been selected with care, especially the chin strap buckle.

You may be strongly impressed by the chin strap buckle that this helmet possesses. To be more specific, a blue ( or sometimes grey) rust coating is also painted on the chin strap buckle, making the product quite eye-catching to look at. You can also rule out the possibility of the chin strap buckle getting rusted quickly.

The only minus point of this replica lies in the faux leather chin strap. It may look a little bit fragile and may put pressure on your ears. But except for this part, this helmet is an excellent product.


  • Excellent for hazardous tasks
  • Made of robust steel
  • Rust coating available


  • Fragile chin strap

Final Verdict: SYLPHID WW2 B07L85R785 is a great item at an affordable price, except for its fragile chin strap. We believe that it’s worth your investment.

11. WW2 WWII German M35 Helmet M1935 Soldier Stahlhelm

WW2 WWII German M35

ANQIAO WW2 WWII German M35 Helmet with Net Cover Steel Material M1935 Soldier Stahlhelm Black Green Color

“What an awesome helmet!” – Most users give these responses when being asked about the experience using this stuff, and we believe that now it’s your turn.

What makes this product stand out from the crowd is the included accessory it has. WW2 WWII German M35 Helmet comes with a net cover that you can take advantage of to make your product even cooler. Believe it or not, just attach foliage to the top of the helmet and you can become a guerrilla!

This net perfectly fits the shell, which is made of great steel, with the size 68. Moreover, genuine leather liner is also included. With the construction of correct thickness steel by 1.8mm, 1.65kg heavy, this M1935 helmet is perfectly replicated. The build of it will make you feel like you brought it home from a German factory in 1939.


  • Features exactly the classic German M35 helmet
  • Real thick leather liner
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Quite pricey

Final Verdict: We love this helmet as it comes with an included net cover, which is such a bargain. This is such a worth-buying period-correct helmet.

12. Repro Reversible WWII German M35 Helmet

Reproduction WW2 German Army M42

Reproduction WW2 German Army M42 STEEL HELMET with Leather Liner & Chin Strap

Are you looking for a WW2 German Helmet with a solid shell? Stop scouting around as it is here- Reproduction WW2 German Army M42 STEEL HELMET would be all you need and more.

We have to give a round of applause to the shell of this helmet. It is made of tough steel, offering you a solid feel when wearing on your head. It is this material that gives the helmet a shiny and eye-catching look compared to its other counterparts on the list.

Not to mention, if the second World War is a topic of your interest, you may have already known the vital role of this helmet line. Well, believe it or not, Reproduction WW2 German Army M42 is regarded as the best replica of the M42! Correct fittings, superb leather liner, leather drawstring, and leather chin strap, this fantastic helmet has them all.


  • Correct fittings
  • Superb repro leather liner
  • Two different pot sizes


  • Quite pricey

Final Verdict: This WW2 helmet would blow you away because of the wonderful features it possesses. However, as it falls into the high-quality category, its price is not all that affordable for everyone.

13. IMA B0036HJGMW Extra-Large Shell

IMA B0036HJGMW Extra-Large Shell

Thinking that no helmet can stand your big-sized head? We beg to differ! Why? IMA B0036HJGMW Extra-Large Shell is why!

The extra-large shell of this product comes with size 70. We are really into this shell which is nice, thick, and heavy at nearly 3.8 pounds. So, hey Mr. Bighead out there, you have found the right helmet!

The rolled edge added more value to this outstanding helmet, making it more of a not-to-miss choice. You cannot be satisfied more as the edge is entirely well finished, smooth, and even. Rest assured because there would be no burrs or sharp spots!

However, the paint may be a minus point of this product as it flakes off easily. So, be careful or you may end up scraping it off with your fingernail.


  • Extra-large shell
  • Great rolled edge
  • Authentic liner


  • Easy-to-flake-off paint

Final Verdict: Add this item to your collection if you have a big-sized head. But be careful with paint when you wear it!

14. Replica WW2 US M1 -Best for outdoor games

Replica WW2 US M1

Which product won the title “Best for outdoor games” on the list? No other than Replica WW2 US M1 Helmet Steel Field Green!

The structure of this WW2 helmet is quite interesting as it is divided into two shell parts. While the outside shell is mainly made of steel material with an unpolished surface, the inner shell part is manufactured with plastic.
We know, this raises down about the item’s durability, but in fact, Replica WW2 US M1 has done a very great job of mimicking the original M1 helmet.

Weighing 1.5kg, this guy is considered heavy-duty. It can keep you safe from impacts when taking part in outdoor recreational activities. Moreover, the inner plastic design can also help you feel more comfortable when taking part in those movement-required games.

Besides, a good piece of news for you is that this product is included with accessories. Just buy one helmet and you will receive a helmet cover and eye belt for better sleep. Such a bargain!


  • Two shell parts
  • Helmet cover and eye belt included
  • Comfortable to wear


  • A bit flimsy chin strap

Final Verdict: Though the chin strap is a bit flimsy, this best M1 reproduction helmet is great to add to your shopping cart. If you are about to take part in some outdoor games, let this guy accompany you!

WW2 German Helmet Identification

After walking through a list of different WW2 helmets, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed as there are tons of different types of helmets out there, right? So, how many official types can we categorize them into? And more importantly, what are they?

WW2 German Helmet Identification

If this question still keeps popping up in your head day in and day out, then it’s time to give it a satisfactory answer! Without further ado, let’s explore three main WW2 German Helmet identifications.

Stahlhelm 1935 – M35

Stahlhelm 1935 - M35

First launched in 1935, The M1935 German helmet used its birth year to mark its name, so people at that time often called it M35 for short.

When you put this helmet and the Transitional World War I German helmet on the scale, you can see that the M1935 German helmet takes the lead thanks to its lightweight feature and compactness.

M1935 German helmet is characterized by the air vents, which were made of separately inserted hollow steel rivets. The oval-shaped shell of this helmet also makes it distinctive.

Stahlhelm 1940 – M40

Stahlhelm 1940 - M40

It is common knowledge that the M35 helmet is the predecessor of the M40, which means the M40 helmet inherits lots of values from it.

Of course, there are upgraded parts that can only be found in the latter model. And among them, the air vent is the key factor when telling the difference between the M1935 and the M1940 apart. While the M35 uses the actual rivet, its newer version doesn’t.

Instead, the M40 is aimed with a stamped air hole, which is carefully tailored to look like a rivet. In terms of the material, improved steel made from manganese-silicon was the one employed in the manufacturing phase of this item, giving it the signature toughness and durability.

Stahlhelm 1942 – M42

Stahlhelm 1942 - M42

1942 is a remarkable period of time as it saw the next modification of the second World War German helmet. At the time, people realized that the rolled edge was not that vital, so it was eliminated as an economic measure.

You can notice that the edge of the M42 is unfinished and it is also flared a little bit. So are there any differences between M42 and M40 apart from the rolled edge? The answer is no, they are completely the same if we put the roll edge elimination aside.

WW2 German Helmet Value

The crime of war leaves no one behind. And so, protective caps for soldiers become essential items as they dash into the battle zones.

At that time, the trench was the place for soldiers to hide in to avoid being detected by the enemy. However, there were many types of artillery shells with terrible damage, especially those that could splash metal fragments to increase the damage when exploding.

So, if the bullets blew up near the trenches, it could create metal showers and directly endanger the life of the soldiers That’s why the role of helmets was of great importance. Although those were rather crude, the effectiveness of dealing with shrapnel in combat is very high.

However, after years of improvement and constant change, the military helmet has become more and more versatile in terms of protecting the safety of the soldiers’ heads. Now, it not only helps to shield them from shrapnel but also prevents impact and serves for costume purposes extremely effectively.

WW2 German Helmet Parts & Accessories

WW2 German helmet is such an epoch-making invention of mankind. But is greatness synonymous with complexity? What components constitute a WW2 German Helmet? Keep reading this WW2 German Helmet Parts & Accessories part and you will get all the answers.

WW2 German Helmet Decals

Talking about the WWII German helmet without mentioning helmet decals would be a huge shortcoming. Helmet insignia was first utilized by the Germans in WW1. Although very little is written about them, photographic evidence has proved their use.

WW2 German Helmet Decals

With three distinctive colors Black, White, and Red, the National Colors decal is characteristic of the M1935 German helmets as it was often displayed on the right side of the helmet while the correct service decal stayed on the left side. However, the year 1940 witnessed the end of this decal when the order of the German High Command was released.

Are there any other types of decals for the WW2 helmet? The answer is yes! If you have ever come across a decal with an eagle on it, then it’s ‘Heer’-The decal on regular German Army helmets. Kriegsmarine service decal bears a high resemblance to the Heer one, but without the eagle and with deeper Gold Swastika.

Luftwaffe Decal and SS decal are also popular decals of WW2 helmets, and they all combined to create a diverse system in helmet insignia.

WW2 German Helmet Cover

WW2 German Helmet Cover

It’s not difficult to know what a WW2 German Helmet Cover is, as the name tells everything. Yes, it’s a piece of cloth used for the purpose of covering the helmet.

The helmet cover was first utilized to cover the steel pot between it and the plastic inner shell with the green and brown pattern for the purpose of camouflage in the dense jungles. Later on, small slits were developed so that the soldiers can put foliage in it to perfectly blend into their surroundings.


WW2 German Helmet Liner

Scientifically speaking, a WW2 German Helmet Liner is a hard plastic head covering which you can use to wear under a WW2 helmet for protection purposes.

The liner takes into consideration the size of the soldier’s head, not just the size of the shell only. They come with different sizes and each size fits a different kind of WW2 German Helmet.


WW2 German Helmet Chin Strap

WW2 German Helmet Chin Strap

Chin strap is, simply put, a strap fixed beneath the chin with the main purpose of keeping the WW2 German helmet in place. If you look closely, you can easily see that there are two ends in a chin strap.

While the long end contains holes for the buckle prong, the short end is the place where a metal buckle is attached. They also came in tons of variations with different colors, materials, and thicknesses, which you can easily notice when hitting the helmet market.


WW2 German Helmet Buying Guide

What you need to know before making a purchase

Helmet Colors

Color is always the first priority when it comes to getting a good helmet. And WW2 German helmets are not an exception.

The government requires WW2 helmet manufacturers to use standard color schemes, but some various approaches are also applied so you can see that there are many different shades of the paint.

At the beginning of the war, the colors of the chosen helmets were not too diverse. Gradually, however, people realized the importance of camouflage. Since then, the helmets were also painted with more colors so that they can blend in with their surroundings.

But these days, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to colors. If you want to narrow the selections down, green, gray, and pure black are the recommended ones as they look very aesthetic.

WW2 German Helmet types

German WW2 helmet original

Original German Helmet

To keep their soldiers out of harm’s way, the Germans studied the type of helmet called Pickelhaube.

At first glance, these helmets looked quite decent but their leather material was not strong enough to prevent bullets or shrapnel. In addition, the tip of the pointed nose made it easier to become the target of the enemy.

The German scientist, Friedrich Schwerd, later redesigned the protective helmet named Stahlhelm. This helmet was made of steel and better covered the head and neck of the soldiers.

By 1940 and later World War II, the Stahlhelms were slightly upgraded to increase durability, protection efficiency and reduce production costs. Since their arrival, German WW2 helmets have become a highlight of the German army in every war.

German medic helmet ww2

German medic helmet ww2

The battlefield is not something pretty. Many lives have been destroyed and hurt is inevitable. And also at that battlefield, we will come across people who are devoted every minute with one main purpose: save lives. They are battlefield medics.

The helmets exclusively made for them are nearly the same as other helmets for soldiers, with the primary purpose of protecting the head from the dangers of bombs.

However, the distinctive trait that tells these helmets apart is the conic red cross in the front or on the top. This red cross is considered as the symbol of hope in the cruel war.

WW2 german tanker helmet

Stahlhelm 1935 - M35

Tank troops played a crucial role in the success of the battles. Therefore, protecting the tank crew is of paramount importance. The helmets made especially for this purpose featured the fiber shell and leather interior. They included 10 vent holes in the top and leather tabs for headset cables.




WW2 german flying helmet

WW2 german flying helmet

The risks in the aviation industry are immeasurably dangerous. Therefore, air soldiers in World War II were often equipped with the flying helmets to have the perfect protection when on duty.

Unlike the initial design, which included external attachments of radio earphones, oxygen masks, and removable goggles, the World War II version possessed some upgraded features. To be more specific, these flying helmets were built with an oxygen mask as a new highlight since air supply tends to get thinner up high.

What is more, the goggles were also removed and made way for a visor that was incorporated into the helmet so that the view during battle could be improved.

WW2 German helmet camouflage

WW2 German helmet camouflage

At the dawn of the war, adding mud to the shell of the helmets to keep it from revealing their locations was a method fully utilized by the German troops. Besides, simple camouflage techniques like attaching foliage also showed a great performance.

However, when the war reached its climax, people focused on the use of paint to create effective camouflage patterns.

The use of camouflage paints is to help soldiers easily immerse themselves in their surroundings without too much effort. As a result, colors like brown, green, and gray with woodchip and beach sand were the main options back there as they let the painted objects become one with their surroundings.

WW2 german parade helmet

WW2 german parade helmet

As the name suggests, these helmets are mainly used for parade purposes. The original protective effect now gives way to the outer form. The symbol values ​​are fully represented through these helmets. In general, these helmets are quite light and can be made of plastic instead of steel as usual since parading is not all that dangerous.



German ww2 motorcycle helmet

Why don’t you use WW2 German helmets for your riding experiences? Yes, taking advantage of the sturdiness that gave protection to soldiers, you can have your head well protected with a WW2 helmet. Not only that, you can also stand out on the track.

German ww2 motorcycle helmet

When selecting the helmet, pay attention to the design and quality of the product. Some German helmets feature fantastic appearance with spikes and other graphic patterns. But you have to check carefully whether they could block your vision when riding or not.

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Price, of course, can not be excluded from the list of things to keep in mind before shopping. Depending on the type, material, and model, the price varies from one helmet to another.

If you’re just looking for a WW2 helmet for cosplay or parade purposes, then don’t take the price problem seriously. But if you desire an original or the best reproduction, you cannot expect something cheap. You know what they say, higher price equals good quality!

Bottom Line

Our journey has come to an end and we believe that now you have found your best WW2 German helmet, haven’t you? Which one will the title “ The best Stahlhelm of all time” belong to? Which one suits you best? The answer is yours.

For us, WW2 WWII German M35 Helmet M1935 Soldier Stahlhelm deserves to win the trophy in our heart as we find it such a bargain to receive two included accessories simultaneously. How about you? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know.

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